When patients are going to receive treatment, a thing they want to know first is a price. Here you will learn more about breast cancer treatment cost in the best international hospitals. You can compare the prices in different countries and hospitals to find the most appropriate for you to treat breast tumor. From the article you will know:

Nowadays, breast cancer is one of the most common diseases among women. However, for the last few years, the survival rates are increased up to 100% for 0-1 stages patients and 93% for 2 stage according to the American Cancer Society. Such results are possible due to early diagnostics.

To detect a stage, a physician prescribes blood tests, mammogram, CT, and PET/CT scans. Depending on a stage, a doctor makes a treatment plan that may include: surgeries as mastectomy or lumpectomy and radio- or systemic therapies (chemotherapy, hormone, immuno-, or targeted therapies) if required. So, a correct treatment depends on accurate diagnostics. Below you can find the best countries to undergo diagnostic tests and get right treatment options.

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*It’s a price for a complex diagnostic program including a consultation with oncologist, mammography, blood tests, MRI, PET/CT, etc..

**All therapies in Germany are provided in Euro.

How much does breast cancer treatment cost in Israel?

According to the Israel Cancer Association report, the survival rate for this disease in Israel exceeds 85%. Local oncologists, surgeons, and radiologists, trained in the USA, carry out innovative diagnostic tests to make an appropriate treatment plan.

Many international patients come to Israel, mainly from the USA, Canada, and the UK, to treat breast malignancy at affordable costs. The prices for treating breast cancer are lower here than in the USA, Canada, and Germany, but 2-3 times more expensive than in India and Thailand.

Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov)

Breast cancer therapy in Sourasky Medical Center

It is one of the best hospitals in Israel — hundreds of patients come there annually for qualitative healthcare. Sourasky is accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International), an organization evaluating the quality and safety of medical institutions worldwide.

The accuracy of diagnosis is up to 90% — hospital’s specialists use innovative 3D mammography as Tomosynthesis that detects cancer earlier than standard mammography and helps to examine a tumor clearly.

Costs at Sourasky
Breast cancer surgery from $11,000


from $1,000

Targeted therapy

from $1,000


from $17,000

Additional costs for diagnostics at Sourasky

  1. Oncologist consultation — from $650
  2. Tumor markers test — from $350
  3. MRI — from $600
  4. PET/CT — from $1,600

Sourasky plastic surgeons conduct breast reconstruction after lumpectomy or mastectomy (surgeries). Hospital’s specialists use laparoscopic techniques to perform breast reconstruction without implants. It costs on average $7,000. The survival rate in Ichilov Hospital is up to 90% according to the hospital’s statistics. To know breast cancer surgery cost, submit a request on our website.

The hospital has an International Department with English-speaking coordinators for international patients. Sourasky provides their patients with a transfer from the airport to the hospital and comfortable accommodation. To know more about these services, call Bookimed manager.

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What is a breast cancer treatment price in Germany?

According to the IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal), about 155,000 patients visit Germany each year to get high-quality medical treatment. German government pays great attention to healthcare — German clinics has the most advanced medical equipment and use enhanced medical options in treating patients with breast tumor — as a result, 85% of all women with breast malignant tumor survived for more than 5 years according to the German Cancer Research Center.

German hospitals work on the terms of prepayment — a patient puts his money to a hospital’s bank account. If the treatment appears cheaper, a hospital returns the rest of the money to a patient.

The price is higher than in India or Thailand, but lower than in the US — an approximate cost of breast cancer surgery in Germany starts from $6,000*, and in the United States it’s on average $30,000.

*Please remember, in Germany, you pay for treatment in Euro.

Helios Berlin-Buch

Breast cancer treatment at Helios Berlin-Buch

It is one of the largest modern hospitals in Germany that accepts about 200,000 patients each year. It is among top medical institutions according to the Focus Journal and ISO (International Standard Quality) due to the highest level of healthcare services.

An experienced medical team provides high-standard diagnostics to avoid unnecessary surgeries. Then oncologists discuss every case in detail to make a correct treatment plan.

Helios surgeons conduct breast-conserving and plastic-reconstructive surgery to make a woman’s life more comfortable.

Costs at Helios Berlin-Buch
Breast cancer surgery from €6,000


from €8,000

Targeted therapy

from €3,500

The hospital offers transfer and accommodation — hospital stay in a single room for 5 days costs from €1,000.

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How much does breast cancer treatment cost in Turkey?

Healthcare in Turkey has reached European standards — there are about 32 hospitals accredited by JCI, prestigious organization evaluating the quality of medical facilities. Moreover, Turkish hospitals have partnerships with top US medical institutions as the John Hopkins Hospital and Harvard Medical Center.

The costs for therapy is almost at the same level as in Israel, but cheaper than in Germany. In comparison to the USA where breast cancer surgery cost starts from $15,000, Turkey is 6 times cheaper — the average breast cancer treatment cost starts from $10,000.

