Wondering, "where can I go for a spiritual retreat"? Bookimed experts explored numerous options across the continents to present you with the ultimate destinations for spiritual enlightenment. The USA, Spain, and Indonesia stand out as countries with the most impressive offerings. In these countries, prices for the best spiritual retreats range from an affordable $1,150 for an 8-day spiritual journey to $8,800 for a comprehensive 9-month program. Whether you're in pursuit of Sedona’s vortex energies, Tenerife’s volcanic vistas, or Bali’s tranquil beaches, this article has got you covered.

🕊️What is a spiritual retreat? A spiritual retreat offers a sanctuary away from the distractions of everyday life, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and find inner peace. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the demands of modern life and yearning for a break from the chaos and noise, a spiritual healing retreat may be just what you need.

Table of contents

  1. The Best Spiritual Retreats Around the World: Overview
  2. Spiritual Retreats in the USA
  3. Private Sedona Spiritual Retreat — from $1,210
  4. Women’s Retreat in Sedona — from $1,550
  5. 9-Month Spiritual Journey in Sedona — from $8,800
  6. Spiritual Retreats in Spain
  7. Renewal of the Soul in Tenerife — from $2,690
  8. Private Self-Empowerment Retreat in Tenerife — from $1,630
  9. Spiritual Retreats in Indonesia
  10. Emotional Cleansing Retreat in Bali — from $1,150
  11. Self-Awareness Retreat in Bali — from $2,830
  12. Takeaways

where can i go for a spiritual retreat

The Best Spiritual Retreats Around the World: Overview





Retreat Focus

Private Spiritual Retreat Sedona, USA 4 days/3 nights From $1,210 Spiritual growth through personal coaching, Qigong yoga, psychic readings, and sound healing
Sacred Feminine Awakening Sedona, USA 5 days/4 nights From $1,550 Women's leadership and empowerment
Months-Long Private Spiritual Journey Sedona, USA 5 days/4 nights + continuous 9-month coaching

From $8,800

Private coaching, distance healing, guided meditation, and divine energy channeling
Renewal of the Soul Tenerife, Spain 30 days/29 nights From $2,690 Stress reduction and self-discovery through life coaching, relaxation, and nature exploration
Private Self-Impowerment Retreat Tenerife, Spain 5 days/4 nights From $1,630 One-on-one coaching on self-esteem, relationship issues, inner child healing, and more
Emotional Cleansing Retreat Bali, Indonesia 8 days/7 nights From $1,150 Yoga meditation, chakra purification, aroma psychology, spa treatments, and cultural activities
Self-Awareness Retreat Bali, Indonesia 23 days/22 nights From $2,830 Emotional healing through self-awareness practices, nature exploration, and animal interaction

Spiritual Healing Retreats in the USA

best spiritual retreats usa

💰Price Range: $1,550-$8,800

The United States is a prime destination for spiritual vacations, thanks to its vast natural diversity and preserved heritage that includes Native American, Eastern, and Western spiritual traditions.

Why the USA?

  • Diverse terrains. The country's eclectic landscapes provide a multitude of serene surroundings for life-changing spiritual retreats, from the calming beaches of California to the majestic mountain views of Colorado.
  • Wide range of practices. Spiritual retreats in the United States reflect the country’s cultural diversity and offer a broad spectrum of healing wellness practices, including indigenous ceremonies.

Premier Destination — Sedona, Arizona

sedona spiritual retreats in Arizona

For those thinking about where to go for a spiritual retreat, Sedona, Arizona, is the most obvious choice. This is the world’s New Age capital and the location of some of the most popular spiritual awakening retreats. It is famed for its stunning red rock landscapes, scenic hiking trails, and its powerful energy vortexes. These natural energy centers are believed to facilitate healing, meditation, and personal exploration. 

Private Sedona Spiritual Retreat — from $1,210

spiritual retreats in Arizona

  • Duration: 4 days/3 nights
  • Accommodations & Food: Nomadic simplicity in a rustic tiny house, food is not included.

This personal retreat in Sedona, Arizona, focuses on one-on-one sessions to help you connect deeply with yourself and the universe. Here, you'll engage in all sorts of unique activities, from Qigong and psychic readings to Law of Attraction coaching and sound healing. During your free time, try your hand at automatic writing to channel messages from the divine realm, indulge in salt bath therapy, and absorb the healing energy of a Sedona Vortex. This is your one-stop destination for healing, finding answers, and reducing stress.

