1.7 million people hear breast cancer diagnosis annually according to Breast Cancer Research Foundation statistics. This is a real trial for each woman. However, with adequate treatment and correctly chosen breast cancer hospital, the chances for recovery are really high; the average 5-year survival rate is 90% according to cancer.net. This means that 9 out of 10 women recover and live at least 5 years after the treatment.

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As far as a woman faces the disease, she is looking for solution to the problem and raises such questions as:


  • how to get access to the latest treatment options and save the life
  • how to start the breast cancer immediately and avoid waiting lists
  • how to find the best breast cancer treatment at the affordable price.


Prevalence of people confused in finding the most suitable breast cancer clinic. To save your time and efforts, managers of Bookimed (a platform to search for the best treatment options worldwide) has ranked Top 10 breast cancer hospitals in the world.

This Top Hospitals Ranking is composed by the Bookimed medical team based on 346 clinics comparison. We've chosen the hospitals below according to the following criteria: 1) our patient reviews, 2) clinic success rates, 3) doctors' experience, and 4) innovations to provide high-quality care. This information is given by hospital representatives and under their responsibility.

The Ranking aims to provide patients with awareness material to make an informed decision about places of skilled inpatient care and isn't a call to action. The choice is yours.

3 things you should know about top breast cancer centers

While choosing the breast cancer hospital, pay attention to these facts:

  1. The breast cancer treatment price is not a marker of a poor or high therapeutic quality. Price policy in the best breast cancer hospitals in the world may significantly vary — up to 5-7 times. Such a difference is caused by price policy in a particular country and the general income of local citizens. The cheapest places for breast cancer treatment are Thailand, Turkey, India, East Europe, the most expensive — the USA, Germany, Austria, South Korea, Israel.
  2. Experience of a breast cancer doctor influences the treatment result. The doctor must be a member of world-authoritative medical organizations, apply the latest therapies, improve their skills, and have positive patients' feedbacks.
  3. Doctors in the top breast cancer hospitals focus on organ-preserving treatment at the initial breast cancer stages. In case of the breast removal that aims to stop cancer spreading, a doctor performs the breast reconstruction (creating of the breast shape with artificial implants or own tissues). So, a woman feels psychological and physical comfort just after the mastectomy (the breast removal).


Submit a request on Bookimed, if you have any difficulties in choosing the best place for breast cancer treatment. Our manager will contact you to provide with the most suitable options and arrange medical treatment to a chosen breast cancer hospital in the shortest term — within 3-5 days

Best breast cancer hospital in Israel

Israel is one of the best places where to treat breast cancer. The high breast cancer morbidity level in Israel (4,000 new cases annually) forces local doctors to develop new therapies and become first in the world to implement them. All the innovative treatments are controlled and regulated on the state level to ensure their effectiveness and safety.


Sourasky Medical Center


What makes Sourasky Medical Center one of the best breast cancer centers in the world:

  • Sourasky is ranked among Top 10 popular hospitals in the world for medical tourists according to Newsweek, the authoritative American magazine.
  • Over 400,000 international patients entrust their health to the hospital annually.
  • Sourasky Breast Cancer Center cooperates with the Israel Cancer Association that guarantees a professional approach and high level of medical services.
  • About 850 new patients with breast cancer are treated at Sourasky Breast Center annually.
  • The average 5-year survival rate after breast cancer treatment at the center is 90%.
  • Fast speed response — a patient can go for the breast cancer treatment to Sourasky within 3 days with Bookimed.

