Bookimed experts have meticulously analyzed all offers provided by partner hosts and identified the top 10 affordable all-inclusive retreats worldwide. Such destinations as Spain, Indonesia, Portugal, Costa Rica, Italy, and India provide the most cost-effective options without compromising quality, ranging from $460 to $3,080.

Say goodbye to the notion that self-care has to break the bank – discover affordable luxury with our curated list of wellness retreats.

Table of Contents

  1. Compare the Best Affordable All-Inclusive Wellness Retreats
  2. Easter Retreat in Spain — from $860
  3. Renewal of the Soul in Spain — from $2,680
  4. Yoga & Healing Retreat with Horses in Spain — from $640
  5. Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Snorkeling in Bali — from $675
  6. Serenity by the Sea in Portugal — from $1,180
  7. Well-Being and Yoga Retreat in Portugal — from $470
  8. Private Luxury Retreat in Costa Rica — from $3,080
  9. Relaxation and Yoga Retreat with Wine & Olive Oil Tasting in Italy — from $1,270
  10. Silent Retreat in India — from $940
  11. Detox Retreat in India — from $630
  12. Top 6 Countries for Most Affordable Wellness Retreats
  13. How to Choose Your Perfect Wellness Retreat
  14. Smart Budgeting for Wellness Retreats: Money-Saving Tips

Compare the Best Affordable All-Inclusive Wellness Retreats

Retreat Name





Vibrant Spirit: Easter Retreat

Villamartín, Spain

March 28 - April 2, 2024

Overcome exhaustion, rediscover joy, and begin the journey of personal growth

from $860

Renewal of the Soul

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

30 days

Combat stress, awaken your spiritual side, and embrace a happier mindset

from $2,680

Yoga & Healing Retreat with Horses

Barcelona, Spain

4 days

Find relaxation through yoga and horse companionship

from $660

Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Snorkeling

Bali, Indonesia

8 days

Rejuvenate body and mind through yoga, meditation, marine exploration, and cultural immersion

from $660

Serenity by the Sea

Sintra, Portugal

6 days

Reignite inner spark, unwind, and rediscover yourself

from $1,180

Well-Being and Yoga Retreat

Ericeira, Portugal

3 days

Recharge, relieve stress, connect with others, and practice yoga in a surfing paradise

from $470

Private Luxury Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

6 days

Recharge in a luxurious setting and learn longevity lifehacks

from $3,080

Relaxation and Yoga Retreat with Wine & Olive Oil Tasting

Montegonzi, Italy

5 days

Relax by indulging in Tuscany’s rich flavors and cultural experiences

from $1,270

Silent Retreat

Nedumangad, India

8 days

Foster inner reflection, mindfulness, and a deep connection with oneself through the power of silence

from $940

Detox Retreat

Mandrem, India

6 days

Cleanse your body and enhance mental well-being through a combination of detox, yoga, meditation, and other therapeutic practices

from $630

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Vibrant Spirit: Easter Retreat in Spain — from $860

affordable wellness retreats in europe, spain

🚨Limited-time offer! 

🎯Perfect For: Overcoming exhaustion, igniting inner growth, and rediscovering joy.

📍Location: Villamartín, Spain.

⌛️Duration: From March 28th to April 2nd, 2024.

🛎️Services Included: Vegetarian full board, daily sessions of yoga, meditation, and breathwork, inspiring talks, workshops, and activities for personal growth, sauna, hiking in Grazalema, and various excursions.

There is a treasure trove of affordable wellness retreats in Europe. For instance, don’t miss out on a transformative 6-day Easter Retreat in Andalusia, where every moment is dedicated to igniting your inner radiance. The retreat offers a break from the outside world, with daily activities including yoga, meditation, soothing massages, sound baths, breathwork, and refreshing swims in the warm Spanish sun. Overcome work-related exhaustion and find kindred spirits as you partake in inspiring talks, workshops, and sauna sessions.

🧘‍♀️Get a taste of the experience by watching a quick recap of another time-limited retreat from the same host that took place in February:

30-Day Renewal of the Soul in Spain — from $2,680

🎯Perfect For: Waving stress goodbye and embracing a happier mindset.

📍Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.

⌛️Duration: 30 days.

🛎️Services Included: Full package; stress management sessions, wellness counseling, meditation sessions.

Take a 30-day plunge into tranquility at the Lotus Yurt, nestled in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This affordable wellness retreat crafts an oasis for stress relief, self-discovery, and mental well-being amidst lush mountains and calming ocean vistas. Enjoy a comprehensive package featuring rejuvenating sessions and wellness counseling, ensuring you emerge from this retreat as a stress-free butterfly.

