Promoting a plastic surgery practice may be challenging due to a high competition and a great number of similar facilities on the market. To be ahead, you should implement best plastic surgery marketing practices both — internet and offline — faster than your competitors.

Bookimed has been promoting plastic surgeons and clinics worldwide for over 6 years, launching successful plastic surgery marketing campaigns. And now it is a time to share some strategies and marketing insights that can help you to increase local and international leads flow to your cosmetic surgery private practice. Grab these hints to develop a powerful plastic surgery marketing plan.

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Table of Contents

➤ Plastic Surgery SEO

SEO is a powerful plastic surgery marketing tool to promote your cosmetic surgery facility and get new leads via organic traffic. Bookimed receives 69% of its users via SEO, and other marketing channels share another 31%. So, if you haven’t started to boost your plastic surgery with this internet marketing channel, maybe it is time to fix it out and stop losing potential clients. 

Let’s consider the pros and cons of this plastic surgery marketing strategy.

🚀 Top 5 reasons you should start your plastic surgery clinic SEO boost today:

  1. Powerful organic flow that can bring you x2 and more traffic increase.
  2. Requires a minor budget compared to Ads marketing campaigns and other activities. You do not pay for clicks or search results.
  3. Boost your trustworthiness with customers — users are more likely to trust products and services in organic search than those in google ads or other pay per click advertising.
  4. Local SEO queries can bring first leads fast. Adapting your content to local search results like “rhinoplasty in Istanbul”, “liposuction in Prague” or “tummy tuck near me” can bring new users fast. Such queries can easily put your plastic surgery practice on the top.
  5. Organic traffic usually has a higher ROI (Return on Investment), so SEO is a more winning option compared to PPC in a long term perspective.

⚡ Top 5 challenges you can face while implementing your SEO plastic surgery marketing strategy:

  1. Deep competitors’ analysis — it won’t be successful to optimize your plastic surgery website at random. Before boosting your SEO performance, you need to provide the website analysis of your own and competitors' websites. It concerns the creating content quality, site speed download, and UX (user experience) concept of the website. 
  2. Concerning EAT (expertise-authoritativeness- trustworthiness) factors. Google and other search engines have advanced demands for the content of YMYL (Your Money Your Life) websites offering medical services. So, be sure your plastic surgery website complies with those demands. You need to produce high quality content.
  3. Dependency to Google updates. Each half of the year Google is rolling out updates related to search engine pages results, so those websites that used to be on top can become on button in one day. Your task is to analyze your competitors that Google likes and follow their best practice. Also read analytical articles to reveal new search engine optimization requirements, so you could follow them.
  4. Search engine marketing results are typically not fast. It takes some time before you see the first traffic increase and leads. You can use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEO tools to track position and traffic growth.
  5. You need to provide complex work to make your plastic surgery website optimized. SEO is not only about the content quality, but also about its smooth work and user-friendly design. So be ready to engage developers and UX-designers to help you.

Add your plastic surgery medical center for FREE on Bookimed if you're unsure about managing SEO demands. Our Google-optimized pages ensure faster lead generation, eliminating the need to rely solely on your own efforts.


➤ Plastic Surgery Website

The plastic surgery website is a place where you will lead your future clients from search engines and paid channels. So, you must do your best to capture users' attention, demonstrate your reputation, and make them choose your services. Otherwise you can lose all your potential customers just because of poor navigation or invalid lead forms of your cosmetic surgery practice website. Check whether your site corresponds such criteria:

  • Updated design

Your plastic surgery clinic can employ the best surgeons and perform high-quality services. But if your site is outdated, it can reduce the client's trust. So, if you haven’t updated your plastic surgery website design for years, it’s time for a professional facelift. 

  • Simple navigation

Once a user is on your plastic surgery website, it should be pretty clear for them to figure out where to find info they needed: available procedures, doctors’ CVs, prices, and contacts. 

  • Responsivity

About 73% of all sales globally are made on mobile. So, be sure your website looks correct on all types of devices. Remember that key info should be easy to read, and all lead forms should be noticeable and easy-to-fill-in both on mobile and desktop.

  • ✅ Easy-to-read and useful content

The website is a place where you can communicate with users, show your best sides. So your messages should be brief, meaningful, and simple. Avoid complicated construction, and omit water. Please replace such meaningless statements “We are the best clinic” with real achievements: “20,000+ satisfied patients”, “Over 10,000 successful cosmetic surgery procedures performed”, etc.

  • ✅ Be easy-to-reach

Place simple contact forms on your plastic surgery website, and request only info you need to contact a patient. Typically, name, phone, and email are enough to ask. Also get a chat via messengers available on pages for quick talk with patients.

