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Spain, Barcelona

Centro Médico Teknon

Doctor 4.9
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7 accreditations
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The medical center is a Bookimed Official Partner. Thus, we arrange treatment for international patients as a hospital representative with no intermediaries and extra charges.

About the clinic

Teknon Hospital (Centro Medico Teknon) is a private medical facility in Barcelona, Spain. World-renowned doctors provide diagnostics and treatment at Teknon.

Epileptology (treatment of epilepsy), neurosurgery, oncology, heart surgery, and stem cell therapy are the primary specialties in Teknon Hospital.

Teknon Hospital is No.1 choice for celebrities, sportsmen, and politicians. Teknon doctors delivered Shakira's baby (famous singer), operated Andres Iniesta (Spanish professional footballer), Thomas Röhler (German athlete competed in the javelin throw), provided stem cell therapy to FC Barcelona football players.

Teknon Clinic is a modern medical center that provides a comprehensive range of medical services. Patients from all over the world can find top-notch care for various medical needs, ranging from online consultations to complex surgeries. Our team of highly qualified doctors and medical coordinators works together to ensure the highest quality of care and patient satisfaction.

The top 5 advantages of Teknon Clinic are: 

  1. Experienced and qualified doctors with a special focus on the patient safety and comfort. 
  2. Cutting-edge medical equipment and technologies. 
  3. Comprehensive care from online consultations to complex surgeries. 
  4. Friendly and helpful staff. 
  5. A modern and clean clinic's environment.


1994 Year of foundation
400 doctors
10000 patients per year
23500 Operations per year
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Special offers

Medical need
The special offer has a standard range of medical services offered by a clinic, additional benefits like accommodation, transfer and etc.

