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Turkey, Istanbul

Tetralogy of Fallot Surgery in Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital

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About the clinic

Memorial Hospital Bahçelievler (Memorial Bahçelievler Hastanesi) is a multidisciplinary medical center in Istanbul with an eco-friendly design. There are a lot of green areas on the hospital territory, which contribute to patients’ psychological comfort and their speedy recovery.

The medical facility specializes in oncology treatments, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, brain surgery, urology, gynecology, general and robotic surgery.


2000 Year of foundation
189 doctors
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Treatments prices in the clinic

Last price update — 29.04.2024. Prices can be changed depending on the medical case and doctor's recommendations.
diagnostics Price
Biopsy $1500
MRI of one area $450
Colonoscopy $1250
Ultrasound $160
Male Check-up $380 - $810

hospital accreditations of quality

International Organization for Standardization certificate for Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital
International Organization for Standardization
CH, International Organization for Standardization certificate for Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital
Joint Commission International  certificate for Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital
Joint Commission International
US, Joint Commission International certificate for Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital: more details about the clinic

Turkey, Istanbul

Memorial Bahçelievler in Istanbul was established at the beginning of 2018. It is the 11th hospital of the largest network of medical centers in Turkey — Memorial Healthcare Group. Hospitals, which belong to this network, are famous for their achievements in cancer treatment and organ transplant. According to the statistics, the success rate of the kidney transplant is 99%, the liver — 93.5%.

Memorial Bahçelievler Hastanesi is located in Istanbul, 5 minutes by car from Istanbul Ataturk International Airport.


Advantages of Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital

  • The high level of equipment. The hospital has one of the most technologically advanced infrastructures in the world. The complete examination of the body is made on Magnetom Skyra 3T MRI for several minutes. Its specific structure allows diagnosing patients with overweight and claustrophobia. The noise level is reduced by 97% compared to the previous apparatuses, so even children feel comfortable during the examination. The clinic has Elekta Versa HD SIGNATURE — an innovative radiotherapy system. It accurately determines the location, shape, size of the tumor, the required dose of radiation, and adapts to the patient's breathing. These features make the procedure efficient and safe — only malignant cells are exposed to radiation, and the surrounding healthy tissues are protected. Elekta Versa HD SIGNATURE provides high-dose irradiation as well. Thus, the duration of the procedure is reduced by 3 times, compared to radiosurgical interventions on devices of the older generation.
  • “Green hospital” conception. Memorial Bahçelievler rooms are designed in that way to positively affect the patient's psychological condition. Only living hypoallergenic plants are used in the design.
  • Coordination of international patients. Each patient has a personal coordinator who will inform about all diagnostics and treatment steps, arrange transfer and medical interpreter services.


Memorial Bahçelievler in figures


Awards and achievements of Memorial Bahçelievler

LEED Platinum certificate

LEED standard is developed by U.S. Green Building Council. This certificate is given to energy-efficient, environmentally friendly buildings where people feel comfortable.

Memorial Bahçelievler Hastanesi is the 1st hospital in Turkey to comply with LEED standard.

Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Department at Memorial

Doctors perform medication and surgical treatments of cardiovascular diseases. The department cooperates with the leading medical centers of the USA and Europe; doctors regularly interchange the experience with the foreign colleagues.

The team of Memorial Group doctors was the 1st to perform the radiofrequency ablation for a patient with an arrhythmia. Memorial doctors are also the 1st to use AESOP robotic hand was used for heart bypass surgery.

Interventional cardiology

Memorial Bahçelievler cardiologists specialize in the heart catheterization. The surgery is performed through the puncture in the inguinal artery, where a doctor inserts a thin tube (a catheter). At the end of the catheter, a microcamera and necessary equipment are installed. This method allows performing valve replacement and correction, treating a total chronic artery occlusion.

The interventional cardiology does not suppose big incisions or general anesthesia. After such procedures, the admission takes about 1-2 days, no scars remain.

Memorial Bahçelievler Orthopedics Department

Orthopedists of Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital specialize in the joints defects treatment. They carry out the replacement of hip, knee, shoulder joints; perform the bones lengthening and correct their deformation.

Doctors also treat scoliosis and spondylolisthesis (vertebral displacement).


Operating theatre for orthopedic surgeries at Memorial in Istanbul


Arthroscopy Center for a sparing treatment of ligaments and joints

The Arthroscopy Center works on the premises of the Orthopedics Department. Here, doctors perform surgeries on the knee, shoulder, ankle joints.

Arthroscopic interventions are conducted through the small incisions up to 5-6 cm in size applying microinstruments and camera. A patient can stand up the next day after the procedure.

Memorial Urology Department

Doctors of the Department of Urology specialize in the treatment of prostate cancer, bladder, kidney and organ transplantation.

Robotic kidney transplant

Doctors provide kidney transplant using the Da Vinci robot, a high-precision surgical unit that minimizes the risks of postoperative complications. The robot has the camera, which transmits a three-dimensional image of the operated area to the surgical team. The image is 15 times scaled up so doctors can see the structures of the organ, veins in the smallest detail and perform their actions as accurately as possible. The additional benefit is the elimination of the human factor as possible shaking hands. Patient recovery after robotic transplant is much faster than after open surgery.

Non-surgical prostate cancer treatment

Focused ultrasound ablation (HIFU) is available at Memorial Bahçelievler for the non-surgical treatment of prostate cancer. The treatment is provided with the latest equipment model with the highest available precision. It affects only malignant cells minimizing the risks of side effects and preserves urinary function and erection.

Women’s Health Center at Memorial Bahçelievler

The center consists of the Gynecological Check-up, Gynecological Diseases Treatment, Obstetrics and Gynecology Departments.

Memorial Bahçelievler offers the most comfortable environment for the deliveries — natural childbirth in the ward or in the water.


Childbirth room, Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital in Istanbul


Services for international patients


The hospital provides a patient with a free airport-hospital transfer.


The patients live in the comfortable hospital room — in a standard or VIP one. Each room has a free internet, TV, bathroom, WC.

Medical interpreter

The hospital provides the language assistance to assist a patient during the consultations with a doctor.


Hospital room at Memorial Bahçelievler

Additional services
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Bahçelievler Merkez, Adnan Kahveci Blv. No: 227, 34180 Bahçelievler/İstanbul, Turkey
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