Melanoma is a malignant neoplasm that localizes on the skin in 90% of cases. That is why it is usually called skin cancer (or cutaneous melanoma). Melanoma can be simply confused with benign moles, so people hesitate to see a doctor that leads to the growth of melanoma and metastatic spread to the lymph nodes and other organs. Skin cancer can occur at any age, independent of human sex or nationality. However, whites experience melanoma incidence 20 times more often than blacks. Also, skin cancer is more common in men rather than in women.

The best way is to detect cutaneous melanoma at the early stages. In this case, a patient will receive more effective treatment paying 2-10 times less compared to a case when it is necessary to cure metastatic melanoma stage IV.

In this article, we will consider the main diagnostic and treatment options for skin cancer, where to treat it if a diagnosis is confirmed, the therapy costs of melanoma, and how to arrange a medical trip to the best clinic fast and safely.

Diagnosis and Treatment Options by Stage

The first step within skin cancer diagnosis is a dermatologist's or an oncologist's survey. For a diagnosis establishment, doctors use such methods to determine the nature of a neoplasm:

  • dermatoscopy
  • biopsy, or histological analysis.

A doctor usually removes an entire neoplasm or suspicious mole and some healthy surrounding tissues to provide the analysis. Then, a tissue sample is sent to the laboratory. The cost of melanoma diagnostics ranges between $3,000-$6,000.

If the melanoma diagnosis is confirmed, further treatment tactics are developed. For skin cancer stage I, the removal of a lesion is usually enough for patients to completely cure of. A patient just needs to undergo a systematic review of analysis, regular check-ups, and avoid direct sunlight.

However, patients with advanced melanoma need a more complex approach. According to the cost effectiveness analysis, the price of metastatic melanoma treating is higher compared to earlier stages. Let's consider the therapeutic options for skin cancer by stages.

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Melanoma Stage 0,I

Treating skin cancer stage 0, I show up to 99% 5-year survival rate and guarantees a patient the lowest costs of melanoma treatment. Usually, only a removal of the neoplasm is performed, and no additional therapies are needed. Die to this fact, it is essential to undergo self-diagnostics and regular check-ups to detect cancer at the initial stages.

Melanoma Stage II

The wide removal of melanoma is usually conducted. Then, a doctor recommends doing a lymph node biopsy. In the case metastases are detected in the lymph nodes, the affected ones are also resected. If there is no metastatic spread, no extra treatment except surgery is needed. At this stage, the costs of treating skin cancer still remain low.

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Melanoma Stage III

Patients with stage III experience the wide excision of a tumor and affected lymph nodes. Then, depending on a clinic and available treatment options, targeted or radiation therapies are introduced to kill metastases. Some other treatments like chemotherapy, immunotherapy can also be applied. The medical costs increase several times compared to stages I and II.

Melanoma Stage IV

In the case of advanced cutaneous melanoma, metastases have spread to distinct organ and lymph nodes. All options are applied for skin cancer stage III taking place for stage IV. However, some metastases can be resected in the internal organs. Advanced melanoma is difficult to cure, so cancer patients can participate in clinical trials to increase their chances for recovery. The costs of treating malignant melanoma at this stage are high because it requires new therapies, modern equipment, and special skills from a doctor.

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Costs of Melanoma Treatment