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Breaking Free: Yaroslav's Inspiring Triumph Over Epileptic Seizures

Real-life Experience Shared by Patient Treated by Dr. Antonio Russi Yaroslav's first epileptic seizure occurred at the age of 1.5, then the doctors decided that the seizures were caused by a lack of calcium in the body. Preparations containing a microelement did not bring relief, on the contrary, the number of attacks began to reach 30 per day. After consultations in medical institutions in different cities of Ukraine, the child was diagnosed with West's syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. To...


Diagnosed With Epilepsy. Now what? Your 12 To-Dos Roadmap

The information is checked by Prof. Antonio Russi, one of the best epileptologists in the world. He is a member of the Bookimed Advisory Board. Has 51 years of experience in epilepsy treatment.   Diagnosed with epilepsy now what? Receiving an epilepsy diagnosis can be overwhelming. It affects every aspect of life, from work to relationships. But remember, you're not alone. According to WHO, around 50 million people face this condition. The good news is that effective treatment can make...


8 Best Epilepsy Centers in the World: Bookimed Patient Ranking

Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders globally. As WHO (World Health Organization) report, 50,000,000 people worldwide have faced epileptic attacks. They look for the comprehensive epilepsy centers to receive treatments and get rid of seizures. WHO confirms that leading epilepsy centers provide high-quality examinations and therapy to reduce the disease treatment gap. This Top Hospitals Ranking is composed by the Bookimed medical. We've chosen the hospitals below according...