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Remote consultations & distant treatment
with top cancer doctors

○ Savings in flights and accommodation
○ Only experienced doctors from 160 world's hospitals
○ Translation of your medical records
○ Official medical conclusion

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What you get

  • Answer


    A doctor will provide answers to all your questions regarding your diagnosis and treatment plan.

  • The best doctors


    You are viruses and other risks protected.

  • Economy


    You don't need to apply for a visa, buy tickets, and book accommodation — all you need is the Internet.

  • Confidence


    Online consultation decreases the probability of wrong diagnosis and medical malpractice in treatment locally.

Remote consultation with a cancer specialist is the best choice for you if:

  • You need urgent medical advice and can't leave your country.
  • You are afraid of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are under quarantine restriction.
  • Your doctor finds difficulty in diagnosing.
  • You doubt diagnosis correctness.
  • Treatment is not effective, the disease is progressing.
  • You have been prescribed a procedure and want to know about other treatment options.
  • You think of treatment abroad and want to learn more about how it works and costs.
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2 steps to get medical advice


    • doctor's conclusion
    • test results
    • CT, MRI, PET/CT
    • prescribed treatment plan (if any).

    Bookimed medical coordinator will contact you on the shortest notice to schedule the remote consultation with a specialist.

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Why 300,000 patients have chosen Bookimed

  • Hospital building

    We cooperate with hospitals in 29 countries directly

  • Lightning

    We receive doctor's remote consultations within 1-3 days from your request

  • Free tick

    Bookimed services are free for patients

What oncologists can treat you remotely?

Jorg Groticke
Prof. Arne-Joern Lemke
Prof. Walter Klepetko
Wiener Privatklinik
Vienna, Austria
Бартоломе Оливер
Teknon Medical Center
Barcelona, Spain
Raimon Miralbell
Antoni Barnadas
Jaume Capdevila
Teknon Medical Center
Barcelona, Teknon
Jon Karles Galseran
Ella Naparstek
Zvi Ram
Duygu Derin
Liv Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Meltem Topalgokceli
Liv Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Муаммер Кендирчи
Oncologist, Urology oncologist, Oncosurgeon
Liv Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Orhan Tanriverdi
Oncologist, Urology oncologist, oncosurgeon
Liv Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
Ertugrul Gazioglu
Liv Hospital
Istanbul, Turkey
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Distant consultation cost

Remote video or written consultation is possible. The price depends on the format and chosen doctor.                

Find out the cost
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The online consultation cost includes:

  • Studying your medical records. The skillful doctor examines your test results, medical history, and treatment plan.
  • Making an individual treatment plan. The doctor identifies treatment tactics which is the best for you according to international protocols.
  • Answering your questions about diagnosis and treatment. The doctor answers all questions, clarifies details if required.
  • An official medical conclusion if required. You receive an official written conclusion from the hospital in your email within 1-7 days.
  • Language assistance if required. In case you need, the interpreter connects to your consultation to help you. In some hospitals, this service is paid additionally.

Patient feedback on remote consultations

  • Laura

    Jan 29, 2020

    We had a Skype Consultation with Dr. Joan Carles. The call went really well. Dr. Carles was very well prepared and knew my case beforehand based on the documentation we provided prior to the call. He answered all our questions, and provided us with a final written report on his recommendations. We are very happy with the service provided, and we highly recommend this Medical Center, and especially Dr. Joan Carles.

  • Vladimir

    Jul 1, 2019

    We enjoyed working with Bookimed. They reacted super quickly and were courteous and helpful. The consultation with doctor was quite useful and informative. If we need to consult with someone in Israel again medically, we will go through Bookimed. Thanks!! Best, Vladimir

  • Anonymous

    Feb 15, 2019

    I has a Skype conversation with doctor in Bremen-mitte clinic. Actually I was a very good option for me as I could not travel in the time being. The hopital meducal coordinator was supportive and she qas keen and she called me by phone 1 hour before the conversation with physician to confirm the time and she called me also to be sure that I am online to start tge conversation. The Bookimed medical doctor assistance was very helpful from the start minute I sent message to Bookimed. She called me on phone and took all the information to provide the best solution for my situation, I would like to thank her so much. She was answering me rapidly either through e-mail or WhatsApp after that. She was very cooperative and when I faced a problem with the time of conversation she rearrange another one rapidly.

  • Stephanie

    Oct 3, 2019

    Great and thorough communication, after weeks of research we ended up choosing Prof. Oliver, had a Skype consultation and scheduled the surgery a few months later. My mother got the best care, the surgery went perfect despite all the risks associated with brain surgery. I can’t thank Prof. Oliver Bartolome enough, his skill is a gift from God! He was extremely kind and patient and answered all the questions throughout our hospital stay and follow up appointments. The surgery bought us +10 precious years with our mother which is priceless! The hospital is very clean, food is good and staff is friendly; great views of the Tibidabo from the hospital room and gorgeous green manicured gardens that lead to the main entrance. The place is huge, it took me a couple days to learn my way around from the parking to all the right departments.

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Patients with following diagnoses most often ask for an online consultation