Patients with prostate cancer always search for the effective treatment. But one more key criterion is the prostate cancer therapy cost. Below you can find prostate cancer therapy prices in different countries and hospitals. Compare them and choose the most adequate prostate cancer treatment cost for you.

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This material has information purposes only and aims to tell about the most cost-effective skilled inpatient care. It isn't a call to action. The choice is yours.

All prices, saving rates, and other cost information given below have 3 independent sources:

  1. hospital representatives, who are responsible for price relevance and other info on the clinic
  2. the Bookimed medical team, which calculates saving rates according to data submitted by the rated medical facilities to make comparison and decision more comfortable
  3. official websites of authoritative organizations that provide cost peculiarities, facts, and figures.

Prices are approximate and may change according to the clinic's internal price policy and exchange rates. Note that the final cost is estimated by treating physician.

Average cost of prostate cancer treatment: top 5 countries*


Czech Republic






on request

on request

from $1,000

on request

from €2,000


on request

from $16,640

on request

from $18,600


Da Vinci prostatectomy


from $29,000

from $18,500

from $24,800

from €12,900

Prostate surgery


on request

from $7,000

from $21,000

from €10,000

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Let’s compare the pricing more detailed in the particular countries and what they offer for patients.

How much does prostate cancer treatment cost in Europe?

Europe is among top destinations to treat prostate cancer in international patients. It is explained by the high quality of treatment, innovative developments, internationally recognized and experienced doctors.

European hospitals are a great choice for those are looking for qualitative medical care and cost-effective prostate cancer treatment. The price for prostate oncology therapy here differs from country to country. The prostate cancer treatment cost in Western Europe is the highest, but in Eastern Europe — 1.5-2 times lower.

For instance, the average cost of prostate surgery in the Czech Republic is €12,000 but in Germany — €15,000.

"The success of surgical prostate cancer treatment depends on the surgeon’s professionalism. Today, most of the operations are performed using the robotic system Da Vinci. In order to be considered experienced in this field, a surgeon must conduct at least 500 surgeries. We send our patients to the doctors who have conducted nearly 4,000 operations! This is a real confirmation of the surgeon’s skills.”

Eugene Nazarenko, the Bookimed senior medical coordinator

How much does prostate cancer surgery cost in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the cheapest countries in Europe for prostate cancer treatment. General price policy within the country is 15-20% lower than in the Western Europe. So, the prices for medical services are also affordable. This attracts patients from over the world — they receive European-class medicine at a low cost.

St. Zdislava Hospital

St. Zdislava Hospital,located in the region Vysočina, provides Da Vinci prostatectomy at the lowest cost. Prof. Jaroslav Tvaruzek and Dr. Azat Hamzin perform the prostate cancer removal on Da Vinci robotic system. Dr. Tvaruzek has performed over 4,000 robotic prostate removals and is certified by the Intuitive Surgical Company, an official manufacturer of Da Vinci robotic system.

According to Zdislava data, 90% of men with prostate cancer recover after surgical treatment, and in 80% of cases their erectile function is preserved. Despite such outstanding results, the cost of prostate cancer surgery is affordable. It is explained by the general price policy within the country.

Price for prostate cancer operation cost at St. Zdislava

St. Zdislava Hospital in the Czech Republic is one of the best offers for prostate cancer treatment in Europe. A patient receives a prostate cancer surgery by a world-recognized doctor at affordable price. The low cost of prostate cancer surgery is explained by general price policy in the country.

Treatment option Cost
Da Vinci prostatectomy 14,000

The prostate cancer treatment price includes:

  • the surgery
  • medicines
  • doctor’s fee
  • the hospitalization.

Note that Zdislava hospital provides only robotic Da Vinci prostatectomy. If you are looking for other treatment options, consider other medical facilities.

Cost of treating prostate cancer in Germany

Germany is one of the world’s recognized leaders in providing medical care. This country is famous for its high standards of treatment, new trials and developments, qualified experts and the latest technologies. People pay for quality that is why, in most of the cases, the average prostate cancer treatment cost is 20-30% higher than in other European countries.

Still, some German hospitals also offer affordable prices for prostate cancer operation and other treatment options. The cost may differ 5-10% in different German hospitals.

Asklepios Medical Group

Asklepios is considered a top hospital for treatment of international patients according to Medical Travel Quality Alliance. It is one of the best choices to treat prostate cancer.

