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In the USA alone, more than 270 thousand patients underwent liposuction in 2019. Such a high demand of a procedure is explained easily: liposuction allows to eliminate fat deposits and improve the body contouring fast. No exhausting exercises or strict diets — you will receive a perfect body you’ve been dreaming of just per one visit to a plastic surgeon.

Sounds good. However, lipo remains one of the most expensive plastic surgery operations: for instance, the cost of a procedure in the USA is $4,000 on average per one zone, in the UK — $4,200. If you want to save money and make your dream come true, you should opt for cheap liposuction abroad, where you can find an affordable lipo starting at $710.

Bookimed, a #1 medical tourism platform globally, has chosen the top 5 cheapest places that offer both a high level of service and affordable prices for fat removal surgery. The ranking is based on our 185 clinics and 21 patient reviews :

Bookimed, a team of 30 highly-trained medical experts, has ranked the top 5 places for cheap liposuction. This list has been composed according to the analysis of prices in 183 Bookimed partner clinics and patient reviews. Below you can find the most affordable lipo offers and choose the one that suits you the best. Almost 9,000 people have placed their inquiries for liposuction with Bookimed and received a free consultation from our medical experts.

Submit a request on the platform to get all actual liposuction deals.


If you have any questions on liposuction surgery, its risks, and benefits, as well as the peculiarities of getting your medical treatment in a foreign country, check out our FAQ about cheap liposuction abroad. If your request is closer to “where can I get cheap liposuction near me,” please, contact our coordinators to receive a free consultation on your surgery. We are available 24/7, ready to help you choose the best offer that will suit your condition, requirements, and budget.

Cheap fat removal in Turkey starting at $710

According to the analysis of Bookimed partner clinics, Turkey is among a few cheap places for liposuction that offers a low price. This country is one of the most popular destinations according to Bookimed patients to get plastic surgery due to:

  • Affordable prices for lipo. The cost of liposuction here is 2-3 times lower than in Europe or the USA, and about 1.5 times more affordable than in Thailand. The average liposuction cost in Turkey composes $2,600 and ranges between $720 to $5,900. In Spain, the prices start at $2,800 and the average liposuction cost in Switzerland is $8,450,. In Germany, the prices for the surgery vary from $17,300 to $30,300.
  • Experienced doctors. The majority of Turkish doctors permanently improve their skills to attract new customers as the competition between aesthetic and plastic surgery centers in the country is quite high. Have a look at the CVs of the best plastic surgeons practicing liposuction in Turkey.
  • All-inclusive liposuction packages. Turkish Bookimed partner clinics offer package prices that include not only liposuction but also transfer, accommodation, and language assistance. In other words, if a procedure costs you around $1,500-$2,000, for this money you receive liposuction and multiple adds-on. In the end, along with the package, you will only have to pay for the flight and some meals.

Why is Turkey so cheap for liposuction?

There are 3 main reasons for this.

  1. The pricing policy within the country is at a low-medium level that determines the cost of medical procedures, meals, and accommodation.
  2. Turkey aims to become the No. 1 destination for medical tourism in the world and attracts patients with low rates and excellent service.
  3. There are hundreds of plastic surgery clinics that compete with each other for customers which constantly improves the quality of procedures provided and increases the variety of services clinics offer.

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Estetik International Clinic

✔Full package price

Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center

✔4,000 patients choose the center annually

Adem & Havva Medical Center

✔Patient from 45+ countries visit clinic every year

Cheap lipo in Mexico starting at $2,200

Mexico is among the top destinations for plastic surgery in the world as ISAPS reports. Patients from Canada, the USA, and China consider Mexico as one of the best and cheapest places to get plastic surgery, including liposuction. The reasons are as follows:

  • Affordable prices. The cost of lipo in Mexico is about 1.5-3 times cheaper than in the USA (the price in Mexico is about $1,400 whereas in the USA it composes at least $3,500). Despite the difference in pricing, the same lipo techniques are applied in both countries.
  • Vast experience. Local doctors are well-trained and undergo practical training in American and European hospitals and some of them have decades of experience providing plastic surgery procedures. We recommend you to always check the doctor's CV to make sure of his or her competence.

