Medical tourism online platforms are a dominant marketing channel for clinics aiming to gain their reputation in the international healthcare market.

Hospitals and clinics that want to start getting or increase international patient flow obtain such benefits with medical tourism platforms over ads and other promotion instruments:

  • 100% hot leads. The clinic receives only relevant leads, preliminary processed by a medical tourism platform. Grow your revenue. International patients are an additional source of income. Services for inbound patients are frequently more expensive than those provided for locals.
  • No financial risks. The clinic pays a fixed commission for a patient who has confirmed their arrival. You pay only for the result, not for testing the ad hypothesis.
  • Access to new markets. How much time and money do you need to waste to enter the new market? Medical tourism platforms have done it instead, making your clinic visible to the world.
  • Build your clinic’s brand. By adding your clinic to the international platform, you become a player in the global healthcare market; you enhance your reputation and gain trust.

Are you still not registered on the medical tourism platform?

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Explore the top 5 medical tourism companies ranking and pick the right one:

The Bookimed team composed the ranking upon such factors:

  • Monthly organic traffic (data from in November 2022).
  • Reputation (certificates, Trustpilot score).
  • A number of countries a platform attracts patients from.

1. Bookimed

Bookimed medical tourism platform

Monthly visitors: 600,000

Clinics and doctors count: 900+ clinics and 4,800+ doctors

Number of patients country origin: 210 countries

Specialties served: All

Certificates: Temos, Medical Tourism Association

Trustpilot score: 4.6

Year of foundation: 2014

Founders: Ievhen Knotianov, Yevhenii Kozlov

Core office location: Ukraine, Kyiv

Brief overview

Bookimed medical tourism platform matches patients from around the globe with medical centers in 42 countries. It receives requests from patients from 210+ countries, so you will definitely find your target customers.

SEO Bookimed

Bookimed is a team of:

  • Sales managers process every lead, so our partner clinics receive only patients who have confirmed their treatment.
  • Marketers who attract new patients globally via ads, apps, messengers, emails, etc.
  • SEO specialists to promote Bookimed in search engines and increase organic traffic so that everyone will see Bookimed pages with your clinic listed.
  • Engineers, designers, and product managers to make Bookimed fast and user-friendly for both patients and partners.

For partners, it means they do not need to put much effort into their healthcare clinics' marketing development. Literally, all this is done by the Bookimed team. Registration on Bookimed is pretty simple: a clinic’s representative must go through a 15-minute flow and fill in the clinic's profile. You can add your clinic to the Bookimed platform with several clicks and free of charge.


1. Hot validated leads. Bookimed sales department processes every lead: verifies contact data, investigates patients' needs and budgets. Bookimed requests conversion in patients is 30%.

2. You receive access to markets of 210+ countries without extra charges and effort. Bookimed receives patient requests from the whole world. So, customers from the United States, Europe, Mexico, or Africa will see your clinic on the Bookimed website.

3. Free and fast 15-minute registration for clinics willing to get more international patients. Being listed on Bookimed is pretty simple — you add your clinic's best photos, make a description, and point to your clinic’s specialties in your personal Bookimed profile. If you need a top medical assistant travel agency, Bookimed Support for partners are here to provide marketing recommendations and make a clinic’s profile more attractive to patients.

Bookimed registration

4. Medical centers of any speciality can be added to the Bookimed platform.

5. Two options to cooperate with Bookimed: communicate directly with patients, without Bookimed mediation or get validated hot leads.

6. A smart clinic rating system on Bookimed. Your clinic can get quickly on Bookimed top, and more patients can see you. But be ready to make your clinic’s profile attractive, add relevant prices, doctors' CVs, and before and after photos if necessary. One more criterion to get on top is to answer patient requests quickly — Bookimed monitors partner clinics that care for patients and is ready to encourage such facilities.