🧘‍♂️What’s Quigong? Qigong is a Chinese practice involving coordinated body movements, breath control, and meditation to balance the body's vital energy — “qi.” Its benefits include improved balance and flexibility, reduced stress and anxiety, and improved focus.

Sacred Feminine Awakening: The 5-Day Sedona Retreat — from $1,550

sedona spiritual retreats for women

  • Duration: 5 days/4 nights
  • Accommodations & Food: Camping under the clear skies of Sedona for romantic stargazers and vegan meals.

The next offering on our list is a Sedona sanctuary for female leadership and empowerment. This women's retreat invites guests to unlock their inner strength and embrace their most authentic selves amidst Sedona's sacred landscapes. Engage in energy and sound healing, breathwork, Qigong, and yoga meditation. The program also offers such mind-expanding experiences as automatic writing and psychic readings. 

✨Native American spiritual retreats in Arizona often incorporate stargazing as part of their activities, taking advantage of the state's clear skies and low light pollution.

9-Month Spiritual Mastery Journey in Sedona — from $8,800

spiritual retreats in sedona

  • Duration: A 5-day/4-night retreat with continuous 9-month coaching.
  • Accommodations & Food: Experience authentic living in the Rustic Tiny House with an attentive host assisting in finding local cuisine.

The Spiritual Mastery Journey in Sedona has all you need for a profound transformation. The package includes a 5-day spiritual healing retreat that nurtures the power of Sedona’s vortexes through shamanic journeying, guided meditation, and divine energy channeling. But what really sets this offer apart is the unique offer of regular coaching and distance healing sessions for nine months. This comprehensive program is all about awakening your inner powers, fostering a deeper connection to the divine, and discovering your spiritual path.

🌄 Experience the magic of spiritual healing retreats in Sedona by watching a quick preview:

Life-Changing Spiritual Retreats in Spain

spiritual healing retreats in spain

💰Price Range: $2,360-$9,810

In Spain, ancient traditions and stunning landscapes foster profound personal growth, making it a perfect setting to practice yoga, silent meditation, and other soul-enriching rituals.

Why Spain?

  • Diverse spiritual practices. Spain is a tapestry of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian influences. Its retreats integrate elements like Islamic meditation, Jewish Kabbalah, and Christian contemplative practices.
  • Varied natural beauty. Spain's natural diversity offers a tranquil setting for every preference. Take part in daily yoga classes on the calming shores of Mallorca or hike through the rugged trails of Sierra Nevada.

Premier Destination — Tenerife Island

spiritual awakening retreats in Spain

Tenerife is known for its sandy beaches and sprawling mountains. Dazzling natural wonders, deeply rooted traditions, and a mild climate year-round make Tenerife an ideal destination for a meaningful pilgrimage.

🏔️Tenerife is home to Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain and a dormant volcano. Its volcanic energy is said to have a transformative effect on those who visit.

Renewal of the Soul: 30 Days to Transform Stress and Unleash Inner Peace in Tenerife — from $2,690

personal spiritual retreats in Spain

  • Duration: 30 days/ 29 nights
  • Accommodations & Food: Choose between a cozy stable room and a serene Lotus Yurt with Atlantic ocean views and fresh meals.

Led by the experienced life coaching expert Willian Kirchner, this month-long spiritual retreat focuses on conquering stress, fostering inner peace, and igniting self-discovery. The combination of spiritual guidance with relaxation and nature exploration will help you rebuild self-worth, tackle stress, banish depressive thoughts, and address mental health issues. 

5 Day 1-on-1 Build Yourself Back Better Retreat in Tenerife, Spain — from $1,630

life-changing spiritual retreats in spain

  • Duration: 5 days/4 nights
  • Accommodations & Food: Full board with different choices of accommodation, from the brand-new retreat center with a private garden to a luxurious yurt facing stunning oceanic vistas. 

This private retreat is your go-to option for a quick but deep dive into personal growth. Perfect for those who crave spiritual guidance but are limited by the constraints of normal life. 

The daily schedule is packed with one-on-one coaching sessions that tackle various topics, from self-esteem and relationship issues to childhood trauma release. Guests learn to prioritize themselves, set healthy boundaries, effectively and enthusiastically pursue their goals, and find comfort in the here and now.

