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Best Clinics and Costs for Sports above knee prosthetics in 2024

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Don't Miss Out On Top-Rated Sports above knee prosthetics Specials for July 2024

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Italy, Milan
Orthopedist - Roberto Danchise
51 years of experience
  • Over 50 years of expertise with Dr. Roberto Danchise, a seasoned orthopedic surgeon specializing in Knee replacement.
  • Comprehensive care package including language assistance, orthopedist consultation, and hospitalization for Knee replacement.
  • Patients benefit from a total of 9 days of care, with 6 days in the hospital and an additional 3 days in a hotel for recovery.
  • The IRCCS OSPEDALE GALEAZZI - SANT'AMBROGIO is a top-tier facility, leading Italy in orthopedic admissions and renowned for its medical excellence.
  • Positive patient feedback highlighting the quality of the doctor's consultation and the effective communication provided by the clinic's coordinators.
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20 Recent Sports above knee prosthetics Reviews: Check Real Patient Experience

Anonymous • Hip replacement
Dec 4, 2020

Verified review.
Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures
Vse super
Vse super. Minusov net. Vse na vichem urovne. Vstretili horowo. Operatsya prowlo uspewno. Teper prohodim rebilitatsyu.

Миша • Hip replacement
Oct 21, 2019

Verified review.
Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures
"A very excellent hospital"
A very excellent hospital, all the staff works clearly, all the time, very good Dr. Erden Erturer many thanks to him, many thanks to the coordinator Nazrin, honey to brother Turker!

Наталия • Orthopedics
Sep 26, 2019

Verified review.
Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures
Thank you for the consultation!!!
Good afternoon! Impressions from the clinic of San Joan were a delight, the scale of the clinic amazed me !! The doctor’s consultation lasted more than an hour, the doctor was able to answer all the questions asked to us !!!!! Thank you for the consultation !!!

Anonymous • Infertility
Sep 11, 2019

Verified review.
Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures
We are very glad that we were in this clinic
Very nice clinic. Specialists are very professional and attentive. Cozy atmosphere and a very good atmosphere. We are very glad that we were in this clinic. Thanks Bookimed for organizing the treatment, in particular, thanks to Igor.

Aleksandr Lopanitsyn • Habitual dislocation of the shoulder
Russian Federation
May 30, 2019

Verified review.
Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures
"If I knew that everything could pass so easily and naturally, I would have performed the operation 3-5 years ago
Operation Laterzhe to eliminate habitual dislocation For 10 years I suffered from the usual dislocation of the shoulder joint - damage to the card. In early March of 2019, after another dislocation, I decided that it was time to get rid of this ailment and immediately began searching for the clinic. Moreover, I wanted to find the best surgeon and the best clinic where I would receive high-quality care. Bookimed Somewhere in 2-3 hours after I left a request on the bookimed site, Maxim Voloshin contacted me and we discussed my situation in great detail with him - we talked, I must say, for about 20-30 minutes. After the conversation, I began to collect all the necessary analyzes - MRI and CT. On readiness, he sent them to Maxim, and he, in turn, sent requests to pre-arranged clinics. During the week, plans of operations and their cost from all clinics were received. Maxim and I chose the most adequate clique in our opinion, which showed a truly individual approach exactly to my shoulder. I want to note that Maxim was always in touch, even on Sunday he gave me 15-20 minutes of communication, which I must say is very nice. About Helios Krefeld in more detail: room I went to the operation with a girl, so we chose a comfortable room with additional accommodation. Extremely comfortable, with its own toilet, shower, sink. Very reminiscent of the standard hotel room Hilton :) Food A huge range of dishes, you choose what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, in the lobby there is a coffee machine and tea with fruit, sometimes there are desserts. Care I liked very much that they are really watching you. No need to run around the clinic to pass some kind of analysis and stand in queues. Upon arrival, right in my room they took blood for analysis, checked the pressure and temperature. Then I was recorded for a conversation with an anastasiologist and for regentgen. No queues - you are called to the appointed time. Later there was a conversation about the operation, where they explained to me what they would do and how. The next morning, I had an operation, but after that I was also observed for 4 days. At the moment, 3 weeks have passed since the operation, and I can already draw some conclusions about its quality. Already now I can do those exercises that according to the plan only after 3-4 weeks, which is very cool in my opinion. The pains of the movements go away and the freedom of movement returns. If I knew that everything could pass so easily and naturally, I would have performed the operation 3-5 years ago. Thanks to Professor Clayton N.Kraft and Operating Surgeon Klaus Sternemann

Gennadii Mikhailov • Hip replacement
Russian Federation
Mar 28, 2019

Verified review.
Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures
"The staff is very attentive, extremely satisfied with the doctor
He stayed in the clinic from 18.03 to 26.03 2019. Chamber number 210, the staff is very attentive, extremely satisfied with the doctor