4-Day Yoga & Healing Retreat with Horses in Spain — from $660

affordable yoga retreats in europe, spain

🎯Perfect For: Horse lovers in need of a chill pill.

📍Location: Barcelona, Spain.

⌛️Duration: 4 days.

🛎️Services Included: Yoga, spiritual meditations and activities with horses, breathwork sessions, immersive activities with horses, brunches and dinners made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, access to facilities (chill-out areas, eco-pool), and Wi-Fi.

This healing yoga retreat near Barcelona is where nature enthusiasts and rejuvenation seekers come together. As companions here, horses contribute to stress reduction, relaxation, and overall well-being through their calming presence and rhythmic movements. 

The retreat schedule includes invigorating yoga classes, spiritual meditation with horses, healing treatments like reiki, and various activities that foster self-discovery. Experience the healing power of horses and the tranquility of nature at one of the most affordable wellness retreats in Europe.

8-Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Bali with Snorkeling and Massage — from $675

yoga retreat in Bali

🎯Perfect For: Yoga enthusiasts craving marine adventures and cultural immersion on a budget.

📍Location: Singaraja, Indonesia.

⌛️Duration: 8 days.

🛎️Services Included: Full board with diverse dietary options, daily yoga and meditation sessions, massages, snorkeling with dolphins, and cultural tours.

Santhika Dream Hill Retreat Center expertly combines wellness practices with the thrill of marine adventures. Kickstart your mornings with soul-soothing yoga and meditation classes, followed by relaxing massages. The highlight of the program is a refreshing plunge into the sea to frolic with dolphins in their natural habitat. Insightful excursions will whisk you away into Bali's heart, with visits to iconic sites like waterfalls, temples, and vibrant markets. This Bali yoga retreat is ideal for a cultural deep dive into the “Island of Gods”.

🐬Dolphin Therapy. Engaging with dolphins in the wild isn't just an unforgettable experience; it's also linked to significant psychological benefits. Studies suggest that such interactions can improve people’s emotional state, reduce stress and anxiety, and foster bonds with the natural world.

Serenity by the Sea: 6-Day Wellness Escape in Portugal — from $1,180

affordable all inclusive wellness retreats in portugal

 🎯Perfect For: Yogis needing to reignite their inner spark.

📍Location: Sintra, Portugal.

⌛️Duration: 6 days.

🛎️Services Included: Full board with organic meals, yoga sessions, meditation, holistic healing treatments, and adventure activities.

This all-inclusive wellness retreat has found its home in a charming Portuguese town known for its castles, palaces, and picturesque mountains. For six fulfilling days, the retreat program will guide you through the journey of relaxation, self-discovery, and rejuvenation against a canvas of coastal cliffs and azure skies. 

From the serene yoga and meditation to the adventurous exploration of Sintra's natural beauty, the retreat’s activities will appeal to anyone looking to leave stress behind and embrace a healthier mindset. Designed to soften the noise of daily life and ignite a spark of joy, this wellness retreat is your gateway to a brighter, lighter you.

3-Day Wellbeing Getaway: Yoga Retreat at Sandhi House in Portugal — from $470

affordable all inclusive wellness retreats in portugal

 🎯Perfect For: Yogis needing a quick, refreshing break with a dash of coastal serenity.

📍Location: Ericeira, Portugal.

⌛️Duration: 3 days.

🛎️Services Included: Daily yoga, massage, boutique hotel stay, and delicious breakfasts.

Enjoy a brief yet impactful retreat at one of the most affordable yoga retreats in Europe. The resort is nestled in the charming town of Ericeira, a premier surfing destination. This refreshing escape will help you relax, combat work-related stress, and connect with others on a similar journey. The retreat offers relaxing massages and yoga sessions in a variety of styles, both dynamic and calming. Practice your asanas in the beautiful surroundings of the surfer’s paradise, aligning each pose with the soothing rhythm of the waves.

6-Day Private Luxury Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat in Costa Rica — from $3,080

affordable all-inclusive wellness retreats in costa rica

🎯Perfect For: A luxurious experience revealing the secrets of longevity.

📍Location: Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rice — one of the world’s five Blue Zone.

⌛️Duration: 6 days.

🛎️Services Included: Full board with meals by private chefs,, personalized yoga and mindfulness sessions, breathwork, additional exclusive activities, and personal concierge.

This private getaway, led by a certified yoga teacher, promises a deeply personal journey toward relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-discovery. It’s a perfect place to spend some time away from the crown and revel in Costa Rica's untouched beaches and lush jungles. 

