Bookimed experts have combed through numerous offers from partner retreat hosts to pinpoint the top 8 luxury wellness retreats trending in 2024. Among the globe's most exquisite locales, Spain and Costa Rica stand out due to their breathtaking natural beauty and exceptional wellness programs. Catering to a range of preferences and budgets, the top retreats span from the surprisingly accessible $1,050 for a 4-day stay to $9,470 for the ultimate 21-day resort experience

Table of Contents

  1. Compare and Select the Finest Luxury Wellness Retreats
  2. Best Luxury Yoga Retreat
  3. Best Meditation Retreat
  4. Best Luxury Mental Health Retreat
  5. Best Luxury Blue Zone Retreat
  6. Best Luxury Spiritual Retreat
  7. Best Luxury Pilates Retreat
  8. Best Luxury Detox Retreat
  9. Best Luxury Holistic Retreat
  10. Luxury Retreat Centers: Top Picks
  11. Best Countries for a Luxury Wellness Retreat
  12. Main Takeaways

Compare and Select the Finest Luxury Wellness Retreats





Retreat Goal

Yoga Retreat

Marbella, Spain

4 days/3 nights

from $1,200

Enhance well-being, energy, and mental clarity through yoga practice in a luxurious setting.
Meditation Retreat Valencia, Spain

6 days/5 nights

from $1,850 Foster profound personal growth by relaxing body and mind and restoring balance.
Mental Health Retreat Valencia, Spain

8 days/7 nights

from $3,180

Combat stress and improve mental health through personalized holistic practices.
Blue Zone Retreat

Nicoya, Costa Rica

6 days/5 night

from $3,090

Cultivate optimal mind-body balance and gain longevity insights in the pristine surroundings.
Spiritual Retreat

Valencia, Spain

22 days/21 night

from $9,470

Achieve profound personal transformation, learn to set and achieve life-enhancing goals.

Pilates Retreat

Marbella, Spain

4 days/3 nights

from $1,420

Sculpt the body, recharge the mind, boost metabolism, and heighten energy levels.

Detox Retreat

Valencia, Spain

4 days/3 nights

from $1,050

Cleanse the body, kickstart metabolism, and boost energy.

Holistic Transformation Retreat

Valencia, Spain

7 days/6 nights

from $3,090

Achieve physical vitality and mental clarity, craft a personalized plan for continuous self-improvement.

Below, you can explore further details about each retreat to find the ideal option for your healing and relaxation journey.

Best luxury yoga retreat:

Marbella Yoga Retreat: 3-Night Practice and Relax Getaway in Spain — from $1,200

luxury wellness retreats

  • Location: Marbella, Spain.
  • Duration: 4 days/3 nights.
  • Accommodation & Food: Full board with a room in a luxury hotel accommodation with a view of the surrounding mountains and spa facilities.

💚Why You'll Love It? This all-inclusive resort merges the ancient art of yoga with the luxurious calm of a wellness getaway. This is your ticket to boosting well-being, energy, and mental clarity, all while enjoying the beauty of Marbella.

🌟Signature Experiences: Enjoy the transformative power of yoga with morning and evening sessions, complemented by meditation. Plus, with access to a sauna, steam room, and fitness center, every moment at the retreat is an opportunity to indulge in self-care.

🍒Cherry on Top: A 60-minute world-class spa treatment that promises ultimate relaxation.

Best luxury meditation retreat:

5-day Renewal Break in Spain — from $1,850

luxury wellness retreats

  • Location: Valencia, Spain.
  • Duration: 6 days/5 nights.
  • Accommodation & Food: Full board with bio-gourmet cuisine and a room in a luxury hotel with views of the Sierra de Mariola.

💚Why You'll Love It? Here, you'll embark on a transformative journey, engaging in practices designed to relax your body, reduce stress, restore balance, and revitalize your energy levels, setting the stage for profound personal growth.

🌟Signature Experiences: Become your own guru at this luxury resort — tailor your wellness experiences with a flexible schedule, choosing activities that resonate with your journey. Dive into Vinyasa Yoga for flow, Hatha Yoga for balance, or tap into inner peace with Om Meditation.