Elias Kefeni • Hip replacement
Mar 28, 2024

Verified review.
Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures
I like the way how the doctor try to understand the problems and the way he gave me options for my surgery
I noticed that all stuff are professional and i like the way how the doctor try to understand the problems and the way he gave me options for my surgery. Generally am satisfied.
You reply fast and cooperative
About Bookimed service
Starting from the beginning till now bookimed follow my case and updating me with alternative that is the most i like

Rashed Alhosani • Consultation with an orthopaedist
United Arab Emirates
Feb 10, 2024

Verified review.
Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures
In 8 days I felt better and I don't need surgical operation
I like the treatment , staff , environment. Special thanks for Hussein , Melih , and all staff I can’t remember the names . I recommend this hospital for all . Daily they made for me more than 10-12 session . They used all technology and staff to let me feel better . I had some special services massage , daily Hotel transport, and hotel discount . I can’t express all but thanks a lot in 8 days I felt better and I don’t need surgical operation . Will visit again inshallah .
Everything but most is treatment and staff
Nothing was not good all perfect and on time
About Bookimed service
Perfect they follow all my needs

Manju Sharma • Stem cell therapy
United States of America
Feb 24, 2024

Verified review.
Before and After Sports above knee prosthetics Pictures
The staff was very pleasant and cooperative
Service with a smile.The stafff was very pleasant and cooperative.The hotel stay was less than acceptable.The hotel room cleaning was undesirable.and the overall hotel say was not per cost demanded. Too early to see the results of stemcell treatment.It has been 10 days past treatment.There is zero improvement.Instead,the mobility is notably reduced.Manju is not able to even stand up.Her legs are showing an abnormal weakness.Hoping to see some notable improvements in the next few weeks.
Pleasant and couteous medical staff.They responded very well to my qestions.
Stay at the hospital (with medical attention thruout the treatment) was needed.Hotel stay was very difficult due to mobility and balance issues.
About Bookimed service
Bookimed is a good organization and very helpful.Very happy with Bookimed for their quick &pleasant responses.

Sports above knee prosthetics Overview

Related procedures & Costs
How it works
What to expect
Surgery Time - 1 hour
Stay in the country - 12 days
Rehabilitation - 90 days
Anesthesia - General anesthesia
Verified patient reviews - 20
Requests processed - 23249
Bookimed fees - $0
Types of Limb prosthetics
  • Limb prosthetics - from $41000

    The procedure involves replacing lost limbs with prosthetics, improving mobility.

  • Replacement of a leg part lost above the knee to improve mobility and quality of life.

  • Lower leg replacement with a prosthesis to improve mobility and enhance the quality of life post-amputation.

  • The procedure involves attaching an artificial foot to enable mobility and improve quality of life.

  • The operation installs a high-tech prosthesis, improving mobility and balance for individuals with leg loss.

  • Installation of advanced, programmable artificial legs, enhancing movement, accuracy, and comfort.

  • Replacement a missing arm with an artificial limb to improve mobility and functionality.

  • The procedure offers aesthetic replacement of a missing arm ensuring natural appearance and boosted self-confidence.

  • The procedure helps replace missing fingers, improving hand function and appearance with customizable, moveable prosthetics.

  • An artificial limb that uses muscle signals to control movement.

  • The operation provides a high-tech limb replacement, enhancing movement with advanced features, like tactile feedback.

  • This procedure provides a custom-built artificial limb for kids, promoting mobility, growth, and balanced development.

  • This procedure outfits athletes with artificial limbs, tailor-made for high performance and movement, enhancing sport activity participation.

  • This procedure provides athletic individuals missing a lower limb with customized, activity-optimized artificial legs.

  • The procedure involves custom devices for supporting and improving lower limb function and mobility. It"s non-invasive and beneficial for various conditions.

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Step-by-Step Roadmap

Day 1

  • Arrival at the clinic and checking in.
  • Consultation with the prosthetist and physical therapist.
  • Conducting medical tests and measurements.

Day 2

  • Pre-operation preparation and planning.
  • Creating the prosthetics socket based on your measurements.
  • Adjusting the prosthetics for your comfort.

Day 3

  • Fitting the sports prosthetics.
  • Initial walking exercises with the prosthetics.
  • Assessment by the prosthetist and physical therapist.

Week 1

  • Conducting daily physical therapy sessions.
  • Learning to walk with the new prosthetics.
  • Adjusting the prosthetics as needed.

Week 2-4

  • Continuing physical therapy to improve mobility.
  • Gradually increasing physical activities.
  • Final prosthetics adjustments based on your comfort.