The retreat program offers a balanced blend of recreational activities, including spa treatments, surf lessons, and excursions. Wake up to breathtaking views, take a dip in saltwater pools, and enjoy direct access to pristine beaches. 

💙This luxury wellness retreat unfolds in a Blue Zone, one of the rare spots on Earth where people live the longest, healthiest lives. The residents of the Nicoya Peninsula adhere to a unique and healthy diet, sustain active lifestyles, and have a clear sense of purpose known as “plan de vida”. Imagine practicing yoga and mindfulness where the air you breathe, the food you eat, and the surroundings you embrace are part of the formula for a century-long life.

5-Day Relaxation and Yoga Retreat in Italy — from $1,270

affordable yoga retreats in europe, italy

🎯Perfect For: Uncorking rejuvenation through yoga and Tuscany’s rich flavors.

📍Location: Montegonzi, Italy.

⌛️Duration: 5 days.

🛎️Services Included: Full board with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, yoga, guided meditation, countryside hikes, wine and olive oil tastings, fitness training, massage, horse riding, cooking classes, pick-up and drop-off, and more.

Escape to the heart of Tuscany for a 5-day Relaxation and Yoga Retreat at La Forra Hotel. Led by a team of experienced instructors, the program encompasses daily yoga, fitness sessions, guided meditations, massages, and enlightening workshops. Explore the picturesque Tuscan countryside with daily hikes and horseback riding, and delight your taste buds in a symphony of flavors during wine and olive oil tastings. Guests are also invited to master the art of Tuscan cuisine through engaging cooking classes.

Silent Retreat - 7 Days of Transformation in India — from $940

affordable retreats in india

🎯Perfect For: The chatter-weary souls.

📍Location: Nedumangad, India.

⌛️Duration: 8 days.

🛎️Services Included: a four-star stay with personalized vegetarian meals, Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and meditation activities, martial arts classes, access to gym facilities, a pool and a walking track, complimentary transfers, and visits to the dairy and organic farm.

This wellness retreat delves into Mouna Sadhana, a practice leading to a mind as clear as the open sky. Guru Yogi Shivan's guidance unravels the profound impact of silence, accelerating healing and revitalizing both body and mind. With daily activities, including Kundalini yoga, Sri Vidya Indimasi meditation, Ayurvedic consultations, and even ancient martial arts lessons, this retreat offers a holistic journey towards tranquility.

6-Day Detox Mind-Body Retreat in India — from $630

affordable wellness retreats in india

🎯Perfect For: Those on a mission to kick stress to the curb and reboot both body and mind.

📍Location: Mandrem, India.

⌛️Duration: 6 days.

🛎️Services Included: Full board, yoga and meditation classes, Pranayama sessions, self-awareness sessions, therapeutic massage, nature walks, temple visits, hiking, and more.

This detox retreat promises a synergy of yoga, meditation, and therapeutic practices to revitalize your mind and body. Experience ancient Tibetan breathing techniques, laughter meditation, and more for a complete mind-body renewal. The retreat’s daily schedule includes deep body-cleansing sessions, meditation, and wholesome vegetarian meals. This wellness program aims at stress reduction, weight loss, and enhanced overall well-being.

Top 6 Countries for Most Affordable Wellness Retreats

best affordable all-inclusive wellness retreats

Discover Tranquil Escapes in Spain – from $540

affordable wellness retreats spain

Spain's best affordable wellness retreats offer a unique blend of tranquility and cultural immersion. Unwind amidst the olive groves of Andalusia, engage in mindful yoga, and savor locally sourced Mediterranean cuisine. These retreats provide not just relaxation but a journey through Spain's rich heritage, blending the rejuvenating power of nature with the vibrant tapestry of its traditions.


  • Cultural Richness. Immerse yourself in flamenco dance classes, traditional paella cooking sessions, and guided tours to historic landmarks.
  • Idyllic Settings. From coastal retreats overlooking the Mediterranean to rustic hideaways in the Spanish countryside, the diversity of locations caters to varied preferences.
  • Local Ingredients. Indulge in spa treatments incorporating locally sourced ingredients like olive oil and herbs.


  • Crowded Seasons. Popular retreats can experience high demand during peak seasons, leading to larger group sizes and reducing the sense of exclusivity.

✅Check out wellness retreats in Spain

Discover Wellness Nirvana in Indonesia

affordable wellness retreats in Bali

Indonesia's affordable wellness retreats redefine luxury with a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and holistic practices.