Therapeutic massages and unique treatments utilize the wisdom of world cultures, from the Ayurvedic oil massages of India to the energy-healing Reiki of Japan to the sound meditation with Tibetan singing bowls. 

🍒Cherry on Top: Cutting-edge therapies like kinesiology, mental kineprogramming, and biomagnetism.

Best luxury mental health retreat:

Total Stress Reset: 1-Week Escape — from $3,180

luxury mental health retreats

  • Location: Valencia, Spain.
  • Duration: 8 days/7 nights.
  • Accommodation & Food: Full board with gourmet bio diet and luxurious accommodations.

💚Why You'll Love It? In today’s fast-paced world, finding a sanctuary that offers a genuine escape from stress is rare. This luxury mental health retreat at MasQi is that rare gem. Its 8-day program is designed to combat fatigue, elevate your health and fitness levels, enhance sleep quality, and instill a profound sense of inner calm.

🌟Signature Experiences: Indulge in a blend of yoga, meditation, personalized therapies, and holistic workshops on nutrition and breathing, all tailored to empower you with effective stress management tools.

🍒Cherry on Top: A unique addition to this resort is the personal mentoring session coupled with a natal chart reading, offering insights into your personal journey and how to align it with your wellness goals.

Best luxury Blue Zone retreat:

6-Day Private Luxury Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat in Costa Rica — from $3,090

luxury wellness retreats costa rica

  • Location: Nicoya, Costa Rica.
  • Duration: 6 days/5 nights.
  • Accommodation & Food: Full-board organic meals prepared by experienced chefs and luxurious accommodations with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

💚Why You'll Love It? This idyllic resort is set in the heart of Nicoya Peninsula, one of the world’s five Blue Zones, where people live longer and healthier lives. According to Condé Nast Traveler, Blue Zone retreats are one of the hottest wellness trends for 2024. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the secrets of longevity and well-being.

🌟Signature Experiences: All activities are customized to fit your wellness aspirations and goals. The resort provides one-on-one yoga and mindfulness sessions with a renowned instructor, Irena Bartolec. Your days will be filled with mindful practices at sunrise, personalized yoga sessions, and leisure time for spa treatments or exploring Costa Rica’s natural beauty.

🍒Cherry on Top: Additional activities like natural hot springs excursions, horseback riding, sound healing, surf lessons, herbal steam detox, and visits to a turtle sanctuary.

Best luxury spiritual retreat:

21-Day Life-Changing Retreat in Spain — from $9,470

luxury spiritual retreats

  • Location: Valencia, Spain.
  • Duration: 22 days/21 night.
  • Accommodation & Food: Deluxe hotel accommodations and full-board gourmet bio-diet meals crafted from organic products and fresh wild fish.

💚Why You'll Love It? This epic luxury retreat takes a holistic approach to transformation, offering complete physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation over 21 days. It will equip you with the tools for sustained self-improvement, making it a once-in-a-lifetime journey towards a better you.

🌟Signature Experiences: Dive deep into self-improvement with yoga classes of various styles, meditation sessions to enhance mental clarity, and a daily massage or therapy tailored to your holistic health. Personalized mentoring sessions offer a unique opportunity to set and achieve life-enhancing goals.

🍒Cherry on Top: Personal growth talks, theme dinners, and workshops provide learning opportunities and foster community spirit.

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Best luxury pilates retreat: 

3-night Sculpt and Renew Pilates Getaway in Spain — from $1,420

luxury wellness retreats in spain

  • Location: Marbella, Spain.
  • Duration: 4 days/3 nights.
  • Accommodation & Food: A 4-star hotel with full-board gourmet dining tailored to your dietary needs.

💚Why You'll Love It? Pilates has long been praised and promoted by celebrities for its sculpting effects. Far from being just a method to get fit, pilates is a treasure trove of advantages. Studies show that it can improve the quality of life, alleviate depression and pain, improve posture, increase core strength, and even prevent injury. This luxury health retreat combines fitness sessions with relaxation and leverages the benefits of pilates to boost your metabolism, reduce stress, and elevate energy levels. The experience will leave you revitalized, energized, and with new wellness skills to boot.