Week 5-8

  • Return to work if allowed by the therapist.
  • Begin light sports activities under supervision.
  • Continuing physical therapy as needed.

Week 9-12

  • Return to regular sports activities gradually.
  • Seeing the final result of the sports prosthetics.
  • Follow-up appointments with the prosthetist.

Please note that each individual"s recovery and adjustment timeline may vary based on their specific condition and overall health.

How Much Does Sports above knee prosthetics Cost? Find Out Now

updated 7/11/2024
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No-Cost Review of Your Sports above knee prosthetics Medical Records

You can send us any of these diagnostic results: MRI of the joint, Complete blood count, Consultation with an orthopedist (traumatologist), Densitometry, etc. The doctor will analyze the condition of the remaining knee joint, blood count for general health assessment, the outcome of the orthopedic consultation including muscle strength and range of motion, and bone density to determine the best prosthetic fit.

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Discover the In-Demand Sports above knee prosthetics Packages of the Season

clinic image
clinic image clinic image
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Italy, Milan
Knee replacement
5.0 Excellent score 14 reviews
All Inclusive Package
Discover the Best Sports above knee prosthetics Clinics: 4 Verified Options and Prices
Check the hospital ranking based on requests and 20 reviews to pick the right Sports above knee prosthetics clinic for you.
Memorial Şişli Hospital
Highest-Rated Clinic for Sports above knee prosthetics
Turkey, Istanbul
• 271 reviews

Memorial Şişli Hospital in Istanbul is the largest multidisciplinary medical center in Istanbul. It is the 1st hospital in Turkeу and the 21st in the world accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) for the high quality of treatment.

Memorial Şişli specialties are the following: oncology, bone marrow transplant, in vitro fertilization (IVF), neurosurgery, and organ transplant. The success rate of organ transplant at Memorial is 90%.

Patients from 92 countries choose Memorial Şişli for treatment annually.

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International Organization for Standardization certificate for Memorial Şişli Hospital
Joint Commission International  certificate for Memorial Şişli Hospital
Разия • May 18, 2022
Many thanks to Dr. Ismail Olutlu. As well as the translator Alisher. I don’t regret a single gram that I ended up in the memorial clinics. The chamber is perfect. The staff is great
271 reviews
upon request
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Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital
Turkey, Istanbul
• 97 reviews

Memorial Hospital Bahçelievler (Memorial Bahçelievler Hastanesi) is a multidisciplinary medical center in Istanbul with an eco-friendly design. There are a lot of green areas on the hospital territory, which contribute to patients’ psychological comfort and their speedy recovery.

The medical facility specializes in oncology treatments, cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, brain surgery, urology, gynecology, general and robotic surgery.

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International Organization for Standardization certificate for Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital
Joint Commission International  certificate for Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital
Савчук Ольга • Feb 28, 2020
The clinic is new, when you come in, there is no fear that the hospital, during the course, is beautiful, very, and smells, the doctor and staff are very responsive, they often clean, the rooms are cozy.
97 reviews
upon request
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Memorial Antalya Hospital
Turkey, Antalya
• 94 reviews

Memorial Antalya Hospital is a private multidisciplinary hospital in Turkey. It specializes in medical and radiation oncology, general, plastic, and reconstruction surgery. Memorial Antalya Hospital meets international standards of quality and safety according to the JCI (Joint Commission International), an authoritative organization evaluating world-class medical centers.

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Joint Commission International  certificate for Memorial Antalya Hospital
Stephanie • Oct 20, 2023
I got a meniscus repair and the whole process was really amazing. I would definitely recommend Memorial hospital as well as Bookimed. My case manager Hana was exceptional and extremely patient.
94 reviews
upon request
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We're rated “Excellent” on TrustPilot
At Bookimed, we put your health first with safe and easy solutions. Our quality care is proven by excellent reviews from patients.
reviews 567 • Excellent
Private Medicabil Hospital

Private Medicabil Hospital is a private multi-specialty medical center in Bursa, Turkey. The team is dedicated to neurosurgery, orthopedics, weight loss surgery, and medical check-ups. Among the clinic's achievements are the success rates:

  • 99,9% for hip replacement;
  • 99,9% for MAKOplasty total hip replacement;
  • 99,9% for total knee replacement (arthroplasty) revision.

Private Medicabil Hospital serves both adults and children. 215508 patients choose Private Medicabil Hospital to get medical care every year. Patients from the Balkans, Arab League states, and Russian-speaking countries visit the clinic most often.

