Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. This disease can affect men of any age, even the young ones. The cost of treatment depends on the disease type (chronic or acute) and methods of therapy.

Diagnostics is the first step of prostatitis treatment. Price for diagnostics depends on the number of tests a patient need.

After the examinations, a doctor develops a treatment program for each patient. The program includes all types of therapies and medications a patient need. Cost of the treatment program depends on the methods, equipment, and medicines used for patient treatment.
At the advanced stage of prostatitis, doctors prescribe stronger drugs that are more effective.

Also, specialists provide a lot of procedures for patients with advanced prostatitis. So the treatment cost of advanced prostatitis patients will be more expensive than for mild prostatitis patients.

The price for the prostatitis treatment relies on the following factors:

  • number of additional examinations and their complexity;
  • cost of medicines and procedures;
  • clinics’ price list of consultations and accommodation;
  • location of the hospital;
  • option to choose a particular doctor and the price for his/her services.