A bushy and manly beard is at the pick of its popularity nowadays. Thousands of men dream of growing such a beard, but unfortunately, not everyone can get it due individual features of the body. Luckily, such procedure as a beard transplant can solve this problem and change your experience making you look like Khal Drogo, for instance.

You may think that a beard transplant is expensive. However, there are a lot of options worldwide allowing to have this procedure quite affordable. One of the best places for a beard transplant is Turkey. Keep reading to find out how much a beard transplant costs in Turkey, where you can get it, and how to appoint the procedure.

Why do patients choose Turkey for a beard transplant?

Over 100,000 patients go to Turkey to get a hair and beard transplant annually. The reasons why men choose Turkey to have a beard transplant are the following:

  • Low price. The cost of a beard transplant here is about 2-4 times lower than in the USA or Europe. This is explained by the general price policy and level of local citizens' income. The average price of beard transplant in Turkey is about $1,900.
  • Experienced doctors. Turkish hair transplant specialists permanently improve their skills to perform the procedure at the highest level. Doctors practice overseas, participate in the international conferences, and even invent author's techniques for a beard hair transplant.
  • All-inclusive services. The main benefit of beard hair transplant in Turkey is a package price. It includes not only the cost of the procedure but also such additional services as transfer, accommodation, language assistance, and even meals in some clinics. Package price for beard transplant allows saving up to 20-30% additionally.

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Top 5 clinics for beard implant in Turkey

Bookimed has picked the best clinics for beard transplant in Turkey.

This Top Hospitals Ranking is composed by the Bookimed medical team based on 346 clinics comparison. We've chosen the hospitals below according to the following criteria: 1) our patient reviews, 2) clinic success rates, 3) doctors' experience, and 4) innovations to provide high-quality care. This information is given by hospital representatives and under their responsibility.

The Ranking aims to provide patients with awareness material to make an informed decision about places of skilled inpatient care and isn't a call to action. The choice is yours.

Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center

Over 4,000 patients choose the clinic annually!

  • FUE and DHI hair transplant techniques are used
  • PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections for hair growth stimulation

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Smile Hair Clinic

Top choice among patients from the UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, etc.

  • Micro FUE technique is used that allows transplanting up to 4,000 grafts without scars
  • Dr. Mehmet Erdogan, a founder of the clinic, has performed over 5,000 hair transplants
  • The clinic serves patients from 18 to 65 years old

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600 patients receive hair transplant every day

  • FUE and DHI techniques are applied
  • Lifetime warranty for beard transplant
  • 95% is a success rate of the procedure

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Estetik International

Unique organic hair transplant with stem cells is applied

  • Dr. Bülent Cihantimur, the head of the clinic, is among Top 50 plastic surgeons in the world and performs hair transplant as well
  • Over 1,000 patients change their appearance in the clinic annually

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More than 1,000 hair and beard transplants annually

  • Over 19 years of experience
  • FUE technique in combination with PRP therapy is performed
  • The quality is confirmed by the European Medical Association and the European Business Association

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What affects the beard transplant price in Turkey?

The cost of a beard transplant in Turkey may be affected by the following factors:

  • Doctor's experience. If a beard transplant specialist has a lot of experience, positive reviews from patients, and a portfolio of the works, he/she may ask for a higher fee. The deal is that such doctors spend a lot of money to improve their skills and become the best in hair transplant.
  • Clinic's brand reputation. The beard transplant clinics widely popular in Turkey or far beyond its borders may also increase the price of their services. They invest in the promotion and hire the leading specialists, so a beard transplant price in such facilities may be 10-15% higher than the average in Turkey.
  • Additional services. Pay attention to what services expect of the procedure itself are included in the price of beard transplant. You may save up to 20-30% of your money, if the clinic offers package price with transfer, accommodation, language assistance, etc. In another case, you will need to pay for these services additionally. However, most of the Turkish clinics include these services in the beard transplant price.

What does the cost of beard transplant include?

The beard transplant cost in Turkey includes such services as:

  • the procedure itself
  • consultation with a doctor
  • medications
  • accommodation in a 4-5 star hotel
  • transfer
  • meals, etc.

Before choosing a clinic, you need to specify what services are included in a beard transplant price. Some medical centers may offer less or more extended packages.

Beard transplant in Turkey: reviews

One of the key factors while choosing a clinic for beard transplant is patient reviews. You can find the verified feedbacks on Bookimed website.

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How to appoint a beard transplant in Turkey?

Follow these simple steps to arrange your trip for getting a beard transplant in Turkey:

  1. Compare the clinics listed in the article.
  2. Submit a request to get a personalized quote from the clinic.
  3. Bookimed medical coordinator will contact you to answer all questions and help to choose a clinic.
  4. Prepare the photos of a hairless area and be ready to send them to a clinic for a quote.
  5. When you receive the cost estimate from several clinics and approve that one you like the most, then choose any convenient date for the procedure.