Testicular cancer is one of the most frequently detected oncological diseases in men aged between 15-44 years old. It is estimated that about 20 million men hear testicular cancer diagnosis annually; about 100,000 of them die because of the disease every year. However, the statistics could be more positive if patients have undergone proper therapy at the early stage of cancer.

Despite such unsatisfactory figures, modern treatment options allow to cure testicular cancer or significantly improve a patient's life quality even at the 3rd and 4th stages. But the more advanced stage of the disease is, the more money a patient should pay for the treatment. Luckily, there are a lot of places worldwide where it is possible to receive an efficient treatment at a reasonable price.

Keep reading for checking the most effective therapeutic options for testicular cancer, their costs, and where to go for obtaining the treatment.

Testicular Cancer Treatment Options

There are two primary types of testicular cancer tumors:

  • seminoma is usually diagnosed in older men; this tumor is less aggressive and spread slower than nonseminomas
  • nonseminoma affects younger men, grows fast.