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Top 10 Breast Cancer Treatment Centers: Bookimed Patients' Ranking

Breast cancer hospitals ranking FAQs about breast cancer treatment overseas Best treatment for breast cancer with Bookimed 1.7 million people hear breast cancer diagnosis annually according to Breast Cancer Research Foundation statistics. This is a real trial for each woman. However, with adequate treatment and correctly chosen breast cancer hospital, the chances for recovery are really high; the average 5-year survival rate is 90% according to This means that 9 out of 10 wo...


Cost of Breast Cancer Treatment in 2022: Price Overview Globally

Only a doctor can calculate the cost of breast cancer treatment, according to your disease stage and therapy components. Examples of breast cancer treatment cost: Germany: breast cancer screening + surgery costs about $11,200. Italy: breast cancer testing for $1,300. Turkey: breast cancer screening + surgery with implants costs approx. $12,400. Israel: comprehensive breast cancer examination is about $3,000. Chemo- and radiotherapies prices are determined individually, according to the...