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Czech Republic, Velke Mezirici

Robotic Surgery Center in St. Zdislava Hospital

4.5 57 reviews

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93% patients recommend
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About the clinic

Year of foundation

St. Zdislava Hospital is the largest centre of robotic surgery in the Czech Republic. The facility specializes in urology surgery using the Da Vinci robot, and joint replacement. So far, the experienced team has performed over 4,000 robotic operations.

The hospital is located 130 km from the capital, in a Nature Reserve, a place where nature has created optimal conditions for rejuvenating one’s health. The hospital has state-of-the-art equipment and is known for its friendly atmosphere and high level of care. 

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Robotic Surgery Center in St. Zdislava Hospital
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Da Vinci prostatic adenomectomy Removal of colon cancer Artificial urinary sphincter implantation Bladder removal with reconstruction Kidney-sparing surgery Shoulder replacement Hallux valgus surgery Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Nephrectomy Urethroplasty Robotic da Vinci prostatectomy Knee replacement Hip replacement
Robotic surgery for benign prostatic tumor (BPH) | All inclusive package $14744 $12532
Colon cancer | Surgery | All inclusive package $11990
Robotic artificial urinary sphincter implantation | Package price $10895
Robotic bladder removal and reconstruction | Package price $21760
Renal tumor | Robotic resection | Package price $12532
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Umbilical hernia repair $3000
Colectomy (large bowel resection) $11000
Thyroidectomy $5000
Сholecystectomy $5500
Removal of colon cancer $11000
Stomach cancer surgery $12000
Da Vinci Robotic System $6500
Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) $7000
Bladder removal $20000
Prostatectomy $5000
Nephrectomy $5800
Robotic da Vinci prostatectomy $12000
Kidney-sparing surgery $6000
Shoulder replacement $16500
Knee replacement $10000
Hip replacement $10000
Weight Loss Surgery
Sleeve gastrectomy $5300 - $11000

Clinic Doctors

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Best prostate cancer specialist
While composing a rating, Bookimed experts have taken into account patient reviews and clinic achievements in 2018.
Best price for robotic prostate surgery
While composing a rating, Bookimed experts have taken into account patient reviews and clinic achievements in 2018.
Patient choice for robotic prostate surgery
The Bookimed patients have ranked this clinic as the best one for the Da Vinci robotic prostate cancer surgery in 2019.

Robotic Surgery Center in St. Zdislava Hospital: more details about the clinic

Czech Republic, Velke Mezirici

St. Zdislava Hospital in figures

  • 199 employees of medical staff
  • 149 beds
  • 2,400 inpatients served per year
  • over 2,000 surgeries annually.

Robotic Surgery Center

The center has been working at Zdislava since 2007. Over 1,100 robotic surgical interventions are made annually.

Specialists conduct all the robotic operations using original Da Vinci robot produced by Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

The Center provides:

  • Radical prostatectomy
  • Partial kidney resection
  • Pyeloplasty
  • Removal of adrenal gland
  • Reconstruction of the urinary tract after injury
  • Removal of the urinary bladder while maintaining continence
  • Elimination of a large volume of adenoma in the prostate.

Robotic prostatectomy

St. Zdislava's Hospital is the European leader in the number of robotic prostatectomies (removal of the prostate gland) — the Zdislava medical team performs 500 operations annually.

The robotic surgery has the following benefits:

  • Minimizes blood loss
  • Gentle handling of tissues (punctures instead of incisions)
  • Has short-term hospitalization
  • Preserves urogenital function

The Zdislava team of robotic surgeons. From left to right: Dr. Azat Khamzin, Dr. Jaroslav Tvaruzek, Dr. Igor Simonik, Dr. Jan Dolezel, Dr. Jiří Bonaventura, Dr. Zdenek Eber.


Department of Complicated Orthopedic Surgery and Endoposthesis

The Zdislava team has provided over 6,000 surgeries for treating patients with degenerative diseases of the large joints, of whom more than 700 are performed annually. More than 1,200 orthopedic operations are performed each year. Physicians have a surgical computer-aided navigation system and a wide range of the latest generation implants, with all types and sizes of implants from European companies being always available in the operating room: Zimmer-Biomet, Mathys, Lima and Johnson & Johnson (including ceramics).

