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Germany, Magdeburg

District hospital Burghausen

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Burghausen District hospital  is a leading medical institutions of Magdeburg, which collaborates with the University of Magdeburg, Faculty of Medicine which is very famous in Germany.

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District hospital Burghausen: more details about the clinic

Germany, Magdeburg

Bookimed recommends  District hospital Burghausen, which is part of private medical centers large community in Germany as well as the corporation MEDIGREIF. Kreiskrankenhaus Burg  is  a progressive institution of Magdeburg which collaborates with the University of Magdeburg,  which Faculty of Medicine  is widely known in Germany.

District hospital Burghausen is characterized by such indicators:

  • 239 beds;
  • about 10 000 people are hospitalized annually;
  • more than 13,000 outpatients per year.

All departments of hospital are equipped with high-tech equipment, which are used to perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures on the European level. So surgical department has full technical equipment and resources for patients with different types of pathologies in its arsenal, so they can get all needed care around the clock.

The main departments of  Kreiskrankenhaus Burg hospital:

  • Surgery (general and emergency surgery);
  • Department of Plastic Surgery;
  • Department of Internal medicine;
  • Department of Pediatric;
  • Department of women's health and pregnancy planning;
  • Intensive care  department.

In addition to providing diagnostic and therapeutic services on a good level, Kreiskrankenhaus Burg clinic distinguish by approach to patients, high level of service and the organization of their comfortable treatment in a hospital. There are free library, cafe, mother and child room on the territory of the clinic.
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August-Bebel-Straße 55a, 39288 Burghausen
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