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A full beard, a symbol of masculinity since ancient heroes, in 2020 remains as an emerging trend.

Whether, you consider beards as a tribute to fashion, a sign of your manhood, or element of your style...But genetics or hormones stop you from growing a dense beard, we have a decision right for you! It’s a beard transplant.


This material has information purposes only and aims to tell about the most cost-effective skilled inpatient care. It isn't a call to action. The choice is yours.


All prices, saving rates, and other cost information given below have 3 independent sources:

  1. hospital representatives, who are responsible for price relevance and other info on the clinic
  2. the Bookimed medical team, which calculates saving rates according to data submitted by the rated medical facilities to make comparison and decision more comfortable
  3. official websites of authoritative organizations that provide cost peculiarities, facts, and figures.

Prices are approximate and may change according to the clinic's internal price policy and exchange rates. Note that the final cost is estimated by treating physician.


What is a beard transplant?


Beard transplant is a plastic procedure for implanting hair from the back of your head (in most cases) to your beard area.

Most often beard transplant is performed with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. A surgeon takes individual hairs in follicles (up to 7,000 hairs, but usually — around 2,500) from the donor area and transplants them into tiny incisions on the area of your future beard.

The procedure takes from 2 to 5 hours. You will feel no pain — only sense similar to pinching. The recovery is speedy.

The result — a lush looking well-cared beard in 7 months or so. Transplanted hairs will grow like beard hairs. They can slightly differ in color but remain natural and healthy looking.

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How much is a beard transplant in 2020?


The beard transplant cost starts from $1,500 and can reach up to $7,000.

This range is explained with:

  • a country. For instance, the price for a beard transplant in the USA, the UK, Canada is 1.5-3 times higher than in Turkey and Poland. That’s because medical services in some states are more pricey than in others. Thus, patients prefer to travel overseas to get a cheap beard transplant.
  • a clinic. Medical facilities with strong brand, outstanding history offer procedures at higher prices that newly opened clinics. The last ones conversely offer more affordable costs to attract patients.
  • doctor’s skills. Specialists who have more extensive experience can have higher rates for consultation or surgery.
  • packages. Some centers provide international tourists with special offers which cover a beard transplant, medicines, transfer, assistance with accommodation and translation (if required).
  • a method of beard plantation. The cost is higher for new techniques as robotic ARTAS transplant, DHI, Sapphire FUE. FUE or FUT cost less.
  • a number of grafts. The full beard transplant cost is more expensive than if you need only partial. The total price will depend on the cost per graft. A beard transplant specialist will consult you how many grafts you need to get a desired outcome.

Consider the following cost-effective programs with affordable prices and perfect quality from our partner clinics specialized in hair and beard transplant.

Where to get a beard transplant?

Estetik International Clinic, Turkey

The Estetik medical team offers the FUE beard transplant cost for $2,248.

The cost includes blood tests, necessary materials, and medicines, a special shampoo speeding up the recovery.

Estetik International is a renown medical facility located in Istanbul. The clinic is specialized in plastic surgery and hair transplant.

You should choose this hospital because of:

  • Skillful hair transplant team: over 3,000 hair plantations per year.
  • ISO certificates guarantee quality.
  • Full support for international patients: logistics, comfortable stay, language assistance (if required).


Adem and Havva Medical Center, Turkey


The full beard transplant cost at Adem and Havva Medical Center is set individually.

Adem&Havva, a clinic located in Istanbul, is specialized for serving medical tourists. Patients from 45 countries visit Adem and Havva to have a hair and beard transplants here.

The doctor who heads the transplant team is Safiye Kurt MD, an expert with over 20 years of experience. Abdul Rahman Bin Mohammed Al Owais, the Minister of Health and Prevention in the UAE, was among her patients.

This hospital is an excellent choice because:

  • The beard plantation package cost. It includes consultation with a doctor, examination, the transplant, a special shampoo, transfer, and accommodation.
  • A lifetime warranty for a beard transplant with a printed certificate.
  • The clinic is recognized as the Best hair transplant clinic according to Bookimed patients.

Submit a request to get your price.


Dr VJs Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetology & Hair Transplantation Centre, India


The beard transplant cost per graft starts from $750.

The center is specialized in performing hair transplant and cosmetic procedures. It was found by Dr. C. Vijay Kumar, a leading Indian specialist in plastic surgery with over 35 years of experience. Over 1,000 patients choose this Indian clinic for a beard transplant.

You should choose this hospital because of:

  • Vast doctor's experience who provides beard transplant according to American guidelines.
  • Accurate procedure due to innovative trinocular microscope which ensures the best possible outcome in the specialist’s experienced hands.
  • The most affordable price of beard transplant.

To get your personal price, submit a request.


On the whole, having beard implants should be an informed decision to take. You should ask yourself if you are ready to change your look and appearance. And if you dare to have a kind of beard, you always wanted. If yes, Bookimed will help you to find an affordable full beard transplant cost without quality loss.


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Beard Transplant FAQ

Where to find a cheap beard transplant?

The most affordable options are in Turkish centers with average beard transplant cost of $2,100.


Why robotic and DHI beard transplants are more expensive than other methods?

A hair transplant specialist provides robotic beard transplant with ARTAS system. It excludes any medical error and guarantees the best possible result. Even the most skillful specialists damage around 20% of follicles taken manually while the robot extracts hair bulbs with 95% accuracy. It leaves no scars as well. ARTAS also can plant more grafts unlike a person who is bent to get tired. Robotic beard transplant is available only in several clinics and costs more because of limited offers and high demand.

  • DHI is for Direct Hair Implantation. A beard transplant expert extracts the follicles and implants it with a special Choi pen directly to the beard zone. There are 2 main benefits of DHI — no scars and no need to pre-shave. However, the procedure requires more resources as doctor’s attention and time and thus, the price is higher than a typical FUE beard transplant cost.


What is the best method for me? Choose the option based on your preferences of the result, time, and budget. You can consult with Bookimed medical coordinator for free and get information on beard transplant methods and their costs.


Can I grow a beard if it's not in my genes?

Yes, you can. After the procedure, hair follicles will grow like ordinary facial hair, so you can shave it and adapt the form you like.

Am I a good candidate to get a beard transplant?

You are a good candidate for a beard transplant if you have problems with facial hair, want to hide any scars or burns in this area or want to grow a beard of your dream. Be ready to give 300-500 grafts from your hair on the head to each cheek — still, they will re-grow soon.


How long does a beard transplant take to heal?

After the FUE procedure a patient experiences some redness and swelling. It disappears in 1-2 days. In 5-7 days after the transplant expect the hair to fall out. This happens because the body needs time to normalize processes and adapt new hairs. In 2 weeks the beard will grow back.


Can I shave after beard transplant?

Doctors recommend not to shave 10 days after the transplant. Afterwards you can shave it.


Are beard transplants safe?

The procedure has minimal risks. However, it is still a surgery requiring intervention and involves risks as scarring and infection. That’s why it is necessary to choose only certified clinic and experienced doctor who will provide a well-planned beard transplant.


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