Urology Hospital Munich-Planegg Urology Hospital Munich-Planegg Urology Hospital Munich-Planegg Urology Hospital Munich-Planegg
Germany, Munich

Urology Hospital Munich-Planegg

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About Urology Hospital Munich-Planegg

Urology Hospital Munich-Planegg is one of the best hospitals in Germany that has urological specialization, located in the south-west of Munich.


Updated 14.09.2020

Germany, Munich

 The hospital was founded in 1970 by Dr. R. Kastringiusom. Since 2009, became the first certified Prostate Center in Germany.
Munich-Planegg offers treatment in comfortable conditions.

Thanks to the support staff and nurses, careful care, caring attitude and meticulous execution of all procedures are guaranteed for patients of hospital.
The hospital offers a single and double rooms with a balcony, TV, radio, internet connection, safe for patients. The Munich-Planegg Hospital is surrounded by a park where you can enjoy the atmosphere  of calm and relaxation.

Leading experts of the Center: Professor MD Martin Kriegmair and MD Ralph Oberneder are Urologists  world-class physicians with many years of experience and highly qualified.

Urological Hospital Munich-Planegg  are equipped with the most modern and high-quality medical equipment that is used for both therapeutic and surgical methods for treatment. All this allows us to achieve the highest results in the treatment of multiple diseases of the urinary system, and such serious as malignant diseases of the bladder, prostate, kidney. The staff of Planegg Hospital are doing everything for treatment of Germany gave for absolutely all patients only positive emotions.

The main direction of hospital is the surgical treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the urinary tract in men, women and children.

The Munich-Planegg Hospital offers a full range of modern urology for patients:

  •  Diagnostics of all types of urological diseases;
  •  3-dimensional (3D) ultrasound prostate;
  •  PCA3 molecular test for the diagnosis of prostate cancer;
  •  photodynamic diagnosis of bladder tumors at an early stage;
  •  Surgical treatment of cancer (cancer) of the prostate, kidney and adrenal glands and others;
  •  Surgical treatment of benign prostate diseases using minimally invasive endoscopic treatment of prostate ans using modern laser technology (green-light-laser);
  • Reconstructive plastic surgery;
  • Treatment of urolithiasis. Using the latest technology and remote contact lithotripsy; endoscopic removal of stones;
  •  Diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence in men and women;
  •  Diagnosis and treatment of venereal diseases;
  •  Pediatric urology;
  • Treatment of potency disorders;
  •  Andrology;
  •  Pain and supportive care therapy;
  •  Education center.    

If you need surgery, diagnostics and treatment of diseases of urological profile Bookimed recommends that you to choose the Urological Munich-Planegg  Hospital thanks to the highest level of diagnostics in the hospital, which allows to determine the deviation in the very early stages of disease and make treatment safe, comfortable and productive. As the main priority  of clinic that the patient felt himself the center of attention. For this, experienced staff provides individual approach  and comfortable conditions  for the patient, as well as the beautiful surroundings of the city, which contributes to a speedy recovery to all patients and gives only positive emotions.


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