The Top German urologist Prof. Andreas Gross works at Asklepios. The doctor has performed over 500 HIFU procedures and 1,000 prostate cancer surgeries. Dr. Andreas Gross is a member of the German Cancer Society and certified by Leading Medicine Guide.

If you want to have a prostate cancer treatment managing by Prof. Andreas Gross, submit a request on the page.

Asklepios is among few German hospitals that offer lower (5-10%) price for treating prostate cancer without quality loss.

Prostate cancer treatment cost at Asklepios

Treatment option Cost
Da Vinci prostatectomy starting from €16,000
HIFU ablation (destructuin of the prostate tumor with 90-100°С heat) €13,500
Brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy) €7,600

Gesundheit Nord Bremen

One more top German hospital, which provides prostate cancer treatment, is Gesundheit Nord Bremen. Its Urology Department is certified by the German Cancer Society for high effectiveness of treatment.

Prof. Sebastian Melchior with over 20 years of experience works here. He specializes in robotic surgery for prostate cancer treatment. The doctor was included in the Focus rating as one of the best German urologists.

How much does prostate cancer treatment cost at Gesundheit Nord?

The cost of treating prostate cancer may vary depending on each particular case.

Treatment option Cost
Da Vinci prostatectomy starting from €20,000
Brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy) €6,400
TURP prostatectomy €14,000

Price for prostate cancer treatment in Spain

Spain is among the top European countries chosen by medical tourists. Spanish doctors develop innovative drugs and therapeutic methods, undergo practice in the leading world hospital to interchange the experience. That is why all innovative technologies are available in Spain hospitals. The prostate cancer treatment cost in Spain is about the same level as in Germany.

Teknon Medical Center

The best hospital for prostate cancer treatment is Teknon Oncology Institute in Barcelona. The Institute is the only one in Europe which cooperates with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the USA, the 2nd best American oncology center in America. The prostate cancer treatment cost in Spain is 2-3 times lower than in the USA.

The prostate cancer treatment is performed under the management of Prof. Antonio Alcaraz, who has got Hans Margerber Award from the European Association of Urology for the achievements in the laparoscopic surgery in urology.

Prostate cancer treatment cost at Teknon

Due to such a highly advanced level of the center and doctors’ achievements, the surgical prostate cancer treatment cost applying Da Vinci robot is:

Treatment option Cost
Da Vinci prostatectomy 29,000

If you want to know how much does prostate surgery or other treatment options cost, submit a request.

Average cost of prostate cancer treatment in Turkey

Turkish medicine has achieved a world-class level, but the price policy still remains affordable. The prostate cancer centers in Turkey are accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International), the global organization for medical services quality control. Top prostate cancer centers in Germany, Spain, Italy, Korea, the USA have the same certification.

The cost of some procedures for prostate cancer treatment may be lower 2-3 times lower than in European, Korean, Thai, Israeli medical centers due to general low price policy in the country.

Anadolu Medical Center

Anadolu Medical Center is a partner of Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH) located in the USA. It is one of the most regarded medical facilities in the world. Anadolu’s cooperation with JHH allows implementing the same technologies and therapies as in America, but for an affordable price.

The prostate cancer treatment is performed under the management of Dr. Dzhemil Ujgur. He practiced in the USA and has over 30 years of experience in oncology treatment of the urology system.

Treatment option Cost
Da Vinci prostatectomy $18,000
TURP prostatectomy $6,900
Open prostate cancer surgery $14,000

The prostate cancer treatment price also includes transfer and language assistance.

Liv Hospital

Liv Hospital also provides a comprehensive treatment of oncology. It is the only hospital outside the USA which is certified as Center of Excellence by International Surgical Society in the field of robotic surgery.

The hospital is one of the best in Turkey. It offers prostate cancer treatment cost 10-15% lower than at Anadolu.

Treatment option Cost
Da Vinci prostatectomy $15,000
TURP prostatectomy $7,300

The average cost of prostate surgery is represented in the table. Submit a request to receive a personalized quote for your case.

How much does prostate cancer treatment cost in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in the world — over 2.4 million outbound patients come here annually. Thai hospitals have JCI-approval, that confirms world-class quality of medical services. The prostate cancer treatment costs here are 2-3 timer than in the USA, Canada, Australia, Western European countries. So patients from these regions prefer treatment in Thailand due to the high quality and affordable prices.

