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Medical Park (Medical Park AG) is the network of specialized rehabilitation clinics in the field of recovery after injuries, orthopedic surgery, after various diseases: rheumatic, neurological, cardiac and psychosomatic and after various operations, located in the most beautiful regions of Germany. Two of them - outpatient therapeutic centers «CITY MED» and «Medical Park Art.» are located at the largest Bavarian cities Munich and Nuremberg. Other clinics are located in Bavaria, such towns as Tegernsee, Chiemsee, Bad Wiessee - combines the beauty of mountain lakes and Alpine panorama.

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Updated 14.09.2020

Germany, Amerang

Medical Park offers a wide range of medical and therapeutic services in the field of rehabilitation and prevention of diseases. The structure of the clinic consists of eight hospitals and three outpatient clinics in hospitals. The hospital accepts about 50,000 patients annually.

Extensive experience in the rehabilitation of patients and high quality medical and therapeutic services are provided by medical staff .

The main directions of Medical Park Hospitals Group are:

  • Orthopedics and Traumatology (diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, rehabilitation after surgery on joints, ligaments, treatment of diseases of the spine, treatment of sports injuries and diseases, etc.);
  • Cardiology (heart disease and blood circulation, after heart surgery, vascular, rehabilitation and care following a heart attack);
  • Rehabilitation and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and metabolic diseases;
  • Neurology and Psychosomatics (diseases of the brain and nervous system, paralysis, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and psychosomatic illnesses;
  • Homeopathy and naturopathy.

Highly qualified and motivated staff of Medical Park Hospitals around 1800 (doctors, nursing and support staff) use integrated and interdisciplinary approach to treatment. Medical team of hospitals are in constant interaction. Great attention is paid to the relationship between the physical and mental state of the patient. Thanks to using standardized quality management system for clinics, our patients receive the highest quality services, whether in the medical-therapy offices, or the offices of care and maintenance.

Medical Park Hospitals Group have advanced medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment (computer diagnostics of the spine, modern methods of digital image conversion, sensor rooms for rehabilitation of patients with neurological diseases, equipment for hydrotherapy and a private clinical chemistry, hematology laboratory. There are also specialized gyms and pools, beautifully landscaped parks for hiking and outdoor activities.
Medical Park closely collaborates with leading German universities, in order to use all the opportunities that can help patients.

Medical Park Hospitals Group offers a service which resembles the home environment, rather than a strict regime of hospital. The patients are offered a balanced diet, a personalized menu of dishes prepared by chefs of high category. The building is very spacious and well equipped. The staff work hardly to create the most comfortable environment for patients. Even facades of hospitals look like luxury hotels than hospitals.

You can easily book your visit to Medical Park hospitals. You only need to send a request on Bookimed. Our portal suggests only the best clinics in Germany. Group of clinics "Medical Park" - a combination of the latest medical equipment, high level of service, the experience of doctors and the wonderful environment. It provides good reputation in Germany and abroad and also contributes to successful treatment process for Medical Park Hospitals.

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