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Ukraine, Kyiv

Dobrobut Medical Network

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About the clinic

Dobrobot is a network of private multispecialty clinics in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Medical centers specialize in 75 branches. The main ones are oncology, cardiac surgery, endovascular surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedics and traumatology.

Dobrobut surgeons perform more than 11,000 operations per year.

Over 330,000 patients undergo treatment annually.


2001 Year of foundation
2500 doctors
330000 patients per year
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Dobrobut Medical Network
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Treatments prices in the clinic

Last price update — 29.04.2022. Prices can be changed depending on the medical case and doctor's recommendations.
Consultation with a maxillofacial surgeon $28
Consultation with an orthopaedist $28
Online Consultation with Orthopedist $28
Consultation with an orthopedist (traumatologist) $28
MRI of the joint $68
Knee Arthroscopy $476
Arthroscopic meniscectomy $476
Hip replacement $1110
Knee replacement $1110
Knee arthroplastic $476
Consultation with an oncologist $28
Removal of liver cancer $1268
Enucleation of tumor on pancreas $1387
Removal of colon cancer $770
Rectal resection $939
Stomach cancer surgery $934
Lumpectomy $336
Ultrasound $18
MRI of one area $68
Small intestine resection $939
Abdominal MRI $68
Skull CT scan $68
CT of the paranasal sinuses $50
Chest X-Ray $20
CT of the chest $50
Consultation with creation of treatment plan $28
CT (computer tomography) $50
Pediatric Neurosurgery
MRI of the lumbar spine $68
Consultation with a neurosurgeon $28
MRI of the spine cord $68
Consultation with a neurologist $28
MRI of the brain 3.0 T $68
СT of the spine $50
Online Consultation with Mammologist $28
Online Consultation with Neurosurgeon $28

Clinic Doctors

hospital accreditation of quality

International Organization for Standardization certificate for Dobrobut Medical Network
International Organization for Standardization
CH, International Organization for Standardization certificate for Dobrobut Medical Network

Dobrobut Medical Network: more details about the clinic

Ukraine, Kyiv

Dobrobut Medical Network was established in 2001. Today it is a leading provider of private medical services in Ukraine:

  • 18 subdivisions
  • 75 specialties
  • 145 beds
  • over 2,500 doctors
  • over 11,000 surgeries annually
  • over 330,000 patients per year.

Dobrobut Strong Points

  • All services in one ecosystem: modern diagnostic equipment, laboratory tests, operating rooms equipped with the latest technology allow us to provide medical care quickly and effectively 24/7.
  • Treatment cost. The prices for diagnostics, treatment, and operations are significantly lower compared to other hospitals in Europe. The doctors of the clinic use international protocols and equipment similar to those of foreign hospitals.
  • Location: the network includes 18 medical centers around Kyiv city. 2 hospitals work 24/7.
  • Dobrobut ambulance provides medical transportation from other countries. All ambulances comply with the C class — the highest accreditation class for ambulance vehicles. The team has already delivered patients from Europe.

Top Specialties

Oncology Center

The Dobrobut Oncology Center provides an entire cycle of cancer diagnostics and treatment. The diagnostic department provides testing of the most widely spread malignant tumors of lungs, head and neck, breast (mammary), thyroid, gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, and soft tissue.

The Dobrobut surgical team carries out endoscopic operations mainly. The advantages of such interventions over open surgery are lower injury rates, faster recovery, and reduced pain.

The Oncosurgical Department provides a full range of inpatient services:

  • coordination and complete inpatient support for the surgical treatment;
  • development and maintenance of chemotherapy cycles according to the treatment protocol;
  • supportive and palliative therapy.

The center's multidisciplinary team uses the latest protocols and recommendations (NCCN, ASCO, ESMO) to treat cancer diseases.

Doctors manage drug therapy using chemo-, immunological, hormonal, and targeted medications. The specialists study a tumor tissue sample with immunohistochemical and molecular testing before the treatment plan development. 

Heart & Vascular Surgery Innovative Center

The center specializes in heart and blood vessels treatment. Cutting-edge medical equipment manages high-precision diagnostics, surgical interventions, and the implementation of individual therapeutic programs. The center has 71 beds, including 10 general intensive care beds and 8 cardiac intensive care beds.

There are 7 operating rooms an the center: 3 large, 1 medium, 1 small, and 2 X-ray operating rooms.

Additional services
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Simi Idzykovskykh St, 3, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
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Dobrobut Medical Network
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