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International Organization for Standardization certificate for Private Medicabil Hospital
International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate certificate for Private Medicabil Hospital
Joint Commission International  certificate for Private Medicabil Hospital
upon request
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Get a Medical Assessment for Sports above knee prosthetics: Select Your Expert from 18 Experienced Doctors

Mustafa Ozdemir
Turkey, Istanbul
Mustafa Ozdemir
31 years of experience
Medipol Acibadem District Hospital
Education (1998-2004), Bachelor's Degree Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara(2005-2010), Doctorate / Specialization in Medicine Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital Experience 2005-2011, Assistant Doctor Haydarpaşa Numune Training and Research Hospital, Department of Radiology2011-2013, Specialist Doctor Kahramanmaraş Women's and Children's Hospital, Kahramanmaraş Necip Fazıl City Hospital (mandatory service)2013-2022, Specialist Doctor Ministry of Health Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital, Department of Radiology2022, Associate Professor Ministry of Health Fatih Sultan Mehmet Training and Research Hospital, Department of Radiology Read more
Adolfo Panfili
Switzerland, Lugano
Adolfo Panfili
Orthopedic oncologist
44 years of experience
LaCLINIQUE of Switzerland
HOMO HOMINI MEDICUS. Eclectic surgeon, specialist in orthopedics and traumatology, pioneer of endoscopic surgery, radio-guided and minimally invasive robotics of the spine and small and large joints (knee, hip, foot, shoulder, elbow and wrist). He combines surgery with regenerative medicine, which he was the first to launch in Italy and Europe, with the use of FSV cells (Stromal Vascular Fraction, particularly rich in stem cells). Adolfo Panfili boasts a prestigious scientific and sporting curriculum of international importance, as well as being an expert in homeopathy, homotoxicology, phytotherapy, acupuncture and BEST chiropractic. Expressly commissioned by his teacher, Prof. Linus Pauling (multiple Nobel Prize winner), inventor of Orthomolecular medicine, he founded AIMO, (International Association of Orthomolecular Medicine), revisiting this science and merging it with other super-specialist branches, including regenerative medicine , aimed at restoring and repairing cartilage, bone and joint structures, vertebral discs, ligaments, tendons, etc. Prof Adolfo Panfili, orthopedic surgeon with a very long CV of international standing. He is president of AIMO, the International Association of Orthomolecular Medicine of which he is the founder. He was a student of the double Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, inventor of Orthomolecular medicine. Prof Panfili has revisited and expanded this science by merging it with other sciences and techniques including the use of Stromal Vascular Fraction. – He is Deputy Rector for International Relations as well as Dean of the Master's Faculty of Orthomolecular Sciences at the Popolare University of Milan; – He is the first to have carried out minimally invasive robotic surgery in orthopedics in Italy with the Mazor system; – He is Trainer and Proctor of Dtrax, a minimally invasive posterior cervical fusion and distraction system; – He is the Director of various High Technology Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery Centers accredited with the NHS and otherwise; – He is the founder and director of the first Italian Center for Minimally Invasive Robotic Spine Surgery and one of the most eminent members of robotic surgery at the “International Academy for Robotic Spine Surgery”; Prof. Panfili has been treating vertebrae, posture and nutrition in close synergy since the beginning of his thirty-year professional activity, both from a surgical and manipulative point of view, being among other things the first orthopedist in Europe to graduate in Best Chiropractic with Prof. Ted Morter, one of the best chiropractors in the world, of whom he was the best European student. – He is currently a pioneer in the use and application of the Stromal Vascular Fraction in the field of well-being, anti-aging and longevity, with particular reference to orthopaedics, the spine and cervical, the aspect of cartilage damage for prevention of degenerative diseases of the hips, knees and intervertebral discs.Read more
Ozgur Ismail Turk
Turkey, Istanbul
Ozgur Ismail Turk
Spine neurosurgeon
11 years of experience
Risus Clinic Istanbul
Dr. Ozgur Ismail Turk's research on blood loss management in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis surgery has been published in The Journal of Turkish Spinal Surgery. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of surgical procedures. Operations provided Knee arthroscopyStem cell therapyHip replacementAnkle joint replacementConservative treatment of scoliosisKnee replacementRotator cuff repair surgeryDiscectomyAnterior cruciate ligament reconstructionVertebral plasticShoulder replacementSurgical treatment of scoliosisSurgery for forearm fractureHallux valgus - 3D lapidus procedureTotal knee replacement (arthroplasty) revisionSports above knee prostheticsProsthetic leg for childrenRevision hip arthroplastyTotal hip replacement for developmental dysplasia of the hipTotal hip replacement (arthroplasty) revisionLapidus procedure 3D bunion correction (hallux valgus)Sports below knee prostheticsHip arthroscopyBelow knee prosthesisAnkle arthroscopyFetal surgery for spina bifidaHallux valgus surgeryStem cell therapy for kneesStem cell therapy for arthritisArthroscopic meniscectomySpine tumor embolizationRead more
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20 Recent Sports above knee prosthetics Reviews: Check Real Patient Experience

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