🌟Signature Experiences: Daily pilates, morning yoga, and meditation sessions will sculpt your body and calm your mind. With a mix of group activities and private classes, the program promises both connections with kindred spirits and personalized attention.

🍒Cherry on Top: Indulge in luxurious spa treatments designed to soothe and pamper your senses. 

Best luxury detox retreat: 

4-Day Detox Retreat in Valencia — from $1,050

luxury detox retreats

  • Location: Valencia, Spain.
  • Duration: 4 days/3 nights.
  • Accommodation & Food: A stay in a luxury hotel with a hot tub and a garden, complemented by an organic detox diet.

💚Why You'll Love It? This luxury detox retreat is your gateway to a profound cleanse, offering a fresh start for your body and mind. It's designed to elevate your well-being, energize your spirit, and kickstart your metabolism in a peaceful, natural setting. Ideal for those looking to reset their health with tangible benefits like improved digestion and clearer skin.

🌟Signature Experiences: Engage in a carefully curated detox diet featuring organic broths, smoothies, and infusions. Soothing yoga classes and nature walks along stunning beaches will maximize detoxification.

🍒Cherry on Top: A pre-detox manual, a macrobiotic nutrition video workshop, and a complimentary “Detox Box” will provide you with tools to sustain a healthier lifestyle beyond the retreat.

Best luxury holistic retreat:

6-Night Wellness Journey in Spain — from $3,090

luxury health retreats

  • Location: Valencia, Spain.
  • Duration: 7 days/6 nights.
  • Accommodation & Food: Comfortable hotel rooms with stunning mountain views and a health-boosting gourmet bio-diet.

💚Why You'll Love It? One of the best luxury health retreats on the market, this transformative resort promises not just a break but a breakthrough. Its diverse activities and therapies merge into a structured yet deeply personal journey toward holistic health. The retreat program not only rejuvenates the body and mind but also empowers participants to create a plan for positive change and sustained well-being.

🌟Signature Experiences: Your path to transformation is paved with daily yoga and meditation, energy-balancing therapies, Ayurveda, and personalized mentoring. Each day unfolds with a new focus, from energy cleansing and Ayurvedic therapy to chakra balancing and emotional liberation.

🍒Cherry on Top: Personal growth talks, concerts, theme dinners, workshops, and restful nature walks along Valencia’s majestic mountains.

Luxury Retreat Centers: Top Picks

best luxury hotels and retreat centers

1. Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat — Marbella, Spain

best luxury wellness retreats in spain

Visit for: Holistic health programs, personalized attention, and a slice of Asian tranquility in Europe.

Prices: from $1,200 for a 4-day program.

Nestled in the serene Sierra de las Nieves, Shanti-Som brings the essence of Eastern wellness philosophies to the heart of the Mediterranean. This boutique resort is a goldmine of luxury health retreats inspired by the peacefulness of Bali and the principles of feng shui. Experience a blend of rejuvenating treatments, yoga, pilates, detox, fitness classes, and meditation guided by world-class experts. 

Notably, Shanti-Som has been nominated as Spain's Best Wellness Retreat by the World Spa Awards four times since 2019. 

👑Standout Features

  • Holistic Spa. Guests can enjoy a variety of massages, including Ayurvedic, aromatherapeutic, and detox massages. The spa also specializes in kinesiology, addressing imbalances through energy and movement, and offers sessions on conscious nutrition. Don’t miss the opportunity to get pampered with anti-aging massages and exfoliating scrubs.
  • Digital Detox. Embrace the opportunity for a digital detox — no Wi-Fi in the rooms encourages a truly immersive retreat experience.
  • Gourmet Fusion Cuisine. Delight in the healthy, organic fusion cuisine that combines Asian flavors with Mediterranean influences.

2. MasQi, The Energy House — Valencia, Spain

best luxury wellness retreats in Spain

Visit for: A transformative wellness experience that combines the healing powers of yoga, meditation, sound healing, energetic therapies, and Ayurveda with 360-degree views of the Sierra de Mariola mountains.

Prices: from $1,050 for a 4-day program.