7. Bookimed has 6 language website versions: EN, ES, AR, DE, UA, RU to land the maximum number of patients. So, your medical center will be listed on all these versions at once.

Want to get international patients and make your clinic visible to the whole world. Register now and get patients tomorrow?




Monthly visitors: 1,000,000

Clinics and doctors count: 120,000 clinics

Number of patients country origin: not available data

Specialties served: All

Certificates: -

Trustpilot score: 4.7

Year of foundation: 2006

Founders: David Roe

Core office location: Ireland, Dublin

Brief overview

Whatclinic is an online medical tourism travel agency with 1+ mln user month coverage. It offers medical tourism services in 130+ countries and has already listed over 120,000 clinics. Like Bookimed, Whatclinic composes clinic listings divided by procedure/illness/specialty by country to make the patient choice easier and faster.


1. Most patient flow comes from the USA and the UK, so clinics targeting this customer geography will obtain relevant leads. 

2. Clinics of any specialty and location can be listed on There are not many limitations or requirements.

3. About 78% of all traffic is organic, which means the platform is well visible on Google and other search engines.

4. Registration on Whatclinic is fast and simple; the platform also provides partner facilities with the Toolkit helping to solve issues with low ranking on the website, bad patient reviews, and how to take attractive clinic’s and before & after photos.

3. Realself


Monthly visitors: 5,000,000

Clinics and doctors count: 30,000 registered doctors and practices

Number of patients country origin: 210 countries

Specialties served: Plastic and cosmetic surgery

Certificates: Health of the Net, Better Business Bureau

Trustpilot score: 3.9

Year of foundation: 2006

Founders: Jeff Kizilbash

Core office location: USA, Seattle

Brief overview

Realself is a platform for matching patients and doctors in order to get plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Realself provides aesthetic services for patients in their country of origin and worldwide. But the main platform’s focus is on the American market. Patients are actively involved in sharing their before & after photos and reviews on Realself, so this community becomes one of the ways for clinics and doctors to sell their services. 

There are also listings with plastic surgeons and private practices to allow patients to pick an option themselves.


1. For plastics surgery and cosmetic doctors targeting the US market, Realself opens a 5+ mln month audience, mostly coming from search engines.

2. Due to the patient community on Realself base, it is possible to get new patients fast. However, doctors working at your clinic must be well-promoted and skilled, and patients must be satisfied with provided service. Otherwise, your chances of getting new patients will be low.

3. Realself is expanding its presence in the medical tourism market, and now counts plastic surgeons from 40+ countries.



Monthly visitors:975,000

Clinics and doctors count: 400 clinics and 7,000 doctors

Number of patients country origin: 110+ countries

Specialties served: All

Certificates: NABH

Trustpilot score: 2.8

Year of foundation: 2016

Founders: Manish Chandra, Pankaj Chandra

Core office location: Gurgaon, India

Brief Overview

Vaidam is an Indian medical tourism travel agency with about 1,000,000 visitors per month. Currently, it represents multi-specialty clinics in 11 countries. Major user flows come from India, Turkey, and Germany. 


1. Access to 1,000,000 potential clients.

2. Vaidam medical tourism company has 11 language versions to catch patients worldwide.

3. 87% of all Vaidam traffic is organic, which means its good visibility on Google.

4. Vaidam promises partners such options as a dedicated account manager, a separate website to manage your profile, medical and surgical camps in your country.

5. Qunomedical

Monthly visitors:136,200

Clinics and doctors count: not available data

Number of patients country origin: not available data

Specialties served: All

Certificates: IMTJ

Trustpilot score: 4.6

Year of foundation: 2015

Founders: Sophie Chung, Sebastian Glöckner

Core office location: Germany, Berlin

Brief overview

Qunomedical provides medical treatment options globally for international patients. The platform focuses on doctor promotion and mastering blog landing pages to catch customers. The clinics that want to partner with Qunomedical can go through simple registration to attract new international patients. 