Treatments prices in the clinic

Last price update — 29.04.2024. Prices can be changed depending on the medical case and doctor's recommendations.
Pharmacogenetic studies $1089.26
Online Consultation with Epileptologist $800
Complex diagnostics of Parkinson"s disease Price on request
Video-EEG monitoring Price on request
Brain FDG PET $2002.32
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery Price on request
Medication treatment for epilepsy Price on request
Vagus nerve stimulation $48055.62 - $50191.42
Stereotaxic surgeries $26697.56 - $69413.67
Knee replacement $21664 - $27080
Hip Arthroscopy $23493.86 - $28833.37
Knee Arthroscopy $17086.44 - $19222.25
Stem cell therapy for arthritis $10679.03 - $32037.08
Stem cell therapy for knees $10679.03 - $32037.08
Consultation with an oncologist $606 - $645
Angiography $1067.9 - $2669.76
CT of the chest Price on request
Breast biopsy $3737.66 - $4805.56
Ovarian Biopsy $3737.66 - $4805.56
Whipple surgery $26697.56 - $28833.37
Immunotherapy for breast cancer $3737.66 - $5873.46
Removal of spinal cord tumor $26786 - $37500
Topical therapy of melanoma $5873.46 - $8009.27
Pancreatic cancer surgery $26697.56 - $37376.59
Consultation with a urologist $271 - $381
PET-CT with Gallium 68(PSMA) $2349.39 - $3737.66
Online Consultation with Urologist $384
Robotic da Vinci prostatectomy Price on request
Prostatectomy Price on request
Bladder removal $26697.56 - $30969.17
Vaporization (with GreenLight Laser) $10679.03
High intensity focused ultrasound ablation (HIFU) $17086.44 - $19222.25
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) $6963 - $10898
Cryopreservation of sperm $352.41
Pharmacological stimulation for IVF $2135.81 - $2669.76
Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) $2669.76 - $3737.66
Egg Cryopreservation Annual Maintenance $961.11 - $1601.85
Colectomy (large bowel resection) $26697.56 - $37376.59
Rectal resection $11746.93 - $30969.17
Hemorrhoidectomy $6354.02
Breast cancer surgery $18154.34 - $26697.56
Liver resection $26697.56 - $37376.59
Heart Surgery
Heart Valve Replacement Price on request
Installing heart pacemaker Price on request
Replacement of the aortic valve Price on request
Coronary artery bypass grafting Price on request
Coronary stenting Price on request
Spinal Surgery
Surgical treatment of scoliosis Price on request
Spina Bifid surgery $34920.41
Discectomy Price on request
Herniated disc surgery Price on request
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Childbirth Price on request
Pregnancy follow-up Price on request
Hysterectomy with DaVinci robot $26697.56 - $29901.27
Hysterectomy (uterus removal) Price on request
Сesarean section $10572.24
Brain Aneurysm Repair $28833.37 - $37376.59
Laminectomy $26697.56 - $28833.37
Medication treatment for multiple sclerosis $3737.66 - $6941.37
Removal of meningioma $26697.56 - $30969.17
Removal of herniated disc with preoperative diagnostic $24561.76 - $28833.37
Consultation with a vascular surgeon $378 - $386
Varicose veins removal $5339.51 - $10145.07
Pediatric Neurosurgery
Consultation with a neurosurgeon $606 - $607
Brain MRI with contrast (FLAIR sequence) $854.32
Online Consultation with Neurosurgeon $609 - $619
Brain MRI with contrast Price on request
Consultation with a neurologist $374
Brain tumor surgery Price on request
Gamma Knife Price on request
Brain tumor removal $26604 - $38309
Craniotomy $23493.86 - $30969.17
CyberKnife for brain tumor $10679.03 - $19222.25
Hematology Oncology
Immunohistochemistry Price on request
Brain MRI Price on request
Online Consultation with Oncologist $598.03
MRI of one area $694.14 - $854.32
Chemotherapy $2669.76 - $3737.66
Bone marrow transplantation Price on request
Lymphoma chemotherapy $3737.66 - $5873.46
Pediatric Oncology
Lab tests Price on request
Bone resection $26697.56 - $48055.62
Gamma Knife for brain tumor $16018.54 - $19222.25
Transnasal resection of tumor $373.77 - $480.56
Radiation Therapy for Sarcomas $17086.44 - $19222.25
CyberKnife $10679.03 - $19222.25
Plastic Surgery
Breast reduction Price on request
FUE hair transplant $2669.76
Liposuction Price on request
Rhinoplasty (nose job) $8791 - $10349
Breast augmentation $9601 - $9762
Genetic screening $2990.13
Stem cell therapy Price on request
Cochlear implant placement $69413.67 - $74753.18
Metabolic surgery Price on request
Thyroidectomy $17086.44 - $19222.25
MRI of the abdominal cavity $650
Colonoscopy $1601.85 - $2135.81
Fibroscan $1067.9 - $2135.81
Tumor Marker Blood Test $747.53 - $961.11
Male Check-up $2669.76 - $3737.66
Small intestine resection $37376.59 - $101450.75
Esophagectomy $2669.76 - $3737.66
Gastric polyps removal $1601.85 - $2669.76
Weight Loss Surgery
Gastric sleeve surgery (Sleeve gastrectomy) $19222.25
Gastric band $18154.34 - $20290.15
Gastric bypass Price on request
Gastric balloon Price on request
Otorhinolaryngology/Ear, Nose and Throat(ENT)
Septoplasty $7475.32 - $12814.83
LASIK eye surgery Price on request
Keratoplasty $18354.04
Laser eye surgery Price on request
Corneal transplant Price on request
Lung cancer surgery $48055.62 - $58734.64
CT (computer tomography) $640.74 - $854.32
Premium Check up $3737.66 - $5873.46
Echocardiography $373.77 - $587.35
Consultation with a cardiologist $604 - $605
Paediatric Check-Up $1601.85 - $3737.66
Plastic surgery for cardiac valve $23493.86 - $34172.88
Endovenous radiofrequence ablation (EVRF) $16018.54 - $18154.34
Radiofrequency ablation Price on request
Lumpectomy $17086.44 - $19222.25
Kidney biopsy $3737.66 - $4805.56
Nephrectomy $18154.34 - $21358.05
Ultrasound $376
Thyroid function tests (including T3, T4, TSH) $587.35 - $1067.9
Mammography $373.77 - $587.35
Complex diagnostics of thyroid $1601.85 - $2669.76
Biopsy $2669.76 - $4805.56
Medical check-up
Cancer screening $5823 - $5924
Oncological Check-up for Man $3737.66 - $5873.46
Oncological Check-up for Women $3737.66 - $5873.46
Heart сheck up $1601.85 - $2669.76
Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology
Dermatoscopy $373.77 - $587.35
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Coronary angiography $7475.32 - $9611.12

