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Turkey, Antalya

Memorial Antalya Hospital

Doctor 5.0
Facilities 5.0
staff 4.6
Language assistance 4.4
Support 5.0
1 accreditation
hospital certificates of quality
93% Patients
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The medical center is a Bookimed Official Partner. Thus, we arrange treatment for international patients as a hospital representative with no intermediaries and extra charges.

About the clinic

Memorial Antalya Hospital is a private multidisciplinary hospital in Turkey. It specializes in medical and radiation oncology, general, plastic, and reconstruction surgery. Memorial Antalya Hospital meets international standards of quality and safety according to the JCI (Joint Commission International), an authoritative organization evaluating world-class medical centers.


2010 Year of foundation
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Memorial Antalya Hospital
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Special offers

Medical need
The special offer has a standard range of medical services offered by a clinic, additional benefits like accommodation, transfer and etc.

Treatments prices in the clinic

Last price update — 29.04.2024. Prices can be changed depending on the medical case and doctor's recommendations.
Breast biopsy $1000
PET/CT $850
Autologous bone marrow transplantation $40000
Thyroid resection $7700
Mastectomy $7700
Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) $5700
Lutetium-177 therapy $11000
Hematology Oncology
Allogenic bone marrow transplantation from a related donor $65000
Haploidentical Stem Cell Transplantation $95000
Allogenic bone marrow transplantation from an unrelated donor $95000
Bone marrow transplantation $40000 - $95000
Heart Surgery
Replacement of the aortic valve $15500
Heart Valve Replacement $15500
Installing heart pacemaker $6500
Coronary artery bypass grafting $8000
Otorhinolaryngology/Ear, Nose and Throat(ENT)
Septoplasty $2200
Weight Loss Surgery
Gastric sleeve surgery (Sleeve gastrectomy) $4200
Gastric balloon $2341 - $2660
Gastric bypass $4550
Herniated disc surgery $6300 - $10500
Brain tumor surgery $13300 - $17700
Discectomy $10500
Laminectomy $7200
Surgical removal of the brain cyst $13300 - $17700
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery $18900
Pediatric Neurosurgery
Brain tumor removal $13300 - $17700
Pituitary tumor surgery $8400
Trans-sphenoidal hypophysectomy (adenomectomy) $8400
Knee replacement $8000
Hip replacement $8000
Сholecystectomy $5250
Plastic Surgery
Tummy tuck $6000
Breast augmentation $4000
Rhinoplasty (nose job) $2500
PET-CT with Gallium 68(PSMA) $3000
Consultation with a urologist $160
Prostatectomy $9000
Thyroidectomy $7700
Hysterectomy (uterus removal) $7000 - $8400
Myomectomy (removal of uterine fibroids) $7700
Resection of glioma $12600
Cochlear implant placement $19000
Kidney transplant Price on request
Pediatric Oncology
Radiotherapy $3500 - $6000
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Childbirth $1700 - $2200
Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Coronary angioplasty $3500
Biopsy $1000
Angiography $1000
MRI of one area $600
Colonoscopy $900

Clinic Doctors

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hospital accreditation of quality

Joint Commission International  certificate for Memorial Antalya Hospital
Joint Commission International
US, Joint Commission International certificate for Memorial Antalya Hospital

Memorial Antalya Hospital: more details about the clinic

Turkey, Antalya

Memorial Antalya Hospital was founded in 2010. It is one of the biggest hospitals in Memorial Health Group chain. Annually 1,600,000 patients come here.

The hospital consists of 34 departments, radiology, and diagnostics centers. It is situated in Antalya city center, 6 km away from the sea and 13 km from the international airport.



Advantages of Memorial Antalya Hospital

  • High quality of healthcare. Memorial Antalya Hospital medical services correspond to international requirements. It is accredited by the JCI, an organization to evaluate quality and safety of medical institutions worldwide.
  • International Department for foreign patients. It provides transfer, accommodation in the hospital, and interpreter service for foreigners.
  • Possibility to combine a treatment and vacation in Turkey. Besides treatment, patients can visit Antalya sights and admire Turkish lifestyle.


Memorial Antalya Hospital in figures


Awards of Memorial Antalya

JCI accreditation

The Hospital meets criteria of Joint Commission International, a global organization for patients safety. Memorial Antalya Hospital has an experienced medical staff, provides international treatment methods, and professional approach to every patient.


Oncology Center

Treatment of cancer is based on international protocols according to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) in the USA and European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), leading cancer organizations for medical oncology worldwide.

Oncologists, radiologists, chemotherapists, and doctors of others specialties (cardiologists, orthopedists, urologists etc.) discuss difficult cases on consilium. Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach, specialists can establish a developed treatment plan to avoid medical errors.

