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Turkey, Istanbul

Medipol Mega University Hospital

Doctor 4.8
Facilities 4.8
staff 4.8
Language assistance 4.6
Support 5.0
2 accreditations
hospital certificates of quality
95% Patients
recommended this clinic
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The medical center is a Bookimed Official Partner. Thus, we arrange treatment for international patients as a hospital representative with no intermediaries and extra charges.

About the clinic

Medipol University Hospital is one of the largest multi-specialty medical institution in Turkey. Daily, over 1,200 patients trust their health to Medipol's experts. The hospital is equipped with advanced technologies, i.e, Da Vinci Surgical System, Cyber and Gamma Knives. Doctors specialize in cancer, neurological, and cardiovascular treatment. Organ transplantation, bone marrow transplant and IVF are among key specialties of the hospital.


2012 Year of foundation
400 doctors
1000000 patients per year
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Special offers

Medical need
The special offer has a standard range of medical services offered by a clinic, additional benefits like accommodation, transfer and etc.

Treatments prices in the clinic

Last price update — 29.04.2022. Prices can be changed depending on the medical case and doctor's recommendations.
Rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury Price on request
Rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy $700
PET/CT $800
Consultation with an oncologist $100 - $130
Angiography $1000 - $1500
Thyroid function tests (including T3, T4, TSH) $200
Thyroid biopsy $1200
NanoKnife $12000 - $18000
Radiotherapy for uterine cancer $9000 - $14000
Chemotherapy for breast cancer $1200
Brachytherapy for prostate cancer $2500 - $5500
Chemotherapy for lung cancer $1200
Stem cell therapy $4000
Cochlear implant placement $20000
Lung segmentectomy $12000 - $16000
Throat cancer operation Price on request
Thyroidectomy $6000 - $7500
Whipple surgery $28000
Breast cancer surgery $4000 - $10000
Pediatric Neurosurgery
Consultation with a neurologist $120
Consultation with a neurosurgeon $150
Brain tumor removal $16000 - $17000
Surgical treatment of epilepsy $15000 - $25000
CyberKnife $6000
Gamma Knife $6000
Radiation therapy for brain tumor Price on request
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Cystoscopy $1500
Breast biopsy $1500
Сesarean section $3500
Hysterectomy with DaVinci robot Price on request
Hysterectomy (uterus removal) $7000 - $8000
The Wertheim-Meigs operation $24000
Childbirth $3000
Removal of spinal cord tumor $17000
Removal of herniated disc with preoperative diagnostic $5000 - $10000
Removal of meningioma $17000
Herniated disc surgery $4000 - $8000
Plastic Surgery
Closed rhinoplasty $5000
Hair transplant Price on request
Breast augmentation Price on request
Video-EEG monitoring $850
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery $28000
Medication treatment for epilepsy Price on request
Arthroscopy $4000 - $6000
Hip Arthroscopy $4000 - $6000
Knee Arthroscopy $4000 - $6000
Hip replacement $14000
Knee replacement $9000 - $10000
Stem cell therapy for arthritis $4000
Kidney transplant $20000 - $25000
Liver transplant $62968.33 - $69753.71
Corneal transplant Price on request
Basic check-up Price on request
PET-CT with Gallium 68(PSMA) $1900
MRI of the abdominal cavity $550
Consultation nephrologist $140
Xofigo Radium-223 $11942.27
Nephrectomy $10000
Robotic da Vinci prostatectomy $14000
Prostatectomy $9000
Weight Loss Surgery
Gastric bypass $10000
Gastric sleeve surgery (Sleeve gastrectomy) $10000
Gastroectomy Price on request
Hematology Oncology
Immunohistochemistry Price on request
HLA-typing Price on request
Allogenic bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor $105000
Bone marrow transplantation $40000 - $130000
Chemotherapy $1200
Allogenic bone marrow transplantation from a related donor $70000
Heart Surgery
Interventricular septal defect surgery $8000 - $14000
Heart Valve Replacement $15000 - $25000
Coronary artery bypass grafting $10000 - $15000
Replacement of the aortic valve $15000 - $25000
Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) $35000 - $50000
Spinal Surgery
Surgical treatment of scoliosis $20000 - $30000
Lumpectomy $7000 - $8000
Rectal resection Price on request
Testicular sperm extraction (TESE) $1500
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) $3500
Pediatric Oncology
Radiotherapy $3500 - $11000
Radiation Therapy for Sarcomas $9500 - $11000
CyberKnife for brain tumor $6000
Gamma Knife for brain tumor $6000
Pituitary tumor surgery $15000 - $20000
Consultation with a pulmonologist $150
Lung cancer surgery $11500 - $14000
Complex diagnostics of thyroid $720 - $1000
Radioiodine therapy $3000 - $4000
Kidney biopsy $1500
Dialysis $400
Biopsy $2000 - $3000
Mammography Price on request
Tumor Marker Blood Test $500
MRI of one area $450
Brain MRI $450
Ultrasound $150 - $300
Male Check-up $575 - $1035
Gastroscopy with biopsy $450 - $650
Colonoscopy $500
Premium Check up $1500
CT (computer tomography) $400
Coronary angiography $850 - $1000
Consultation with a heart surgeon $100
Paediatric Check-Up $460
Female check-up $575 - $1035
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Echocardiography $350

