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Turkey Istanbul

Breast augmentation with Motiva® round gel breast implant

Dr. M. Hakan BULAM Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic Turkey Istanbul
81% Clients recommended this clinic

Plastic surgeon

Hakan Bulam
Ass. Prof. Dr. M. HAKAN BULAM, MD, FEBOPRAS Dr. M. Hakan BULAM, MD started his career in Plastic Surgery in 2006 after completing six-year medical training from the Hacettepe University Medical School (2000-2006) leading to MD. Having worked in Gazi University Plastic Surgery Department (2006-2012) as a plastic surgery resident he was then become a Plastic Surgeon. He passed the prestigious European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery examination in 2012 and finished his board certification leading to fellow of EBOPRAS. Dr. Hakan is also a Active Member of the international (ISAPS) and national society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (TPRCD/EPDC).
18 years of experience
Dr. Hakan Bulam is an internationally renowned Plastic Surgeon, specializing in a wide range of aesthetic procedures including Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Butt Lift, and hair transplantation. He holds a professional qualification diploma from the Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association and is an active member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).
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Enhance Your Beauty with Premium Breast Augmentation by Dr. Hakan Bulam. Highly skilled plastic surgeon with over 12 years of experience and comprehensive services in a top-quality clinic.

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Medical Procedures

  • Breast augmentation
  • Video or text consultation
  • General anesthesia
  • Preoperative tests
  • Sedation
  • Blood tests
  • Medications
  • Follow-up examination
  • Post-op medications
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Consultation with an anesthesiologist
  • Special bra
  • Varicose vein stocking
  • Breathing exercise device
  • Language assistance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Follow-up visit
  • Consultation with a plastic surgeron
  • Motiva® round gel breast implant


  • 1 days in the hospital
  • 6 days in the hotel


VIP transfer

info Implant

Motiva® round gel breast implant

Additional information

1 night fully equipped hospital stay
Plastic Surgeon Consultation
General Anesthesia / Anesthesiologist
Preoperative Tests
Postopetative Medications
Follow-up visits by Doctor himself
VIP transportation between airport-hotel-hospital.

24/7 Bookimed assistance

Personal medical coordinator

Medical travel arrangements — booking of air tickets and hotel rooms at special partner prices

Patient advocacy during medical travel

Program price


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How it works

What is my first step?
You submit a request on the website to discuss the time and details of your visit. The clinic asks you to send some photos of breast area to inform you of the surgery type and implants.


Nişantaşı, Harbiye, Vali Konağı Cd. No:26 Kat:5, 34367 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey


What are the best countries for breast augmentation?

Bookimed directly cooperates with over 300 clinics located worldwide, so we know the pros and cons of every country and clinic for breast augmentation. Due to this, Bookimed managers have ranked 5 best countries for breast implants.



  • Affordable prices — they are 2-3 times lower than in Europe (Germany, the UK, Austria) and up to 5 times lower than in the USA.
  • High quality — the Turkish clinics on our website operate according to strict international standards.
  • Fast trip arrangement — you may have a breast augmentation within several days after your request.
  • All-inclusive service — the cost includes transfer, accommodation, language assistance.


  • The fights tickets from some countries to Turkey may be quite expensive.

South Korea


  • Top country for breast augmentation and other plastic surgeries in the world. 100% is a success rate for the procedure in South Korea.
  • Affordable prices which 10-15% lower than in Western Europe, and 2-3 times lower than in the USA.


The flight tickets may cost a lot from some states. Not every South Korean clinic offers package prices.



  • Affordable prices that are 10-15% lower than in Western Europe and 2-3 times than in the USA.
  • Internationally certified clinics
  • Possibility to combine a vacation with a breast augmentation.


  • Flight tickets from some states to Thailand are expensive
  • The package price is not available in any clinic.



  • Affordable prices — 1.5-2 times lower than in Western Europe (Germany, Austria, the UK).
  • Advanced level of healthcare.


