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About Reuth Rehabilitation Сenter

One of the largest rehabilitation centers in Israel - Reuth for more than 55 years receives patients with orthopedic and neurological disorders. The accumulated experience and modern equipment allows the center to successfully carry out the whole range of neuropsychological and physical rehabilitation. 5 main areas, more than 10 para-medical specialists, pediatric department and 350 beds in the hospital - this is an incomplete list of the distinguishing features of the rehabilitation center.

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Reuth Rehabilitation Сenter
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Reuth Rehabilitation Сenter Israel, Tel Aviv
Medical procedures Included
Rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury
Nursing care and bathing, dressing, transportation to the procedures Surveillance by doctors 18 rehabilitation procedures prescribed by a treating rehabilitation doctor: Cognitive recovery Training attention and its concentration Recovery of short-term and long-term memory Restoration of coordination of movements Correction of psychological and mental state Physiotherapy Recovery of lost motility of movements, training in new skills. Physiotherapy Training and restoration of walking skills, balance, and, if possible, more complex types of movement (running, jumping and even dancing). Occupational therapy
Prices for diagnosis and treatment

Neurological examination
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Alcohol abuse examination
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Complex diagnosis of cerebral palsy
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Occupational therapy with the Head computer mouse
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Rehabilitation on the treadmill Anti Gravity
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Rehabilitation with Adele load suit
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Rehabilitation with Exoskeleton
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Rehabilitation with Re-step system
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Rehabilitation with space suit TheraSuit
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Rehabilitation with Vector Gait System
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Neurological examination
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Complex diagnostics after a stroke
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Complex diagnostics of Parkinson"s disease
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Consultation with a neurologist
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Consultation with a recreation therapist
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Diagnostic Evaluation of autism
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Multiple sclerosis rehabilitation
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Alcohol abuse examination
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Diagnostic Evaluation of autism
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3 patient reviews

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3 positive reviews on treatment in Reuth Rehabilitation Сenter

Jul 1, 2018
The patient underwent neurologic rehabilitation

I would like to express special gratitude to the employees of Reut Medical Center for highly organized work, the assistance rendered to us, starting with the coordinators and ending directly with the doctors.   I was looking for honey for a long time. centers that help patients with a stroke diagnosis, because they thought that the ailment of a spouse is associated with a stroke received during heart surgery. Already at the first consultation on Skype specialist Rita Krasnoshtein to some extent figured out the problem and sent us for further examination. Already with the ready analyzes we arrived in Reut, after paying for the first few days. After a couple of consultations of different specialists of the clinic, an accurate diagnosis was made within two days, which was subsequently confirmed by the doctors of Moscow. We were explained that the spouse does not need to be in Reut anymore and sent to a specialist for consultation, having provided a full extract with an anamnesis and diagnosis, returning the money for the remaining days. It was nice that the doctors quickly sorted out the problem and, realizing that this, as they say "not their patient", did not impose any treatment and directed us along the right path.   After a short stay in honey. center Reut, becoming an unwitting witness to the treatment of patients, I was convinced that he is one of the most leading in the field of rehabilitation of severe patients. All employees work highly qualified and selfless, setting a goal to put on their feet, to restore any patient, regardless of how bad his condition. Хотелось бы выразить особую благодарность сотрудникам медицинского центра Реут за высокоорганизованную работу, помощь, оказанную нам, начиная с координаторов и заканчивая непосредственно врачами.

Долго искала мед. центры, помогающие пациентам с диагнозом инсульт, поскольку думала, что недуг супруга связан с инсультом, полученном при операции на сердце. Уже на первой консультации по Skype специалист Рита Красноштейн в какой-то мере разобралась в проблеме и направила нас на дообследование. Уже с готовыми анализами мы прибыли в Реут, предварительно оплатив первые несколько дней. После пары консультаций разных специалистов клиники в течение двух дней был поставлен точный диагноз, который впоследствии подтвердился также и врачами Москвы. Нам пояснили, что супругу нет необходимости более находиться в Реут и направили на консультацию к узкому специалисту, предоставив полную выписку с анамнезом и диагнозом, вернув деньги за оставшиеся дни. Было приятно, что доктора оперативно разобрались в проблеме и, поняв, что это, как говорится «не их пациент», не навязали никакого лечения и направили нас по верному пути.

После короткого пребывания в мед. центре Реут, став невольной свидетельницей лечения пациентов, я убедилась, что он один из самых ведущих в области реабилитации тяжелых больных. Все сотрудники работают высококвалифицированно и самоотверженно, ставя перед собой цель поставить на ноги, восстановить любого больного, вне зависимости от того, насколько тяжело его состояние.

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Oct 18, 2016
The patient was treated in this clinic

Thanks to all the friendly staff (doctors, physiotherapists) for the help and the work done to restore health and the general condition as a whole! Спасибо всему дружному персоналу (врачам, физиотерапевтам) за оказанную помощь и проделанную работу по восстановлению здоровья и общего состояния в целом!