Clinic Doctors

Bartolomé Oliver
Neurosurgeon, Spine neurosurgeon, Neurooncologist, Pediatric neurosurgeon
Experience 48 years
Gerardo Conesa Bertran
Neurosurgeon, Spine neurosurgeon, Stereotactic and functional neurosurgeon, Vascular neurosurgeon, Neurooncologist, Pediatric neurosurgeon, Pediatric neuro-oncologist
Experience 39 years
Alejandro Peiro
Neurosurgeon, Spine neurosurgeon, Orthopedic spine surgeon
Experience 14 years

hospital accreditations of quality

Joint Commission International  certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
Joint Commission International
US, Joint Commission International certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
European Foundation for Quality Management certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
European Foundation for Quality Management
BE, European Foundation for Quality Management certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
THE IMTJ MEDICAL TRAVEL AWARD WINNER IN 2019 certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
GB, THE IMTJ MEDICAL TRAVEL AWARD WINNER IN 2019 certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
Patient choice in Neurology certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
Patient choice in Neurology
UA, Patient choice in Neurology certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
Patient choice in Neurosurgery certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
Patient choice in Neurosurgery
UA, Patient choice in Neurosurgery certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
Patient choice for Epilepsy treatment certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
Patient choice for Epilepsy treatment
UA, Patient choice for Epilepsy treatment certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
World's Best Hospitals 2021 by Newsweek certificate for Centro Médico Teknon
World's Best Hospitals 2021 by Newsweek
US, World's Best Hospitals 2021 by Newsweek certificate for Centro Médico Teknon

Centro Médico Teknon: more details about the clinic

Spain, Barcelona

Teknon Hospital in Barcelona was founded in 1994 by Tenet Healthcare Corporation, the American company that takes the 2nd place for the number of established hospitals worldwide.

Since 2014, Teknon Hospital has been working on the premises of Quironsalud Hospitals Group. According to this network's data, Quironsalud is the 1st in Spain and the 3rd in Europe for success rates of treatment, number of highly-skilled medical staff, and cutting-edge equipment.

Centro Medico Teknon has the quiet and high-end district location 14 km away from Barcelona–El Prat Airport.




  1. Outstanding doctors. Dr. Raimon Miralbell (oncologist), Dr. Antonio Russi (epileptologist), Dr. Joaquim Casanas (orthopedist), Prof. Gerardo Conesa (neurosurgeon) are recognized as the best specialists in Spain. Years of experience, new therapeutic methods development, and hundreds of international publications are under their belt.
  2. Revolutionary technologies. Centro Medico Teknon is a digital hospital where doctors apply Novalis (radiosurgery device), Da Vinci (minimally invasive robotic surgery system), Renaissance (spinal robotic surgical guidance system) and other tools for accurate operations.
  3. Innovative treatment methods. Institute for Regenerative Therapy (Institut de Teràpia Regenerativa Tissular) works on Teknon premises to provide stem cell therapy for orthopedic injuries or diseases resistant to conventional treatments.
  4. Digital patient-oriented approach. The Teknon experts develop computerized programs that focus on making healthcare accessible, fast, accurate, and affordable. Most of these programs rely on technologies, useful for doctors and patients, to make a decision and reduce medical errors to zero.
  5. Accurate diagnosing. The Teknon specialists provide 3D modeling and 3D printing programs to develop three-dimensional display of the organs and parts of the body. This approach helps to develop the most effective treatment plan and choose implants that will fit perfectly the patient’s anatomy.