Israel is economically-developed country, so the breast cancer treatment cost here is considered quite high — 2-3 times more expensive than in Turkey or India, but 2-3 times cheaper than in the USA or Canada, for instance

Best breast cancer clinic in Turkey

Turkey is getting more popular for medical tourism each year. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute released data, about 430,000 tourists visit Turkey for the health purpose. They come from Europe, Great Britain, the USA, Australia, Asian countries. Such a popularity is caused by:

  1. Treatment according to strict world-class standards. The same technologies and therapies are applied in European and American top breast cancer centers.
  2. Affordable prices — 2-3 times lower than in Europe and 4-6 than in America. Such an affordability is explained by general price policy in the country and not the high level of local citizens income.
  3. All-inclusive service: a lot of breast cancer centers in Turkey offer free transfer, language assistance, and even accommodation.


Anadolu Medical Center


What makes Anadolu Medical Center one of the best places for breast cancer treatment:


  • Anadolu cooperates with Johns Hopkins Hospital, top American center for breast cancer treatment. Due to this, Anadolu doctors interchange the experience with the American colleagues and implement the latest therapies in Turkey.
  • Prof. Metin Cakmakci, a specialist with over 30 years of experience, manages breast cancer at Anadolu. The doctor studied and practiced in top medical facilities in Europe and the USA.
  • Anadolu is among only 30 centers in the world accredited by OECI (Organization of European Cancer Institutes) for the high cancer treatment effectiveness.
  • Anadolu Breast Cancer Center is ready to accept patients in 3-10 days after the request on Bookimed


Top breast cancer hospital in Thailand

About 2.4 million medical tourists visit Thailand annually according to IMTJ (International Medical Tourism Journal). Thai healthcare is so attractive to foreigners due to:

  • International approval — 43 medical centers are accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International), the gold standard in global healthcare.
  • 2-3 times cheaper treatment than in the USA or Canada, so patients from these countries choose Thailand to cure breast cancer and other disorders.
  • Thai doctors, working in the top breast cancer centers, interchange their experience with leading American and European colleagues.

Bumrungrad International


What makes Bumrungrad International one of the top breast cancer hospitals in Thailand and the world:

  • Top choice among medical tourism — 520,000 international patients from 190 countries entrust their health to Bumrungrad annually.
  • The hospital is considered among Top 10 most advanced facilities in the world according to the top Master's in Healthcare Administration Ranking. So, only the latest technologies are applied for breast cancer treatment.
  • IBM Watson for oncology treatment is used at Bumrungrad. This is an innovative supercomputer that analyzes the patient's disease history and compares it with data of the latest medical developments. You will receive the most effective breast cancer treatment program with 96% accuracy. This makes Bumrungrad one of the best breast cancer treatment centers.
  • Bumrungrad meets the strict Global Healthcare Accreditation standardsю This confirms the high standards of medical service for international patients.


Best breast cancer center in Germany

About 255,000 international patients from 177 countries visit Germany annually according to IMTJ. German healthcare is one of the most efficient and advanced in the world due to the highly-developed scientific research activity. According to IMTJ info, Germany invests in the medicine more than any other European country. Due to this, patients from over the world consider this country as the best place for breast cancer treatment.

Helios Berlin Buch

Why Helios Berlin Buch is among the top 10 breast cancer hospitals:

  • Helios Berlin Buch belongs to the largest medical group in Germany and is the 2nd in the world according to its data.
  • Helios Breast Cancer Center is certified by the German Cancer Society for high therapeutic effectiveness.
  • Helios Berlin Buch is ranked among top German hospitals by the Focus magazine.
  • The lowest prices in Germany according to Helios hospital data.
  • 97% of patients are satisfied with cancer treatment at Helios according to hospital's anonymous survey.


Best breast cancer clinic in Austria

Austria is less popular medical tourism destination than above-listed countries, but the healthcare here is highly-developed. Austria is one of the best places for breast cancer treatment. The innovative Neosphere protocol for hormone-sensitive breast tumors therapy has been invented here and successfully applied. Austrian breast cancer centers have numerous certifications that confirm their world-class medicine.

