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Turkey Istanbul

30-33 FRACTION RADIOTHERAPY (Radiation Therapy) Truebeam | ALL INCLUDED PACKAGE / (VIP Transport, hotel accommodation and translation services, etc..)

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital Turkey Istanbul
88% Clients recommended this clinic
Excellent score based on 96 patient reviews Read reviews

Radiation oncologist

Fazilet Oner Dincbas
9 years of experience

Program details

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Medical Procedures

  • Consultation with an oncologist
  • Radiotherapy
  • Radiotherapy for throat cancer
  • Radiotherapy for prostate cancer
  • Radiotherapy for lung cancer
  • Radiotherapy for breast cancer
  • Radiotherapy for uterine cancer
  • Radiotherapy for cervical cancer
  • Hotel
  • Consultation with a doctor
  • Follow-up examination


  • 0 days in the hospital
  • 45 days in the hotel


Transfer airport-clinic-airport

Additional information

Patients needs to stay in abroad at least 45 days.

24/7 Bookimed assistance

Personal medical coordinator

Medical travel arrangements — booking of air tickets and hotel rooms at special partner prices

Patient advocacy during medical travel

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Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital overall rate includes
Language assistance

Гульсара • Breast cancer

Jan 27, 2020
Verified review.
Verified review.
"The doctors' approach is good"
Nobody offered us a ward, and if we offered we couldn’t pay it, it’s about 500 dollars a day, the doctors’ approach is good, but I think we should warn the patient about his future expenses and give an alternative for treatment because he’s not ready for such expenses, thereby putting people in an awkward position by themselves, the procedures are very expensive or perhaps it seems to us expensive because we did not quite think about their prices like that. I think when you come to this clinic with a complex form of the disease, you need to have a good wallet, now I don’t have enough pills for treatment because it costs more than $ 1,700, I don’t have that much money, you know what to do after that. Maybe I'm complaining off topic, but it touched me during treatment, it would be nice if the clinic has its own hotel at a more affordable price. We counted on a week and stayed for a month. This is the fee for the room, this is the food for additional expenses that were not considered. Well, something like this, and no one cares about our capabilities.
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Anonymous • Basalioma
Russian Federation

Jan 24, 2019
Verified review.
Verified review.
"Clinic definitely recommend
When they learned what was needed in the clinic, they didn’t even know where to run and whom to contact. Coordinators helped to select a clinic. They gave us a doctor. Everything went great, the doctor is a true professional.  Separately, I want to note the attitude to patients. We were met at the airport, brought to the clinic and there was already a translator waiting. Literally "by the hand" we were taken to the doctors, everyone translated. Then they provided a taxi to the hotel.   During the operation, the ward was provided for two people - for the patient and the attendant; both of them were included in the cost of the operation.   After surgery, the doctor held a consultation, making sure that you can fly back. And only then answered questions remotely that arose.  Clinic definitely recommend
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Гозель • Ovarian cyst
United States of America

Dec 10, 2019
Verified review.
Verified review.
"If I previously doubted your service, now I advise everyone to come through Bookimed
Thank you very much Bookimed for the help in choosing the clinic. I passed the check at the Memorial Clinic. The clinic is excellent, from nurses to doctors at the highest level, the doctors are very competent and kind. She thanked the translator Asele very much and the doctor coordinator Alexander helped me choose it was this clinic that was always in touch. The transfer was organized constantly for that, many thanks. If I previously doubted your service, now I advise everyone to come through Bookimed
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Ellen Megedy • Breast cancer
Cote D"Ivoire

Jun 12, 2024
Verified review.
Verified review.
I was left with only positive emotions after the consultation
First of all I would like to thank the Bookimed support team, especially the coordinators for the work they did and putting together the programme in the shortest possible time. I requested an online consultation with a Turkish oncology professor and was pleasantly surprised that within 48 hours after the request my consultation took place. I was left with only positive emotions after the consultation. Special thanks to the coordinator Yulia Voloshchuk and Anya Patarkalashvili!
Excellent organisation and ability to listen and hear individual patient needs .
There's no such experience
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Ivanka • Pancreatic cancer

Oct 6, 2023
Verified review.
Verified review.
We get a good help in Memorial hospital thanks to her and her assistance
We are more than grateful to our coordinator from Bookimed dr. Hanna. She has been our helper and supporter every step of the way. I highly recommend to take a contact with her if you need help for treatment in another country. She is wonderful and supportive and organise ting and consultation with doctors pretty fast. We get a good help in Memorial hospital thanks to her and her assistance.
About Bookimed service
I highly recommend Dr. Hanna for Bookimed for everyone who needs medical help and treatment abroad.
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Bahçelievler Merkez, Adnan Kahveci Blv. No: 227, 34180 Bahçelievler/İstanbul, Turkey


What is the essence of radiation therapy and why is it performed?

The main task of radiation therapy (radiotherapy) is to destroy cancer cells. This is due to exposure to radiation, which destroys their DNA.

