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breast augmentation overview

Breast augmentation is the most sought-after plastic surgery procedure globally about 1,800,000 operations take place annually. It means that 205 people receive the breast shape of their dream every hour! Most of these operations are performed with implant placement that significantly affects the ultimate breast augmentation surgery cost.

Keep reading to explore:

  • breast enhancement prices globally
  • how much different breast implants cost
  • where to get a boob job without wasting a fortune.

What Is the Average Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost?

The minimum breast surgery cost is $1,350; the maximum reaches $20,000. The average cost of boob implant surgery is $6,100, according to Bookimed data collected across 25 countries. At the same time, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that the average price for breast augmentation is $4,500 across the USA.

However, the price for breast enlargement surgery is not constant and varies drastically, depending on the country. For instance, you will pay for breast implant surgery for about $3,000 in Turkey, $3,500 in Mexico, $4,000 in Thailand or the Czech Republic. So, you may choose the most appropriate option according to your location and budget limit.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to perform mammoplasty with the aim to enlarge the breasts. It can be managed using:

  • breast implants
  • fat transfer.

The price for mammoplasty with implants usually costs higher than fat transfer. However, fat graft mammoplasty can be more expensive in the end. It requires liposuction and further transferring of the received fat tissues. As a result, it takes 2-3 interventions instead of one as in case with breast enlargement with implants.

Dr. Sadeq Zghair, Bookimed medical coordinator, comments:


Sadeq ZghairBreast implants should be changed in 13-15 years after their installation. The risk of implant damage increases after this time period.

Also, patients aged 45+ years old should consider that in 7-9 years, there is a possibility of breast sagging. So, a further breast lift may be recommended. Pick optimal implant volume(250-350 ml) and follow doctors’ recommendations to preserve the result after breast augmentation.



What Aspects Affect Breast Augmentation Cost?

If you want to know exactly how much it costs to get a boob job, you need to start with a plastic surgeon’ consultation. However, you can also check the list below to find out what factors affect the ultimate breast enhancement price:

  • A country. Each country has its unique price policy that affects the internal cost of goods, food, and medical services. Due to this, the amount of breast enhancement fee also depends on where an operation is carried out. For instance, the same boob job procedure will cost about $2,500-$4,000 in Turkey or Mexico, and reach up to $10,000-$12,000 in the UK or the USA.
  • An operation type. As we mentioned above, it is possible to enhance your breast with implants or your own fat. The costs of these 2 different operations vary and it is difficult to say what option will be cheaper. For instance, during breast augmentation with fat transfer, it requires liposuction for fat tissues extraction. Then it takes 1-2 operations to fill the breasts with the received fat. So in some cases, fat grafting may be even more expensive than a breast augmentation procedure with implants.
  • Implant type. The implant type drastically impacts the price. For instance, the saline implant cost is lower than the silicone one. The implant form also affects the cost: teardrop implants are usually more expensive than round ones.
  • Plastic surgeon's experience. More qualified and experienced plastic surgeons usually provide their services for higher fees. However, the doctor’s skills are a crucial factor that determines future results. So it is not reasonable to entrust your body to newbies in plastic surgery.
  • Additional expenses. When you request a breast enhancement price, always specify what components it covers. Some clinics can offer the cost for breast augmentation surgery for one breast without adding such fees as anesthesia, consultation with a doctor, medical consumables, etc. So, it is crucial to get detailed info about pricing.

To receive the final price in any of the 180 clinics listed on Bookimed, submit a request.


Where to get cheap breast augmentation?

We have checked offers in 180+ international plastic surgery clinics listed on to pick the most affordable options here.

What Services Does Breast Implant Surgery Cost Include?

The price range of breast enhancement surgery is significant — you can find pretty affordable options and quite expensive ones. In some cases, it is related to special discounts, but sometimes it can be caused by a limited or Premium set of services included in the cost. Let’s consider what items are typically covered:

  • pre- and post-op consultation with a doctor
  • preoperative medical tests
  • implants and their placement
  • 1 overnight admission.

Some plastic surgery centers, primarily located in Turkey, provide extended packages for breast augmentation. Except for the services as mentioned above, it also includes:

  • transfer from an airport
  • language assistance
  • accommodation in partner hotels
  • postoperative garment.

