Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological disorders globally. As WHO (World Health Organization) report, 50,000,000 people worldwide have faced epileptic attacks. They look for the comprehensive epilepsy centers to receive treatments and get rid of seizures.

WHO confirms that leading epilepsy centers provide high-quality examinations and therapy to reduce the disease treatment gap.

This Top Hospitals Ranking is composed by the Bookimed medical. We've chosen the hospitals below according to the following criteria: 1) our patient reviews, 2) clinic success rates, 3) doctors' experience, and 4) innovations to provide high-quality care. This information is given by hospital representatives and under their responsibility.

The Ranking aims to provide patients with awareness material to make an informed decision about places of skilled inpatient care and isn't a call to action. The choice is yours.

We have picked 8 epilepsy centers among 117 facilities represented on the Bookimed website. Our team has analyzed patient reviews, clinic’s doctor expertise and achievements to sort out top epilepsy clinics.

Explore the best epilepsy centers in the world on this page.

Table of Contents

1. Centro Medico Teknon — leading epilepsy center in Spain

The Teknon Epilepsy Clinic is one of the leading in the world. Children and adults with different disease stages receive treatment here. Over 40 patients with this brain disorder choose Teknon each month.

Centro Medico Teknon offers the most effective seizures treatment at the affordable prices. 75% of patients choose Teknon Epilepsy Center due to high success index and doctors' experience conforming to the Bookimed reports.

Centro Medico Teknon is one of the best epilepsy centers in the world due to the doctors' vast experience. Prof. Antonio Russi is recognized as an outstanding epileptologist in Europe for the largest number of successful cases. He is among Top 100 best Spanish specialists according to the Forbes magazine.

Dr. Antonio Russi and his team have helped over 2,000 patients to get rid of attacks.

The Teknon Epilepsy Hospital cooperates with the Neurosurgery Department to perform operation in the most severe stages of the disease. In 90% of cases, surgery is successful and a patient disposes of seizures.

Online consultation

Prof. Antonio Russi is among a few epileptologists that provide remote consultations via Skype. You may get a consultation with Prof. Russi submitting a request on Bookimed website. It includes a diagnosis establishing, treatment plan development, and coordination a patient for 6 month.

2. Sant Joan de Déu in Spain — best children's hospital for epilepsy in Europe

Sant Joan de Déu is included into the global pediatric epilepsy centers rankings due to the innovative approaches and technologies for the disease diagnostics and treatment in children. Specialists conduct clinical trials to explore effectiveness and safety of antiepileptic drugs.

The Sant Joan doctors provide over 1,000 consultations annually. 100 little patients receive treatment at this epilepsy center every year. 30 of them undergo surgery.

Sant Joan is admitted as the best epilepsy center for children in Spain by local Ministry of Health. That's why the center has received CSUR accreditation (award only to health centers whose activities are dedicated to specific pathologies).

Alexis Arzimanoglou MD is highly-qualified pediatric epileptologist in Europe with almost 30 years of experience. Dr. Arzimanoglou accepts patients in the Sant Joan Epilepsy Clinic and university hospitals in Lyon (France), where he heads the Epilepsy and Neurophysiology Department.

3. Helios Krefeld Epilepsy Hospital in Germany

Helios Krefeld is the largest national epilepsy center in Germany. The hospital takes the leading positions in the national rankings by the Focus magazine (the authoritative medical edition within the country).

95% of patients are satisfied with the Helios Krefeld services and recommend the hospital to other people according to the anonymous survey.

Helios Krefeld is among the best hospitals for epilepsy treatment due to the world-class medical technologies. Epileptologists use the innovative MRI 3 Tesla for better visualization of the central nervous system, and precise seizures focus detection.

Prof. Thomas Haarmeier leads the team of neurologists at Helios Krefeld Clinic. The doctor has 25 years of experience. Prof. Haarmeier is a member of the numerous neurological societies and one of the best doctors in Germany in agreement with the Focus journal.

4. Medipol — leading comprehensive epilepsy care center in Turkey

The Medipol Epilepsy Center offers the most affordable diagnostic of the disease among other best hospitals for seizures treatment in Turkey. The prices for the disease screening here are 2-3 times cheaper than in Spanish, German, or Israeli facilities.

Doctors carry out the disorder diagnostic tests in a specialized laboratory. During the examination, a patient stays in the cozy rooms for long-term electroencephalography (monitoring of the brain electrical activity).

Specialists of the epilepsy center use navigation systems (StealthStation), intraoperative MRI, and a special tomograph (O-arm perop CT) to scan the operated area of the brain during the intervention. It increases success rates of surgery and reduces possible complications.

5. Liv Epilepsy Center in Turkey

Liv is among top epilepsy centers in Turkey due to the highest success index for brain surgeries within the country.