The location of the tumor and the stage of the disease affect the goal of radiation therapy. Depending on this, the following types of procedures are distinguished:

  • Therapeutic. As the only method of treatment, radiation therapy is used:
    • with neoplasms that are difficult to access for surgery;
    • in the early stages of some types of cancer;
    • in oncohematological diseases, when it is necessary to irradiate the entire body.
  • Neoadjuvant is preoperative radiation. Doctors perform it to reduce the neoplasm and preserve tissues as much as possible during the operation.
  • Adjuvant - postoperative therapy. Destroys metastases (secondary tumors) and cancer cells that remained after the intervention in the area of the removed neoplasm.
  • Intraoperative - in some cases, replaces adjuvant radiotherapy. Doctors perform it during surgery after removing the visible part of the tumor to destroy the remaining cancer cells.
  • Palliative - indicated for patients with large inoperable neoplasms in the advanced stages of cancer to relieve symptoms.
What determines the cost of radiation therapy?

Factors that affect the cost of radiotherapy:

  • Tumor localization. The price will be higher if the tumor is located near large vessels or nerves and requires special accuracy and complexity of beam adjustment.
  • Dose, number of irradiated zones and sessions. The more of them, the higher the price of radiotherapy.
  • Selected country and clinic. The cost of radiotherapy in different countries can vary several times. For example, 1 course in Turkey costs from $3,068, and in Spain - from $9,371. This is due to the difference in pricing policies for medical services in states. Prices for radiation for cancer in different hospitals in the same country depend on the type of facility (private/public) and class
  • Additional medical services. These include the cost of tickets to the selected country, transfer from / to the airport, translation services, accommodation. In some clinics, the services of a Russian-speaking coordinator, translator, transfer and accommodation are included in the cost of treatment. Check with the Bookimed coordinating doctor when choosing a medical center.
How much does a course of radiation therapy cost?

The table shows the estimated cost of a course of radiation therapy in different countries. Prices in some countries differ by several times, while the leading clinics of all these countries have the latest devices of the latest generation.

The country

The cost of radiation therapy


from $3 068

South Korea

from $3 500


from $4 450


from $6 100


from $8 000


from $8 367


from $9 371

How to arrange treatment?

The page presents the leading clinics around the world, which have the latest devices for radiation therapy. You can sort medical centers by cost, recommendations and patient reviews. Leave a request on the website so that the Bookimed coordinating doctor will contact you at a convenient time for you. He will answer your questions about treatment, tell you how much a course of radiation therapy costs in your case, guide you to the leading clinics, and sign up for the procedure.

The Bookimed care department helps with finding tickets and accommodation for the duration of your stay. You do not pay for our services.

Where can I read reviews of radiotherapy?

You can read the reviews about radiotherapy left by Bookimed patients in the clinic cards on this page. Here is one of them. He was left by a woman whose aunt was undergoing radiation therapy at the Solingen clinic in Germany.

Good afternoon everyone! The bookimed company helped a lot in solving the terrible misfortune that happened in my family - this is cancer, namely the consultant Koval Ivan, gave hope for my aunt's recovery. A few words about how bookimed advised us with the hospital: we submitted an application with a specific problem, and on the same day consultant Ivan called us back, exactly one day later we were offered three options for hospitals in Europe with a full description of doctors and the cost of treatment. A week later, we were already in Germany for an appointment with Professor Dr. Hensch, the consultation was held at a very high level. Now my aunt is being treated and I am sure that the treatment will be successful.)) I think my aunt will tell you in more detail after she has fully recovered. Personally, on behalf of myself and all of my family, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Bookimed and Ivan for the quality work.


What do Bookimed patients look for when choosing a clinic?

When choosing a medical center for radiation therapy, you need to pay attention to:

  • Year of manufacture of the device. The newer the unit, the more accurate, effective and safer the radiotherapy will be. Therefore, choose a clinic that uses units no older than 2013.
  • Qualified radiation oncologist. Leading experts in this field have at least 15 years of practical experience. It is important that he has regular fellowships in other countries (eg USA) and is a member of international organizations such as the American Society of Radiation Oncology ( ASTRO ) and the European Association for Radiation Therapy and Oncology ( ESTRO ).
What are the types of radiation therapy?

Depending on the method of irradiation, the following types of procedures are distinguished:

Remote (external) radiation therapy

Doctors irradiate the tumor using a special device - a linear accelerator, which is located at a distance from the patient and produces radiation beams.

The Cancer Research UK charitable organization distinguishes the following types of remote radiotherapy:

  • 3D-conformal radiation therapy (3D-CRT) - the device creates a three-dimensional model of the neoplasm and acts on it from different angles;
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) - allows you to accurately calculate the doses of radiation required for each of the areas of the tumor, and adjust the beam to the shape of the tumor.
  • Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) – During the procedure, the machine takes CT scans of the tumor. Thanks to this, the doctor can correct the position of the patient's body and accurately direct the radiation beam to the neoplasm.
  • Hypofractional stereotactic radiotherapy (SBRT) is an exposure of a neoplasm to a high dose of radiation. The procedure is only indicated for certain forms of cancer (eg, liver, lung, spine).
  • Proton beam therapy - during such treatment, the destruction of cancer cells occurs due to a beam of protons. The radiation dose is lower than with other types of radiotherapy.