Wiener Privatklinik

Why Wiener Privatklinik is among top breast cancer centers:

  • Neosphere protocol for breast cancer treatment is applied at Wiener Privatklinik.
  • The best medical center in Austria according to Austrian Association survey.
  • Prof. Christoph Zielinski, top breast cancer oncologist, works at the center. He was the President of the Central European Cooperative Oncology Group and a member of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO). The vast doctor's experience allows avoiding complications and increases success rate.
  • 95% of patients are satisfied with the treatment at Wiener Privatklinik.


Best breast cancer hospital in South Korea

365,000 medical tourists visit South Korea annually as IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal) reports. They are from the USA, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia. 90% of Korean hospitals are private, so a patient doesn't need to wait much time to receive treatment. The best breast cancer hospitals are equipped with the latest technologies produced by Samsung, Hyundai, and LG. The devices provide accurate diagnostics and therapy.

Severance Hospital

Why Severance Hospital is among Top 10 breast cancer treatment centers:

  • The hospital is a partner of Anderson and Johns Hopkins Cancer Centers, the top ones in the USA. It means that American medical standards are applied for breast cancer treatment.
  • Severance private breast clinic focuses on organ-preserving operation, so it is possible to avoid mastectomy in some cases.
  • The accelerated program for diagnostics and treatment of international patients is available.


Best breast cancer clinic in Switzerland

Medical tourism is Switzerland has not been developed great yet. According to IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal) data, only 35,000 patients visit Switzerland for treatment annually. They are mostly from Europe, the USA, Asia, and the Middle East. Switzerland healthcare system takes the 3rd place in the world according to the Healthcare Access and Quality Index (HAQ) research. High treatment cost (even higher than in Germany) is its main disadvantage. If you choose Switzerland, you can be sure of receiving the best breast cancer treatment.

Générale Beaulieu Hospital

What makes Générale Beaulieu one of the best cancer centers in the world:

  • The hospital is awarded by prestigious "Breast Cancer" quality label.
  • Générale Beaulieu has 120 years of experience and belongs to Swiss Medical Network, one of the leading in Switzerland.

Générale Beaulieu is certified by the Swiss Leading Hospitals that means the center is "Best in class". This makes Générale Beaulieu one of the best places for breast cancer treatment.

Best breast cancer clinic in Spain

The Spanish healthcare takes 7th position in the world according to World Health Organization ranking. About 100,000 patients from the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands choose Spain for the treatment due to competitive prices, highly-developed medicine, access to the latest technologies. Spain is also a perfect option for those who want to enjoy the picturesque nature and warm climate after the treatment. The local government does its best to promote Spain worldwide as a top choice for all diseases treatment, including breast cancer.


Teknon Medical Center

Why Teknon is one of the breast cancer hospitals in the world?

  • 95% is a 5-year survival rate for breast cancer stage I according to Teknon data.
  • Specialists focus on organ-preserving operations and reconstructive surgeries if the breast must be removed. For women who want to have children in the future, doctors also choose the most adequate breast cancer treatment options.
  • Teknon belongs to Quironsalud Medical Group, No. 1 in Spain and Europe. Due to this Teknon doctors provide one of the best breast cancer treatments in Europe.
  • Teknon Oncology Institute follows the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (the top one in the USA) treatment standards. This means that Teknon doctors perform the best breast cancer treatment involving the experience of the American colleagues.


Breast cancer hospital in Italy

Cancer treatment in Italy has tended to develop for last years. Patients from Europe, the UK, and Ireland mostly go to Italy for treatment. The main advantages for medical tourists are 5-10% lower prices (compared to Spain or Germany, for instance), access to new therapeutic methods, developed infrastructure, and a chance to enjoy Italian nature and culture. The last thing promotes the patient's psychological recovery and helps to forget about the disease. So, choosing Italy as the place for breast cancer treatment, you can combine the rest with a world-class therapy.