91% of brain operations are performed successfully at the center, while the national average index is 81%. Liv neurosurgeons carry out over 250 interventions each year.

MRI of the latest generation is available in this epilepsy clinic. Liv doctors use this device to make the most precise brain screening and create the final image of the brain structure. The accurate examination helps to choose the most effective treatment method

6. Sourasky Hospital in Israel — leading epilepsy center for children and adults in the Near East

The Tel Aviv Sourasky Epilepsy Clinic is the 1st medical facility outside US to perform laser ablation surgery for epileptic attacks treatment. Patients for whom medication therapy is not helpful are the best candidates for this method.

Laser ablation surgery for seizures relies on MRI-guided precise removal of the diseased tissue of the point in the brain with a laser.

According to Epilepsy News Today (online edition about the disease), 75% of MRI-guided laser ablations for this brain disorder are successful.

Sourasky Medical Center is among the best children's hospitals for epilepsy in Israel. Dr. Uri Kramer and his team accept little patients with seizures. The doctor is a head of the Sourasky Pediatric Epilepsy Center and has over 25 years of experience.

Dr. Kramer is an inventor of the EpiLert bracelet, the sensor bracelet for epileptic seizures detection. This invention makes Sourasky world-renowned comprehensive epilepsy center.

7. Bumrungrad International — best hospital for epilepsy in Thailand and Southeast Asia

The Bumrungrad International Epilepsy Center is among the best in Asia and worldwide due to the doctors' vast experience. 25 neurologists and neurosurgeons help patients from 190 countries over the world.

Bumrungrad is among the best hospitals for epileptic attacks to offer complete checkups for the most effective treatment plan developing. Doctors provide the affordable screening packages that include all necessary procedures. The price of packages is approximately 2 times lower than the cost of the separate procedures.

The Bumrungrad Epilepsy Clinic is the first in Bangkok to perform SEEG (stereoelectroencephalography), the surgical intervention for seizures detection. The procedure is mostly carried out to identify the place of epileptic seizures in the brain in children.

8. Severance Clinic in South Korea — best children's hospital for epilepsy in Asia

Severance is one of the best hospitals for epilepsy therapy in children within South Korea. Epileptologists provide ketogenic diet (80% of all food contain fat) for children with difficult-to-control disease.

30-40% of little patients with seizures keep the ketogenic diet. To make the food more tasty for those children, Severance specialists develop 10 different ketogenic recipes including pizza, fried pork, cookies, etc.

However, Severance doctors accept adult patients as well.

Doctors of the Severance Epilepsy Center have developed the first program for surgical treatment of the disease in South Korea. 60% of patients with the disease undergo surgery.

Over 70% of operations are successful here. Surgery leads to the complete loss of seizures almost in 60% of children and adults, reduces epileptic attacks in 15% of patients according to the Severance Epilepsy Clinic reports.


Top epilepsy centers in Europe


The best hospitals for epilepsy treatment are located in Spain and Germany. Specialists carry out innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods for children and adults.

Spanish and German epileptologists are among the leading specialists in Europe and worldwide according to such authoritative organizations as the Focus (German medical edition) and Forbes magazines.

Best epilepsy centers in the Near East (Western Asia)

According to the Bookimed reports, the first-rate medical facilities for the seizures therapy are situated in Turkey and Israeli.

Turkish hospitals are well-known for cost-effective treatment options. Doctors here treat patients with convulsions 2-3 times cheaper than in Spanin, Germany or Israel.

Israeli medical facilities are recognized as the leading ones for the disease therapy due to new approaches and techniques. Specialists invent instruments for seizures foci detection, especially in children.

Leading comprehensive epilepsy centers in Southeast Asia

Such countries as South Korea and Thailand are well-known among international patients with epileptic attacks due to low prices and excellent medical services.

Thai clinics offer 2-3 times lower prices than American and European facilities.

Korean and Thai medical centers give the possibility to combine treatment with the luxury recreation. Plenty of exotic fruit and mild climate make the therapy more pleasant. It's very attractive for people with neurological disorders.



▶ What is a comprehensive epilepsy center?

Epilepsy center is a medical division, where doctors provide comprehensive care for patients with seizures of different types and severity. Such a division usually works on the premises of a particular hospital.Doctors working at such centers are called epileptologists. They carry out the most innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, develop the new ones.

▶ Why do patients choose epilepsy centers abroad?

There are 3 main reasons why international patients look for leading epilepsy centers abroad:

  • medication therapy in their native country doesn't work
  • severe and frequent seizures in children, which can lead to developmental delay and therefore it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis in the shortest term to prescribe the correct treatment
  • epileptic attacks do not stop, although all available therapies have been tried

▶ Where are the best epilepsy centers in the world located?