In spite of low prices, Turkey provides a high level of medicine, because the government invests a lot into advanced medical equipment and services to attract international patients.

Anadolu Medical Center

Breast cancer treatment at Anadolu

Anadolu is accredited by JCI, European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), and International Standardization Organization (ISO) for high quality and safety. Patients from the UK, the USA, and Canada pick Anadolu due to experienced medical team, advanced breast glands diagnostics, innovative treatment methods, and affordable costs.

The hospital’s surgeons use the latest medical equipment, as CyberKnife, safest and pain-free radiosurgery technology, which helps to affect a tumor saving healthy tissues.

Costs for treatment at Anadolu
Breast cancer surgery from $10,000


from $800


from $8,000


from $2,000

Anadolu offers additional services as a free transfer from/to the airport. A patient can be accompanied by hospitals’ coordinators fluently speaking foreign languages: English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, and others. The hospital provides accommodation — stay in a single room costs from $56 per day. To know more exact price, ask our manager.

Additional prices at Anadolu

  • Oncologist consultation — from $110
  • Mammography — from $250
  • PET/CT — from $1,100
  • Tumor markers test — from $500
  • MRI — from $560
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How much does it cost to treat breast cancer in Thailand

Thailand is among top destinations for medical tourists around the world. Patients from the USA, Australia, China, and UAE choose this country due to cheap prices and high-quality healthcare. An average cost of breast cancer surgery in Thailand starts from $2,300, it’s cheaper than in Turkey, but more expensive than in India, where the approximate cost is $1,700.

Thai hospitals provide such costs according to the country’s price policy, but healthcare quality is on top due to following modern international standards.

Bumrungrad International Hospital

Breast cancer treatment at Bumrungrad

The hospital is recognized as the best destination for medical tourism according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Medical tourists come here for quality treatment every year. It is a luxury 5-star medical facility providing developed healthcare at low costs.

The hospital specialists apply enhanced diagnostics methods including 3D scans for detailed cancer examination. Complex diagnostics cost from $1,500. According to a patient’s stage, an oncologist prescribes a combination of innovative immuno- and targeted therapies approved by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) — it helps patients to achieve a fast remission.

Bumrungrad specialists perform breast-conserving therapy with radiation. It’s a chance to save the natural appearance of the woman’s body.

The hospital provides additional services for international patients as interpreter, VIP transfer to/from an airport, accommodation in a single or double room. If a patient needs more days for stay, the hospital can help with visa extension. To know more about such services, ask Bookimed doctor-coordinator.

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Prices at Bumrungrad
Mastectomy from $9,675

Mastectomy followed by breast reconstruction

from $16,630

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How much does breast cancer treatment cost in India?

India is a reasonable choice for patients who are looking for affordable treatment costs and healthcare of high quality. The country’s price policy and local citizens income are the main reasons for cheap treatment prices. The quality of treatment is at the highest level.

In comparison to the United States where chemotherapy price starts from $12,000, in India, it's from $1,000, and it is at the same highest quality. If you want to choose a right medical facility for breast cancer patients in India, just pay attention to the one below.

Apollo Hospitals

Breast cancer treatment at Apollo

Apollo Hospital is one of the first hospitals in India received JCI accreditation, American-based safety and quality certificate. The hospital accepts thousands of patients from over 120 countries. It provides high-quality medical options at costs twice lower than in Europe and the US.

The hospital use advanced diagnostics methods — in complex it costs from $800. Apollo specialists use the most advanced treatment methods as combined targeted, chemo- and immunotherapies followed by radiotherapy to affect cancer successfully.

The success rate for breast cancer patients increases to 93% according to the hospital’s data. Apollo oncologists perform breast-conserving treatment, but if the surgery is obligatory, plastic surgeons carry out breast reconstruction.

Apollo Hospital gives international patients comfortable accommodation — the hospital has its own hotel.

Costs for treatment at Apollo
Breast cancer surgery from $1,700


from $6,100

Ask Bookimed manager about this service by submitting a request on Bookimed site.

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What affects the cost of breast cancer treatment

  • Stage and diagnostics required — the earlier stage is, the cheaper diagnostics and treatment are;
  • Physician’s experience — it is more expensive if your treating physician is a Head of the Department or Professor;
  • Quantity and type of treatment methods;
  • Additional operations applied, as breast reconstruction;
  • Transfer, duration of hospital stay, interpreter's service.

Additionally, the country’s price policy and local citizens’ income affect an average cost of breast cancer treatment. For example, in the USA, price starts from $30,000 and in India, it's from $8,000.

To calculate your personal cost estimate, submit a request on Bookimed now.

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After comparing all of the costs presented above, the cheapest country to treat breast cancer is India. The most expensive countries to treat such a disease are Germany and Israel but they are cheaper than the USA — even American patients come to treat breast malignancy outside their country because of high costs. As you see, cheap prices do not mean a bad quality of healthcare. Treatment cost depends on the country's price policy and local citizen's salaries.