Bookimed Doctor-Coordinator, medical expert in plastic surgery Irina Stoyanova has prepared Rhinoplasty FAQ’s which will clear out the most frequent concerns of the patients who want to make rhinoplasty.

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During last 8 years rhinoplasty has become a procedure in high demand. New approaches in plastic surgeries enable performance of closed surgeries when all incisions are made within a nose. This techniques provides maximum esthetic effect and shortens recovery period after rhinoplasty. Leave your quote at our web-site to learn about advanced plastic methods and apply for consultation with plastic surgeon in one of the best clinics of the world.

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Question: I don’t like the shape of my nose, how can I improve it?

Answer: To adjust shape or size of the nose the patient should undergo a rhinoplasty. It is a plastic operation on nose performed with either cosmetic or medical goal.

Question: What is a difference between rhinoplasty and septoplasty?

Answer: The rhinoplasty procedure is provided with aesthetic aim when the septoplasty surgery has medical indications including difficult breathing, nasal stuffiness, nasal polyps etc.

Question: What are the indications for rhinoplasty?

Answer: Rhinoplasty has no specific medical indications. It can be provided to everyone who wants to correct his or her nose.

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Question: At what age can I have rhinoplasty surgery?

Answer: The patients aged 18 and older are eligible for rhinoplasty.

Question: Are there any contraindications for rhinoplasty?

Answer: There are some medical contraindications similar to those of elective surgery (chronic conditions, cardiovascular diseases, severe form of diabetes mellitus, blood clotting disorders, etc.).

Question: Can I see the surgeon’s portfolio for other patients who had rhinoplasty before and after the procedure?

Answer: Yes, your plastic surgeon can provide you with the photos of the patients before and after the rhinoplasty. Meanwhile, you should mention that some patients do not allow to make their pictures public, and this portfolio does not include the results of all performed surgeries. Also, in some countries like Israel this information is strictly confidential and cannot be published.

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Question: How to prepare for rhinoplasty?

Answer: 2-3 weeks before the surgery you should stop administration of oral contraceptives, vitamins, food supplements, inform your doctor about intake of the medicines for chronic disorders (anticoagulants are of particular importance). Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking - nicotine slows down healing of stitches by affecting peripheral circulation.

Question: What are the risks of rhinoplasty?

Answer: Rhinoplasty specialists always consider physical aspects of the patient's nose to prevent any harm when obtaining the desired esthetic effect.

Question: Is there a way to preview what my nose will look like?

Answer: Rhinoplasty specialists use a state of the art equipment to perform 3D modelling of the patient’s nose and preview it.

Question: Will I stay awake during the surgery?

Answer: No, the operation is performed under general anaesthesia.

Question: I have intolerance to some anaesthetic drugs, am I eligible for rhinoplasty?

Answer: Yes, you are. Experienced anesthesiologist will examine you and make special tests to find the appropriate medicine.

Question: How long does the procedure of rhinoplasty take?

Answer: The operation of rhinoplasty usually takes from 1.5 to 3 hours. Complicated cases may last longer.

Question: Does rhinoplasty hurt?

Answer: You can feel some discomfort caused by stitches but all uncomfortable feelings will disappear soon.

Question: What are the rhinoplasty side effects?

Answer: Rhinoplasty complications can include bruising, swelling, difficulties with breathing, headache, scars, nose bleeding.

Question: What is the rhinoplasty recovery time?

Answer: Depending on the area of surgical intervention the recovery after rhinoplasty can take from 10 days up to 1 month.

Question: When can I return to my normal lifestyle?

Answer: You can return to your ordinary lifestyle in 1-2 weeks after the operation.

Question: When will I be able to play sports?

Answer: The patient can start doing sports after 1 to 3 months after rhinoplasty. This period depends on healing process.

Question: What to do if I do not like the result of rhinoplasty?

Answer: 10 days after the procedure the surgeon removes a plastic or metal splint and the patient can see the result of rhinoplasty. If you don’t like it, a revision rhinoplasty can be provided within 2 weeks when the tissues and implants can be easily reshaped.

Question: How long lasts the result of rhinoplasty?

Answer: If the patient is satisfied with the result, no revision rhinoplasty should be performed. Meanwhile, over the age a gravitational ptosis may affect shape of the nose and provoke dissatisfaction of the patient. Sometimes, obstructed breathing can be medical indication for revision rhinoplasty.

Question: Are there any preferred season of the year for rhinoplasty surgery?

Answer: Rhinoplasty can be provided at any time of the year.

Question: Can I take sun baths after rhinoplasty?

Answer: You should avoid active sun tanning during the first month after the operation.

Question: If I want to make rhinoplasty abroad, do I have to arrive in the country in advance?

Answer: The patient comes for consultation with the rhinoplasty specialist who makes examination and appoints the date of the surgery (usually in 1-2 day).

Question: How long do I have to stay in the clinic after rhinoplasty?

Answer: The patient can be discharged on the same or next day after the surgery. Some complicated cases may require longer in-hospital stay.

Question: How long do I have to be in the country where I undergo the rhinoplasty?

Answer: If you decide to undergo the rhinoplasty abroad, you have to stay during 1 week in the chosen country.

Question: Do I need a special visa for rhinoplasty abroad?

Answer: Depending on your country of origin and the chosen country for rhinoplasty procedure abroad, you may be required to open a visa.

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