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Alexey Kitasty

Dentist, Orthodontist

He has 13 years of practical experience behind him. He is a certified specialist in dental alignment in the German Incognito system and the American Invisalign system. Completed dental practice in New York. Thanks to the practice and knowledge gained in various specialized courses, Alexey always clearly analyzes the clinical situation and offers patients the optimal treatment that gives an effective result. With his work, he proves that it is possible to correct bite defects and create an ideal smile for patients of all ages, no matter how complex the pathology is.

17 years of experience

The doctor has been involved in a variety of dental training courses over the past few years, including surgical features of working with the Straumann dental implant system, Meaw technique Class III hight angle open bite, Standard Edgewise Technique in Contemporary Orthodontics, CEREC Club Integrated Capabilities, Unique Prosthetics Bio LINE 2018, Module 3 All about Veneers, and Occlusal Splints Basic Knowledge for Practical Application.


Amel Dental Clinic ,Dnipro , Ukraine
Before and After Pictures
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  • - "Invisalight Traning Course I", 2017
  • - "Surgical features of working with the Straumann dental implant system: BLT / TL / BL", Dnipro, 2017
  • - "Meaw technique Class III hight angle open bite" 3-дневный курс, 2018
  • - "Standard Edgewise Technique in Contemporary Orthodontics", Турция, 2018
  • - "Сerec club. Integrated capabilities", 2018
  • - "Unique prosthetics Bio LINE 2018", 2018
  • - "Module 3 All about veneers. From smile design to bonding", Киев, 2018
  • - "Occlusal splints. Basic knowledge for practical application", 2019