Some kinds of epileptic attacks are possible to stop only with a surgery. It is the option for people who respond poorly to medication therapy.

However, the percentage of such cases is low. According to WHO (World Health Organization), only 30% of patients with seizures worldwide undergo the operation as the most effective option to get rid of the disease for good.

If there are contraindications and no indications for epilepsy surgery, specialists develop a medication treatment plan.

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Main factors affecting the epilepsy surgery cost

Epilepsy surgery is a type of brain operation (neurosurgery). It is performed to stop or reduce seizures in the case when drugs are inefficient.

What is the epilepsy surgery cost? — one of the most crucial questions for people requiring this treatment option.

The exact price for operation varies in different countries and medical facilities. The average cost depends on:

  • price policy within the state
  • hospital brand recognition
  • neurosurgeon's experience
  • volume and complexity of surgery.

Except for these factors, some additional aspects may increase or reduce the epilepsy treatment cost. Among them is the type of ward, meals, interpreter service, etc. Each patient may agree or refuse these services.

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Estimating the final cost of brain surgery for epilepsy

Neurosurgeons prescribe the epilepsy surgery only if seizures occur in a small, well-defined area of the brain and do not affect the other areas responsible for hearing, vision, memory, or other functions.

20 patients out of 100 undergo the operation to eliminate seizures.

The epilepsy surgery cost depends on:

  • type of surgery
  • kind of technology.

International clinics offer innovative monitoring devices and unique robotic systems. The price is 1.5-2 times higher than for operations with outmoded equipment.

New devices control the operation process, reduce the risk of medical error, increase the accuracy of the surgeon's actions. This is especially important in the case of brain surgery when even the smallest medical error can cause severe side effects.

In some cases, doctors prescribe the vagus nerve stimulation (a stimulator is implanted in the chest to stop seizures by sending energy pulses to the brain). It is the only option when drug treatment does not help, and the surgery is impossible.

The cost of the vagus nerve stimulation for epilepsy treatment depends on the model and price of the stimulator itself.

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Epilepsy surgery cost worldwide

A surgery is a proper treatment method only for 30% of people with epilepsy according to WHO (World Health Organization). For all other patients, it is unsuitable.

Spanish, Israeli, and Indian medical facilities offer a high-quality surgery at affordable prices.

How much does epilepsy surgery cost in Spain?

Centro Medico Teknon, Barcelona

Teknon Hospital is recognized as the top medical facility for epilepsy treatment in Spain. 75% of Bookimed patients choose Teknon for epilepsy therapy annually.

An outstanding epileptologist Prof. Antonio Russi (among Top 100 best epileptologists according to Forbes) and neurosurgeon Dr. Bartolome Oliver work at Teknon. Their cooperation makes this center the leading in Europe for the epileptic attacks treatment in adults and children.

Before the surgical treatment of epilepsy, it is necessary to consult a neurosurgeon Dr. Bartolome Oliver, a specialist in minimally invasive endoscopic operations on the brain.

Price for epilepsy diagnosis Vagus nerve stimulation cost Epilepsy surgery cost
€3,500-14,000 starting €35,000 €28,000-40,000

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What is epilepsy treatment cost in Israel?

Sourasky Medical Center, Tel Aviv

Sourasky Hospital is a world-renowned medical institution where neurosurgeons perform MRI-guided laser ablations for epilepsy treatment. In accordance with Epilepsy News Today online edition, the success rate of laser epilepsy surgery is 75%. Sourasky is the 1st medical facility outside the US to carry out this type of epilepsy therapy.

An adult epileptologist Professor Miri Neufeld and a pediatric epileptologist Professor Uri Kramer provide an effective therapy for patients with epilepsy. Doctors have over 20 years of experience and practice an integrated approach to each patient.

Sourasky Medical Center offers a reasonable epilepsy surgery cost among the Near Eastern clinics. The price depends on the average price policy in Israel and local citizens' income. The cost of treatment carried out by reputable surgeons may be higher because of their recognition and vast experience.

Price for epilepsy diagnosis Vagus nerve stimulation cost Epilepsy surgery cost
starting $4,500 starting $30,000 starting $30,000

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What is the epilepsy surgery cost in India?

Apollo Hospital Indraprastha, Delhi

Apollo specialists perform epilepsy surgery and vagus nerve stimulation to treat patients with the most severe forms of the disease.

Epileptologists provide excellent care and follow international standards. Apollo is among Indian hospitals that have JCI (Joint Commission International) certificate. JCI is a global organization which promotes high quality of services and safety of patients in the hospitals worldwide.

The indications for the surgery are determined after a comprehensive examination. The cost of epilepsy screening includes all diagnostic procedures and doctors' consultations.

Apollo Hospital offers the lowest epilepsy surgery cost compared to European or Near Eastern countries. The prices for epilepsy treatments are 2 times lower than in Spanish, Israeli, or Turkish medical facilities.

Price for epilepsy diagnosis Vagus nerve stimulation cost Epilepsy surgery cost
starting $1,000 $8,850-11,600 $9,000-13,000

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What is the epilepsy treatment cost in Turkey?

Medipol University Hospital, Istanbul

Neurosurgery is one of the primary specialties in Medipol Hospital. Dr. Ali Zırh, a famous Turkish neurosurgeon, works at Medipol. The doctor specializes in the brain surgery. Dr. Zırh has performed over 1,100 surgeries.

Medipol Hospital is the 1st private hospital within the country. Medical staff provide world-class services at affordable prices. The facility has JCI (Joint Commission International) certificate. It is an international authoritative healthcare organization.

The epilepsy surgery cost is 2 times lower than in European or US medical centers.

Price for epilepsy diagnosis Vagus nerve stimulation cost Epilepsy surgery cost
starting $850 $30,000 starting $18,000

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5 facts on epilepsy surgery cost and success rates

  1. The epilepsy surgery cost depends on the chosen country and hospital, patient's preferences regarding accommodation and meals, surgical method.
  2. Spain offers the best price-quality ratio for epilepsy treatment.
  3. India offers the lowest cost of brain surgery for epilepsy.
  4. According to the Bookimed data, Spanish and Israeli hospitals represent the highest success rates, but the epilepsy treatment cost here is also higher (compared to India).
  5. 30% of patients with epilepsy visit hospitals abroad with incorrect diagnosis and incorrect therapy regimen. That's why the complete epilepsy screening is essential before the treatment plan developing.