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➤ Plastic Surgery PPC

Online advertising is a powerful tool to promote plastic surgery practices. PPC (pay-per-click) ads bring new leads each time a user clicks on your ad. In case of its successful setting and launching, it can significantly boost your plastic surgery business. 

There are such PPC plastic surgery ads can use to attract new clients:

  1. Search ads. They are located above or under organic search results. You can optimize your ads upon queries: “best plastic surgeon in Madrid”, “liposuction in Paris' ', “tummy tuck in Istanbul”. Such queries should be localized and targeted for best performance.
  2. Remarketing Ads. If a user has already visited your plastic surgery website, but did not make an appointment for some reason, your ad will follow this user. Some people need time to think over their choice, and your remarketing ads can return this user again on the website.
  3. Video ads. One video ad can show a person much more info about your plastic surgery than an average landing page. It is predicted that about 84% of all customer traffic will be led by video. So test not only text and photo ads, but also engage videos to compare their performance.
  4. Paid social media ads (FB, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.)

You can find potential clients for your plastic surgery on social media. Launch paid advertisements campaigns containing info why a patient should pick you practice: best plastic surgeons, incredible results (before-after photos) excellent reputation of the clinic. Deals and discounts can also work well if your plastic surgery clinic is reputable on the market. 

While planning your plastic surgery PPC ad campaign, take into account such factors:

  • A budget you are ready to waste on ad campaign testing — determine which ads work better and scale them to attract more users.
  • Decide what are your strong sides and what a patient wants to receive from your plastic surgery practice. Give this to your potential client.
  • Calculate whether your ad campaign is cost-effective — count ROAS and ROI.

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➤ Geotargeting

Using geotargeting can be a powerful marketing tool for plastic surgery clinics for the following reasons:

  1. Targeted advertising. Geotargeting allows clinics to deliver targeted advertising messages to potential clients based on location. This can help clinics reach the right audience and increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.
  2. Increased conversions. According to a study by Think with Google, geotargeted ads can drive up to a 200% increase in click-through rates compared to non-targeted ads. This can lead to higher conversion rates and more business for the clinic.
  3. Improved ROI. By targeting their advertising messages more effectively, clinics can improve their return on investment (ROI) for their marketing spend. It can be especially important for clinics with limited marketing budgets.
  4. Better insights. Geotargeting can also give clinics valuable insights into their target audience's behavior and preferences. This can help clinics optimize their marketing strategies and improve their overall performance.
  5. Competitive advantage. Using geotargeting, clinics can gain a competitive advantage over other providers in their local market. This can help them attract more clients and grow their business over time.

➤ Medical Tourism Platforms for Plastic Surgery

If you are looking for ways to enter the international market and attract customers to your plastic surgery practice from the whole world, use medical tourism platforms for this purpose. Major of them work upon CPA-model, so you pay not for your being listed on the medical platform, but for a lead. 

Ads, SEO and other marketing tools you can use in parallel for the best result.

✅ Check a list of top medical tourism platforms to attract new patients to your plastic surgery business

Your plastic surgery practice wins such perks with Bookimed:

  1. Access to international patients from 210+ countries. Your plastic surgery practice will be available for customers from the whole world. Our monthly visitors’ number is 500,000 users.
  2. Free registration. You add your plastic surgery practice without paying any charges.
  3. Pay for patients, not for leads. When you decide to add your practice to the Bookimed website, you sign an agreement determining the size of commission you will pay for each confirmed patient. So, you lose nothing — you pay only for the result and confirmed patients.
  4. Personal cabinet on Bookimed. You will receive a free personal cabinet to manage the content, add plastic surgeons, their before and after photos, deals, and track your leads.
  5. Bookimed support. Bookimed partner support team is always here to help in any issue: starting from tips on how to make your profile attractive for clients and assisting in communication with patients.

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➤ Plastic Surgeon Marketing: Before and After Photos

It is better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times. This is absolutely about patients before and after photos your plastic surgery clinic can provide. 

You can claim that your clinic is the best, your surgeons are the best, you use only the best technologies, etc. But what a patient really needs is to see incredible makeovers of real people. And if your website does not contain this info, the trust in your words goes down extremely fast.

So, to attract leads and transform them into clients — add high-quality before and after photos your clinic is proud of. Each patient needs to see visualization of their future changes and be really satisfied with it. Before & after photos is a kind of a visual art. Before publishing any photo, ask your patients’ permission.

