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About Schlosspark Clinic

Schlosspark Klinik is a multidisciplinary hospital in Berlin located near to Charlottenburg Palace. Neurosurgery, neurology, orthopedics, and gynecology are the leading fields in the hospital.

Der Tagesspiegel and Gesundheitsstadt Berlin magazines have compared over 60 medical facilities and Schlosspark Klinik Berlin has been considered one of the best clinics recommended by nearly 2,700 doctors. The clinic provides the best treatment in Berlin for herniated discs, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, brain stroke, joint replacements according to Der Tagesspiegel and Gesundheitsstadt Berlin.

About 13,600 patients come here for treatment annually.

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All reviews on treatment at Schlosspark Clinic
2 patient reviews

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2 positive reviews on treatment in Schlosspark Clinic

Jun 1, 2019
The patient was treated of breast cancer

My mother was diagnosed in Russia with a terrible diagnosis - breast cancer stage 4. The doctors' actions were not credible, so we turned to Bookimed for the selection of a clinic and a doctor. We were offered a Park-Klinik Weißensee, Dr. Ursula Makowiec. Mom passed a 3-day examination in the hospital, in a separate ward. Friendly atmosphere, professionalism, respect for the elderly patient - all this allowed us to relax, not to try to control every step of the medical staff, to read the articles on the Internet. I was sure that we made the right choice. And most importantly - the diagnosis was not confirmed! My mother was not breast cancer with metastases, but a sweat cancer in the armpit without any signs of metastases, the prognosis is much more favorable. The doctor told us - you came here with a fatal diagnosis, but you came out as a healthy person! We plan to be observed further in this clinic with this doctor. I would also like to thank the translator Marina Wernke. She was not only an excellent professional, but also a very pleasant conversationalist, we were very comfortable with her. I also want to thank the curators who helped a lot all the time while mom was in the clinic. Моей маме в России поставили страшный диагноз - рак груди 4 стадии. Действия врачей не вызывали доверия, поэтому мы обратились в Bookimed для подбора клиники и доктора. Нам предложили клинику Park-Klinik, доктор Ursula Makowiec.
Мама прошла 3х дневное обследование в стационаре, в отдельной палате. Доброжелательная атмосфера, профессионализм, уважительное отношение к пожилому пациенту - все это позволяло расслабиться, не пытаться контролировать каждый шаг медперсонала, вчитываться в статьи в интернете. Я была уверена, что мы сделали правильный выбор.
А главное - диагноз не подтвердился! У мамы оказался не рак молочной железы с метастазами, а рак потовой железы в подмышечной впадине без каких-либо признаков метастазов, прогноз намного более благоприятный.
Доктор нам сказала - вы зашли сюда со смертельным диагнозом, а вышли здоровым человеком!
Мы планируем наблюдаться и дальше в этой клинике у этого доктора.
Отдельно хочу поблагодарить переводчика Marina Wernke. Она оказалась не только отличным профессионалом, но и очень приятным собеседником, нам с ней было очень комфортно.
Также хочу поблагодарить кураторов, которые очень помогали все время, пока мама наблюдалась в клинике

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Jul 28, 2019
The patient was treated of hemorrhoids


Hospital accreditations of quality

German Cancer Society
German Cancer Society

German Cancer Society

The German Cancer Society is a non-profit organization. It unites clinical experts, researchers, medical technicians, nurses, psychologists, and other specialists in oncology.

TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking
TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking

TOP German hospital according to 2019 Focus ranking

Focus news edition determines the leading clinics and emergency hospitals in Germany. Only the best medical centers that have been assessed by experts can be included in the Top 10. The ranking captures 18 specialties: cardiology, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics, breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, brain tumors, radiotherapy, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, depression.


Updated 27.05.2022

Germany, Berlin

Schlosspark Klinik was founded in 1970, and in 2009, the hospital has been renovated totally.

The medical facility is situated near to Charlottenburg imperial palace and park in 25 km from Berlin Schönefeld Airport.

Advantages of Schlosspark Klinik Berlin

  • Modern surgical methods. Doctors carry out minimally-invasive procedures on the brain and spine through small incisions. After such procedures, patients’ recovery goes faster in comparison to open surgeries.
  • Rehabilitation facility. In Schlosspark, there is a specialized rehab center where patients can regain their speech and movement functions.
  • Location. The hospital is located near the palace park. Patients may walk and relax here.

Charlottenburg palace

Charlottenburg palace

Schlosspark Klinik in figures

Neurosurgery at Schlosspark

In 2018-2019, the Neurosurgery Department in Schlosspark Clinic is considered the best one in Berlin for herniated disc treatment according to Der Tagesspiegel and Gesundheitsstadt Berlin, authoritative medical magazines.

There are 14 beds in the Neurosurgery Department. Patients with spine and brain diseases get high-quality treatment here.

Spine treatment

Doctors specialize in the therapeutic and surgical treatment of spine tumors, degenerative (herniated discs, canal stenosis), and infectious diseases.

Specialists apply minimally-invasive techniques through small incisions — doctors use microsurgical instruments and mini-cameras which make the procedure safe and accurate.

Besides the operations, doctors apply neurostimulation to treat chronic pain. A specialist inserts a neurostimulator under the skin to generate the impulses which impact on nerve fibers and block the pain.

Treatment of spine in Schlosspark

Spine treatment at Schlosspark Klinik

Brain treatment

Doctors at Schlosspark specialize in less traumatic operations saving brain functions. If the tumor size allows, surgeons remove it through paranasal sinuses.

During the surgery, doctors apply intraoperative monitoring which minimizes the postoperative complications after the procedure.


The team of the department specializes in neuromuscular diseases, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, ICP (infantile cerebral paralysis), dementia, headaches.

Brain stroke

Patients after stroke can get rehabilitation in a specialized Stroke Center. The team of this subdivision includes neurologists, physiotherapists, behavioral therapists, speech therapists, and neuropsychologists. The main goal is to make the patient get back to normal life.

Rehabilitation methods

The main method for movement function recovery is physiotherapy. It comprises balance and muscles training exercises, Bobath approach (remedial gymnastics) that gained a good reputation in ICP rehabilitation.

Admission room at Schlosspark

Admission room

Orthopedics at Schlosspark Klinik Berlin

In 2018-2019, the Orthopedics Department at Schlosspark is considered one of the best in Berlin in hip, joint replacement, and shoulder surgery. Two German magazines, Der Tagesspiegel and Gesundheitsstadt Berlin took a poll to prove this fact. The main specialties of the Department are replacement arthroplasty, arthroscopy surgery, correction of foot deformity.

What is arthroscopic procedure?

Doctors carry out arthroscopy for diagnostics and treatment. The surgery is performed through some small incisions up to 1 cm in diameter. A doctor inserts thin instrument and mini-camera that transmits the images to the monitor. After such a surgery, a patient recovers faster than after open procedure.

Orthopedics Department in Schlosspark

The Orthopedics Department team

Additional service
Airport to clinic
$60 - $80
Clinic to airport
$60 - $80
Hotel (apartments) near the clinic, billed daily
Requirements for admission
Patient's age
Up to 100 years
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Credit cards

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