Body contouring and its effect

Body sculpting (also called modeling and contouring) is a technology to grind out beautiful bends and roundnesses, thereby giving the body the desired shape.


The procedure is usually performed for people with sagging skin after weight loss surgery. However, in some cases, body modeling is carried out to correct the person’s body ugly parts or/and to improve body architecture.

Body contouring is a complex of lifting procedures and may combine a different number of them. So the body contouring cost mainly depends on the number & type of lifting procedures, and the size of the body area should be corrected as well.

How much does body contouring cost?


Lowest price

Average price

Tummy tuck



Thigh lift



Facelift surgery



Arm lifting



Breast lift



Body lift $2,500 $7,400

Since body contouring is a complex that consists of different individual procedures aimed at correcting different parts of the body, the price depends on the number and type of cosmetic procedures that will be performed.

Factors that determine the price

  • patient weight
  • the duration and complexity of the operation
  • cost of anesthesia
  • payment for tests and preliminary examination
  • other expenses (additional material, medications).


Top plastics surgeons for body contouring

Prof. Bülent Cihantimur







Prof. Çağrı Sade





Bookimed patients' results

The body of a dream. After all, undesirable fat from problem places is pumped out and transferred to the body parts that require correction or even augmentation. Besides, sagging skin, which often becomes the side effect of quick slimming or age-related changes, is removed and does not spoil the overall look.

Before/after photos

Body contouring results

Body contouring results

Source: Salutaris Medical Center, Mexico


Leading countries for body sculpting according to the Bookimed survey

Bookimed has chosen 7 leading countries for body contouring according to the number of requests, patient reviews, and price/quality ratio. Each state has its own advantages. However, when choosing where to fly to improve your body, you need to consider the body sculpting cost and possible specific features (cultural and climatic) of each state that may not suit everyone.

In this list, we selected those that, according to Bookimed patient reviews, are the most affordable, but retain the high quality of service.



Today, Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for body contouring. Over 1 million international patients visit Turkey annually. Most of the international patients traveling to Turkey for aesthetic care are from the Middle Eastern countries, Ukraine, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Libya.

Turkish medical centers provide world-class cosmetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery. Leading surgeons have been trained and practiced in Europe and the USA. Unlike many European countries, including the UK, the activities in the field of cosmetic surgery in Turkey are strictly regulated by law that guarantees patients' safety and payment transparency.

Services are provided 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. As a rule, representatives of the clinic meet customers after day and night flights. You can arrange the body sculpting at the beginning of vacation so you'll have more time to recover and rest. 300 sunny days a year in Antalya provide an ideal year-round climate, the best suited for recovery after the body lifting procedures.

Body contouring cost in Turkey:

Cosmetic clinics in Turkey provide reasonable prices of body sculpting. Savings can reach 50%, and sometimes 70%, compared with the cost of lifting operations conducted in Europe. And this is that case when the price does not affect the quality of the surgery in any way.

Body sculpting related clinics in Turkey







Every year, 1.5 million patients from the USA, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, and Russia receive medical care in Thai clinics. Body enhancement using plastic surgery is one of the main focuses of Thai cosmetic centers.

Thai doctors are internationally certified and, after graduating in Thailand, undergo mandatory internships in the best clinics in Germany, the USA, and the UK. Every day, the local plastic surgeons perform 300-500 aesthetic procedures that show their high demand and good reputation. The vast experience of Thai doctors in comparison with European ones, have been attracting people from 180 countries since 2005.

Also, a lot of foreigners from all over the world permanently reside in the Kingdom of Thailand and apply for Thai beauty treatments. In the field of aesthetic medicine, Thailand occupies a leading position in the world as the country with the most significant number of operations performed.

Thailand is extremely popular with people who want to combine their therapy with vacation. Extraordinary culture, exotic food, and 5-star resort services caring and friendly staff, attract international patients from over the globe.

Body sculpting cost in Thailand:

The cost of treatment in Thailand is 2-3 times lower than in other countries of the Asian region and almost 9 times lower than in the USA. The price includes staying in 5-star hotels, use of advanced world technologies and latest equipment, original materials of US production.

Thai clinics performing body sculpting




According to Patients Beyond Borders, between 1.4 million and 3 million international tourists are treated annually in Mexico, including migrants who are looking for aesthetic treatments. The country takes second place in the world in the field of medical tourism after Thailand and first among the states of Latin America in the number of foreign inflow patients.

The steady growth of the plastic surgery industry in Mexico is explained by a favorable geographical location (proximity to the USA and Canada, other Latin American countries), investment in private hospitals, infrastructure development, new equipment, and advanced technologies, improving the quality of medical services, devaluation of pesos and low prices for surgery. Most plastic surgeons in Mexican hospitals have vast experience and undergo internship in the USA, Cuba, Venezuela, and Colombia facilities.

Body contouring cost in Mexico:

According to the Medical Tourism Association, in Mexico, the body sculpting cost is 40-80% lower than in the United States. The US provide 80% of Mexican medical tourism market — from 800,000 to more than 1 million American patients visit the country annually because of the low-costs. The body modeling price in Mexico City and Guadalajara includes the individual approach, accommodation in single wards, deluxe rooms, and constant monitoring of English-speaking staff.

Clinics for body enhancement in Tijuana and Guadalajara




Spain is considered the healthiest nation in the world that makes its reputation perfect. Moreover, the healthcare system of this country takes seventh place in the world, according to the World Health Organization report. Minimal risks and high safety & success rates attract almost 22,000 inbound patients each year.