Such before and after photos plastic surgery clinics add to catch patients via Bookimed and boost your international patient flow:

Plastic Surgery Marketing: Before and After Photos

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➤ Cosmetic Surgery Specials

Be flexible and provide your prospective patients with digital marketing deals and discounts for plastic surgery procedures. Loyalty programs will help you attract new clients and remarket those who have already been interested in your plastic surgery practice and haven’t been satisfied with the price. While giving deals, point such items to make them more selling:

  • Old and new price;
  • What services are in the price (for instance, anesthesia, preoperative tests, accommodation, transfer, etc.);
  • Name of the doctor who will operate — if you have several plastic surgeons operating in your clinic, point who will perform an operation. Patients mostly trust doctors, not clinics.

Your plastic surgery deals on Bookimed will look the same way:

Plastic surgery marketing specials

➤ Content Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

None of the marketing tools will work effectively if the content marketing strategy for plastic surgery does not consider user demands, needs, expectations, and fears. There are such of content types you can implement to boost your cosmetic surgery practice:

  • ✅ Social media posts
  • ✅ Plastic surgery blog content
  • ✅ Emails
  • ✅ Videos.

Creating a content to promote your plastic surgeons services, do not forget about EAT factors and adhere such principles:

  1. Sell a dream not a tool. Customers do not want rhinoplasty or tummy tuck — they want to receive a perfect nose or flat belly without stretches. So, focus on what your potential clients want to receive as a result..
  2. Focus on your strong sides, using more facts and omit water:
    Bad practice Best practice
    Our clinic is the best We are No. 1 Plastic surgery clinic according
    magazine/ institution rating
    We serve many patients. Over 10,000+ satisfied patients
    We employ only best doctors Our medical staff has over 20 years of experience We employ only board-certified plastic surgeons
  3. Show why a patient benefits by picking your plastic surgery practice. It may be experienced doctors, new plastic surgery operating devices or procedures, good prices. If prices in your clinic are above than average, explain the reasons — excellent quality, additional services, guarantee, etc.
  4. Use high quality images and videos. When you decide to add patients before & after photos, images of operation rooms or interior, doctors’ photos, etc, please use quality material. You can even do a photoshoot of your clinic to use these images for promotion.
  5. New clients are interested in hearing success stories. To attract new clients, you can interview your current patients who will share their experience at your clinic and the outcomes they have achieved. Real patient experience is the best online marketing for plastic surgeons.

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➤Partner with Local Hotels or SPA

If you want to scale your plastic surgery practice in the global market, you should consider that patients from other countries value not only excellent plastic surgeon’s skills, but also comfort.

It is crucial for patients after many hours of flight to come to the hotel, located close to the cosmetic surgery clinic. And what is the best — to get there on a specially arranged transfer.

You can be ahead of your competitors and offer your customer such an option. You can partner with hotels located near you, and arrange a single ecosystem. As a bonus, you can offer accommodation in such hotels with a discount for your patients.

In such a case, everyone will be satisfied:

  1. Your cosmetic surgery will get one more perk to offer patients. You will offer not only excellent plastic surgery operations but all-inclusive service. And this is crucial in a competitive market.
  2. Patients will happily use this option, because plastic surgery journey is stressful, so it is better to focus on surgery not accommodation arrangement. Plus, they will live with people who also come to your clinic, and it is easier to get through such an experience with others.
  3. Your partner hotels will receive new visitors and regular outcomes.

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➤ Patient Reviews 

If you have not collected your patient testimonials, it is obviously time to start your cosmetic surgery marketing. According to Spiegel Research Center, online reviews can increase conversion by 270%. You can collect reviews via Google, Trustpilot, or make your own reviews base on your plastic surgery website.

Positive reviews of patients who have had cosmetic surgery services at your clinic may be used for online advertisement, promotion via social media channels, and boost trust to your clinic and services.

You can collect reviews in such ways:

  1. Launch email marketing campaigns to ask patients’ feedback about plastic surgery experience at your clinic.
  2. Ask plastic surgeons to collect such opinions as far they communicate with patients mostly.
  3. Add your clinic on Bookimed website. We have a transparent system for reviews collection, so you will always know your patient's satisfaction level.

➤ Offer Free Consultations

Free consultations is a plastic surgeon’s marketing option allowing to engage new patients to your clinic. Do not be afraid to waste plastic surgeon’s time on such consultations. It is their star time to convince a patient and show their expertise. Explore why offering free consultations is important for plastic surgery clinics and their promotion:

  1. Increased conversion rates. Offering free consultations can be an effective way to convert potential patients into paying customers. According to a survey by Zocdoc, 60% of patients say that the ability to schedule a free consultation is an essential factor when choosing a healthcare provider.
  2. Enhanced patient trust and loyalty. Free consultations help build trust with patients by allowing them to meet with the doctor and ask questions before committing to a procedure. This can lead to increased patient loyalty and referrals. 
  3. Competitive advantage. Free consultations can set a clinic apart from its competitors and attract more patients seeking affordable options for plastic surgery services. 
  4. Improved patient outcomes. Free consultations can help ensure that patients are well-informed about the risks and benefits of a procedure, which can lead to better results and fewer complications. According to a study by the University of Michigan, patients who received preoperative education had a 51% lower risk of developing postoperative complications.