MasQi, The Energy House is a sanctuary for those seeking to disconnect from the chaos of modern life and reconnect with their inner selves. MasQi is founded by a certified psychotherapist and yoga teacher on the pillars of yoga, meditation, sound healing, and Ayurveda. This boutique resort rests within a 19th-century farmhouse that has been meticulously restored to offer rustic chic comfort with a touch of luxury. Nominated as Spain's Best Wellness Retreat by the World Spa Awards for four consecutive years, MasQi sets the gold standard for luxury retreats around the world.

👑Standout Features

  • Personalized Experience. Every guest's journey at MasQi is unique. The retreat programs are not one-size-fits-all but are instead tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of each visitor.
  • Macrobiotic Cuisine. At the heart of MasQi's philosophy is its macrobiotic diet, which eschews meat, dairy, sugar, and refined ingredients in favor of organic, seasonal, and locally sourced foods.
  • Treatments Galore. MasQi offers diverse treatments, from ancient gong baths and Ayurvedic therapies to innovative energy therapies, tarot readings, and macrobiotic workshops. The Indian Shirodhara massage, involving warm oil poured onto the forehead, is particularly notable for its ability to relax the nervous system and alleviate stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

MasQi The Energy House
Spain, Valencia
100% patients recommend

MasQi is a 19th-century farmhouse turned boutique hotel nestled in the heart of the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park. With a focus on well-being and a connection to nature, MasQi offers a unique retreat experience, blending the charm of its historic surroundings with a novel concept of rejuvenation and health.

Read more details Hide details

Latest review

Verified review.
From the moment you put your first foot at MasQi you instantly feel good. The energy in the whole place can be felt everywhere. The staff are lovely, they all go out of their way to make you feel the most relaxed you can be, the food looks amazing, taste amazing and it is good for you. The rooms are stylist, cosy and cared for even the smallest detail. Sonia, the owner of the hotel is one the loveliest ladies I have met. She makes sure everyone in the hotel, including the staff, have all their needs met. If you need to rest, restore, revive.. Masqi is the place to go.
— Esme L
France, Jan 30, 2024
Jan 30, 2024 • Verified review.

3. Ashtanga Yoga Mama — Nicoya, Costa Rica

luxury wellness retreats costa rica

Visit for: Unlocking the secrets of longevity and vitality in the world’s largest Blue Zone.

Prices: from $3,090 for a 6-day program.

Ashtanga Yoga Mama is a 100% female-owned and operated luxury wellness center in the heart of the world's largest Blue Zone, Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. It provides exclusive, private retreats customized to fit the preferences of each guest. Unlike traditional group settings, this approach ensures peace, discretion, and personalized attention. The retreat programs create a holistic experience by combining yoga, mindfulness, farm-to-table cuisine, and the healing powers of nature.

👑Standout Features

  • Magical Location. Blue Zone inhabitants tend to live significantly longer and healthier lives compared to the global average, making this location an ideal backdrop for an enriching retreat. The beachfront villa provides a private oasis with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Western horizon. An inviting saltwater lap pool and a private path to a secluded beach ensure moments of solitude and connection amidst the lush Costa Rican nature.
  • Ashtanga Yoga. At the core of the retreat experience lies the transformative practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Originating from the ancient teachings of the sage Patanjali, Ashtanga Yoga integrates breath, movement, and meditation to cultivate physical strength, mental clarity, and spiritual well-being. The open yoga area overlooks the beaches, crashing waves, and sunsets, providing a shaded space with a gentle ocean breeze. 
  • Farm-to-Table Philosophy. The menu features nourishing, wholesome dishes crafted by seasoned private chefs and curated based on preferences. Guests can savor the vibrant flavors of tropical fruits while simultaneously supporting local communities.

Best Countries for a Luxury Wellness Retreat

1. Spain: A Haven of Holistic Wellness

luxury wellness retreats in spain

Spain stands out as a premier destination for luxury wellness retreats with its breathtaking landscapes and state-of-the-art facilities. Among Spain’s jewels is SHA Wellness Clinic, a haven of health and well-being frequented by such celebrities as Kylie Minogue and Monica Bellucci. 

Beyond the renowned SHA Wellness Clinic, the country offers a plethora of retreats nestled in picturesque locations from the sun-drenched Mediterranean coast to the rolling hills of Andalusia. Guests can immerse themselves in activities ranging from yoga and meditation to thermal baths and organic cuisine.


