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United Kingdom, Birmingham

Khurram Khan

About the clinic

Khurram Khan Plastic Surgery offers a range of procedures to help improve patient's appearance and boost their confidence. Mr. Khan is a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon who performs a variety of surgeries including liposuction, body contouring, facelifts, nose reshaping, ear reshaping, male breast reduction surgery, and mole/cyst removal. The clinic focuses on providing natural-looking and long-lasting results while also ensuring the safety and well-being of their patients. Mr. Khan is a member of several prestigious plastic surgery organizations and has completed specialized training fellowships in microsurgical breast reconstruction and cleft lip & palate surgery. The clinic operates at various locations in the West Midlands, and patients can contact Khurram's secretary Kerry Ali for appointments and information.


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Khurram Khan
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Treatments prices in the clinic

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Khurram Khan: more details about the clinic

United Kingdom, Birmingham

About the clinic


This clinic specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery, with a focus on facial plastic surgery, breast and body contouring, and cleft lip & palate surgery. The surgeon, Mr. Khan, is fully trained in both surgical and non-surgical techniques and is committed to providing safe, natural-looking results. Procedures offered include facelifts, nose reshaping, liposuction, body contouring, and tummy tucks, among others. Mr. Khan tailors each procedure to the individual patient and aims to achieve the highest standard of care. The clinic also offers fat transfer procedures to enhance volume and appearance, and Mr. Khan regularly volunteers overseas on surgical cleft lip & palate charity missions.


Interesting facts


  • Corrections are performed along natural skin creases to minimize noticeable scars long-term.
  • The amount of skin and fat removed is tailored to each patient, and the remaining skin is re-draped to restore youth but preserve function.
  • The fat used in procedures is usually taken from elsewhere in the body, such as the thighs or lower tummy, and is cleaned and injected into target areas to help give volume and enhance appearance.
  • Nose reshaping may be beneficial to remove bumps, straighten crooked noses, shorten or lengthen the nose, refine the tip, and adjust the width.
  • Facelift techniques involve tightening and repositioning not only the skin but also the deeper tissues in the 'SMAS layer'.
  • Mr. Khan has the highest qualifications possible for a Plastic Surgeon in the UK, FRCS (Plast), and is on the GMC Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery.
  • Mr. Khan specializes in facial plastic surgery, as well as breast and body contouring.
  • Mr. Khan has presented widely at plastic surgery meetings nationally and internationally, regularly publishes in peer-reviewed journals, and has contributed to several book chapters.
  • Mr. Khan has completed a specialist Cosmetic Surgery fellowship organized by the British Association of Aesthetic Surgeons (BAAPS).
  • Mr. Khan graduated from King's College Medical School in London in 2004, and completed his specialist training in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in Oxford.
  • Mr. Khan is fully trained in the use of aesthetic surgical and non-surgical techniques and regularly operates around the face, nose, breast, and body.
  • Mr. Khan continues to volunteer overseas on surgical cleft lip & palate charity missions and is a member of Operation Smile.
  • Mr. Khan's main NHS specialist interests are looking after adults and children with facial problems resulting from cleft lip & palate, which includes complex rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) surgery.




The benefits of the clinic and the doctors:

  • Customized skin and fat removal and re-draping techniques for natural-looking results and minimal scarring
  • Expertise in nose reshaping to improve facial aesthetics, balance, and breathing
  • Use of aesthetic procedures for a fresh and younger look that is natural and long-lasting
  • Facelift techniques that involve tightening and repositioning deeper tissues for a more natural effect and prolonged effectiveness
  • Highly qualified plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience in facial plastic surgery, breast and body contouring, and cleft lip & palate surgery
  • Commitment to providing safe, beautiful, and natural-looking results
  • Regular participation in plastic surgery meetings, peer-reviewed journal publications, and book chapter contributions
  • Membership in reputable plastic surgery organizations, such as BAPRAS, BAAPS, and CFSGBI
  • Volunteer work in surgical cleft lip & palate charity missions through Operation Smile


Top Medical procedures


Medical procedures available in the clinic:

  • Facelift: tightening and repositioning of skin and deeper tissues in the SMAS layer
  • Rhinoplasty: nose reshaping for aesthetic and breathing improvement
  • Various aesthetic procedures: to restore a fresh and younger look
  • Otoplasty: ear reshaping to improve appearance
  • Male breast reduction: removal of excess breast tissue in boys
  • Mole and cyst removal: for improved contour and appearance
  • Thigh lift: to improve contour and function in the inner thigh area
  • Reduction of widened scars: through a straightforward surgical procedure


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50 Frederick Rd, Birmingham B15 1HN, United Kingdom
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Khurram Khan
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