Cheap hernia surgery prices:

Pain, numbness or movement limitations are frequent patient complaints who suffer herniated discs. Sometimes, this condition can be managed with conservative treatment. However, sooner or later, herniated disc surgery may be prescribed to relieve patient well-being eventually. 


There are 2 issues that often stop patients to decide getting hernia surgery:

  • a fear of poor outcome and long rehabilitation due to limited treatment options available in the country of residence.
  • High surgery prices, not affordable for everyone. 

To solve these issues, people can look for cost-effective hernia surgery options overseas. We have sorted out the top 5 countries where you can get a low-cost hernia surgery and the best that you can book immediately.


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What Is Hernia Surgery?

Hernia surgery is an operation to remove hernia and decompress a nerve. As a result, a patient gets rid of discomfort and pain, and starts to live a normal life. Nowadays, such surgeries are usually performed with a laparoscope avoiding bid incisions and reducing recovery period.

Low-cost Hernia Surgery Prices Overview

The herniated disc surgery costs vary in different countries. For instance, you will pay $5,500in Turkey for a procedure, while the same intervention in the USA reaches $25,000-$30,000. The difference is drastic. And many people can think by mistake that the lower price for a surgery is, the worse surgery quality a patient can obtain.

However, it goes not in such a way. The major reasons of a price gap are:

  • The country. Each country has a different economy and citizen’s salary level. The biggest part of hernia surgery fees are doctor’s fees. So, a higher income level within the country is, the more expensive hernia surgery will be. So, if we speak about such countries as Mexico or Turkey, you can get 2-3 times herniated disc surgery cheaper than in the USA.
  • Doctor’s experience.  A surgeon's vast experience means great investments into professional development and hundreds of hours of practice. So, if a doctor is highly-skilled, their reward cannot be low. Due to this, be ready to pay more to a doctor with a proven excellent experience. 
  • Services covered. A herniated disc surgery price is not only an intervention itself. Besides the procedure, a patient also needs to waste some money on accommodation, tickets, and meals during the treatment. So take these issues into account before planning your cheap hernia surgery journey.

Compare the prices for hernia surgery, and decide where you can get a cheaper option:

Country Price
Turkey $2,800
Mexico $6,000
India $4,500
Poland $3,500
Czech Republic $8,000
USA $13,000
UK $25,000


Top Countries to Get Affordable Herniated Disc Surgery

If you look for affordable hernia surgery options, consider such countries as Turkey, Mexico, Poland, the Czech Republic. These top 5 places have been selected by the Bookimed medical team. Such criteria as price-quality ratio has been applied. So, you can check below listed hernia surgery deals, and book any of them at the best price.

Once you book a deal, a Bookimed medical coordinator will call you back to tell all details about the hospital and surgeon’s experience who will manage your surgery. So, you can not to worry about the doctor’s professionalism or the facility's reputation.


Turkey is one of the cheapest countries to get hernia surgery, according to the prices provided by Bookimed partners. The low-cost herniated disc operation starts at $2,800 and may be increased, depending on a patient’s case and surgery complexity.

One more option allowing you to save extra charges in Turkey is hernia surgery package price. It means that a herniated disc treatment cost covers a set of procedures and services:

  • hernia surgery alone
  • consultation with a surgeon
  • consultation with anesthesiologist
  • anesthesia
  • stay in the hospital
  • stay in the hotel
  • transfer.


Mexico is also one more place to get affordable hernia surgery. The prices here are 10-15% higher than in Turkey, however, the costs still remain reasonable. The initial price for a hernia surgery in Mexico, as reported by Bookimed data, is $6,000

Mexican orthopedic clinics are attractive to Americans who can just cross the border and get an affordable herniated disc surgery for $6,000-$8,000 instead of $20,000-$35,000 in the USA.

Cheap Hernia Surgery in Europe

If you live in the UK, Ireland or countries of Western Europe where hernia surgery prices reach $20,000-$25,000 and you want to find cheaper options within Europe, consider visiting Poland, the Czech Republic or Germany, where a herniated disc surgery starts at $3,500. This price is available at the licensed medical centers meeting international treatment standards. 

Moreover, these countries have well-developed air traffic, so you can easily get here paying for round-trip $20-$60 in case of using Ryanair service. 

Scroll down to check top low-cost hernia surgery deals in Europe.


Czech Republic



People aiming to save some money, can also consider Indian orthopedic centers to manage hernia surgery. To get an operation performed properly and according to international standards, a patient needs to opt for private hospitals in India exceptionally. Such facilities offer advanced service level, comfortable wards, and surgeons who manage an operation are highly qualified holding international certificates.

The hernia surgery in India fluctuates within $4,500-$9,500

How to Pick a Clinic for Low-cost Hernia Surgery?

Selecting a medical center to get both cheap and excellently performed herniated disc surgery, is frequently a challenge. However, a search for a cost-effective hernia surgery deals is much easier if check the listed criteria below:

  • Clinic’s reputation. A medical facility must have a narrow-specialized unit in Orthopedics and be properly licensed. These certificates can be of local or international origin.
  • Doctor’s experience. It is a major key factor a patient should pay attention to, not even the hernia surgery price. An orthopedic surgeon must have at least 5 years of experience and has performed no less than 100 hernia surgeries.
  • Reviews. Patients’ feedback who have already had hernia surgery you consider to book is the most trustworthy source of info. You can find out about surgery outcomes, rehab, service level, and names of top doctors practicing.
  • Price comparison. The price gap between countries can be drastically different. However, it is better to avoid very cut-priced deals within one country. Pick hospitals offering average hernia surgery prices on the market.

How to Arrange Cheap Hernia Surgery without Quality Loss

  1. Check the clinics for hernia surgery on There are 120+facilities listed.
  2. Sort out those that are most convenient for your budget.
  3. Submit a request.
  4. The Bookimed medical manager calls you back to find out details on your medical history, budget limitations, and preferences to pick a hospital.
  5. The Bookimed medical doctor provides you with top hernia surgery options according to your case.
  6. You pick one, and the Bookimed assistant schedules a surgery on a convenient day.
  7. Bookimed processes all documents to arrange your medical trip.
  8. Bookimed services are free, you pay the bill according to the official hospital price list. 
  9. You can completely count on the Bookimed team, and just wait a date of your departure.