San Raffaele Ospedale

Why San Raffaele is included to the top breast cancer hospitals ranking:

  • 450 surgical interventions to treat breast cancer annually.
  • In 95% of cases, doctors perform immediate breast reconstruction in case of mastectomy (the breast removal).
  • After 85% of interventions, the breast is preserved.
  • The breast cancer treatment at San Raffaele Ospedale complies with strict UNI-EN-ISO 9001 standard.
  • San Raffaele Ospedale is a top Italian scientific research center, where the newest treatments are developed.


Best breast cancer treatment center in India

India takes leading positions in the world regarding the number of medical tourists — 460,000 foreigners entrust their health to Indian specialists annually according to IMTJ (International Medical Travel Journal) data. Price-quality ratio is the main criteria of such a popularity. The treatment cost here is 2-3 times lower than in Thailand, Korea, Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), and about 5-7 than in the USA. International patients treat breast cancer only in private centers — some of them are JCI-accredited. JCI (Joint Commission International) is an authoritative organization, which confirms a hospital's compliance with strict international treatment protocols. Top German, Spanish, Korean, Israeli breast cancer centers have the same certificate. Indian doctors permanently improve their skills practicing in top European and American centers, and then apply new knowledge in India.


Apollo Hospitals


What makes Apollo one among top breast cancer centers in the world?


  • Apollo was the 1st medical center in India that received JCI approval.
  • Apollo (including its private breast clinic), is the best hospital in Delhi according to The Week magazine version.
  • In 90% of cases, the breast cancer is completely curable at the initial stages.
  • Apollo doctors focus on organ-preserving surgery. But if the mastectomy is assigned, they perform immediate reconstruction to make a woman feel comfortable and confident.


FAQs about breast cancer treatment in best centers

  • What is the best treatment for breast cancer?
  • The treatment plan is individual for each patient. Only specialized oncologists can determine the best therapy in your particular case. It depends on the breast cancer stage, patients' age and general health condition.


  • Is it possible to preserve the affected breast?
  • Top breast cancer medical facilities offer organ-preserving surgeries. They can be applied in the particular cases. You need a consultation with a specialist from the particular breast cancer clinic to discuss this option.



  • Can I have a child after the breast cancer treatment?
  • Top breast cancer hospitals apply individual approach to each patient taking into account all their preferences. You should tell about your desire to the doctor, and he/she will suggest sparing treatment options (if possible) or freeze your eggs.



  • Will I breastfeed after the breast cancer treatment?
  • In most of the cases, a women can breastfeed after the treatment, even with the affected breast. But it is better to discuss this issue with your doctor.



  • How can I know which country or hospital is the best for breast cancer treatment in my case?
  • While choosing the best cancer place for breast cancer treatment, take into account such factors:
    1. Whether the hospital has specialized breast cancer clinic. Only narrow-focused centers provide the most effective treatment due to the vast experience and application the specific technologies.
    2. Breast cancer clinic location. Choose the hospital, which is located not far away from your place of residence. You can save time and charges for tickets.
    3. Treatment price. Breast cancer hospitals may apply the same technologies but for the difference price. Compare their offers and carefully read patients' reviews about the breast cancer center.
    4. Contact with Bookimed manager. Our medical managers arrange the treatment overseas for thousands of patients. So, they know all features of healthcare in particular country and can help the best breast cancer center/doctor in your case.



  • What should I do to start the treatment in the chosen breast cancer clinic?
  • You should submit a request and Bookimed manager will process the treatment arrangement. Read more below.


  • How can I be sure that the payment for breast cancer treatment is safe?
  • You transfer money to the breast cancer hospital's bank account. You can check its correctness in the official sources. Some breast cancer centers do not require a prepayment, so you can pay right in the hospital.


  • Will anybody meet me at the airport?
  • Yes, top breast cancer hospitals provide a transfer. This service may be free or paid additionally. Our manager provides with this info before your medical trip.



  • I want my relative to accompany me during the treatment, is it possible?
  • Of course, the majority of breast cancer clinics provide with a special ward for such cases.



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