🙏 Ever heard of Ho'oponopono? The retreat instructors will let you in on the secrets of this ancient Hawaiian practice. Its goal is to restore harmony within oneself and with others through the healing power of love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

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Affordable Spiritual Retreats in Indonesia

inexpensive spiritual retreats in bali

💰Price Range: $1,150 -$2,830

Indonesia, a land where peaceful islands meet a vibrant cultural heritage, offers an idyllic backdrop for deep inner work and spiritual awakening retreats.

Why Indonesia?

  • Spiritual diversity. Indonesia is a mosaic of Hindu, Buddhist, and indigenous animist traditions. Its retreats often blend Balinese Hindu rituals, Buddhist teachings, and ancient Javanese healing arts.
  • Breathtaking nature. From the serene beaches of Bali to the majestic mountains of Java, Indonesia's natural beauty provides an environment conducive to personal transformation. 
  • Holistic wellness focus. In Indonesia, spiritual and physical healing go hand in hand. Indonesian retreats are renowned for their holistic approach to wellness, incorporating traditional healing practices, organic cuisine, and nature-based therapies to nurture both body and soul.

Premier Destination — Bali

bali spiritual retreats

Bali, known as the "Island of the Gods," is a prime spiritual hotspot. The Balinese people have a deep reverence for healing practices, so here, you can experience the art of Balinese massage, energy work, and water purification ceremonies.

🧘🏻‍♀️Looking for a spiritual yoga retreat? Bali and yoga sessions are a match made in heaven. In fact, the island is one of the most popular places for yoga retreats. Rooted in Hinduism, yoga perfectly aligns with the island's spirituality, dreamy nature, and laid-back atmosphere.

8-Day Emotional Cleansing Retreat in Lovina, Bali — from $1,150

best spiritual retreats in bali

  • Duration: 8 days/7 nights
  • Accommodations & Food: Choose between the panoramic views offered by Dream Hill Retreat Center and the luxurious privacy of Santhiku Hotel & SPA. The package includes all meals and a plethora of dietary options.

This spiritual spa retreat aims to help you enhance physical and mental health, conquer stress, release emotional burdens, and achieve inner harmony. The program features yoga meditation for emotional cleansing, the ancient self-awareness game Leela, a chakra purification ceremony at the Holy Santhipala waterfall, and aroma psychology sessions with essential oils. Participants can also enjoy spa treatments and cultural activities, including Balinese dance, local tours, and a unique dolphin adventure.

🎲Leela is an ancient Hindu board game where players navigate a board representing the journey through consciousness and chakras. By rolling dice and moving through spaces marked with virtues, obstacles, and spiritual insights, players reflect on their personal growth and challenges.

23-Day Self-Awareness Retreat in Bali — from $2,830

bali spiritual retreat

  • Duration: 23 days/22 nights
  • Accommodations & Food: Stay in a quaint wooden cabin or a luxurious bungalow and delight in wholesome vegetarian meals.

The next Balinese retreat on our roster is chock-full of fun things to do during your immersive 23-day stay. From the soothing sounds of sound healing sessions to the insightful numerology where numbers reveal your life's deeper meanings, every day brings new discoveries. Master the art of Balinese cooking, stretch and strengthen during daily yoga, find tranquility in meditation, and experience the island's beauty with waterfall treks and dolphin encounters.


➤ Bookimed experts highlight the United States, Spain, and Indonesia as destinations for the best spiritual retreats, with prices ranging from $670 to $8,800.

In the USA, the typical price range is $1,550-$8,800; in Spain — $2,360-$9,810; and in Indonesia — $1,150-$2,830, making it the most affordable destination on the list.

Sedona, Tenerife, and Bali stand out as the most attractive locations within each country. Sedona is famous for its energy vortexes and red-rock cliffs. Tenerife boasts volcanic vistas and spiritual traditions. Finally, Bali is celebrated for its tranquil beaches and deep-rooted wellness culture.

➤ Each location offers unique activities for personal growth and self-discovery, be it Qigong yoga classes and automatic writing in Sedona, numerology and sound healing in Bali, or life coaching in Tenerife.

💫 Uncover the secrets of inner harmony with a spiritual retreat tailored just for you! Leave a request on Bookimed, and let's paint your unique path to tranquility. Leave a request on Bookimed, and let our coordinators guide you to tranquility.

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