Testicular cancer is one of the most frequently detected oncological diseases in men aged between 15-44 years old. It is estimated that about 20 million men hear testicular cancer diagnosis annually; about 100,000 of them die because of the disease every year. However, the statistics could be more positive if patients have undergone proper therapy at the early stage of cancer.

Despite such unsatisfactory figures, modern treatment options allow to cure testicular cancer or significantly improve a patient's life quality even at the 3rd and 4th stages. But the more advanced stage of the disease is, the more money a patient should pay for the treatment. Luckily, there are a lot of places worldwide where it is possible to receive an efficient treatment at a reasonable price.

Keep reading for checking the most effective therapeutic options for testicular cancer, their costs, and where to go for obtaining the treatment.

Testicular Cancer Treatment Options

There are two primary types of testicular cancer tumors:

  • seminoma is usually diagnosed in older men; this tumor is less aggressive and spread slower than nonseminomas
  • nonseminoma affects younger men, grows fast.

A team of doctors (an urologist and an oncologist) manages the therapeutic process of these testicles malignant tumors. The treatments intensity, order, and schemes depend on a tumor type, disease stage, and overall health condition of a patient. Typically, specialists apply the following therapies separately or mix them for achieving the most successful outcome.


The aim of the surgery is to remove an affected testicle or both of them. Orchiectomy is a primary treatment for testicular cancer independent of the stage. A surgeon replaces an affected organ with prosthesis or an implant filled with saline. So, visually, no one even notices that a patient experienced such a kind of surgery. The cost of orchiectomy starts from $5,000 and reaches up to $13,000, depending on the country and the clinic.

Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (RPLND)

This intervention is appointed in the cases when cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes. So, a doctor performs an operation for resecting the affected ones. A surgeon manages all manipulations through the small incision in the abdomen. He/she carefully dissects the lymph nodes with malignant cells avoiding nerve affection for preventing ejacuation or erectile dysfunctions.

Radiation Therapy

An oncologist can prescribe radiotherapy for treating testicular cancer at stages II, III, IV, or after radical inguinal orchiectomy. During the irradiation, you lay on the special table, while a large machine is rotating around, precisely affecting a neoplasm with X-rays. A number of required radiation cycles determines the cost of radiotherapy for cancer of testicles.


Chemotherapy is applied for killing cancer cells with special drugs that spread through the body. Chemotherapy destroys a testicular tumor and metastases in other organs. Chemo can be the only option to be used for the treatment of testicular cancer. Also, doctors prescribe it before and after orchiectomy or peritoneal lymph node dissection. The price of chemotherapy is calculated individually for each case, depending on the drug type, dose, and cycles needed.

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How Much Does It Cost to Treat Testicular Cancer?

The cost of testicular cancer treatment depends on many factors: its stage, the country, and the hospital. The approximate price for surgery to remove the testicle ranges between $5,000-$13,000. The total cost of the therapy is calculated individually.

Let’s consider the most crucial factors that determine the final cost of therapy for testicular cancer:

  • the country. The cost for the treatment varies from a country to a country due to their general price policy and local citizens’ income level. For instance, an orchiectomy costs about $5,000 in Turkey, $7,000 in Israel, and about $10,000 in the USA. The cost of diagnostics and other therapeutic options will differ, too.
  • the disease type and stage. Usually, only surgery is carried out at the early stage of testicular cancer. While for advanced stages, doctors use a complex approach prescribing surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy. The total price may be increased by several times for patients with various testicular cancer stages.
  • the hospital. The cancer medical centers offer different prices for the treatment. As a rule, a private hospital asks for higher fees, while some national cancer institute provides the same treatment cheaper. Also, the level of medical equipment and staff experience affect the price policy of every medical center.
  • extra services. Going to a foreign country to treat testicular cancer, a patient needs to plan the budget, including expenses for accommodation, meals, transport. Some hospitals provide these services for free. However, it is necessary to clarify these issues and calculate all expenses to avoid unpredictable situations.

As you see, only diagnostics results determine the stage and type of a tumor and decides where to go for obtaining the treatment, it is possible to calculate the treatment cost precisely.

Where to Treat Testicular Cancer: Choosing the Best Hospital

Finding the most proper medical center for your type of testicular cancer will allow you to experience the most effective therapy, save money, and feel comfortable outside the place of residence. It seems not the most straightforward task, especially for patients who have never had treatment overseas. Due to this, you may use some piece of this advice to be satisfied with the choice of the hospital:

  • location. It is important to avoid a long way to reach the hospital and return back home because you can feel unwell and experience some side effects after the therapy. Moreover, please pay attention to flight tickets prices: saving money on the treatment, you can spend them on the travel charges.
  • medical equipment level. Some hospitals regularly renovate medical equipment to provide the most effective treatment. For instance, Anadolu Medical Center in Turkey updates the linear accelerators for radiotherapy, using only the latest ones. It increases patients’ chances for recovery and reduces side effects much.
  • doctors’ experience. The doctor's high expertise in testicular cancer treatment increases a patient's chances for recovery significantly. Checking a doctor's CV, pay attention to how many years he/she has been working, whether has undergone some practice overseas and participated in international conferences to fulfill the knowledge about the latest treatments.
  • reviews. The patients’ reviews reflect the real conditions of staying, level of the treatment and diagnostics in a certain hospital. People usually share doctors’ names who managed the treatment for testicular cancer and what outcome they have received eventually. This is a great source to find all the info you need and even ask some questions attending thematic communities online.
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When you have finally selected a hospital, clarify all issues you wonder about the total cost of the testicular cancer screening and therapy, whether the accommodation or other services are included in the price, how to apply for a visa fast and boost the beginning of the treatment.

Below you can find some hospitals for the treatment of testicular cancer. The Bookimed patients have evaluated them high:

How to Arrange Testicular Cancer Treatment Abroad?

Getting treatment abroad may seem stressful. However, all you need is to be sure that you have picked the proper medical center, your doctor is experienced enough to manage the treatment, and you will feel comfortable during the stay in a foreign country.

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  • We pick a proper hospital according to the features of your diagnosis and cost expectations.
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  • We will provide all info about available therapies according to your type of testicular cancer.
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All the listed services are provided for free; you pay only for the treatment of testicular cancer.

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The cost of therapy for testicular cancer is affected by many factors. It is possible to calculate all expenses only after the complete examination to detect a clinical disease stage and a tumor type.

The next step is to choose a place where you prefer receiving the treatment. You should send your medical records and conclusions to the hospital to precisely calculate the total cost. You also need to add to the price expenses for a hotel stay, travel charges, and meals.

If you do not know what hospital to choose and how to arrange your treatment fast and safely, request Bookimed and we will assist you in solving all these issues.

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How much does it cost to have a testicle removed?

The price for a testicle removal surgery depends on the country and the hospital. This option may cost from $5,000 to $13,000. The price is calculated individually: some patients need partial removal of the testicle, but some require the extraction of both testicles.

Can the 4th stage testicular cancer be cured?

At the 4th stage of testicular cancer, malignant cells have spread to the lymph nodes, other parts of the body as the abdomen, lungs, etc. But in case of effective therapy, the 5-year survival rate achieves 73%.

What are the chances of surviving testicular cancer?

The chances of surviving testicular cancer depend on its stage. The 5-year survival rate is 99% for the early stage, 93% for stage II, 73% for advanced stages.

Is testicular cancer completely curable?

Testicular cancer is well responsible for therapy. Due to this, 99% of patients completely cure cancer at stages I, II; up to 73% of men recover at advanced stages.


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