Gynecomastia is a condition when male mammary gland volume is increased. Due to this, men often feel unconfident and shy of their body. The primary option to get rid of excess gland tissues and build a proper breast shape is gynecomastia surgery. This operation is widespread across the world — 270,000 men improve their bodies experiencing male breast reduction surgery annually.

However, not everyone can afford this procedure: health insurance does not cover the expenses, and the price for gynecomastia surgery may reach up to $10,000 in the USA and $7,500 (£5,000) in the UK. So, it is reasonable to search for cheaper options in other countries.

Bookimed, #1 medical tourism platform in the world, has listed the top 5 countries to get a low-cost gynecomastia surgery for $1,800-$2,800 on average:








Czech Republic






You can book a clinic located in any of these countries by submitting an online request on the Bookimed platform. Our medical coordinator will pick a proper clinic and a doctor according to your preferences and budget.



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Gynecomastia surgery: Before and After

Gynecomastia surgery: Before and After

Istanbul Aesthetic Center, Gyno Surgery Price: $2,450

Gynecomastia surgery: Before and After

Turkeyana Clinic, Gyno Surgery Price: $3,780


Gyno surgery: before and after

Gyno surgery: before and after

Kucukcekmece Hospital, Turkey. Price: $2,520


Gyno surgery: before and after

Gyno surgery: before and after

Gyno surgery: before and after

Doctor B Clinic, Turkey. Price upon a request


Gyno surgery: before and after

Gyno surgery: before and after

Private Çevre Hospital, Turkey. Gyno surgery price: $2,920


Gyno surgery: before and after

Gyno surgery: before and after

KCM Clinic, Poland. Price: $2,900


from $1,200


Turkey is among the most affordable places to have gynecomastia surgery. The minimum price is $1,200, and the average one is about $2,850. Patients from the USA, the UK, Europe, the UAE head to Turkey in order to get cost-effective male breast reduction surgery.

The main advantage of Turkish aesthetic medicine centers is that they typically offer package prices for gyno surgery. It means that just paying for an operation you will also receive such services as:


  • anesthesia
  • pre-op medical tests
  • consultation with a doctor
  • transfer
  • 6 nights hotel stay.

Cheap Gyno Surgery in Turkey:



from $2,000


Mexico is one more destination where you can have cheap gynecomastia surgery abroad. The starting price is $2,000 for an operation. However, most clinics are ready to manage this procedure for $3,100 on average.

Americans often fly to Mexico for cheaper plastic surgery operations, including gynecomastia surgery. Even with travel charges and staying in local hotels, it is still cheaper to have gyno operations in Mexico instead of the USA.

Mexican clinics provide gyno operation prices that includes expenses for:


  • an intervention itself
  • pre-op medical tests
  • anesthesia
  • doctor’s consultation
  • medical consumables.


Accommodation, transfer, meals are usually paid extra. However, some clinics may provide these services as a bonus.

Below you can find Mexican centers performing cheap gyno surgery:




gynecomastia surgery cost from $1,200


Poland remains one more country where you can have cheap male breast reduction surgery. You will pay for this procedure in Poland $2,100 minimum; the average cost is around $2,100; and the high end of the price is $2,850.

Most clients of Polish plastic surgery clinics are citizens of Western Europe, the UK. For comparison, the price for gynecomastia surgery in Spain goes up to $11,000, in the UK — $7,000. The flight tickets within the European Union and for Britains are also affordable: a wound trip will cost you about $10-$30.

Check out the best gynecomastia deal in Poland below:




Czech Republic
from $1,850


The plastic surgery clinics located in the Czech Republic as well as in Poland offer cheap gyno surgery prices. The average cost is about $1,850. However, it may increase, depending on a clinic and surgery complexity.

Local clinics offer lower costs compared to American, British, Italian, Spanish and German facilities due to general price policy within the country and average income of Czech citizens. Almost all services and goods will be cheaper than in the above-mentioned countries.

Check the moobs surgery cost offer in the Czech Republic below:




from $2,100


Patients from Western Europe, the CIS countries choose Lithuania as a destination to get cheap gynecomastia surgery. The starting price for a procedure in Lithuania is $2,100. The most common offers are for $2,300, and the most expensive ones reach $2,500. The ultimate price depends on the intervention complexity and doctor’s experience.

You can get an individual bill from Lithuanian clinic by submitting an online request:



Gynecomastia Surgery: Reviews

How to Get Cheap but Qualitative Male Breast Reduction?

People often consider low prices as a sign of poor quality or cheating. There is a kernel of truth: not certified clinics or under qualified plastic surgeons can attract patients with hot deals and very low prices, but the result of gynecomastia surgery can be unpredictable.

Due to this it is vital to pick a place for your future gyno surgery carefully and always check:


  • medical centers’ certificates, awards, allowances
  • study plastic surgeon’s CV and patient before-after photos to estimate the result
  • read patient reviews and do not be shy to even contact a person for more information.


You can always book a clinic on the Bookimed website: here you will find certified medical facilities, verified photos and reviews. The Bookimed services are free of charge.




Why is gyno surgery so expensive?

The cost of gynecomastia surgery ranges within $5,000-$10,000 in the USA, and about $5,000-$7,000 in the UK. The surgery requires a complex approach: consultation with a doctor, surgery planning, anesthesia administration, removal of excess mammary gland or/and fat tissues. However, you can undergo this procedure 2-3 times cheaper in Turkey or Mexico, for instance.


Is gyno surgery covered by insurance?

Gynecomastia surgery is listed as a plastic surgery procedure, so medical insurance will not cover the related expenses. You will pay for a complete male breast reduction surgery cost from your pocket.



How much is gyno plastic surgery?

The average price of male boob reduction surgery is $3,450 according to Bookimed partner clinics data. The cost may be lower or higher, depending on the country where you experience this intervention, its complexity, and doctor’s experience.



What Is the Best Country for Gynecomastia Surgery?

If you search for places where you can get affordable gynecomastia surgery without quality loss, consider such destinations as Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, some European countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine.



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