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Spain, Marbella

Dr. Blum’s Biomechanics Center

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About the clinic

Dr. Blum's Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic is a specialized rehabilitation center in Marbella, Spain. Thanks to the combination of proprietary methods (the doctor holds 60 patents) and the Mediterranean climate, the institution is often chosen by residents of the UAE and the USA. The main directions of the center are rehabilitation after injuries and surgeries, pediatric rehabilitation for cerebral palsy and musculoskeletal problems, as well as psychological recovery. Professor Blum's Medical Rehabilitation Center in Spain uses a patented method that allows for starting the basic processes in the human body, restoring blood circulation, cell self-renewal, and internal organs, ligaments, joints, bones, and muscles. The clinic's specialists have also developed specialized programs for men and women who have experienced burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome. Among the clinic's patients are professional athletes and IT specialists.


2010 Year of foundation
120 patients per year
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Dr. Blum’s Biomechanics Center
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Treatments prices in the clinic

Last price update — 29.04.2022. Prices can be changed depending on the medical case and doctor's recommendations.
Consultation with an orthopedist (traumatologist) $163 - $327
Physiotherapy $163 - $654
Conservative treatment of scoliosis $163 - $654
Conservative treatment for habitual dislocation of the shoulder $163 - $654
Neurological Rehabilitation $163 - $237
Rehabilitation after a stroke (per 1 day) $163 - $654
Rehabilitation for arthritis (for 1 day) $163 - $654
Orthopedic rehabilitation (per 1 day) $163 - $654
Rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury $163 - $654
Consultation with a recreation therapist $163 - $327
Diagnostic Evaluation of autism $163 - $327
Revision of MRI results $163 - $654
Multiple sclerosis rehabilitation $163 - $654
Consultation with a gastroenterologist $163 - $327
Consultation with a hepatologist $163 - $327
Paediatric Check-Up $327
Male Check-up $327
Premium Check up $1090
Complex treatment of pancreatitis $163 - $654

Clinic Doctors

Dr. Blum’s Biomechanics Center: more details about the clinic

Spain, Marbella

Doctor Blum is the author of a patented method and the founder of a new scientific direction in medicine — somatodynamics, which studies the flow and cyclical processes of human physiology occurring in the systems of blood circulation and lymph circulation, interstitial microcirculation. The somato-dynamic approach is based on the biomechanics of the human body. According to the method, behind each disease, trauma or chronic illness there is some defect — displacement of body segments, asymmetry, violation of the systems of tissue fluid circulation, compression of vessels, stagnation, clogging. As a result, the disease develops, the functions of organs and tissues are disrupted. Professor Blum's approach makes it possible to restore microcirculation of blood and lymph drainage, vessels regain their elasticity, and tissues regain mobility, the process of cell renewal improves, and the disease gradually disappears. At Professor Blum's Center, more than 1500 patented rehabilitation modules are used, which have no analogues. For each patient, an individual program is developed, according to which the applied devices selectively and stepwise act on the "target" organs and body segments under the author's supervision of Professor Blum.

Professor Blum's patented method focuses on three main principles. The first one is the restoration of the body's geometry, the second is the renewal of the cell through the effect on its environment, and the third is the holistic approach to diagnosis, allowing to identify and systematically eliminate the cause of the disease. Over the course of 50 years of practice, the method has proven its effectiveness in the treatment of serious systemic diseases such as myopathy, multiple sclerosis, Bechterew's disease, heart diseases, lungs, liver, pancreas and kidneys, as well as in rehabilitation after stroke, severe spinal trauma, and complex joint operations. Doctor Blum has:

  • 62 international patents
  • more than 1000 methods
  • 1500 rehabilitation modules

All of these form the basis of Professor Blum's innovative method.

