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  3. official websites of authoritative organizations that provide cost peculiarities, facts, and figures.

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Leukemia (leukosis or blood cancer) is a malignant disease of the blood system which often causes bone marrow disorders. Leukemia is a large group of diseases, the most common of which are lymphoblastic and myeloblastic leukemia, chronic myeloid leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, myeloma and others.


Every year doctors register about 400,000 new cases of leukemia according to the American Institute for Cancer Research. For most patients a bone marrow transplant is the only source of survival. Bookimed helps patients from 193 countries to arrange the treatment of leukemia and bone marrow transplantation in the best hospitals of the world.

Leukemia diagnostics includes a range of approaches starting from morphological complete blood count and bone marrow biopsy. Experts make decision on the use of particular therapeutic approach in each leukemia case individually (considering the cell composition).

Initially, patients begin their treatment course by chemotherapy (administration of chemotherapeutic agents), and if needed - bone marrow transplant procedure (transplantation of healthy donor cells).

Where is the best place for the treatment of leukemia?

When choosing the most appropriate medical center abroad, Bookimed medical coordinators provide all necessary information about specifics of leukemia treatment. We help to evaluate all factors and to make the informed decision.

The best hospitals for treatment of leukemia with globally renowned hematologist are located in Turkey, Israel, and Korea.

How much does the treatment of leukemia cost in Turkey


Liv Hospital

Liv Hospital is a leading medical center in Turkey with qualified staff and advanced technical equipment. Over 1,500 employees work at the hospital, 400 of them are top-doctors who had their internship and upgrade qualification courses in the best European and American medical centers.

Prof. Oral Nevruz is an experienced oncologist and hematologist who provides the treatment of blood cancer in Liv Hospital. He has many awards and certificates in bone marrow transplantation. He is a member of GMMA directors (Global Medical Mission Alliance).

Price of the bone marrow transplant procedure from a living-related donor in Turkey is about $100,000.


Prices for leukemia treatment in Israel


Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)

Ichilov is the largest JCI-accredited medical hospital. It is the best hospital for cancer treatment not only in Israel, but also in the world.

Leukemia patients undergo the treatment under supervision of experienced and world-renowned doctors: Head of the Department of Hematology - Prof. Ella Naparsek and Head of the Day Patient Department - Dr. Odelia Gur.

A separate multi-field hospital Dana-Dwek will accept underaged patients (children and teens under 17).

Leukemia treatment in Israeli hospital is characterized by:

  • active use of unique treatment methods;
  • state of art innovative equipment;
  • impressive scientific and practical experience of specialists of the Department.

Cost for blood cancer (leukemia) diagnostics in Ichilov:

  • Complete blood count - from $400;
  • Consultation of the leading oncologist - from $500;
  • Biopsy - from $520;
  • Chest X-ray - from $80;
  • CТ - from $420;
  • MRI - from $1,500.

Cost of chemotherapy starts from $5,000 per session, same as the cost of radiation therapy. Comprehensive treatment including a complex bone marrow transplant procedure costs from $135,000 - for a living-related donor, and from $170,000 - for a living-unrelated donor.

Bookimed will arrange your consultation with the profiling specialist in Ichilov Hospital and will assist you in booking a place in the inpatient department. We guarantee the quality of leukemia treatment and high-level service at Sourasky Medical Center.


Prices for the treatment of leukemia in Korea


Samsung Medical Center

Samsung Medical Center is famous for its high-level service provided in cooperation with John Hopkins University. 1,297 experienced doctors and 2,333 basic health workers work with the patients.

Complex Diagnostic Center of the hospital is the first and the biggest diagnostic center of Korea which provides the prevention and treatment of the severest diseases.

Prof. Keunchi Park, Head of the Department of Hemato-Oncology, provides treatment of all types of leukemia.

How much leukemia treatment costs

Price for the treatment of leukemia depends on the following factors:

  • type of leukemia;
  • necessary list of diagnostics;
  • leukemia treatment method (protocol of chemotherapy, period of administration of the medicines);
  • degree of complexity of the operation (bone marrow transplant procedure);
  • price for consultation of the leading specialist (depends on professional level, clinical experience, scientific achievements) - can cost over $1,000;
  • country and hospital chosen for treatment of leukemia.


Complications, particularities of pathologic development and duration of the therapy also affect the final cost of the treatment. Additional diagnostic procedures, medicines and consultations of the allied specialists in foreign hospitals are to be paid separately.

Bookimed is ready to provide you with the precise information on the cost of leukemia treatment abroad.