Teknon Hospital Barcelona is famous around the world for success epilepsy therapy for children and adults. Doctors have been treating patients with this disease for over 30 years.

Teknon is the leading epilepsy center for Americans. Companion Global Healthcare (US Medical Tourism Agency) has included Teknon Hospital to the list of clinics with international medical accreditation that accept American patients with different diseases including epilepsy.


As Teknon doctors report, over 10 patients are from Russia (the most severe stages of epilepsy are observed in Slavic people).

Centro Medico Teknon is No.3 neurological facility in Spain according to the Institute for Environmental Health (IEH), US laboratories and consulting group. During the evaluation, IEH representatives have taken into account surveys of 1,750 Spanish doctors.


Conservative epilepsy therapy

Prof. Antonio Russi provides medication therapy and specializes in the treatment of severe and rare epilepsy stages.

Prof. Antonio Russi in the best epileptologist in Europe due to the number of successful cases. He is included into Top 100 list of the best Spanish doctors by the Forbes magazine.

The doctor found Epilepsia Russi Institut, where he and his team develop new medications, conservative and surgical methods for epilepsy treatment.

The Teknon specialists provide a comprehensive treatment program that aims to get rid of seizures completely.


Surgical epilepsy treatment

30% of patients need surgical intervention to defeat the disease. Prof. Antonio Russi (head of the Epileptology Dep.) and Prof. Bartolome Oliver work together to help with disposing of severe epilepsy stages performing the surgery.

The Teknon neurosurgeons perform 90 operations per year under the supervision of Prof. Russi and Prof. Oliver.

Doctors provide stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG). It is a surgical procedure that identifies areas of the brain where the epilepsy seizures originate. SEEG is successful in 90% of cases and helps to fight against disease even in the most challenging cases.



The Teknon Neuroscience Institute is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of complex pathologies that affect the central nervous system and the spine, offering a fast and agile circuit for patients.

It has the most modern techniques and the most innovative facilities and technologies, as well as a team of renowned professionals led by Prof. Gerardo Conesa, an expert in neurosurgery.

Prof. Gerardo Conesa  is a Head of the Teknon Neuroscience Institute. The doctor has over 36 years of experience with
specialization in minimally invasive neurosurgical operations. 

The 12 functional units of the Institute of Neurosciences:

  • Functional Unit of Complex Column and Scoliosis
  • Functional Unit of Memory
  • Epilepsy Functional Unit
  • Functional Unit of Surgical Neuromodulation of Mental Disorders
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery Functional Unit
  • Neuromuscular Functional Unit
  • Functional Unit of Skull Base Surgery
  • Neurovascular Functional Unit
  • Functional Unit of Surgical Neuro-oncology
  • Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Functional Unit
  • Functional Unit of Headaches and Craniofacial Pain
  • Functional Unit for Surgery of the Peripheral Nervous System.

The Institute is made up of functional units: organizational structures that accommodate a whole series of professionals focused on a specific aspect of the pathology and on the patient who suffers from it.

The objective is to integrate the different information and multidisciplinary visions, enriching their diagnosis and treatment, implementing protocols, streamlining care circuits, creating databases, reviewing and updating relevant scientific information, and implementing new procedures and new technologies.

Robotic surgery techniques and artificial intellgence assement for precise treatment planning help to achive the best resulta for every patient.


Neurosurgical techniques and equipment in Teknon Hospital Barcelona

  1. Minimally invasive spinal surgery is an intervention through small incisions from 0.5 to 6 cm (depending on the type of procedure). Doctors use micro tools and a camera to monitor the process. After minimally invasive operations, patients recover faster than after the open ones.
  2. Neuronavigation is a special system tracking the location of surgical instruments during the operation. This method allows a surgeon operating through small incisions and performing movements precisely without touching the surrounding healthy tissues.
  3. Tumor surgery with fluorescence is a technique that allows determining the size of the tumor and its borders to completely remove it.



The Teknon Heart Institute was established in 2017. This facility has combined 2 most prestigious cardiovascular institutions in Catalonia — Sant Jordi Cardiovascular Center and Teknon Cardiovascular Institute.