  • The clinics offer package prices in rare cases.
  • Flights can be expensive from some countries.
  • The weather in summer can be uncomfortable for international patients.

Czech Republic


  • Affordable prices — 1.5 times cheaper than in Germany, Spain, Austria or Switzerland, and 2-4 times cheaper than in South Korea, the USA, Canada.
  • European quality standards of medical standards.
  • Low-cost tickets from any European country.


  • Flight tickets may be expensive for patients from Asia or Australia.
How to choose the best country for breast implants?

To choose the best country for breast augmentation, take into account such factors:

  • Price policy. The cost of breast augmentation varies from country to country depending on their internal pricing. Due to this, the cost for the procedure, accommodation, meals will be higher in the states with a developed economy and a high living wage of citizens.
  • Travel time. Estimate how long it takes to get to a country for breast augmentation. Pay attention whether the travel is comfortable and also calculate the travel charges to be sure of not overpaying.
  • Package price offered. Clinics located in countries such as Turkey or Thailand often provide package price which, except breast augmentation, also includes accommodation, transfer, language assistance, etc.
How to choose a clinic for breast enlargement?

When a patient chooses the best clinic for breast augmentation, it is necessary to take into account such factors:

  • Doctor's experience. The professionalism of a doctor is a key to breast augmentation success. Learn more about his/her experience, certificates, patients’ reviews. Ask a “before-after” portfolio to be sure of a future result.
  • Specialty of a breast augmentation clinic. It is better to choose a medical center specialized in plastic surgery only. As a rule, such institutions employ the best plastic surgery specialists and have a wide experience in performing such procedures.
  • Breast augmentation reviews. The real experience of patients is very helpful to choose the best country or clinic for breast augmentation. Read them and make the right choice.
  • Breast implant surgery cost. High price does not always mean a good quality. But it is better to avoid clinics which offer suspiciously low breast enhancement prices.
What types of breast augmentation are carried out overseas?

The breast augmentation is performed abroad in the following ways:

Breast augmentation with implants

Access types:

  • through the armpit
  • round the areola
  • under the breast.

Types of implants:

  • teardrop-shaped (anatomical) implants repeatthe shape of the mammary glands. Doctors use them for slim young women with small breasts.
  • round implants are used in case of sagging caused by pregnancy, weight loss, age changes.

If a woman plans pregnancy, a doctor places an implant under a muscle of the mammary gland. For a woman who is not going to breastfeed, a plastic surgeon places the implant under the mammary gland. Breast augmentation with implants has long-term effect, but the recovery takes more time than in the case of non-surgical enlargement.


Lipofilling (lipografting) is a breast enlargement with the patient's own fat. Plastic surgeons receive the material from woman’s thighs or abdomen and inject it into the breast with a syringe. No scars remain after lipofilling. Recovery is faster than after breast augmentation with implants. However, the duration of the effect is up to 3 years, and then lipofilling must be repeated.

Only a doctor can decide which breast augmentation type is adequate in your case.

How to get breast augmentation abroad?
  1. Submit a request on Bookimed.
  2. Bookimed manager will contact you to answer all questions.
  3. Then you choose the best country and clinic for breast augmentation.
  4. You receive a personalized cost estimate.
  5. Then you schedule your arrival to a chosen clinic.

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  • All-Inclusive Package: The Premium Breast Augmentation offer includes a 5-star hotel stay and VIP transfers, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout your treatment.
  • Commitment to Comfort: Patients will have a 1-day stay in the hospital and a 4-day stay in the hotel, providing ample time for recovery and post-operative care.
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  • Seamless experience. Patients are guaranteed all-inclusive care and a stress-free journey with airport-hotel-clinic transfers.
  • Global recognition. Patients from Europe, the US, Canada, and the UK choose Prof. Furkan Karabekmez's Aesthetic Surgery Clinic for its superior medical services.
  • Multilingual proficiency. Prof. Furkan Karabekmez is fluent in English, Turkish, and beginner-level Arabic, ensuring clear and effective patient communication.
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