Contact radiation therapy (brachytherapy)

Doctors place a source of radiation (needles, capsules, seeds) inside or near the tumor. The substance affects the neoplasm locally and does not harm the body as a whole.

Radionuclide therapy

The patient takes an oral or intravenous drug with radiation that accumulates in malignant cells. Radionuclide methods of irradiation include radioiodine therapy.

How is radiation therapy performed?

external beam radiation therapy

This is a painless procedure that does not require anesthesia. Moreover, if the patient is a child, doctors use special sedatives that calm him down and allow him to lie still during the irradiation session.

During the procedure, the patient is on a special couch. His body is given the necessary position and fixed to avoid displacement. If necessary, also fix the head with a special mesh.


It is performed under local or general anesthesia. The doctor places radioactive grains into the organ with special needles. He controls the course of the procedure using ultrasound.

Radioiodine therapy

Under the supervision of a doctor, the patient takes a capsule with an individual dose of radioiodine , which is selected according to the results of the examination. The radionuclide does not harm the patient's body, but may affect the health of others. Therefore, for 3-7 days he remains in an individual ward with a special ventilation system.

What side effects and complications can occur after irradiation?

After remote radiation therapy, the patient may experience systemic complications associated with the general condition, and local ones in the area in which the radiotherapy took place.





Fragility of blood vessels

Violation of hematopoiesis

Small focal hemorrhages

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea

Ulceration of the irradiated surface

Hair loss, brittle nails

How long does treatment last at Bookimed partner clinics?

The mode of radiation therapy depends on its type:

  • Duration of 1 session of remote radiation therapy is 10-45 minutes. The course takes, on average, 2 weeks (5 procedures each). The number of courses is individual for each patient. Doctors determine the need for hospitalization according to the general state of health. In some cases, a single irradiation of the tumor (radiosurgery) is indicated.
  • Brachytherapy takes 1.5 hours, hospitalization after it - 2 days.
  • After taking radioactive iodine, the patient stays in the clinic for an average of 7 days.

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Turkey, Istanbul
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  • World-Class Medical Institution: Memorial Şişli Hospital is internationally recognized, being the first in Turkey and 21st globally to receive JCI accreditation.
  • Comprehensive Radiotherapy Program: The offer includes 30-35 Radiotherapy fractions, with a dedicated consultation with Dr. Saglam.
  • Convenient Transfers: The package provides transfer services between the airport, hotel, and clinic for a seamless experience.
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  • Comprehensive Treatment Plan: The offer includes a consultation with an oncologist and a 3D CT scan, essential for precise Radiotherapy planning.
  • Convenient Services: Patients receive seamless transfer services between the airport and the clinic, although accommodation is not included in the offer.
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Clinical oncologist - Yesim Yildirim
20 years of experience
  • Extensive Oncology Expertise: Professor Yesim Yildirim brings over 19 years of experience in medical oncology, specializing in cancer immunotherapy, targeted therapies, and specifically Sarcoma treatment.
  • Internationally Recognized Credentials: Dr. Yildirim is accredited by the prestigious European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) and has contributed to over 80 publications in the field.
  • Comprehensive Sarcoma Treatment Package: The offer includes consultations, biopsy, advanced imaging (MRI & PET/CT), Sarcoma surgery, radiation therapy, and necessary hospitalization.
  • Global Clinic Excellence: Anadolu Medical Center is affiliated with Johns Hopkins Hospital and ranked in the Top 10 by MTQUA, attracting patients from across the globe for Sarcoma care.
  • Supportive Services for International Patients: The package comes with airport-clinic transfers, translation services, and assistance with accommodation, ensuring a comfortable experience.
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Nuclear medicine physician - Tamer Atasever
32 years of experience
  • 39 years of expertise in Nuclear Medicine with Dr. Tamer Atasever, who is proficient in both English and Turkish.
  • Accredited member of the Turkey Association of Nuclear Medicine and the European Association of Nuclear Medicine.
  • Access to advanced Radiotherapy technologies such as the Varian Trilogy and Eclipse Planning System.
  • Medipol Mega Hastaneler Kompleksi is a renowned clinic with over 1,200 daily patients, specializing in cancer treatments.
  • Comprehensive care with additional services such as translation support and comfortable accommodation at Serenity hotel.
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Turkey, Istanbul
Radiation oncologist - Fazilet Oner Dincbas
9 years of experience
  • Extensive Expertise: Dr. Cihat Sen has been providing expert medical care since 1980, with a longstanding specialization in perinatology and gynecology.
  • State-of-the-Art Radiotherapy: Patients receive Radiation Therapy with Truebeam STX, a cutting-edge technology for precision treatment.
  • Comprehensive Care Package: The offer includes a consultation, an individual chamber for treatment privacy, and VIP transfer for added comfort.
  • Renowned Facility: Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital is acclaimed for its eco-friendly design, contributing to patient well-being and is a leading center for oncology.
  • International Patient Services: The clinic's coordinators assist in selecting the right medical services, and language support is provided to ensure clear communication.
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