  • Natural Beauty. Indonesia offers stunning landscapes, from pristine beaches to lush jungles.
  • Cultural Richness. Immerse yourself in Indonesia's diverse culture with traditional practices like yoga and meditation.
  • Holistic Wellness. Many retreats in Indonesia emphasize holistic well-being, integrating ancient healing traditions and modern wellness practices.


  • Language Barriers. While many retreat staff members speak English, language barriers may still exist, especially in more remote areas.
  • Unpredictable Weather. Indonesia's tropical climate can be both an advantage and a disadvantage; unexpected weather changes might affect outdoor activities during your retreat.

✅Check out wellness retreats in Indonesia

Unveil Portugal's Wellness Gems – from $470

affordable wellness retreats in europe, portugal

Portugal is a top choice for travelers seeking affordability without compromising on richness and depth. 


  • Idyllic Settings. With its geographical diversity stretching from the lush, green mountains of the North to the sun-kissed beaches of the Algarve, Portugal presents a plethora of soul-soothing environments.
  • Unique Natural Therapies. Embrace treatments exclusive to Portugal, such as vinotherapy from the world-renowned vineyards of Douro Valley and thalassotherapy, harnessing the healing powers of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Portuguese Gastronomy. Benefit from a diet rich in fresh seafood, organic fruits, and vegetables, complemented by the famous Portuguese olive oil, all known for their health benefits.


  • Peak Season Crowds. The allure of Portugal's beauty means some areas can become crowded during peak tourist seasons.
  • Limited Availability. High-demand retreats in peak seasons may have limited availability, requiring early booking to secure a spot.

✅Explore wellness retreats in Portugal.

Uncover Blissful Costa Rican Escapes – from $2,230

affordable retreats costa rica

In the heart of Costa Rica, affordable wellness retreats blend seamlessly with the country's "Pura Vida" spirit. Practice yoga amidst lush rainforests, connect with the vibrant local culture, and embrace the purifying energy of pristine beaches.


  • Natural Splendor. Surrounded by lush rainforests, wellness retreats offer a backdrop of unparalleled natural beauty.
  • Cultural Immersion. Enjoy vibrant local traditions—participate in indigenous ceremonies, master Costa Rican dishes in cooking classes, explore traditional arts, practice language exchange, and join local festivals. 
  • Varied Activities. From beach yoga to rainforest hikes, Costa Rican retreats offer diverse activities.
  • Pura Vida Lifestyle. Embrace the laid-back, positive lifestyle known as "Pura Vida."


  • Humidity and Rain. Costa Rica's tropical climate brings high humidity and occasional heavy rainfall, impacting outdoor activities during certain seasons.
  • Tourist Crowds. Popular destinations may experience high tourist footfall, affecting the peaceful and secluded atmosphere expected in wellness retreats.

✅Check out wellness retreats in Costa Rica.

Embark on an Italian Wellness Journey – from $1,270

affordable wellness retreats in Italy

Indulge in the art of self-care amidst the captivating landscapes of Italy. Wellness retreats in this Mediterranean haven offer a unique blend of rejuvenation and cultural enrichment while echoing the effortless elegance and passion that define Italy. Picture yourself stretching into yoga poses under the Tuscan sun, the gentle breeze carrying whispers of olive groves, and the distant melodies of Italian life.


  • Cultural Integration. Italy's wellness retreats seamlessly weave together the benefits of relaxation with a rich cultural experience. Enjoy holistic practices amid historical surroundings, whether it’s sunrise yoga sessions overlooking the Roman Forum or meditation in the shadow of the Colosseum.
  • Gastronomic Delights. Wellness in Italy extends beyond spa treatments. Delight your senses with nutritious and delectable Mediterranean cuisine. From the savory notes of risotto alle verdure to the sweet perfection of Sicilian cannoli, each bite becomes an integral part of your wellness journey.
  • Scenic Locations. From tranquil countryside estates to coastal hideaways, Italy offers a diverse range of retreat settings. 


  • High Demand. The popularity of wellness retreats in Italy may result in high demand, making it essential to plan well in advance and secure reservations promptly.
  • Crowded Tourist Hotspots. Wellness retreats near popular tourist destinations may encounter higher levels of noise and crowds.

✅Explore wellness retreats in Italy.

Experience Harmony and Holism in India – from $630

affordable wellness retreats india

India's affordable wellness retreats beckon with a unique fusion of ancient traditions and modern serenity. Picture yourself surrounded by the majestic Himalayas, engaging in transformative yoga at Rishikesh's riverbanks, or exploring Ayurvedic practices in Kerala's lush landscapes. 