Treatment methods at the Oncology Center:

  • Chemotherapy. The chemo drugs are aimed to stop cancer cells growth. The hospital doctors select chemotherapeutic drugs individually for every patient.
  • Targeted therapy. It’s a treatment with antibodies that target malignant cells saving healthy ones. Side effects are rare in comparison to standard chemotherapy.
  • Radiotherapy. 80% of cancer patients undergo this therapy. The hospital’s doctors use a revolutionary linear accelerator TrueBeam STx, that directly irradiates a tumor not affecting healthy tissues. It is used for all tumor types.
  • Bone marrow transplant. The procedure is necessary for patients who undergo high-dose chemotherapy to restore blood formation. Memorial Antalya Hospital specialists carry out it for patients over 18 years old.


General Surgery Department

Memorial Antalya Hospital is the first private hospital in Turkey licensed for organ (liver and kidney) transplant by Turkish Ministry of Health. It is also the first private hospital to perform a liver transplant.

The Surgery Department is divided into the following specialties:

  • Breast surgery. The hospital physicians conduct the removal of benign and malignant tumors. Surgeons perform breast-saving operations and breast reconstruction with implants.
  • Endocrine surgery. Doctors specialize in treating benign and cancerous tumors of the thyroid, adrenal and pancreatic glands.
  • Gastroenterology surgery. Specialists of the Department conduct surgical treatment of stomach, esophagus, large and small intestines.
  • Obesity surgery. Such surgeries are for the patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 35-40 and who suffer from chronic diseases, as diabetes. Memorial Antalya Hospital doctors perform gastric sleeve and bypass surgeries to help patients lose their weight.


Newborn Department, Memorial Antalya Hospital


Plastic Surgery Department

Doctors of this department are specialized in aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive operations. Plastic surgeons carry out the following procedures:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast augmentation and reduction
  • Liposuction
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Scars and incisions removal
  • Reconstruction of congenital deficiencies, as protruding ears, birthmarks, nevus, and hemangiomas
  • Skin and bone reconstruction after injuries and surgeries.


Services for patients in Memorial Antalya Hospital


Patients live in Memorial Guest House designed as a 5-star hotel with comfortable home-like hall and rooms.


Memorial Antalya provides free transfer from the airport to the hospital.


Foreign patients can use an interpreting service to communicate with doctors and medical staff if required.


A room in Memorial Antalya Hospital


Memorial Hospitals in other cities:

Additional services
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Clinic to airport
Language assistance
Hotel (apartments) near the clinic, billed daily
Requirements for admission
Payment methods
Credit cards
0 - 100
What procedures do patients have most often?
The most common procedures in the hospital are:
  • Breast lift
  • Breast augmentation
  • Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

Patient reviews

1 star
2 stars
3 stars
4 stars
5 stars
Memorial Antalya Hospital overall rate includes
Language assistance

Людмила Ни • Consultation with a neurologist

Jul 19, 2021
Verified review.
Verified review.
- The neurologist and cardiologist told in detail about the diagnosis and gave recommendations
I liked the doctors, staff and translator Gunay, the neurologist and cardiologist told in detail about the diagnosis and gave recommendations, made an appointment
Show original

Valerie Tully • Stem cell therapy
United Kingdom

Feb 29, 2024
Verified review.
Verified review.
I would not hesitate to go back to this hospital and see the doctors and event for any other reason I would definitely come back to Turkey to the memorial Hospital
Dr and staff was amazing. They fulfilled their jobs are specialist. The translator we had was amazing. He explained majority of everything Hospital hospital cleanliness was superb.. I would not hesitate to go back to this hospital and see the doctors and event for any other reason I would definitely come back to Turkey to the memorial Hospital. I saw the cardiologist, lung specialist and also had stem cells Thank you
And all the run-up to the appointments and that the timing and everything was absolutely fantastic, even to look at my medication. What I was already taken, which I’m not sure if other on the right ones but the doctor changed them over which I’m hoping that this will work
Nothing to dislike
About Bookimed service
Doctors nurses and also the lady who actually recommended stem cells and everything else, and they run up to it and the checkups after

Stephanie • Consultation with an orthopedist (traumatologist)

Oct 20, 2023
Verified review.
Verified review.
I got a meniscus repair and the whole process was really amazing. I would definitely recommend Memorial hospital as well as Bookimed. My case manager Hana was exceptional and extremely patient.
About Bookimed service
Hanna was exceptional, her communication, constantly checking up on me and providing me with solid recommendations. I highly recommend bookimed

Светлана • Consultation with a cardiologist

Jul 25, 2023
Verified review.
Verified review.
I liked everything very much
I liked everything very much, namely - The professionalism of the doctors, the rapid passage of tests, modern equipment, the entire staff is very polite, competent and pleasant translator.
Show original

Neli • Consultation with a gynecologist
United Kingdom

Jun 4, 2023
Verified review.
Verified review.
Reasonable prices
Reasonable prices. Competent staff. Modern,clean hospital.
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Zafer Mah. Yıldırım Beyazıt Cad. No: 91, Kepez/Antalya, Turkey
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