Specialists have designed a unique infrastructure of the Institute to offer patients excellent, permanent, and comprehensive service according to all patients' needs.

The Teknon Heart Institute includes:

  • hybrid operating room (surgical theatre equipped with new medical imaging devices such as CT or MRI scanners to perform minimally invasive operations)
  • 3 haemodynamic rooms (digital rooms equipped with the most advanced technology for the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery diseases)
  • consulting area (place, where a doctor examines patients)
  • intermediate care unit (specific department for older adults to receive comprehensive medical care that helps them to be independent as much as possible after discharge and prevent moving into residential or nursing homes)
  • hospitalization area (subdivision where a patient, who needs an admission, gets all necessary health care).

Dr. Xavier Ruyra heads the Teknon Heart Institute. Dr. Ruyra specializes in minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery. He accepts patients with complex heart disorders and operates even elderly people.

Dr. Ruyra is one of 5 best specialists in cardiac surgery within Spain according to the Forbes magazine.

Dr. Xavier and his team have carried out over 5,000 heart surgeries. The doctor conducts degenerative and functional mitral valve replacements with a 95% success rate and rheumatic mitral valve replacement with up to 45% success index.


Revolutionary technologies used in Teknon Heart Institute

The Teknon heart surgeons perform coronary interventions and therapy of structural cardiac pathology guided by X-ray, computed tomography and ultrasound. This approach makes surgeries safer and reduces complication risks.

Teknon haemodynamic rooms are equipped with Philips Azurion, image-guided therapy platform with an intuitive interface. The platform allows performing complex procedures in an app environment, programming a large number of tasks that facilitate the work of professionals and increase the safety of patients.

The Teknon cardiac doctors and patients have participated in the international study of Ultraseal, the new device for the left atrial appendage closure in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation and high risk of bleeding.

According to Teknon data, in 97% of cases, surgeons implant the device successfully with no device migration, the deficient percentage of bleeding and perforation during the procedure. Patients have reduced the incidence of thrombosis or secondary embolisms after the implantation.



The Teknon Oncology Institute is one of the most extensive facilities for cancer treatment in Spain. Local oncologists has been accepting patients since 2000.

Prof. Raimon Miralbell is a world-renowned oncologist and head of the Teknon Radiology Oncology Center.

Dr. Raimon has over 35 years of experience. This doctor has received numerous awards as the leading radiation oncologist and author of 100 international publications.

Dr. Miralbell practiced and trained in Spanish, American, and Britain medical institutions.

Oncologists follow strict American standards developed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (USA) to provide patients with the latest technologies.


Medication cancer therapy at Centro Medico Teknon

  1. Chemotherapy is an anti-cancer medication treatment prescribed individually.
  2. Hormone therapy is a cancer treatment method to slow or stop the growth of a hormone-dependent tumor (grow and survive with the help of hormones). This type of treatment is the most appropriate option to affect malignancies in the chest, uterus, ovaries, thyroid, and pancreas. Drugs block estrogen to stop tumor growing.
  3. Immunotherapy is a method of drug treatment that activates the protective function of the body and block the growth of cancer cells.

The Teknon experts currently develop and test new drugs for cancer treatment.


Radiation therapy at Teknon Hospital Barcelona

Centro Medico Teknon is equipped with the latest technologies for radiotherapy:

  • 3D-CRT (three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy) device to irradiate the tumor, located close to the vital organs without damaging neighboring tissues. The Teknon doctors have been practicing 3D-CRT radiotherapy for more than 15 years.
  • Novalis linear accelerator adapts to the tumor size and shape, irradiates it as accurately as possible and does not harm healthy tissues.


Surgical oncology

The Teknon surgeons specialize in minimally invasive operations with the Da Vinci robotic system. These are surgeries through small incisions (1-2 cm), the size of which resembles the kidney bean. Minimally invasive surgeries help reduce trauma to the body, avoid heavy bleeding, and speed up recovery time.