Hospital de la Familia

Jose Cortes Aesthetic Clinic

Dr. Víctor Samano Plastic Surgery Cancun

Cheap liposuction in South Korea starting $2,000

Why do international patients choose South Korea for liposuction?

  • International reputation. South Korea is often called the world's capital of plastic surgery. Local doctors are well-trained and provide the most complex plastic surgeries at a high level.
  • Affordable prices. South Korea isn’t the cheapest country for liposuction. However, some Bookimed partner clinics offer attractive prices. Check out the deals below.

JK Plastic Surgery Center

✔#1 plastic surgery clinic in South Korea

View Plastic Surgery Center

✔5 plastic surgery procedures can be performed at once

Cheap fat removal in the Czech Republic, $1,400 — initial liposuction price

The Czech Republic is a great place to get cheap lipo for patients from Western Europe. The reasons are the following:

  • Affordable prices. The cost of lipo, accommodation, meals, and transport is significantly lower in the Czech Republic than in Germany or Spain, for instance. Just compare: lipo cost in the Czech clinics starts from $1,500, while in Spain — from $2,800, in Switzerland the prices start at $8,450, and in Germany, the cost varies from $17,300 to $30,300.
  • Convenient location. The Czech Republic is a country of the European Union, and the transport connection within this territory is well-developed. According to Ryanair, the cost of a round-trip flight from any European country to the Czech Republic ranges between $20-$60 depending on the date.

FORME Clinic

✔1,000 plastic surgery procedures annually

Cheap liposuction cost in Poland, $1,300 — initial liposuction price

Poland, like the Czech Republic, has similar benefits and pricing policies. The cost of liposuction here is quite affordable: on average, you will have to pay $1,750 for the surgery or at least $1,350 for one zone. The price can change depending on surgery complexity and the treated area. Compare the fees in Polish clinics for liposuction and choose the creator of your perfect body.

KCM Clinic

✔700 international patients choose the clinic annually

Liposuction: before and after

Before & after liposuction

Before & after liposuction at Estetik International, Turkey

Before and after photos of liposuction at Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center

Before and after photos of liposuction at Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center, Turkey

Before & after liposuction

Before & after liposuction at Salutaris, Mexico

Before & after liposuction

Before & after liposuction at Seoul Queen Plastic Surgery Center, South Korea

Before and after photos of liposuction in KCM Clinic

Before and after photos of liposuction KCM Clinic

Before and after photos of liposuction in KCM Clinic, Poland

How to choose the place for cheap lipo without quality loss?

Some clients associate cheap liposuction with poor quality. It may take place, however, simple steps can help you avoid unreliable medical centers and receive a high-quality procedure. When choosing the cheap place for lipo, take into account the following factors.

  • Clinic's reputation. Find as much information about the clinic as possible. In some cases, the brand matters as far as reputable clinics care about their quality and do their best to receive good feedback from their patients.
  • Doctor's experience. Always check the doctor's CV: his or her background, working experience, specialization, etc. . Also, request for a portfolio to see before and after photos of liposuction. If you don’t like the result, don’t risk your body and money and keep looking for your perfect plastic surgeon.
  • Patient reviews. The feedback of previous patients can be a great source to find out more about the quality of medical services the clinic provides or your doctor's skills. People often share their experience online and this helps new patients to make the best choice of the plastic surgeon or the clinic. Check out the verified reviews of Bookimed patients who have had liposuction with our partnership clinics.

If you have already chosen a clinic, specify all details and questions that worry you. It will help avoid unexpected situations when arriving at the medical center.

What do the cheap liposuction packages include?

Above, you can compare the cheapest places for liposuction. However, it is possible to save 10-25% additionally, if the clinic offers a package lipo price.

Liposuction price package includes the following services:

  • medical tests
  • doctor's fee
  • consumable materials
  • accommodation
  • an airport-clinic-airport transfer.

Some clinics include even spa procedures like massage, acupuncture, cosmetic procedures, etc for their liposuction patients. Choosing the lipo package, you can receive all services 10-25% cheaper than if you were to pay for them separately. You receive both low-cost liposuction and some additional benefits.

