Cervical cancer is a malignant neoplasm affecting the cervix. WHO reports that 500,000 women hear this diagnosis annually; about 300,000 females die because of cervical cancer every year. This oncological disease type has become one of the most ordinary reasons for females' deaths globally. However, the statistics can be much improved if the adequate treatment starts on time.

So, when a woman obtains such a diagnosis, it is essential to boost the treatment beginning. The disease stage significantly affects the outcome of cervical cancer treatment. For instance, the 5-year survival rate for the initial stage reaches up to 92%; for advanced stages, it hardly achieves 17%. The cancer disease stage influences the further tactics and the expenses needed to cover cervical cancer treatment. The initial stages are successfully treated by surgical intervention; for stages III, IV, doctors additionally administer chemo- and/or radiation therapies increasing the total cost of cervical malignant neoplasm treatment by several times.

Often, patients are afraid of wasting valuable time by waiting for the treatment covered by health insurance in their native countries. Sometimes low-income women can even refuse treatment because of high prices if they do not have health insurance at all. Luckily, it is possible to head abroad for receiving cost-effective therapy without queues for much lower prices.

Keep reading to figure out the options for treating cervical cancer, their costs, where to head for receiving cost-effective medical help, and how to arrange treatment abroad.

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Diagnosis and Therapies to Cure Cervical Cancer

Nowadays, it is proved that over 90% of all cases of cervix oncology are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus infection). Most of these oncology cases could be avoided by performing in-time cervical cancer prevention screening or HPV vaccination.

Every woman can easily undergo diagnostics during her regular visit to a gynecologist. Typically, a doctor provides the following cervical cancer screening tests and surveys:

  • Pap test. For performing this investigation, a doctor takes a tissue sample of the cervix and sends it to the lab to ascertain precancerous and cancerous conditions.
  • Colposcopy. A doctor observes the cervix using a colposcope, a special device equipped with a microscope and lighting. Using a colposcope, a doctor observes whether there are any visual pathological changes.
  • HPV test. A specialist collects the cells from the cervix channel for analysis to determine whether a human papillomavirus is present in the female body.

The cost of cervical cancer screening varies, depending on the country and the clinic where you undergo an investigation.

These simple diagnostic options allow to suspect cervical cancer and appoint further investigations such as CT-scan and MRI for proper cancer staging. Afterward, the succeeding treatments (separately or combined) are prescribed to cure cancer according to its type and stage:

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There are three types of surgical interventions to detach cervical cancer from healthy tissues and organs:

  • a resection of only an affected part of the cervix (for early-stage cancer exceptionally)
  • trachelectomy
  • hysterectomy.

Trachelectomy supposes a resection of the upper segment of the vagina together with the cervix; the uterus remains untouchable. So, a woman preserves her chances to carry a child herself. A surgeon typically manages an operation by a laparoscope for reducing side effects and post-op complications.

When hysterectomy is processed, a surgeon removes the uterus and the cervix entirely. The vagina and the ovaries are preserved. In this case, a woman will not be able to become pregnant and deliver a child. Doctors can perform this surgery in several excessive ways: through the incision in the abdomen, through the vagina, laparoscopically, or using the Da Vinci robot.

A surgery type and a way of its managing affect the cost of cancer treatment. It leads to the expenses increasing, or on the contrary, to their reduction.

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Radiation therapy directs X-rays to influence sighting a tumor from the inside (brachytherapy) or outside (external radiotherapy). Specialists can use this method alone or in combination with surgical intervention or chemo.


Cervical cancer at the advanced stage is frequently treated by chemotherapy. It is represented by particular drugs administered intravenously or by month; they get into the bloodstream and destroy malignant cells. Chemo can be used alone as a palliative therapy, or a component of a complex treatment for achieving a better result.

Targeted Therapy

The method affects malignant cells directly, without bringing much harm to healthy tissues. Doctors frequently opt for this option as an additional component to chemo.


The drugs make the human immune system distinguish cancer cells and kill them. Immunotherapy is administered in cases when other treatments do not work.

As you see, it is possible to calculate all expenses related to the treatment of cervical cancer only individually for each case. A doctor determines the set of therapeutic options needed to cure cancer by further providing the bill.

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Cervical Cancer Treatment: Prices Overview

The cost of cervical cancer treatment is contingent on the disease stage, the country, and the hospital opted for therapy. For instance, the cost of hysterectomy ranges from $4,000 in Turkey, $9,000 in Germany, $17,000 in Spain, $19,000 in Israel. The price of other therapies is determined individually in relation to the result of a complete check-up and complex survey.