Da Vinci robot makes the surgeon’s movements of hands and instruments more precise inside the patient’s body. During the operation, a surgeon is under 100% control of a robot that minimizes medical errors significantly.



The Institute of Regenerative Medicine (Institut de Teràpia Regenerativa Tissular) works on the premises of Centro Medico Teknon.

Since 2003, specialists have been providing stem cell therapy. It is a new treatment option with stem cells that are the progenitors of all other types of cells in the human body and may transform in each of them. And since 2013, Teknon doctors have been growing muscles and ligaments using stem cells.

Over 1,300 patients have undergone stem cell treatment at Centro Medico Teknon. 700 of them have received stem cell treatment with high success rate (without complications).

30% of patients may face inflammation after the procedure. However, this is a good sign, and people with inflammation have a better result than people without this side effect. The inflammation usually lasts 1 week.

100% of the procedures have not caused any cancer.

Teknon regenerative specialists give stem cell treatment for:

  • osteoarthritis
  • disc degeneration
  • osteonecrosis
  • fractures
  • sports traumas.

Stem cell therapy at Teknon is popular among world-renowned athletes. This treatment method speeds up recovery, and as a result, there is no rehab period. Athletes come back to their ordinary life just after the treatment.

The Teknon Regenerative Medicine Institute is among a few medical facilities in the world to have permission to apply stem cell therapy. In 2006, the facility received the certificate from IBGM (Instituto de Biología y Genética Molecular), multidisciplinary center that develops and implements projects for cells functioning and usage.


The process of stem cell therapy at Teknon Hospital

  1. Bone marrow aspiration: a doctor makes a puncture from the sacral bone to take enough material to receive stem cells.
  2. Cultivation of stem cells: specialists grow stem cells for 1 week. Only 1 out of 100,000 cells is the stem one.
  3. The second phase of stem cells cultivation: cells planting for the second time also lasts 1 week.
  4. Freezing of stem cells: Teknon specialists freeze the cells at 100 degrees below zero in the liquid nitrogen. This period may take years until the stem cells become necessary for treatment.
  5. Thawing of stem cells: when a patient needs the therapy, specialists gradually unfreeze stem cells. It takes 10 days.
  6. The therapy itself: doctors make injections with stem cells. The procedure is minimally invasive, performed without any incisions. The lifespan of cells lasts 8 hours, so it is necessary to carry out the therapy within this time limit.


Trends of stem cell therapy at Centro Medico Teknon

Teknon specialists conduct the numerous trials to improve the effectiveness of the therapy. Doctors look for the specific markers to find out what stem cells are more effective and what diseases they may treat.

Today Teknon doctors develop programs to treat such disorders with stem cells as:

  • eye impairments
  • heart diseases
  • spinal cord disorders.
Additional services
Language assistance
Hotel (apartments) near the clinic, billed daily
What treatments do patients most often ask for?
Patients choose Centro Médico Teknon most frequently to treat the following conditions:
  • Parkinson"s disease
  • Prostate cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Bladder cancer
  • Brain Cyst
What procedures do patients have most often?
The most common procedures in the hospital are:
  • Circumcision
  • Corneal transplant
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Installing heart pacemaker
  • Targeted therapy

Patient reviews

1 star
2 stars
3 stars
4 stars
5 stars
Centro Médico Teknon overall rate includes
Language assistance

Mansour • Sigmoid adenocarcinoma

Nov 8, 2023
Verified review.
Verified review.
As a doctor I recommend bookimed
I introduced many patients to other medical tourism companies but most of them were not honest such as they did fraud with our patients so finally I found an excellent company by the name of Iam the client Of since 5 years and all of my patients are satisfied from its staffs and services so as a doctor I recommend to choose as a right a guaranteed company in the term of your health …. Best wishes Dr.Mansoor