Clinic Doctors

Mustafa Guden
Cardiologist, Interventional cardiologist, Cardiothoracic surgeon
Experience 28 years
Nuclear medicine physician
Tamer Atasever
Nuclear medicine physician, Neurologist, Radiation oncologist
Experience 32 years
Pediatric hematologist
Murat Elli
Pediatric hematologist, Pediatric hematologist/oncologist
Experience 23 years

hospital accreditations of quality

Joint Commission International  certificate for Medipol Mega University Hospital
Joint Commission International
US, Joint Commission International certificate for Medipol Mega University Hospital
Patient choice in Pediatric Oncology & Hematology Oncology certificate for Medipol Mega University Hospital
Patient choice in Pediatric Oncology & Hematology Oncology
UA, Patient choice in Pediatric Oncology & Hematology Oncology certificate for Medipol Mega University Hospital

Medipol Mega University Hospital: more details about the clinic

Turkey, Istanbul

Medipol Mega University Hospital started providing healthcare services in July, 2012. It consists of 5 main complexes such as General Surgery Hospital, Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital, Oncology Hospital and Dentistry Hospital. 

Patients who have undergone treatment in Turkey, can make sure that it is not only popular resort, but one of the leaders of medical tourism. Bookimed offers the best hospitals in Turkey, one of which is Medipol Mega University Hospital, the first private complex in the country.


Medipol in numbers:

  • 810 beds for hospitalization;
  • 215 beds in intensive care units;
  • 35 operating rooms;
  • 3,500 employees providing high quality treatment.

The complex was formed as a result of the merger of the University and University Hospital. The structure of Medipol Mega Hospital Complex includes 4 hospitals: Oncology, Cardiovascular Surgery, General and Dental Hospital. Medipol is an important link in the Turkish health system by virtue of million annual investments of approx. $150 million.

Medipol Mega Hospital Complex is equipped with modern facilities, such as the revolutionary technological systems HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), which helps to conduct non-invasive surgery to treat prostate cancer, bone marrow, and uterine myoma. Modern techniques (e.g. EVAR-TEVAR) are successfully used in the treatment of aortic enlargement, TAVI allows to replace heart valves without surgery.


Interventional Neuroradiology Department

Interventional neuroradiology is an area of expertise in the treatment of brain and spinal cord vascular diseases under the guidance of high technology and imaging techniques, instead of the classic open surgery.

Diseases to be treated:

  • Cerebral Aneurysms;
  • Brain AVM (arteriovenous malformation);
  • Dural fistula;
  • Carotid Cavernous fistula;
  • Atherosclerotic stenosis;
  • Retinoblastoma and other tumor treatments;
  • Stroke (acute stroke), sudden paralyzed state INR is the treatment of vascular bubbles leading to brain hemorrhage. This is followed by treatment of cerebrovascular arthritis and especially jugular vein stenosis.

Choosing Medipol with the help of Bookimed, patients have the opportunity to receive treatment in one of the best clinics in Turkey that has JCI accreditation. Ultra-modern equipment and advanced technologies applied in Medipol Mega Hospital speed up patient's recovery.