Such an option can be an effective strategy for plastic surgery clinics to attract new patients, build trust and loyalty, and improve patient outcomes.

Such an option can be an effective strategy for plastic surgery clinics to attract new patients, build trust and loyalty, and improve patient outcomes.

Want to get international patients and make your plastic surgery clinic visible to the whole world? Register now FOR FREE and get patients tomorrow


➤ Attend Industry Conferences and Events

By participating in events dedicated to plastic surgery, you can network with other professionals in your field, stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and advancements, and even showcase your reputation management through speaking engagements. Here are some reasons why attending industry conferences and events is essential for promoting your practice:

  1. Networking opportunities. By attending industry conferences and events, you can connect with other professionals in your field, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and other healthcare providers. This can lead to valuable referrals and collaborations, which can help grow your practice.
  2. Staying up-to-date. Industry conferences and events offer a wealth of information on the latest advancements, technologies, and trends in plastic surgery. By attending these events, you can stay up-to-date with the latest techniques, procedures, and best practices, which can help you provide the best possible care to your patients.
  3. Building your reputation. You can showcase your expertise and build your reputation as a thought leader in your field. This can help attract new patients to your practice and establish you as a trusted authority in plastic surgery.
  4. Learning from others. Industry conferences and events provide opportunities to learn from other professionals in your field. By attending sessions and workshops, you can gain new insights and perspectives on plastic surgery, which can help you improve your skills and techniques.
  5. Promoting your practice. You can encourage your approach to a targeted audience of potential patients and referral sources. In such a way, you increase awareness of your services and attract new patients to your practice.

Want to get international patients and make your plastic surgery clinic visible to the whole world? Register now FOR FREE and get patients tomorrow


➤ Create an App

Nowadays, more and more plastic surgery clinics focusing on digital marketing implement an app to be closer to their customers. Here are some key points on why creating an app can be necessary for plastic surgery clinics and their promotion:

  1. Convenience and accessibility. An app allows patients to access information about the clinic's services, procedures, and doctors easily and conveniently from their smartphones, anywhere and anytime. According to a survey by Pew Research Center, 96% of Americans own a smartphone, and on average, they spend 2 hours and 51 minutes daily on their mobile devices.
  2. Improved patient engagement. An app can provide patients with personalized content, such as before and after photos, testimonials, and educational resources, to increase their engagement with the clinic and its services. A study by Google found that patients who use mobile apps are more likely to take action, such as booking appointments, after researching healthcare information.
  3. Enhanced patient experience. An app can improve the patient experience by providing features such as online appointment booking, virtual consultations, and post-op care instructions. These features can save patients time and increase their satisfaction with the clinic's services. According to a study by Accenture, 77% of patients think the ability to book, change or cancel appointments online is essential.

➤ Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency vs. Own Marketing Efforts 

We have composed working examples of marketing trends allowing to boost a patient flow to your plastic surgery practice. You can implement them yourself, ask plastic surgery marketing efforts or just add your clinic to the Bookimed website. Compare which approach is best for you:

  Own Marketing Plastic Surgery Agency 💚Bookimed
Availability of marketing tools Depends on your goals and budget Depends on your goals and budget SEO, Content, Emails, Deals, Photos, Reviews
Budget needed Unlimited Unlimited Free. You pay only for a confirmed patient, not marketing efforts.
Expertise level Depends on you and team you hire Depends on agency High. We have delivered 1+ mln request for 1,000+ clinics

However, note you can use all these options together without limiting yourself much. But each marketing effort needs money investment. So, pick options that can lead you to more patients at a lower price.

Final Take

Cosmetic plastic surgery marketing gives incredible results for clinics that focus on several marketing strategies. In such a way, you can determine the right marketing strategy and generate leads via them. All the efforts you can manage yourself, hire a team of experts, or ask plastic surgery marketing agencies for assistance. Also, do not ignore channels that don't require investments in patient acquisition but bring a fast result and new patients — the Bookimed medical tourism platform is one of them.

Want to get international patients and make your plastic surgery clinic visible to the whole world? Register now FOR FREE and get patients tomorrow


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