According to the Bookimed data, the best epilepsy centers in the world providing excellent treatment are located in Spain, South Korea, Germany, and Israel.

Medical facilities in Thailand carry out the most comprehensive neurologic checkups to detect convulsions. And the epilepsy clinics in Turkey are accessible for their cost-effective therapy, which is 2 times lower than in South Korea or Israel.

▶ What is a level 4 epilepsy center?

A level 4 epilepsy center is a facility that provides an advanced care level for people suffering epilepsy and seizure disorders. Such medical services take place on hospital premises as intensive neuro-evaluation of complex diseases forms + medical, neuropsychological, psychosocial therapies.

▶ What pay attention to choosing pediatric epilepsy centers?

Epilepsy in children needs a more comprehensive approach and advanced treatment. So, while searching a pediatric epilepsy center, pay attention to:

  • Doctor’s experience. Check an epileptologist’s experience regarding epilepsy treatment in children. Find out how many years a specialist practices in this field, what therapies they apply, and what the result they have achieved. For clarifying the last issue, you can check patient reviews.
  • New developments. Find out what options are used to treat epilepsy. Search for innovations in conservetive and surgical options to manage epilepsy cases.
  • General conditions. Specialized pediatric epilepsy centers are adapted to children: there are a lot of entertainments, hospital wards are bright and colorful. Such an environment positively impacts little patient recovery. 

▶ How to find the best comprehensive epilepsy center?

If you are looking for the top epilepsy center, pay attention to:

  • International accreditation. Clinics that have international certificates guarantee high-quality medical care and absolute patients' safety.
  • Vast doctors' experience. The Bookimed managers have represented the leading epileptologists, who provide diagnosis and treatment for decades of years in these clinics. Most of them have numerous international certifications, are the members of global medical organizations and have the world's recognition.
  • Positive patients' feedbacks. Read reviews of patients who have treated the disease in these epilepsy centers to choose the best one.

▶ Criteria for choosing the best epilepsy center

The following ranking highlights the leading epilepsy clinics for adults and children.

The Bookimed managers have analyzed more than 100 hospitals and chosen only 8 best facilities. The ranking is based on reviews of patients who have undergone diagnostics and treatment at the epilepsy centers.

Inspecting the clinics, our managers have paid attention to:

  • quality of medical services
  • the modernity of equipment and treatment methods
  • the confidence of patients in the epilepsy clinic
  • patient-friendly staff
  • amenities in the hospital
  • international patient support services (language assistance, help in medical issues solution).

▶ What is the main difference between neurologists and epileptologists?

Neurologists and epileptologists both treat epilepsy. However, epileptologists research all the features of the disease's development, incl.:

  • types of epileptic seizures
  • effect of antiepileptic drugs on the brain
  • patient's genetic and physiological characteristics led to convulsions.

This approach allows to establish a more accurate diagnosis, choose proper treatment, and eliminate the disorder.

▶ In what epilepsy hospital can you find a good epileptologist?

In agreement with the Bookimed reports, outstanding epileptologists practice in Spanish and Israeli medical facilities.

Prof. Antonio Russi (Spain) is one of the best epileptologists in Europe and the world according to the Forbes magazine. The Professor treats patients (children and adults) even with the most severe forms of epilepsy, conducts complex diagnostics and selects effective treatment. Professor Russi also participates in several studies for accurate detection of the exact location of epileptic foci in the brain.

Prof. Uri Kramer (Israel) is among the leading children's epileptologists in Near East. Professor Kramer receives patients at Sourasky Medical Center, where he heads the Department of Neurology. Professor Kramer and his team have created the EpiLert bracelet, warning about the onset of an epileptic seizure.

▶ What diagnostics are available in the best epilepsy hospitals?

Electroencephalography (EEG) is the main examination of patients with epileptic attacks. It helps to identify epileptic foci in the brain when a patient is in awake and asleep conditions. During the test, a patient is under video surveillance. It allows analyzing the brain activity and revealing the epileptic seizures features.

For example, Teknon doctors provide video EEG monitoring for 3 days. During the procedure, a patient receives antiepileptic drugs. The epileptologist can immediately track the effect of drugs on the brain, replace it or adjust the dose to increase treatment effectiveness.

Doctors also perform magnetic encephalography and PET scanning. These highly accurate diagnostic methods can detect even the smallest foci of epileptic activity in the brain. After the complete examination doctors determine treatment method and prescribe proper medication or surgery.

▶ What treatment is offered in the best epilepsy centers in the world?

Medical therapy for epilepsy is successful in 80% of cases. 8 out of 10 patients control seizures with the help of correctly selected drugs as Teknon representatives report.

In case the drug therapy is inefficient, a doctor performs surgery. Learn more about the surgical treatment of the disease in the best epilepsy centers in the world.


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