Only a doctor can calculate the cost of breast cancer treatment, according to your disease stage and therapy components. Examples of breast cancer treatment cost:

  • Germany: breast cancer screening + surgery costs about $11,200.
  • Italy: breast cancer testing for $1,300.
  • Turkey: breast cancer screening + surgery with implants costs approx. $12,400.
  • Israel: comprehensive breast cancer examination is about $3,000.

Chemo- and radiotherapies prices are determined individually, according to their intensity and duration.

Explore this article to find out how much breast cancer treatment costs in different clinics globally. The Bookimed medical expert team has picked the TOP 10 medical centers out of 138 facilities listed on this website. The hospitals meet such criteria as treatment efficacy and success rate, doctors' expertise, patient reviews, and treatment cost level.

We’ve done our best to make your choice easier. But we understand that it can be difficult to take responsibility for picking a hospital to treat such a condition as breast cancer. Especially, if it is about the treatment of breast cancer abroad. 

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Breast cancer treatment cost

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What Aspects Do Affect an Ultimate Breast Treatment Price?

As Bookimed international partner clinics report, such factors determine the total breast cancer treatment cost:

  • Diagnostic procedures set. When you arrive abroad for breast cancer treatment, a doctor can appoint a range of tests (genetic breast cancer screening, biopsy, MRI, CT, PET-CT). If you have done these investigations at the hospital located at your residence, you need to repeat them. So, the final screening cost can be reduced.
  • Disease stage. According to the international protocols, such options as surgery, chemo-, radio-, hormone-, targeted, or proton therapies can be required to manage breast cancer. Only a doctor can pick a proper combination of these methods, depending on the malignant process spread and tumor type. For breast cancer stages 0-2, fewer therapies are needed, so treatment cost is drastically lower than the treatment plan for stages 3-4.
  • General price policy for medical services. Prices for all services and goods in the USA, the UK, Germany, or France are typically higher than in countries with lower citizens’ income like Turkey or Poland, for instance.
  • Hospital type and conditions of stay. The prices for breast cancer treatment also depend on the facility's type — private or state one, and your conditions of stay during the treatment — single or double room.
  • Non medical charges. Besides breast cancer treatment expenses, you should also add travel expenses — flight tickets, accommodation, and meals. They can significantly impact total breast cancer treatment costs. 

If you want to find out how much breast cancer treatment costs in your case, just submit a request. The Bookimed coordinator will send your medical records to a chosen clinic, and then you will receive a total cost estimate.


What Determines Breast Cancer Surgery Cost?

  • Intervention volume. The surgery volume usually depends on the disease stage and tumor size. Such breast cancer surgery are applied, according to the American treatment guidelines:
    1. Lumpectomy. It is an organ-sparing operation when doctors remove a tumor and axillary lymph nodes. Such a procedure is prescribed as a surgical treatment for breast cancer stages 0-1 in case of the neoplasm type up to 2 cm.
    2. Mastectomy is complete removal of one or both breasts together with axillary lymph nodes. This operation is prescribed at breast cancer stages 2-3 if a tumor size exceeds 2 cm.

So, only a doctor can tell which operation type is the best working in your case and then calculate breast cancer surgery cost.

  • Breast cancer surgeons experience and their medical degree. The cost of mammary gland cancer treatment managed by the Professor is higher than by the PhD. It is explained by their year experience difference and qualification level.
  • Mammoplasty surgery is a necessity. If a woman experienced a mastectomy, she needs breast reconstruction enabled with mammoplasty. The mastectomy or lumpectomy cost does not cover breast reconstruction operation fees, so breast cancer surgery + mammoplasty is higher.

Alex Karahanov, Bookimed medical coordinator, comments:


Alex Karahanov, Bookimed MDIf you ask how much breast cancer treatment costs, it is crucial to check your medical history first. For instance, the majority of patients without remote metastasis are prescribed chemotherapy with further partial or complete mammary gland removal following the radiation therapy.

Chemotherapy price for breast cancer depends on the guideline and a picked country. As usual, it is about $6,000-$15,000. The treatment protocol is determined after immunohistological analysis. 

Also, most women with breast cancer are prescribed to remove a mammary gland with lymph nodes. However, such occasions take place when it is necessary to operate the whole breast. So, surgeons place implants to restore the aesthetic look of the mammary gland and resume a patient’s life quality. As a result, breast cancer surgery + reconstruction surgery will fall by about $6,000-$25,000

Radiation therapy costs to treat breast cancer vary depending on the accuracy and availability of radiation devices. The state-of-the-art equipment allows for managing more effective treatment, reduces the cycle and radiation dosage, minimally affects healthy tissues, and causes less side effects. The cost range of radiation therapy for breast cancer is from $5,000 to $30,000. IT is crucial to consider that a high price does not equal the best quality. For instance, the cost of radiation therapy performed on the TrueBeam STx device of the latest generation is $6,000-$8,000 in Turkey and over $20,000 in Israel. So, the irradiation is equally performed on the same equipment, but the prices are absolutely different. It is due to forming price policy: Turkish hospitals offer package prices for radiotherapy, and do not ask to pay separately per each irradiation session."


Breast Cancer Treatment Cost by Country

Breast cancer treatment costs significantly range in different countries. Below we have collected the features of the most popular destinations for breast cancer treatment, according to the Bookimed patient opinion, and some prices for the common therapeutic procedures.

Turkey: How Much Does Breast Cancer Treatment Cost? 

Healthcare in Turkey has reached European standards — there are about 32 hospitals accredited by JCI, a prestigious organization evaluating the quality of medical facilities. Moreover, Turkish hospitals have partnerships with top US medical institutions such as Johns Hopkins Medicine and Harvard Medical School.