Anonymous • Epilepsy

Oct 31, 2019
Verified review.
Verified review.
"Definitely to be considered as best clinic in Europe
Thanks a lot for excellent service. I can not thank enough staff of Teknon Medical Centre Epilepsy Department, especially Irina who was assisting and interpreting everything in Russian to Dr Antonio Russi. It made huge impression on us how thoroughly he analysed the disease from different aspects carefully listening to all details. The 6 days EEG analytical approach including MRI and PET made it perfectly clear which remedy to apply. Definitely to be considered as best clinic in Europe.
About Bookimed service
Thanks to professional advise of Pavel and Olga we were able to arrange everything for travelling without any unexpected issues. Extremely quick response allowed us to obtain all necessary documents required for getting Schengen Visa within short time. Needless to say how easily was organised accommodation and transfer. Even though I booked apartment and flight myself but with coordination of Olga who I can not thank enough as well. Great job, only best wishes for your future endeavours, Guys!

Stephanie • Acoustic neuroma
United States of America

Oct 3, 2019
Verified review.
Verified review.
"The surgery bought us +10 precious years with our mother which is priceless!"Return: About the doctor, About the clinic, About the results, About the experience, The surgery bought us +10 precious years with our mother which is priceless!
image image
Great and thorough communication, after weeks of research we ended up choosing Prof. Oliver, had a Skype consultation and scheduled the surgery a few months later. My mother got the best care, the surgery went perfect despite all the risks associated with brain surgery. I can’t thank Prof. Oliver Bartolome enough, his skill is a gift from God! He was extremely kind and patient and answered all the questions throughout our hospital stay and follow up appointments. The surgery bought us +10 precious years with our mother which is priceless! The hospital is very clean, food is good and staff is friendly; great views of the Tibidabo from the hospital room and gorgeous green manicured gardens that lead to the main entrance. The place is huge, it took me a couple days to learn my way around from the parking to all the right departments.
About Bookimed service
Great and thorough communication Great and thorough communication, after weeks of research I ended up using one of the neurosurgeons they recommended in Barcelona, we had a Skype consultation and scheduled the surgery a few months later. Great platform for choosing a surgeon abroad, they really know their stuff! My mother got the best care, the surgery went perfect despite all the risks associated with brain surgery. Thank you Bookimed team for your wonderful help!

Катерина • Brain tumor

Jul 3, 2019
Verified review.
Verified review.
"Once again I want to express my deep gratitude to Katerina and Darya for all that they have done for my son and me !!!
The clinic has a very good atmosphere, despite the fact that it is a hospital. Stay in this clinic can be compared with a sanatorium. The doctors are qualified, they explain everything in detail, they are treated with respect. The chamber is very comfortable, beautiful view from the window, which helps to switch a little from the disease. There is wi-fi in the ward, which is very important for foreign patients, since you can always contact your relatives without any problems. There is a TV, a fridge, a shower and a toilet in the ward. I am very pleased with the book service, namely Katerina and Daria, as they facilitated all the organizational issues. We picked up the necessary flight at the best price. I was very worried that when we arrived at the airport we would reach the clinic without knowing the language. But bookimed takes care of his patients, we were met by a transfer, brought to the clinic, held to the reception, helped to arrange all the documents. If there were any questions, Daria and Katerina are always in touch and always helped to resolve any issue. I am very pleased with the clinic that bookimed offered us. Cun underwent five operations that were successful and now, every day his son is getting better. My advice to everyone, if you are told in Ukraine that nothing can be done or just watch, do not give in and be sure to contact bookimed to get advice from experienced doctors according to your diagnosis. So, as in Ukraine there are not many devices, without which doctors refuse to perform certain operations. And naturally they do not have the necessary experience in treating certain diagnoses. I used to think how to get advice abroad if I have never been abroad in my life. It turns out everything is very simple, you just need to contact bookimed, and they organize a consultation with the doctor who is needed for you. Once again I want to express my deep gratitude to Katerina and Darya for all that they have done for my son and me !!!
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Viacheslav Marukhin • Neurology

Apr 12, 2019
Verified review.
Verified review.
"The result was excellent
When it comes to health, speed and competence are important. Bookimed for several hours found us a wonderful doctor neurologist, unfortunately I do not remember the name. Thanks to Catherine, the clinic, and the whole team for helping me.
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