1. Complex systemic diseases: Bechterew's disease, multiple sclerosis, myopathy, dementia.
2. Restoration of health in chronic diseases: bronchiectasis, bronchial asthma, diabetes, hypertension, consequences of COVID-19.
3. Rehabilitation after a stroke in the early period, as well as after a long time.
4. Rehabilitation after severe injuries of the spine and joints. Rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury.
5. Rehabilitation after sports injuries of the joints and ligaments. Rapid return to sports.
6. Restoration of own joints without operations and arthroplasty of hip, knee, ankle joints, with Perthes disease, coxarthrosis, hip dysplasia.
7. Children's rehabilitation: developmental delay, consequences of birth trauma, autism, cerebral palsy, ADHD.
8. Treatment of scoliosis — elimination of the pathogenetic root cause, restoration of correct posture at any age.
9. Check-up according to the method of Professor Blum — a comprehensive express examination of the whole organism, an annual detailed analytical health monitoring program that gives an idea of the functioning of all vital organs and systems. The program is aimed at early detection of predispositions, risk factors and asymptomatic diseases in order to prevent the disease. If the disease already exists, the goal of the CHEK-APA is to control the course of the disease in dynamics and correct therapy.

About Professor Bloom's method
62 international patents for the diagnostic system, methods, techniques and special equipment developed by Professor Blum for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with serious illnesses. The uniqueness of the author's methodology lies in the fact that it allows you to identify the cause of the disease, restore body symmetry, renew connective tissue and restore the function of an organ or organ system.

Professor Blum's many years of experience confirms that all incurable severe diseases have one very important common feature - a decrease in the quality of the connective tissue is behind the dysfunction of the affected organ. It should be noted that connective tissue makes up to 90% of the human body, is the main tissue that forms the shape and structure of each organ. If the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the connective tissue are improved, then the muscle, nerve and epithelial cells will again begin to grow, mature and renew themselves in a healthy way. This is one of the important principles underlying Prof. Blum's method and proven by his successful results in the treatment of complex severe diseases for more than 50 years.

Professor Blum's clinical approach is based on the understanding that the root of almost all diseases is the asymmetry of the body, congenital or acquired. Asymmetry changes the position of the organs, and over time they begin to give dysfunction, leading to congestion, inflammation, tissue structure disorders, up to cell degeneration. Obviously, pills cannot fix this, although for some time it is possible to turn off the pain, with which the body lets us know that something is going wrong.

Prof. Blum's patented diagnostic principle
Professor Blum examines and evaluates the entire human body, conducts diagnostics based on the principle of a six-link matrix system: when each organ is the brain, liver, kidney; each segment of the body — the arm and all its joints, ligaments and muscles, the leg and all its joints, ligaments and muscles, the spine and all its 23 vertebrae, the sacrum and coccyx, discs, ligaments, vessels, nerves; each bone and even muscle is an organ with its own characteristics, which are analyzed by Professor Bloom studying each case:

First macroblock. Anatomy is the shape of the organ, its structure, its spatial position in the body is assessed. To perform its 100% function, each organ must be of a certain correct form and be in its place.
Second macroblock. Morphology is the quality of cells and tissues of organs, which depends on the intensity of the processes of renewal, destruction and removal of toxins and slags from the body.
Third macroblock. Homeostasis is the internal environment, which is determined by the level of blood supply, microcirculation of tissue fluids and lymph flow.
Fourth macroblock. Innervation of neurotrophic, neurodynamic, neuroregulatory provision.
Fifth macroblock. Energy resource is the energy supply of each organ, which depends on the level of energy generation, energy distribution, energy consumption and energy losses.
Sixth macroblock. Function — each organ performs its specific specified function. If any pathology or dysfunction appears in the body, the cause is always in one of the previous 5 macroblocks. The task of the "DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM OF 6 MACROBLOCKS" is to find this reason. This is its unique property. It is this approach, when all the results are collected in a single matrix, all factors are taken into account in interconnection and interdependence, that allows solving almost all health issues.

The basic course of treatment in the center usually takes 4 weeks.

Additional services
Airport to clinic
$80 - $100
Clinic to airport
$80 - $100
Language assistance
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0 - 90
Urb. Rocio de Nagueles, c\las Campanillas, 8, 29660 Marbella, Malaga Spain
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Dr. Blum’s Biomechanics Center
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