The succeeding list of factors typically affect the cost of treating cervical cancer:

  • stage of cancer. The cervical cancer stage significantly determines the total cost of treatment. The less spread cancer is, the cheaper therapy a woman requires. The price for surgery is the easiest to calculate. But the cost per chemo or radiation therapy depends on the number of cycles required, and only an oncologist can set up the therapy duration.
  • the country. The treatment cost differs depending on the country where you obtain therapy. According to bookimed.com statistics, the most cost-effective offers you can find in Turkey, Eastern Europe, Thailand. Cervical cancer patients usually experience the most expensive treatment in the U.S., British, Swiss, German, Israeli, South Korean hospitals.
  • the hospital. The cost of cervical cancer can differ within the state, depending on the hospital. The deal is that private clinics usually ask for higher fees, but national cancer institutions usually provide a more loyal price policy.
  • extra services. While planning your budget for treatment outside your country, do not forget to calculate incremental costs for hospital/hotel stay, transport, flight tickets. The price of the mentioned arrangements also depends on the country's price policy where you are willing to receive treatment.

See the top clinic for cervical cancer treatment according to Bookimed patients assessments:

For finding out the total cost of cervical cancer treatment in a specific case, submit a request on Bookimed. The Bookimed medical coordinator will provide you with the direct bill from a picked clinic with all expenses included.

Top Clinics for Cervical Cancer Treatment Abroad

The way for fighting cancer effectively starts from selecting the proper clinic to treat cervical cancer. It is crucial to pick a clinic that can successfully combine cost-effectiveness with adequate treatment and the newest approaches.

Below, you can check some piece of advice for searching the medical centers with advanced health care:

  • location. Pick a clinic that is easy to travel from your place of residence, without changing many kinds of transport. Not all cancer patients feel well during a long trip: a health condition can worsen, or a person may experience some side effects after therapy. It is important to feel comfortable without causing additional stress.
  • international approval. Entrust your health only to those medical facilities that work under strict international standards. The medical facility should be certified by at least one of these organizations: JCI, ISO, ESMO, American Cancer Society, etc.
  • level of cancer care. The preferable hospital must possess a specialized division for cervical cancer treatment on its premises. The clinics must update the medical equipment regularly for providing radiation and surgical therapies. For example, Anadolu Medical Center in Turkey and Bumrungrad International in Thailand do their best to improve their technological base for oncological therapy permanently.
  • reviews. Check out the women's reviews who had the same health issues. By checking feedback, you can find a great deal of information that concerns the treatment quality, doctors' expertise, treatment methods, and service level.

Consider the list of the most advanced cervical cancer treatment facilities, the prices offered, and patients reviews on this page.

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Cancer of the cervix incidence causes concern. In spite of this, the modern world erases the borders allowing women to experience the most efficient treatment of cervical cancer disease at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to opt for a proper hospital, especially when it is located overseas. You do not know a local language, laws, features of the healthcare system. Due to this, you can request Bookimed for free assistance. We will solve the following issues:

  • assistance in picking the best clinic for treating cervical cancer, taking into account the disease stage and your budget
  • will redirect your medical records to a chosen clinic for receiving the final cost estimate
  • provide you with CVs of the best oncologists specialized in treating cervical cancer
  • book a hotel and flight tickets for you to spare your time and money
  • help to avoid queues and boost your treatment beginning
  • consult regarding visa issues
  • if necessary, we can arrange an online consultation with a doctor practicing in a preferable clinic.

With Bookimed, you can go ahead with obtaining your treatment abroad fast and safely. Our services are free of charge. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to get an accurate cost of cancer treatment in your case.

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How much does it cost to treat HPV?

The cost of the HPV treatment depends on the country where you live or receive therapy. Most procedures related to human papillomavirus therapy are usually covered by health insurance. The average cost of HPV vaccine is $250 per dose on average.

Can cervical cancer be cured completely?

For patients with cervical cancer at the early stages, the chances for complete recovery reach 92%, for advanced development of the disease — 17%. In-time and properly developed treatment shows excellent results and allows patients to cure the disease completely.

What is a life expectancy with a cervical cancer diagnosis?

92% of women can live at least 5 years after treating cervical cancer at early stages, 58% with cancer at the 2-3 stages, and 17% at the 4th stage.

What is the best treatment for cervical cancer?

Only a doctor can develop the most effective treatment plan. Surgery is the most frequent option used for the treatment. It can be combined with chemo- and/or radiation therapies. Immuno- and targeted therapy also shows satisfactory results.


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