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Jun 16, 2018
The patient underwent stroke rehabilitation



Updated 14.09.2020

Israel, Tel Aviv

Reut Rehabilitation Center was opened in 1961 on the basis of the same non-profit organization and is a leader in the introduction of innovative rehabilitation techniques in Israel. The complex, which takes children and adults, equipped with the latest technology with 350 beds in the hospital. Every year in rehabilitation center more than 1,500 patients receives medical care. Reut is specialized on complicated cases of orthopedic and neurological disorders after accidents, injuries, diseases and pathologies. Effective rehabilitation aims to restore motor, speech and cognitive functions. The main goal of the center's employees - to return patients to their independence.

Rehabilitation center specialists

Dr. Dov Albukrek - head of the clinic Reut, assistant of general director of the Israel Ministry of Health. He is a colonel of medical corps and a pediatrician. Over the years, he held various prominent positions: deputy director of the Beilinson Medical Center, a major pediatrician of Schneider Children's Medical Center and many others.

Professor Jean-Jacques Vatin - Head of Outpatient Rehabilitation, head of research, the deputy director of the Reut Rehabilitation Center.

Professor Avi Ori - Head of the department of rehabilitation, a world-renowned expert in the field of restorative medicine.

The main directions of the Israeli rehabilitation center Reut

  • Neurologic rehabilitation (stroke, traumatic brain injury, rehabilitation of patients after trauma and operations on the brain and spinal cord, vegetative state);
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation (after fractures, amputations, joint replacements);
  • Respiratory rehabilitation;
  • Post-operative recovery;
  • Geriatric rehabilitation (increases the quality of elder patients life).

The center uses the program of neuropsychological and physical rehabilitation for patients of all ages, as well as provides professional medical care for patients with chronic disorders.

On the base of Reut rehabilitation center exists the largest department of chronic mechanical ventilation in Israel, which treats patients who need prolonged ventilation of lungs because of progressing muscle diseases and chronic diseases of lungs.

In addition, the center engaged in treating chronic pain syndrome, restoring of sexual function. Center staff has unique experience, which has no analogues in the world.

Reut Medical Center uses next methods of rehabilitation:

  • physiotherapy involves a range of different activities with a physiotherapist aimed at recovering of motor function;
  • occupational therapy - this is training to restore cognitive and fine motor skills (can include activities such as the collection of puzzles, gardening, sculpture);
  • diet therapy - development of individual menu, depending on the diagnosis, age, general condition of the patient (in case of problems with swallowing reflex, the menu is developed in conjunction with a speech therapist);
  • rehabilitation psychology helps you find the strength to overcome the effects of trauma and stress;
  • sexology rehabilitation helps to restore sexual function, impaired due to injuries;
  • multisensory therapy - a method of rehabilitation, working on the sense organs, activating them. The program includes sounds, tactile perception, odors and light effects;
  • music therapy can influence the physical, behavioral, cognitive and emotional skills of the patient;
  • animal-assisted therapy - a method that involves communication of the patient with the animals, beneficial effect on the human psyche;
  • alternative medicine is used in addition to the basic methods of rehabilitation and includes yoga, acupuncture, massage.

Rehabilitation Center provides a range of diagnostic services:

  • electromyography;
  • X-ray;
  • basic blood tests.

Any additional diagnostics that may be needed during treatment, as well as consultation of specialized doctor, can be carried out outside the Reuth.

For Reut Center patients is available a wide range of programs that can take place on an outpatient basis.
As part of a day patient department there are individual programs for the rehabilitation of patients with different types of disability, chronic, congenital and acquired diseases (multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, kyphosis, and others.).

Modern equipment of center

Vector Gait

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation system, which allows users to keep the patient in an upright position and keep it while walking, preventing the fall.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Specialized anti-gravity treadmill that reduces the body weight load as possible to facilitate the restoration of walking skills.


Stabilograph, allows the patient to train the impaired balance function.

Smart step Technology

Designed for patients with diseases of the spine, joints, musculoskeletal system. The system optimizes the vertical load.


It uses a special glove and interactive games to recover as the arbitrary and deliberate movements.

Enraf (ultrasound therapy apparatus)

Used for acupressure for patients with intra-articular injuries and diseases of the joints.

Nonius (vacuum unit)

Used to improve blood circulation at muscle tissue and bones.


The multifunction machine that includes several types of therapy: ultrasound, vacuum, laser and electrotherapy.

Exoskeleton Rewalk

Apparatus for walk in patients with lower paraplegia.

Apparatus Ness L300 (from Bioness Company)

It helps patients cope with the problem of sag foot (drop-foot), partially offset the paralysis of the lower limbs, to maintain balance while walking.

Apparatus Ness H200

It compensates the loss of motor function in the paralyzed parts of the body such as the hand, forearm, wrist and so forth.


The software that allows a person to work on the computer with the help of a computer mouse analogue fixed on the forehead and has a special sensor.

Re-Step system

It simulates walking on uneven surfaces in order to restore balance and motor coordination.

Particular attention is paid to solving the problems of the musculoskeletal system with the help of orthoses. Orthopaedic devices are produced by expert with 25 years of experience, authorized by the Ministry of Health of Israel.

Additional service
Hotel on clinic's territory, billed daily
Hotel (apartments) near the clinic, billed daily
$60 - $300
Airport to clinic
Clinic to airport
Requirements for admission
Patient's age
Up to 120 years
Payment methods



Clinic requires an advance payment of From 10% to confirm booking

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