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Israel, Rehovot

Kaplan Medical Center

About the clinic

Kaplan Medical Center is branch of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which is located in Rehovot almost near Tel Aviv. This clinic is multidisciplinary medical complex. There are 23 departments. In addition, the center arrange the collection and storage of bone marrow cells for use in onco-hematology treatment. Bookimed provides for you opportunity of treatment without intermediaries in this medical center.


1953 Year of foundation
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Kaplan Medical Center
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Kaplan Medical Center: more details about the clinic

Israel, Rehovot

Kaplan Medical Center specializes in emergency services, outpatient and inpatient care. When it was founded, the hospital could handle no more than a hundred patients at a time. Over the years, the hospital has become six times bigger. At the beginning  hospital consisted of only 4 divisions, and now it includes 23 of them, which enables successful recovery and rehabilitation of the customers.

The main divisions of the center are:

  • Cardiology department which deals with diagnostics, treatment, and research. Carrying out complex operations can be supplemented by the services of specialists from other branches - from physiotherapist to nutritionist.
  • Ophthalmology department, the country’s leader in successful operations on retina and blindness prevention. Doctors of the department are regular participants of research conferences around the world.
  • Surgery department, known throughout the world because of a real breakthrough in the field of medical technology - laparoscopic surgery (operations that are carried out through small incisions rather than the usual large ones).
  • Gynaecological and obstetrical department, which delivers over 6,000 babies each year. For example, in October 2008, a baby boom was recorded, about 600 children were born. The problem of infertility is successfully solved here, and not only through artificial insemination, but also by means of very delicate operations on the uterus  hospital.

The biggest center for HIV carriers in the entire country - the “Neve Or” AIDS Treatment and Research Center - functions as a part of Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot. The center has successfully assisted in the birth of healthy babies of HIV carrying parents and sick parents. In addition to medical care, the center also offers additional services such as support and guidance, dental procedures for AIDS patients, psychological support, nutrition guidance and medication monitoring, etc.

The Kaplan Medical Center was examined (passing with almost 100% approval) by the Joint Commission International and received its accreditation which means both medical and administrative standards of international level. Its medical staff collaborates with major academic and research institutions to remain in the forefront of technology and medical standards.

During fall in 2008 surgeons of this medical center managed to create another miracle - they saved a young girl from amputation of severely burnt fingers. Once fingers were implanted in the stomach and after a month acquired the necessary amount of skin and fat, doctors successfully restored the hand of the young woman. Next fall a complex operation was performed on a man who suffered from deafness for more than 50 years and he enjoyed hearing this world again. 

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Derekh Pasternak, Bilu Junction, PO box 1, Rehovot, Israel
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Kaplan Medical Center
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