Bookimed cooperates with lipo clinics directly and due to our partnership, some of them offer exclusive cheap lipo packages only for Bookimed patients.

FAQ about cheap liposuction abroad

Why does lipo price range in different places?

Every country has its own pricing policy inside. It is mostly caused by the level of economic development and the local citizens’ income. For this reason, searching for “liposuction near me” is not a great idea if you live in an expensive developed country like the US or the UK.


Can a cheap lipo price be a sign of poor quality?

Yes, it can. It mostly concerns clinics, which are newbies on the plastic surgery market, have no appropriate permissions, and international certificates. Check the clinic's accreditations, doctors' qualifications, and learn more about the technologies the medical center applied to stay on the safe side. Also, search for the patients' reviews about the clinic on the internet. If the medical facility offers low-cost liposuction but works according to international standards and uses the latest technologies, there is no reason to worry about the result you’ll achieve.


Can the lipo price increase after my arrival at the clinic?

It is possible only when the procedure occurs more complex than it seemed at the first sight. Some additional medical materials or prolonged hospital stay may also affect the price.


How can I be sure that a doctor manages lipo well?

Before you choose a doctor, request his or her "before-after" portfolio. This way, you can decide whether the result provided by the doctor matches your expectations. If not, we will choose another option for cheap fat removal. Keep in mind that Bookimed offers only experienced plastic surgeons who have already performed 500-1,000 procedures which almost excludes any error.


How do the liposuction sections look?

There are no strict rules that define liposuction zones. Every clinic and every plastic surgeon calculates the number of zones to be treated according to his or her perception. Among the most popular areas for liposuction are the lower abdomen and upper abdomen (some doctors divide those parts and some evaluate them as one zone), outer thighs and front of thighs, double chin liposuction, upper arm, and buttocks. The tummy tuck is another popular surgery.

The number of zones to be treated will vary in various clinics but what will affect the final price for your surgery to a greater extent are the percentage of fat in your body and the complexity of the procedure. Consult our coordinators and ask your surgeon for clarifications on the areas and the final price of your surgery.


What additional procedures might be necessary after the liposuction?

Though some results are obvious immediately after the surgery, you will be able to fully enjoy the effect of your liposuction only in a few months. The recovery period may vary but most clinics recommend their patients to take at least a week off from their jobs when conducting a fat removal procedure.

After the surgery, you will be asked to wear compressing clothes. If the liposuction goes well, no further surgeries or procedures are necessary, though some massages might be recommended. You should also analyze your diet and opt for clean eating to maintain the results.


What is the best cheap liposuction offer for UK citizens?

Getting cheap liposuction in the UK, especially in London sounds like an oxymoron. The best choice for UK citizens will be the European Union countries that offer cheap liposuction prices. Opt for Poland or the Chech Republic described above if you want to save money on both transfer and the surgery.


What countries are the best to get cheap liposuction for US citizens?

If you live in the USA, Mexico will be your first cheap liposuction abroad option. For sure, there are multiple world-known plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, for instance, but none of them offer cheap liposuction prices. Contact our coordinators and we will find you a clinic near you that offers cheap liposuction costs.


What should I do to get cheap lipo overseas?

If you have some doubts about where the cheapest liposuction in the world is, and you do not knot what to start with, just follow these steps:

  1. Submit a request on Bookimed.
  2. Our manager will contact you to inform you about the various options you might like and will offer you the cheapest liposuction country and clinic.
  3. Together, you choose several places where you can get cheap liposuction, and the Bookimed coordinator gets a quote for you.
  4. If you are satisfied with the lipo price, clinic, and surgeon who will manage the procedure, your coordinator appoints your visit to a chosen medical center.
  5. We arrange your medical trip and stay in touch with you 24/7. If you need any help, you can always contact your coordinator.

Bookimed services are free of charge and don’t affect the price of your surgery. We work with the top world clinics for liposuction according to direct contracts.

Cheap and high-quality liposuction abroad exists. If you have any questions regarding the plastic procedure technique or still have doubts about where is the cheapest place to get liposuction, just submit a request on Bookimed.

Check out the liposuction cost comparison in other countries and choose the best option.