Additional services
Language assistance
Hotel (apartments) near the clinic, billed daily
What treatments do patients most often ask for?
Patients choose Medipol Mega University Hospital most frequently to treat the following conditions:
  • Thyroid cancer
  • Brain tumor
  • Stomach cancer
  • Herniated disk
  • Prostate cancer
What procedures do patients have most often?
The most common procedures in the hospital are:
  • Kidney transplant
  • Liver transplant
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
  • Knee replacement
  • Stem cell therapy

Patient reviews

1 star
2 stars
3 stars
4 stars
5 stars
Medipol Mega University Hospital overall rate includes
Language assistance

Нуржан • Septoplasty

Nov 11, 2022
Verified review.
Verified review.
Very well
Very well. Satisfied in general.
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Iryna Zabudska • Basic check-up

Nov 8, 2022
Verified review.
Verified review.
The results were amazing
image image
We arrived at the clinic for the Check UOP. I had a custom program
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Владислав • Brain tumor

Sep 23, 2022
Verified review.
Verified review.
"Marina Provided us with moral support documentary for the second time at the highest level
image image
Hello, my name is Vladislav Ivanov, Ukraine, Odessa city. In February 2021, my daughter Vlada was diagnosed with anaplastic ependymoma, we went to the doctors for a week trying to find out why the child started having severe headaches. They went through examinations, did an MRI, and as a fact, they found a brain tumor. That's when the ground slipped from under my feet. Realization has come - this has already happened, which means you need to quickly take action. The first thing we did was go to the children's hospital in Kyiv, the child was given a shunt. But unfortunately, fluid began to collect in my head and my vision began to fall sharply. The doctors explained that an operation was urgently needed. We did not have a large accumulated amount, and we decided to complete the operation abroad. We contacted Bookmed. We contacted the employee Marina. Marina quickly found a clinic for us in Turkey, organized a trip for us, flew to Turkey in a matter of days. The hospital was already waiting for us. Examined, took blood for tests and the next day an operation was scheduled. Everything went well. Then they underwent a course of radiotherapy. The results are positive, we were sent home to Ukraine (August 2021). Every 3 months they underwent MRI, the pictures were good .. But a year later, in March 2022, we heard the terrible words “relapse”, “war”. Hastily collected the necessary documents and left for Lviv. From there, by large buses, all children with cancer began to be taken out along the humanitarian corridor from Ukraine to Europe. The daughter and his wife were assigned to France. A second operation was performed, the tumor was removed, and after that a course of chemotherapy was prescribed. After a month of taking the course, the doctor said that chemotherapy was not helping. The doctor suggested experimental chemotherapy, but that didn't help either. As a result, the daughter is getting worse and worse every day. The child began to walk badly, the right leg and handle practically do not work. The child melted before my eyes. It's all very scary, but it's worse to leave Vlad without an opportunity for treatment. I again turned to Marina Bookmed Marina again very quickly found us a hospital in Turkey, helped us with the flight Paris Istanbul. Arrived at the hospital 2 days later, the operation was successful!!! After the operation, the child began to talk, swallow, and after a couple of days to walk. What I want to say Bookmed in particular Marina Provided us with moral support documentary for the second time at the highest level. Marina many thanks to you and your team THANK YOU.
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Людмила • Epilepsy

Feb 27, 2020
Verified review.
Verified review.
The translators very easily explained everything
image image image image
Very good and professional welcome, I did not have to wait anywhere. The translators very easily explained everything, the transfer arrived minute by minute. Thanks for the welcome.
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Valeria • Myasthenia
Russian Federation

Feb 24, 2020
Verified review.
Verified review.
Aida is just a gorgeous girl, very kind, open, ready to help 24/7 and helps! About the Doctor: I was immediately told that it would not work out to cure me 100%, but the doctor does everything to make it comfortable for me to live with her
I drove with a positive attitude. And of course there were no minuses for me. I was immediately told that it would not work out to cure me 100% (but I already knew 21 years ago that my myasthenia gravis is incurable). But the doctor does everything to make it comfortable for me to live with her. No pulling money here, cool transfer organization. And what kind of translator I had. Aida is just a gorgeous girl, very kind, open, ready to help 24/7 and helps! But it all depends on your mood. If you are traveling with a negative, it’s not worth it. Believe me, as soon as you carry the negative, the disease begins to absorb you. Bookimed care department is generally cool guys, thanks to them, your stay is very comfortable and under the wing of care
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