  • Affordable Luxury. According to the Global Wealth and Lifestyle Report, Spain ranks among the most affordable countries for a luxury lifestyle. Enjoy world-class splendor at a fraction of the cost compared to other destinations, from ample amenities to gourmet dining.
  • Unique Wellness Traditions. Soak in Moorish and Roman thermal baths combined with modern spa technologies.
  • Cultural Richness. Explore Spain's diverse cultural heritage with wellness programs incorporating Flamenco dance for fitness, Mediterranean cookery classes for nutrition, and mindfulness practices in Alhambra's gardens.

2. Costa Rica: A Sanctuary of Eco-Luxury

luxury wellness retreats costa rica

Costa Rica is a premier destination for luxury wellness retreats, celebrated for its cheerful "Pura Vida" (or "pure life") philosophy, stunning natural beauty, and commitment to conservation and sustainability. This Central American paradise is the pinnacle of the world’s biodiversity due to its vibrant ecosystems and a symphony of wildlife. From the serene beaches of the Pacific Coast to the lush rainforests of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica offers a variety of blissful settings for a barefoot luxury experience.


  • Eco-Luxury Accommodations. Stay in upscale eco-lodges that prove luxury can be sustainable. Such renowned destinations as Andaz Costa Rica Resort at Peninsula Papagayo offer spa treatments using local volcanic mud and rainforest botanicals, all while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Adventure and Relaxation. Forge a deep connection to nature with activities such as guided hikes to hidden waterfalls in Bajos del Toro, bird watching in Puerto Viejo, and surf lessons in the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.
  • National Parks. Costa Rica's national parks offer plenty of opportunities. Manuel Antonio National Park combines warm Pacific beaches with a lush rainforest, home to diverse wildlife, including playful howler monkeys. Arenal Volcano National Park invites visitors to explore its active volcano and hot springs.

3. Italy: Elegance and Healing

luxury spa retreats in Italy

Italy, with its timeless landscapes, historical richness, and culinary delights, is an exceptional destination for opulent relaxation. The country boasts luxury wellness retreats in picturesque locales such as Tuscany, Sicily, and the Italian Alps. Italy's wellness retreats are perfect for those looking to rejuvenate in an environment that celebrates the art of living well.


  • International Accolades. In 2021, the World Spa Awards chose Italy as the World's Best Wellness Destination. 
  • Authentic Flair. Local retreats offer a holistic approach to wellness, incorporating elements of the Italian culture, such as hydrotherapy, Mediterranean diet-based nutrition, and nature walks through olive groves and vineyards. 
  • Gastronomic Wellness. Indulge in Italy's world-renowned cuisine featuring organic, locally sourced ingredients, and don’t miss out on wine tastings.

Main Takeaways

➤ Spain and Costa Rica host the best luxury wellness retreats that make use of their natural beauty and top-notch wellness programs.

➤ Costs for the best luxury health retreats range from $1,050 for a 4-day stay to $9,470 for a 21-day immersive experience.

➤ In 2024, luxury wellness retreats focus on yoga, meditation, mental health, longevity, spirituality, pilates, detox, and holistic wellness. They feature personalized programs, therapeutic treatments, and rejuvenating physical activities.

➤ In Spain, premier wellness centers like Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat and MasQi, The Energy House offer state-of-the-art facilities and holistic health experiences, including yoga, pilates, meditation, spa treatments, and macrobiotic cuisine.

➤ In Costa Rica, Ashtanga Yoga Mama provides private, customized retreats in the world’s biggest Blue Zone. It promotes longevity and prioritizes yoga, mindfulness, and farm-to-table cuisine.

➤ As for the best wellness destinations, Spain distinguishes itself with affordable luxury and cultural richness, Costa Rica stands out for its sustainable eco-resorts and striking biodiversity, while Italy is internationally recognized for the dazzling mix of elegance, local flair, and culinary delights.

💆‍♀️Ready to turn your dreams about a luxury wellness retreat into a reality? Leave a request on Bookimed, and our dedicated coordinators will help you curate the perfect getaway tailored to your desires.

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