Bumrungrad Medical Center

Bumrungrad International Hospital is equipped with the latest technologies. Among them is IBM Watson, an artificial intelligence for more efficient cancer diagnosing and treatment. This supercomputer contains medical histories of cancer patients registered in the hospitals across the world. IBM Watson analyzes the data, and chooses the most appropriate treatment plan for each case.

Bumrungrad has GHA (Global Healthcare Accreditation) that confirms high medical standard applied for medical tourists. About 29,000 cancer patents choose Bumrungrad every year, so the doctors have a great experience in oncological diseases management.

Treatment option Cost
Da Vinci prostatectomy $29,000
Brachytherapy $16,600

The average prostate cancer treatment cost is 10-15% lower than in the best European hospitals. The cost of other prostate cancer treatment options will be calculated at Bumrungrad after the request.

Prostate cancer treatment cost in Israel

Israel is one more popular medical tourism destination for the treatment of different disorders, including prostate cancer. Israeli hospitals have one of the highest cure rates of oncology in the world — up to 90%.

Sourasky Medical Center

Sourasky Medical Center is the largest state hospital in Israel. It is included in Top 10 world clinics for medical tourism according to Newsweek magazine version.

Over 400,000 outbound patients entrust their health to Sourasky specialists annually.

The prostate cancer treatment costs:

Treatment option Cost
Da Vinci prostatectomy $24,000
HIFU ablation $22,000

Receive a personalized cost of prostate cancer treatment in your case

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What does the prostate cancer treatment cost include?

The prostate cancer treatment cost usually includes:

  • the list of the required procedures and their prices
  • admission.

Such services as doctor's fee, meals, transfer, language assistance, and medicines can be already included into the prostate cancer cost or may be paid separately. This depends on the hospital where a patient is going to undergo treatment.

You can specify the prostate cancer treatment cost asking Bookimed manager.

Prostate cancer therapy cost: what does it depend on?

As you see, the cheapest prostate cancer treatment costs are in Turkey and the Czech Republic. The 20-30% higher — in Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, and Thailand. Note that the final prostate cancer treatment cost depends on such factors as:

  • doctor’s experience;
  • the applied prostate cancer treatment option (learn more about therapies and their prices here)
  • stage of the disease and the patient’s general health condition
  • duration of the hospitalization
  • the price policy in a particular country and hospital.

The last factor significantly influences the prostate cancer cost. But the high price does not always mean the best quality.

Only a doctor can determine what prostate cancer treatment options are adequate in your particular case. The exact prostate cancer treatment price can be calculated only individually.

FAQs about prostate cancer treatment costs

  • How much does open and robotic prostate surgery cost differ?
  • There are 2 main types of prostatectomy (prostate removal): open and robotic one. The second one is less traumatic, the recovery period is faster, the urinating and erectile functions are preserved in most of the cases. But the cost of robotic prostate removal is about 25-30% higher than the open one. The treatment effectiveness is about the same level.

  • Can a low cost of prostate oncology treatment be a sign of a poor quality or unprofessionalism?
  • Yes, it can, but not in all cases. To be sure in quality of treatment, learn the info about a hospital and a doctor who will manage the therapy. If the medical center has international certificates and positive reviews from patients, you do not need to worry. The lower cost of private treatment for prostate cancer is usually explained by the general price policy in a particular country.

  • What additional charges can occur during prostate cancer therapy?
  • Some hospitals already include such services as a transfer, admission, language assistance in the cost of prostate cancer treating. But some provide a quote without these charges. So you have to specify this before going to treatment. Also, a doctor can prescribe some additional treatment options to increase the effectiveness after the examination in the hospital.

  • What country is the best for prostate cancer treatment?
  • The hospitals mentioned on this page are located in different regions, but the quality of treatment is about the same level. So, you can choose the most appropriate country depending on your health condition and average prostate cancer treatment cost. For instance, the cheapest treatment of prostate cancer is in Western Europe (Czech, Poland) or Turkey. The most expensive ones are the USA, Canada, 20-40% cheaper places are Germany, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, and Israel.

  • Do Bookimed services influence the prostate cancer treatment price?
  • No, they don't. We have direct contracts with leading hospitals worldwide. Bookimed provides the best medical solution in your particular case, supports you 24/7, and solves unforeseen problems during the treatment.

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