Since most of the certified implants used in modern medicine are anatomically close to the natural joint structure, they have undergone decades of quality testing and all muscles remain intact and naturally embrace the new joint, the patient will get on their feet the day after the surgery.

During rehabilitation, the patient undergoes daily individual therapy sessions with a physiotherapist, practices walking with a nurse in the ward, undergoes active and passive training on equipment and massages according to the physician‘s recommendation.

The Department offers the following procedures:

  • Total hip replacement surgery
  • Total knee replacement surgery
  • Total knee replacement surgery for both legs
  • Total hip replacement surgery for both hips
  • Total hip replacement revision surgery
  • Total knee replacement revision surgery
  • Reverse shoulder replacement surgery.

Leading Zdislava specialists

Dr. Jaroslav Tvaruzek is a recommended specialist for surgeries on Da Vinci robot by the producer of robotic system Intuitive Surgical (the USA). The doctor manages the Center of Robotic Surgery. The specialist has performed over 3,100 robotic surgeries since 2007. Dr. Tvaruzek makes approx. 200 prostatectomies and 50 bariatric procedures annually.

Dr. Azat Hamzin is an onco-urologist with the experience over 15 years, is a member of European Association of Urology. The doctor specializes in the treatment of urogenital diseases surgically. Dr. Hamzin performs a removal of prostate gland using Da Vinci robot.

Services for patients

The hospital provides patients from abroad complete services:

  • welcome at the airport
  • transportation
  • pre-operative consultation and examination, preparation for surgery
  • surgery
  • rehabilitation
  • therapy
  • meals and drinks.

Payment is made prior to being admitted to the hospital at the clinic cash desk in cash in EUR or by credit card. No additional expenses are required.

The hospital has a state-of-the-art resuscitation and intensive care unit, its own laboratory, specialists in geriatric medicine and cardiology outpatient care, allowing it to accommodate patients with severe concomitant diseases and special care requirements, as well as patients with increased operational risks (osteomyelitis, diabetes, heart defects, advanced age).

The hall in the Orthopedic Department at St. Zdislava

The single premium rooms offer everything needed for patients with reduced mobility, including a multi-functional bed, a communication system with the nurse, a comfortable multi-functional table – a table, wheelchair accessible sanitary facilities, a TV, the Internet, a bathrobe, towels, a spacious wardrobe for personal belongings and corner cubby for visitors. Each patient in the hospital is offered the possibility of an individual diet plan.

The ward at St. Zdislava

Additional services
Airport to clinic
Clinic to airport
Language assistance
Hotel (apartments) near the clinic, billed daily
Requirements for admission
Payment methods
Credit cards
18 - 85
Deposit and Cancellation/Refund Policy
The deposit is unrequired.

Robotic Surgery Center in St. Zdislava Hospital patients reviews

57 patient reviews

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Luigi Palmieri
Nov 4, 2022
Hip replacement

There are not enough words in the English dictionary to give the praise that facility deserves, they not only have restored my faith in the medical field but in humanity itself. I was greeted at the ... Read more

Nov 1, 2022
Sleeve gastrectomy

All was well! Nurses are good! The ward is clean! I wanted more information from the doctor! How to behave after the operation! The coordinator guy was attentive and always helped! Thank you! We will ... Read more

Mathieu gachignard
Sep 29, 2022
Inguinal hernia

5 stars … what else to say. Super organized, reactive , serious and methodical . No waiting time . Great service …. And beautiful work on my 2 hernias everything was super simple ! I do have an insur... Read more

Apr 20, 2022

He underwent a robotic operation to narrow the stomach for obesity in March 2022. Lost almost 20 kg in a month! Many thanks to Dr. Yaroslav Tvaruzhek and all the staff of the clinic!!! The operation w... Read more

Oct 13, 2021
Hip replacement

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Mostiště 93, 594 01 Velké Meziříčí, Czechia
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Robotic Surgery Center in St. Zdislava Hospital
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