1. Simple registration for new partner clinics and doctors.

2. Qunoscore to assess the clinics' reputation and level of services provided. The higher the clinic's score, the more patients will book it for treatment.

3. Medical centers of any specialty can be added to the website.

4. 6 language versions EN, DE, NL, FR, ES, IT of the website are available to attract more patients. So, customers speaking these languages will see your clinic.

4. 76% of all Qunomedical traffic is organic, so your clinic will be available for many patients using search engines.

Medical Tourism Platform or Your Own Marketing Strategy?

To get a win-win strategy for your business, it should not be worth limiting yourself by picking only one option.

You may get international patients using all marketing tools: SEO, Google ads, SMM, and Word-of-mouth marketing. An updated patient review base will also help attract new customers and increase your clinic's yearly income.

But keep in focus on medical tourism platforms for effective development of your business and its popularity growth. With medical tourism platform, you get such perks:

  • You can add your clinic to several platforms at once; you have no limitations.
  • Registration is free on such platforms. However, be ready to work according to the CPA model: paying for a received patient or % of the commission to medical tourism platforms from a total bill.
  • All marketing instruments of medical platforms work on you: such companies work hard to keep leading positions on Google and promote partner clinics. So, all you need is just to become a partner, and all promotion marketing will be developed and launched instead of you.
  • Your clinic can be in one line with top world hospitals, which increases patient trust.
  • You receive access to international patient flow, which equals higher income.

medical tourism platform vs marketing

Thousands of medical centers worldwide are already in the medical tourism network, serving international patients and multiplying their income. So, be trendy and not miss a chance to become a player on the global healthcare market.

How to Pick a Medical Tourism Platform to Add Your Clinic?

Obviously, you can add your clinic to all medical platforms and start receiving patients. However, you need to remember that the first connection of your future patients will be via a medical tourism facilitator, and the impression made will impact a customer's mood and willingness to continue medical service search. Plus, a medical tourism platform must have a good reputation in order to start financial relationships, and it is necessary to regulate them transparently within the legal framework. 

Follow these simple tips to pick a medical tourism platform right:

  1. Assess patient flow. Do not waste your time on medical tourism platforms with poor customer coverage. The fewer patients come, the fewer chances you have to get new patients to your clinic.
  2. Compare financial conditions. Do not pay any money to a medical tourism platform in advance. You can pay but receive not even a single patient. Start partnership with providers working on CPA (cost per action) model or ask for a determined % per patient delivered. In such a way, you do not waste anything but can receive a lot.
  3. Check a medical tourism platform presence on Google. Major patient flow comes from Google and other search engines. For people who are looking for any treatment or procedure overseas, put a proper query into a search string. Some hospitals try to be on top Google SERPs. However, medical tourism platforms usually keep leading positions because of better page optimization.
  4. Good medical tourism platform reputation. The truth is that your clinic’s reputation drastically depends on a medical tourism platrform’s one. Patients who receive bad experiences with a medical tourism platform service often transmit this experience to your clinic. The best way is to check reviews on a medical tourism platform and get to know a patient's satisfaction level. You can search on Google and Trustpilot reviews. 
  5. User-friendly and registration. Medical tourism platforms successfully scaling their business will provide the best experience for both pools of their clients — for patients and clinics. So you will see a platform’s care level from the first steps during your registration.

Final Take

It can be challenging for many clinics to increase the number of patients, especially international ones. To reach this goal alone, it is necessary to develop advanced marketing strategies, invest a lot of money, and wait a long time to get the first leads. Instead of this money- and time-consuming process, you can just register your clinics on top medical tourism companies in the world and start getting such perks:

  • Win international patients.
  • Increase your clinic’s digital visibility.
  • Enhance trust in an extremely growing digital marketing.
  • Build your brand and reputation.
  • Scale your business worldwide.

Want to get all these benefits at once? Register your clinic now on Bookimed and get first patients.