  • Holistic Healing. India's retreats embrace holistic approaches, combining yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation for a comprehensive wellness experience.
  • Cultural Immersion. Dive deep into the spiritual heart of India, immersing yourself in centuries-old traditions and practices.
  • Diverse Landscapes. From the serene beaches of Goa to the Himalayan foothills, India's retreats offer diverse and breathtaking natural backdrops.


  • Travel Logistics. The long flights and potential jet lag may pose challenges for some participants.

✅Take a look at wellness retreats in India.

How to Choose Your Perfect Wellness Retreat

tips for affordable retreats

Navigating the world of wellness getaways can be a nuanced task, balancing considerations such as location, budget, and personal preferences. Let’s explore the key factors that will help you find the retreat of your dreams.

🤔Reflect on Your Goals. Before booking a wellness center, ask yourself: “Am I seeking zen or just a weekend in my jammies?” Your perfect wellness retreat should align with your soul-searching goals, whether it's yoga on the beach or mastering the art of doing nothing.

💸Know Your Budget. Wellness retreats come in all price ranges – from budget-friendly to luxury resorts. To find the perfect fit, set your budget early on and narrow your choices down accordingly. Remember that many wellness retreats cover accommodations, meals, and various activities, making the overall cost more reasonable than it might seem at first glance. 

📍Choose the Right Location. Whether it's the mountains, the seaside, or a cozy cabin in the woods, choose a locale where you can truly relax and feel at home.

🏋️‍♂️Consider the Activities. Not everyone can twist into a pretzel, and that's perfectly okay. Opt for a retreat with a mix of activities like mindfulness hikes or meditation sessions that won't make you say, "Ohm, no."

⏳Factor in Retreat Duration. Wellness programs can be as short as a weekend or last several weeks. Longer retreats give you more time to make positive changes, but don't underestimate the impact even a short health resort can have. Pick the duration that suits your schedule and feels right for you.

🍽️Mind Your Menu. Check if the retreat caters to your dietary needs, whether vegetarian, vegan, or other preferences. For those who believe “you are what you eat,” seek a retreat with healthy eating options. Remember, kale can be cool.

🏡Weigh Your Lodging Options. Whether it's a cozy cabin, a beachside bungalow, or a mountain yurt, make sure your Zen Den aligns with your comfort level. Bonus points if you can find one with fluffy robes and good lighting for those zen selfies.

👥Consider Group Size. Some thrive on solo meditation, while others enjoy the shared energy of a group retreat. Choose based on your vibe. Also, consider the size of the group - do you prefer an intimate gathering or a larger community?

📝Learn from Reviews. Check out the feedback that resonates with your preferences and goals. Look for unbiased opinions on the retreat's atmosphere, effectiveness, and overall experience.

🔍Evaluate Instructors. Research the qualifications, expertise, and teaching styles of retreat instructors. Ensure they match your preferences and expectations.

🧘‍♂️Listen to Your Inner Guru. Most importantly, trust your instincts. If a retreat feels right, it probably is.

Smart Budgeting for Wellness Retreats: Money-Saving Tips

affordable retreats

Embarking on a wellness retreat doesn't have to be a financial stretch. Here are some tips to make your relaxing wellness retreat journey both enriching and wallet-friendly:

💵Early Bird Gets the Savings. Secure early-bird discounts by booking your retreat well in advance. Planning ahead not only guarantees your spot but often comes with cost savings.

💵Off-Peak Serenity. Consider scheduling your retreat during off-peak seasons. Not only will you escape the crowds, but you might snag lower prices on accommodations and activities.

💵Budget-Friendly Extras. Look for retreats that include extra perks in the package, such as complimentary spa treatments, workshops, or wellness consultations. Getting more for your money? That's a win!

💵Local Transportation Hacks. If your retreat center is not very secluded, explore cost-effective transportation options. Carpool with fellow retreatants or use local public transportation for a budget-friendly journey.

💵Flexible Dates, Flexible Prices. Be flexible with your retreat dates. Some retreats offer dynamic pricing based on demand. Shifting your dates by a day or two might lead to significant savings.

💵Post-Retreat Integration at Home. Instead of immediately booking additional post-retreat services, plan to integrate your newfound practices at home. You can explore local options that align with your wellness goals without the extra cost.

And here's the golden tip for a stress-free, affordable retreat: 

Count on Bookimed to organize your wellness resort. From seamless booking to personalized retreats, we ensure your path to rejuvenation is smooth and transformative. Secure your spot today and blossom with Bookimed! 🌿💚

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