In recent years, Spain has become one of the centers of world medicine and plastic surgery as well. It is not for nothing that the leading international medical congresses are held here.

British citizens take first place among international patients of Spanish plastic surgery clinics. They go for affordable prices, excellent and safe services, and perfect vacation spots.

Training and education of Spanish plastic surgeons are also in good standing. Many Spanish doctors have gained their practice in Latin America, where plastic surgery is simple on stream. "Latin practice" in combination with the new Spanish medical achievements do miracles with your body and can change it beyond recognition.

Body contouring price in Spain:

The prices of body modeling in Spain are about 30% lower than in more mentioned Germany and Israel. Nevertheless, the body contouring cost mainly depends on the number of lifting procedures, and the size of the body area should be corrected.

Spanish body sculpting clinics




According to the Polish Medical Tourism Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Turystyki Medycznej — PSTM), about 300,000 intercontinental medical tourists arrive in Polish clinics annually, and this number continues to rise conforming to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

In a short period, Poland has become a significant center of aesthetic surgery in West Europe, getting ahead of Hungary and the Czech Republic. The country is a leading European country in foreign patient attendance.

In addition to the high-quality services at a relatively low price, the body sculpting clinics work on international insurance policies of BUPA, PPP Healthcare Allianz.

Body contouring cost in Poland:

The low cost of body sculpting operations compared to the UK, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, and also compared to the price paid by patients from Russia and Ukraine in Western Europe — Polish clinics provide 50-80% cheaper body contouring.

Body modeling related clinics in Poland



South Korea

In the global ranking of the health systems effectiveness, presented by Bloomberg, South Korea takes fourth place that testifies about high-quality services, doctors' professionalism, following international treatment standards, and keeping a patient-oriented approach.

South Korea is theworld capital of plastic surgery. The country has set a record — the most significant number of plastic operations performed in the world annually. In the famous Gangnam-gu area, known as the Seoul Beauty Belt, more than 400 plastic surgery clinics that attract medical tourists from around the world are located.

Korean cosmetics set new standards: the country is rightfully considered the flagship of the beauty industry. About 800,000 plastic surgeries are performed in this country each year (not counting the internal market!), and their number is steadily growing. Vast surgeons' experience, excellent equipment, and flexible pricing policy attract thousands of world patients to Korean clinics every year.

The total body lift cost in South Korea:

Despite the highest level of medical care, the body contouring surgery price in Korea is more than affordable — 20-60% lower than the cost of a similar procedure in Europe or the USA, and some lifting operations are even cheaper than in Thailand.

Clinics for body lifting in South Korea

Tips to save your money and get body modeling

Despite body contouring is a complex of several lifting operations and costs much cheaper than the separate similar procedures, you can save even more money. So what should you do to cut your expenses down?

  1. Choose a country with lower pricing. Aesthetic clinics in Turkey or Thailand, for example, offer cheaper body sculpting than European or American ones. It is explained by the average price policy within countries and local citizens’ income. Save up to 50% of the full-body lift cost choosing Turkey. Or get the real economy up to 80% choosing Thailand.

You may find a reasonable total body lift cost in each part of the world. However, when choosing a clinic, only some people think about the expenses for the flight and accommodation in the selected country.

  1. Look for discounts. There are a lot of medical centers that provide allowances for their patients. However, hot deals are limited in time, so specify what offers are available at the moment with Bookimed medical coordinator.

The most common body correction method

Nowadays, a plastic surgeon performs body modeling using Vaser technology, a unique ultrasound used to break down fat cells with ultrasonic frequency waves. The process completes several tasks simultaneously — lipofilling (body correction with your own fat), liposuction (surgical fat sampling), and body sculpting.

The fat layer is split with the ultrasonic waves effect; waves locally remove the fatty tissue, while maintaining its viability. Over time, the patient fat cells can be introduced back into those areas that most often need correction for aesthetic purposes: for example, the pectoral muscles in men, and the buttocks in women.

What tightening procedures does body contouring consist of?

3 undeniable body contouring benefits

  • Body sculpting has a double effect on the body: removes fat and lifts the skin at the same time.
  • Modeling not only forms a muscle relief but also allows distributing the excess fat in other body areas, for example, tighten the buttocks or enlarge the breasts with your fat, which guarantees no rejection.
  • The operation does not virtually leave no aesthetic marks or scars, as it is carried out through microscopic punctures. For men with excessively enlarged mammary glands, body sculpting is almost the only way to get rid of gynecomastia.

Things you should ask your plastic surgeon

We asked our patients who had already got body sculpting — what did they ask or would ask their plastic surgeon before the operation? We provide you with their questions as a guideline on what to ask your plastic surgeon during a consultation. This will help you to get all the necessary information and understand how the procedure is performed, dispel your fears and doubts, and model the future result.

  1. What I have to do and avoid doing before the surgery?
  2. What is the aftercare like?
  3. What about risks? How can you avoid or manage them if they happen?
  4. What techniques do you prefer to use? Why?
  5. How often do you perform body contouring?
  6. Have you had any patients in the past with unfavorable results from body contouring?
  7. What result to expect?

5 steps to get affordable body contouring

  • Submit a request on Bookimed concerning price, and our medical coordinator will contact you shortly. Specify what body areas you want to correct.
  • We can consult you about how to choose a clinic, its prices, and top plastic surgeons.
  • When you have chosen a clinic, we send your medical records there.
  • Within several days you get a preliminary bill and treatment plan.
  • If you approve the invoice and treatment program — we start arranging your medical trip.