These services do not affect breast augmentation costs as far they are provided for free or with an excellent discount for Bookimed patients. To get more info on packages available, submit a request on Bookimed or scroll down to reach the best deals.


Boob Job-Related Expenses

When you plan the breast enhancement journey overseas, you should consider that boob job price is not only an expense you will incur. Such travel charges as:

  • flight tickets.
  • hotel stay.

So you should pick those destinations that are easy to reach from your country of residence or look for discount flight tickets. The cost of a hotel stay per night differs across countries. The diapason is about $30-$100. You need to stay in a country after breast augmentation for 5-6 days for follow-up. Sum up all travel and arrangement charges with breast enlargement fees to calculate how much you will spend in advance.

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost Worldwide?

The breast enhancement implants price is individual and changes a lot depending on the case. A place for a boob job, implant type, and brand significantly affect the ultimate price. As Bookimed partner clinics report, the costs fluctuate within $1,350-$20,700.

We have composed a table with initial prices for breast implant surgery in different countries to help you pick the best options.




from $2,000


from $2,500


from $3,050

Czech Republic

from $3,300


from $3,200

South Korea

from $3,300


from $3,700


from $4,500


from $5,000


from $7,900


from $8,500


from $8,200




Deals on Breast Augmentation Globally

You can find breast augmentation deals on We have picked the most profitable for you among 180+ our partner clinics.

Estetik International, Turkey
breast enhancement price — $4,470

Package offer for breast augmentation with Polytech implants — $4,470

The price consists of:

  • a plastic surgeon’s survey
  • medical tests
  • implants and their placement
  • general anesthesia
  • medications
  • compression garments
  • pre- and post-op online consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Jose Cortes Plastic Surgery Clinic, Mexico
mammoplasty with implants cost — $4,600

The breast augmentation package with round silicone implants produced by Mentor or Motiva — $4,600.

This price covers such items:

  • fees for medical staff (Dr. Cortes, nurses, an anesthesiologist)
  • breast augmentation operation with Motiva or Mentor implants
  • post-operative compression bra
  • medications
  • pre- and post-operative consultation.

KCM Clinic, Poland
boob job cost — $3,680

Package price for breast augmentation surgery with rounded silicone implants produced by Mentor — $3,680.

The price components:

  • a plastic surgeon’s consultation
  • preoperative diagnostics
  • implants and their installation
  • anesthesia.

*Instead of Mentor implants, KCM doctors can also use Polytech B-Lite implants, so the cost can be corrected.

FORME Clinic, Czech Republic
breast implant cost — $3,250

The package price of mammoplasty with round Nagor implants — $3,250.

The pointed fees cover:

  • implants and their installation
  • anesthetic injection
  • drugs
  • 1-2 days of admission
  • an airport-clinic-airport pick-up.

*Mentor, Motiva, and Polytech are also available in the clinic. Specify the total price with a certain implant brand.

JK Plastic Surgery, South Korea
boob job cost — $15,000

The package offer for breast enhancement with Motiva implants — $15,000

The cost captures:

  • a consultation with a plastic surgeon
  • medical tests
  • implants and their installation
  • anesthesia
  • daily nurse and doctor’s survey
  • everyday procedures to reduce swelling and bruises on the 3rd day after an operation
  • interpreter’s escort
  • an airport-clinic-airport pick-up.

The Tax-free system is available at the clinic: patients can get back 7-10% of the VAT from the surgery price.

Adonis Clinic, Ukraine
mammoplasty price with implants — $4,200

The package for boob enhancement with round Motiva implants — $4,200.

Such expenses are included in the price:

  • consultation with a plastic surgeon
  • consultation with an anesthesiologist
  • preoperative medical tests
  • anesthesia
  • stay in a double hospital room
  • an airport-clinic-airport pick-up.

The Tax-free system is available at the clinic: patients can get back 7-10% of the VAT from the surgery price.

Breast Augmentation Implant Types

The type and brand of used implants determine the significant part of breast augmentation price. Below you can explore the main implant types, what brands produce the most qualitative and popular ones. Always specify implants of what brand are used to be sure of their safety.

