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Turkey, Antalya

SoracaMed Clinic

91% patients recommend
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About the clinic

Year of foundation

SoracaMed Clinic is a private multi-specialty medical center located in Antalya, Turkey. The team is dedicated to dental treatment, plastic surgery, weight loss, and maxillofacial surgery. According to the Clinic's data, the success rate for All-on-4 dental implants is 99.9%. The Clinic's commitment is to ensure competitive and immediate service packages tailored to patients' medical procedures and treatment needs. SoracaMed Clinic's biggest mission is to provide patients with the best healthcare services, enhancing their quality of life and contributing to a healthy future. In medical tourism, SoracaMed Clinic remains committed to delivering a unique and unforgettable healthcare journey to patients by focusing on superior quality and personalized experiences at every stage. SoracaMed Clinic serves only adults. 600 patients choose the clinic to get medical care every year. Patients from Europe & Commonwealth, the USA, Canada, Australia, and Russian-speaking countries visit the clinic most often.

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SoracaMed Clinic
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Special offers
Otoplasty (ear surgery) Upper Eyelid Surgery FUE hair transplant Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)
Basic Otoplasty (ear surgery) All Included $1532
Standard Upper Eyelid Surgery All Included $1642 $1324
Hair transplant (Maximum Amount of Grafts) All Included $2025
Primary Rhinoplasty Surgery All included $3600
Hollywood Smile $4500

Treatments prices in the clinic

Last price update — 29.04.2022. Prices can be changed depending on the medical case and doctor's recommendations.
Plastic Surgery
Breast lift $3011.16 - $3284.9
Facelift surgery $3065.91 - $3832.38
Rhinoplasty (nose job) $3011.16 - $3558.64
Liposuction $2463.67 - $3284.9
Tummy tuck $3011.16 - $4106.12
Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology
FUE hair transplant $1368.71 - $2189.93
Brow lift $2189.93 - $2737.42
Hair transplant $1368.71 - $2189.93
Beard transplant $1368.71 - $1916.19
Eyebrow transplantation $1094.97 - $1642.45
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Hymenoplasty (hymen restoration) $1916.19 - $2737.42
Weight Loss Surgery
Gastric bypass $3558.64 - $4106.12
Gastric sleeve surgery (Sleeve gastrectomy) $2900
Gastric balloon $1478.2 - $2737.42
Dental Treatment
All-on-4 Dental Implants $1970.94 - $4379.87
All-on-6 Dental Implants $3941.88 - $8759.73
Porcelain Veneer $120.45
Composite Veneer $120.45
Lumineer $191.62 - $246.37
Male Check-up Price on request

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Clinic Doctors

hospital accreditations of quality

Turkish Medical Association certificate for SoracaMed Clinic
Turkish Medical Association
TR, Turkish Medical Association certificate for SoracaMed Clinic
The Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EDAD) Certificate certificate for SoracaMed Clinic
The Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EDAD) Certificate
TR, The Turkish Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EDAD) Certificate certificate for SoracaMed Clinic

SoracaMed Clinic : more details about the clinic

Turkey, Antalya

SoracaMed Clinic is a Turkish medical clinic that offers affordable and premium services, including cosmetic surgery, dental care, and hair transplants. Their team of top doctors is dedicated to helping patients achieve their desired results without compromising on quality.

Benefits of choosing SoracaMed Clinic

  • Affordable prices. SoracaMed Clinic's prices are approximately 70% less than those in the EU/US.
  • Comprehensive packages. SoracaMed Clinic offers all-inclusive packages beyond medical treatments, including accommodation, transportation, city tours, and shopping experiences.
  • Focus on patient well-being. SoracaMed Clinic prioritizes patient well-being and satisfaction by strictly evaluating their surgeons and maintaining high standards of care.
  • Transparency and trust. SoracaMed Clinic provides transparent and honest details about treatment costs and procedures, allowing patients to make informed decisions.
  • Continuity of care. SoracaMed Clinic doctors monitor patient progress and provide guidance 24/7, even after complete treatment.

SoracaMed Clinic is an excellent option for those seeking affordable, high-quality medical services in Turkey.


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What procedures do patients have most often?
The most common procedures in the hospital are:
  • Otoplasty (ear surgery)
  • Upper Eyelid Surgery
  • Early detection of malignant diseases for women
  • FUE hair transplant
  • Hair transplant

Patient reviews

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Anonymous • Dental Implant
United Kingdom

Nov 14, 2023
Verified review.
Verified review.
convenient, high quality, fast
Thank you very much to the doctor and medical staff, convenient, high quality, fast.
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Аleksei • Dental Implant

Nov 17, 2023
Verified review.
Verified review.

Надежда • Dental Implant

Oct 20, 2023
Verified review.
Verified review.
Güzeloba, Egda Plaza, Rauf Denktaş Cd No:56 D:102, 07230 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turkey
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SoracaMed Clinic
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updated 11/22/2023
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SoracaMed Clinic
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