Breast cancer treatment costs are cheaper than in Germany or Israel 1.5-3, depending on the set of treatments needed. Compared to the USA where breast cancer surgery costs start from $35,000, Turkey is 3 times cheaper — the average breast cancer treatment cost starts from $10,000. And what is important: Turkish hospitals focus on patient service and are ready to serve people immediately. So, a woman who needs urgent breast cancer treatment will not wait in long queues.

In spite of low prices, Turkey provides a high level of medicine because the government invests a lot into advanced medical equipment and services to attract international patients.

Approx. Prices for Breast Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Therapy Price
Breast cancer surgery $9,000-$15,000
Chemotherapy for breast cancer $8,500-$10,000
Radiotherapy for breast cancer $5,000-$6,000
Genetic screening $1,500-$3,000

Check top 3 medical centers for breast cancer treatment in Turkey, according to the Bookimed patient reviews:

Germany: Breast Cancer Treatment Costs Overview

According to the IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal), about 155,000 patients visit Germany each year to get high-quality medical treatment. The German government invests a lot in healthcare — German clinics use advanced medical equipment and apply enhanced medical options in treating patients with malignant breast tumors — as a result, 85% of all women with breast cancer overcome the 5-year line after the treatment, according to the German Cancer Research Center.

German hospitals work on prepayment terms — a patient transfers their money to a hospital’s bank account. If the treatment appears cheaper in the end, a hospital returns the rest of the money back to a patient. 

*Please notice that German hospitals accept bill payments in Euro.

Cost Outline of Breast Cancer Treatment in Germany

Therapy Price
Breast cancer surgery $8,000-$16,000
Lumpectomy $9,600-$13,500
Immunotherapy (Keytruda) for breast cancer $7,500-$8,000
Radiotherapy for breast cancer $8,000-$15,000
Genetic screening $1,500-$3,000

Top 3 Breast Cancer Centers in Germany

Thailand: How Much Is Breast Cancer Treatment Cost?

Thailand is among the top destinations for medical tourists around the world. Patients from the USA, Australia, China, and UAE pick this country due to low prices and advanced healthcare. 

For instance, Bumrungrad Hospital is listed as one of the world's most technologically advanced medical facilities. According to your medical case, the medical staff here also applies IBM Watson artificial intelligence to develop the treatment program with the highest efficacy. 

Price List of Breast Cancer Treatment Options in Thailand

Therapy Price
Breast cancer surgery $9,700-$15,700
Consultation with an oncologist $30-$60

Best Breast Cancer Treatment Hospital in Thailand

Israel: How Much to Pay for Breast Cancer Treatment?

According to the Israel Cancer Association report, the survival rate for breast cancer patients in Israel exceeds 90%. Local oncologists, surgeons, and radiologists interchange their experience with international colleagues and provide non-stop scientific research on modern cancer treatment development.

Israel is a top-notch country for breast cancer treatment. The deal is that this cancer type is frequently developed in Israeli women — 1 out 8 women suffer this disease. So, Israeli scientists work hard to process effective early diagnostics and further treatment.


Breast Cancer Treatment Cost Comparison in Israel


Therapy Price
Mastectomy $15,200
Lumpectomy $9,000
Breast cancer surgery $9,000-$18,000

Best Breast Cancer Treatment in Israel

Spain: What Is the Price to Treat Breast Cancer?

Spain is also among the top countries to treat breast cancer. Local healthcare is effective. However, a patient needs to be ready to pay for a high medical service level. One of the best hospitals for breast cancer treatment is Teknon Medical Center. It is a private multi-specialty hospital in Spain, accredited by EFQM Organizational Change Management. This accreditation confirms the facility’s improvement and meeting the strict international demands.

Teknon doctors manage breast cancer treatment according to the American guidelines developed at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Due to this, patients with breast tumors get access to the latest technologies and drugs at Teknon.

Breast Cancer Treatment Costs in Spain

Therapy Price
Breast cancer surgery $18,200-$28,000
Chemotherapy for breast cancer $3,700-$5,900
Immunotherapy with Keytruda $3,700-$5,900

Top Breast Cancer Hospital in Spain

How to Pick the Hospital for Breast Cancer Treatment?

To pick a medical center for breast cancer treatment, Bookimed patients take into account such factors:

  • Hospital’s equipment level. The medical center must possess state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment devices to manage breast cancer. For instance, if radiotherapy is indicated for you, select a hospital with equipment updates no earlier than in 2013-2022. Such devices irradiate tumors with up to 2 mm accuracy, so healthy tissues remain intact. For comparison, a rat error of older modifications is several centimeters.
  • Access to the newest therapies for breast cancer. When searching for a breast cancer hospital, pay attention to whether a clinic uses all available treatment options manifested by international guidelines. Among them are: mastectomy, lumpectomy, radio-, chemo-, targeted-, immuno-, and hormone therapies. A qualified doctor chooses the best combination of these treatments for the most effective outcome. 


The cost formation for breast cancer treatment depends on the surgical intervention complexity, therapy methods appointed by a doctor, and where you will undergo treatment — a country and a hospital.

When you pick a medical center to manage breast cancer treatment, consider hospital equipment level and treatment options available. According to these outlines, the Bookimed has picked the TOP 5 breast cancer treatment centers: 

  • Anadolu Medical Center in Turkey, combines American treatment standards with affordable prices.
  • Teknon Medical Center in Spain. Up to 100% of women recover, and 80% of patients preserve breasts after the treatment at Teknon.
  • Sourasky Medical Center in Israel is one of the most famous hospitals globally to serve international patients. Annually 400,000 people head here for medical assistance.
  • Helios Berlin Buch is a top cancer treatment center in Germany.
  • Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand is No. 6 in the most technologically advanced hospitals ranking in the world.

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