There are 2 types of FDA-approved implant fillers:

  • Saline implants are filled with sodium chloride saline solution. Such implants are primarily used for women aged over 18 years old for breast enhancement, breast reconstruction after mastectomy (removal of breasts), and revision mammoplasty.
  • Silicone prosthesis are filled with silicone gel. As FDA reports, silicone implants are studied better. It means that they have passed more profound quality and safety control. Silicone implants are applied for women over 22 years old to provide boob jobs, reconstruct breasts after mastectomy, and manage revision mammoplasty.

The silicone breast prosthesis cost is typically higher compared to saline one — about $1,000 due to their more complex production.

Breast Implants Brands

Among the most popular brands of breasts implant producers used in the top aesthetic clinics are:


Over 1,000,000 women have chosen Motive implants to improve their breast shape, according to the manufacturer data.

Motiva represents innovative silicone implants produced in Costa-Rica. Their unique shell is patented as the company's development. It prevents material migration in case of breast prosthesis damage and minimizes the capsular contracture.

Breasts with ergonomic Motiva implants

Breasts with ergonomic Motiva implants. Source: Instagram Motivaimplants

Грудь с круглыми имплантами Motiva

Breasts with ergonomic Motiva implants. Source: Instagram Motivaimplants

Motiva implants comply with American and European quality standards that the FDA and ISO confirm.

Watch the video to make sure of Motiva implant strength

Mentor by Johnson and Johnson

Mentor is an American brand of breast implants. There are 2 types of Mentor endoprosthesis, depending on their filler type:

  • Saline implants. Doctors fill them with fluid after installation. If a woman wants to reduce or enlarge the implant size after an intervention, a doctor can correct it within the next 6 months.
  • Silicone implants have a memory effect, so they restore the previous shape even after a hit or pressure.


The Mentor manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty from implant rupture and 10 years of guarantee from capsular contracture of 3-4 stages and advanced sarcoma.

Breasts before and after Mentor implants installation

Breasts before and after Mentor silicone implants installation. Source: Mentor website

Breasts before and after Mentor saline implants installation

Breasts before and after Mentor saline implants installation. Source: Mentor website


Polytech is a German producer that offers over 700 types of breast prostheses. Due to this, every woman can select the most suitable option.

Polytech collection includes such implant shapes:

  • Meme — traditional round form.
  • Replicon — anatomical implants.
  • Opticon — shorter anatomically suitable implants for women with bigger fat volume in the breast area.
  • Optimam — a prolonged anatomical shape developed for patients with a small volume of fat tissues.

Polytech implants have a lifetime warranty for ruptures and 10 years of guarantee for capsular contracture of the 3-4 degree.

Natrelle from Allergan

Natrelle is an American implant brand representing prostheses with saline or silicone fillers. The most popular are silicone ones.

Natrelle manufacturer developed a special app with 3D visualization to help women select the most proper Netrelle implant type even before consulting with a plastic surgeon.

Natrelle provides up to 20 years of warranty within the ConfidencePlus program.

Breasts before and after round Natrelle implants installation

Breasts before and after round Natrelle implants installation. Source: Natrelle website

Breasts before and after anatomical Natrelle implants installation

Breasts before and after anatomical Natrelle implants installation. Source: Natrelle website

Nagor from GC aesthetics

Nagor is a British silicone breast augmentation implant. There are 2 types of Nagor implants:

  • IMPLEO — round with smooth surface.
  • CoGEL — anatomical textured implants.

GC aesthetics company provides a lifetime warranty for NAgor implants from 3-4 degrees of capsular contracture.

According to FDA and ISO organizations, the mentioned-above list of implants brands complies with strict safety and quality standards. As a result, they usually cost more than less popular and studied implants of other manufacturers. If you want to get the final cost of breast augmentation with any of these implants, please submit a request on Bookimed.


The mammoplasty costs with implants vary drastically across the world. The price is affected by many factors: plastic surgeons’ experience, implant brand, whether a patient wants to combine a breast lift with augmentation or not. Due to this, a woman needs to consult with a doctor before surgery to choose a proper implant shape, size, brand, and calculate all expenses.

Reputable international clinics provide such preliminary consultations remotely to find out the total price of an operation. You can find 180+ breast augmentation options managed by board-certified plastic surgeons on Contact us, and we will pick the most suitable one according to your preferences and budget.


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