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How much does mole removal cost?

Updated: 2022-06-29
The average price of mole removal is $240, the minimum price is $10, and the maximum price is $1100.
United States of America Turkey Mexico
Mole Removal - from $51 -
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According to 77 clinics presented in the ranking

77 Mole Removal Clinics Found

The hospitals ranking is based on 455 requests, 66 patient reviews, prices, and information from 77 clinics

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Best Mole Removal Doctors

Information about doctors who accept foreign patients is provided by clinics

Selale Derya Jemiri
General practitioner
Istanbul , Turkey
Hair Clinic
( 61 reviews )
Online consultation

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Istanbul, Turkey
Hair Clinic
Dr. Selale Derya Jemiri was born in 1988. She completed her primary education at Bilfen College and her high school education at Haydarpaşa Anatolian High School. He graduated from Trakya University Faculty of Medicine and has been constantly updating his knowledge by participating in domestic and i ...
Hakan Ölmeztürk
Plastic surgeon Facial plastic surgeon Reconstructive surgeon Oral and maxillofacial surgeon
Antalya , Turkey
Estemita Aesthetics Clinic of Dr. Hakan Ölmeztürk
(1 review )
Online consultation

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Antalya , Turkey
Estemita Aesthetics Clinic of Dr. Hakan Ölmeztürk
Luis Armendariz
Plastic surgeon
Tijuana , Mexico
Gilenis Surgical Center
(1 review )
Online consultation

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Tijuana, Mexico
Gilenis Surgical Center
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4 positive reviews on mole removal

Lisa Dec 15, 2021
Verified review. The patient underwent mole removal in Db'est Clinic

Great clinic, friendly staff and doctor who knows what she is doing. I am very happy i found this company online. Highly recommended. Next time I am in Istanbul i will be back. 5 ⭐️Clinic and booking service

Anonymous Feb 27, 2020
Verified review. The patient underwent mole removal in Anadolu Medical Center

I got a consultation from a dermatologist and had a dermatoscopy from a very pleasant female doctor! Despite the fact that I signed up via the Internet and was afraid that everything would be long. Everything went according to the deadlines clearly and harmoniously Thank you Diana, Julia and Menexa! Я получила консультацию у дерматолога и провела дерматоскопию у очень приятного врача-женщины!
Не смотря на то что записалась через интернет и опасалась что все будет долго. Все прошло в оговорённые сроки чётко и слажено
Спасибо Диане, Юле и Менексе!

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Dghamal Oct 13, 2021
Verified review. The patient underwent mole removal in Kucukcekmece Hospital

wahida May 29, 2021
Verified review. The patient underwent mole removal in Db'est Clinic

Great place to get treatment. Highly recommend to check this clinic. Thank you, Dr Derya!

1 negative reviews on mole removal

Aygul Jul 23, 2022
Verified review. The patient underwent mole removal in Medipol Mega University Hospital

My daughter and I had a mole removed at this clinic! I never saw the doctor in the eyes, I thought after the operation he would come in to find out our condition, however, young specialists came in! I’m not even sure now whether that professor or others did the operation. Special! I wrote down so many questions that worried me, but ... On the scheduled date, the operation was not performed, as the Doctor went home they said! They promised to send the tests to Votsap or by mail, but the translators and consultants on the site who ignore them do not answer ... Something like that! Мы с дочкой удаляли родинку в этой клинике! Врача я так и не увидела в глаза, думала после операции зайдёт узнает наше состояние, однако, заходили молодые специалисты ! Даже и не уверена сейчас делали ли операцию тот профессор или др. Спец! Записала столько вопросов волнующих меня, но…На запланированную дату операцию не провели, так как Доктор ушла домой сказали! Обещали анализы отправить на Вотсап или на почту, но и переводчики, и консультанты на сайте которые игнорируют, не отвечают…Как-то так!

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FAQ about Mole Removal

What is a mole?

A mole (birthmark or nevus) is an accumulation of the skin pigment — a congenital disability or a benign tumor acquired through living. A mole can occur anywhere in the body, including the mucous membranes.

What are the types of moles?

There are different types of birthmarks, and not all of them are safe and comfortable for their owners. Moles can be flat and convex, yellow and black, covered with hair.

Mole sizes range from a few millimeters to tens of centimeters in diameter. In some cases, nevuses become cancerous. You should be wary if you have moles after long exposure to the sun, or if they appear and disappear spontaneously and visit a doctor urgently.

What are the indications of the mole removal?

Unfortunately, a mole is not only an aesthetic issue. It also may cause difficulties and severe diseases like skin cancer. Specialists recommend getting rid of a nevus if it:

  • changes shape or surface structure
  • causes discomfort
  • becomes damaged and bleeds.

It is necessary to consult with a dermatologist and examine the mole with a dermatoscope to determine the possibility and surgical method. Unreasonable resection of all moles does not benefit health and can remain scars on the body.

What are contraindications to the procedure?

Contraindications to the removal of nevus are:

  • exacerbations of chronic diseases
  • an unhealthy skin area around the mole
  • cardiovascular diseases.

What are the main methods of mole removal?

There are such techniques of the mole treatment as:

  1. electrocoagulation or electrosurgery — moles removal is performed using a special surgical coagulator that affects the nevus with high-frequency current and simultaneously solders the tissue.
  2. cryodestruction or cryosurgery — resection of the moles that are located only in the upper epidermis layers with liquid nitrogen.
  3. laser mole treatment — a powerful light beam destroys cells of a birthmark and evaporates them from the skin.
  4. radiofrequency mole removal — a method to get rid of nevuses using high-frequency radio waves.
  5. surgical excision of a mole — the most reliable method, suitable for treatment of large formations excised with a scalpel and removed with a small area of surrounding healthy skin.

How long is restoration after the mole removal?

The healing process depends on the amount of the tissue removed — the larger the mole, the longer the healing. Doctors recommend not touching or tearing off the scab, and it must fall off by itself. The pink spot remains instead and must be protected from exposure to the sun. Using skincare with 50+ SPF eliminates the risk of new formations.

The healing skin area must be equal to the rest of the skin in color and structure; only then the recovery period finishes.

Surgical mole removal requires particularly careful follow-up care, as it is the most traumatic. If the operated area is damaged or bleeding, you should immediately consult a doctor.

What are the risks of the mole resection?

The risks after the surgery vary according to the patient's features and the removal method — for example, bleeding, allergic reactions to anesthesia, and very rarely, nerve damage.

The most common complication is scar after the operation. Ask your doctor how to avoid or minimize an injury in the consultation.

What is preparation for the surgery?

  • The surgeon cleans the operated area with alcohol or other suitable fluid.
  • The local anesthesia is administered.
  • 10 minutes later (the period when anesthesia starts to take effect), the doctor removes the mole.

What method of nevus removal is the most common?

Laser resection is the most popular method of mole surgeries. The laser treatment is available to apply for all body parts. This operation type is low traumatic, no scars remain. The local anesthesia is used.

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