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Discover the Best Clinics and Costs for Flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS) in India 2024

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While Flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS) treatment offers are not be available in India, we've selected the TOP offers based on feedback from Bookimed patients.

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Turkey, Istanbul
Urological surgeon - Orhan Tanriverdi
31 years of experience
  • 23 years of surgical expertise with Dr. Orhan Tanriverdi, specializing in General Surgery and Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery.
  • Comprehensive Flexible Ureterorenoscopy (URS) package includes preoperative tests, consultations, follow-up exams, hospitalization, and transfers.
  • Short hospital stay with just 1 day in the hospital and a 6-day hotel accommodation for recovery and comfort.
  • Advanced medical technology at Liv Hospital Ulus, utilizing innovative systems like da Vinci for surgeries.
  • International recognition and high patient satisfaction for Liv Hospital Ulus, noted for excellent healthcare and responsibility.
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2 Recent Flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS) Reviews in India: Check Real Patient Experience

Kurbon • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) Uzbekistan Dec 3, 2019

Verified review.
I am pleased that I contacted such objective and successful organizations as Bookimed and best wishes Patient from Uzbekistan Kurbon Eshmirzaev
BLK has been equipped with modern equipment to arrange all the necessary services and comfort for patients. Doctors are highly qualified. In order to reduce the term of interruption, I propose taking control of registered patients for the reasons for their delay, improving transfers by profession, I was in three local wards, I was in good condition. Thanks to him for the quality operation. I consulted here with cardiologist Ajay Cole, neurologist Rajiv Anand, pulmologist Sanda Ep Nayar and others are all called to give Health Well done. In order to prevent "financial games, I suggest that the head of BLK advertise about his clinic, its services, medical services and conditions, prices of operations through national television of various countries or in the field to create representative offices. I am pleased that I contacted such objective and successful organizations as Bookimed and best wishes Patient from Uzbekistan Kurbon Eshmirzaev.
About Bookimed service
I am very pleased to offer you to all my loved ones and others. Thank you for your comprehensive assistance. Goodbye.

Flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS) Overview in India

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How it works
What to expect
Surgery Time - 1 hour
Stay in the country - 1 day
Rehabilitation - 1 day
Anesthesia - General anesthesia
Requests processed - 10917
Bookimed fees - $0
Types of Flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS)
  • Flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS)

    The operation uses a thin, flexible tube to diagnose and treat kidney and ureteral conditions efficiently and safely.

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Step-by-Step Roadmap

Day 1: Arrival

  • Arrive at the hospital and check-in.
  • Meet with your anesthesiologist and urologist.
  • Undergo routine preoperative tests like blood tests and ECG.

Day 2: Pre-Operation

  • Meet with a dietitian to discuss fasting guidelines.
  • Receive instructions on preoperative hygiene and clothing.
  • Discuss all medications and supplements with your doctors.

Day 3: Flexible Ureterorenoscopy (URS)

  • Arrive at the hospital early in the morning.
  • Undergo anesthesia, typically general, before the procedure.
  • Procedure begins by inserting a thin telescopic device into the urethra.
  • Stones or obstructions are identified, and removed or fragmented.
  • Procedure usually lasts between 1-3 hours.

Day 4: Post-Operation

  • Stay in the hospital overnight for observation.
  • Receive pain relief medication if necessary.
  • Undergo post-operative tests such as X-rays or ultrasound.

Week 1-2: Rehabilitation

  • Rest and avoid strenuous physical activities.
  • Monitor for any signs of infection or complications.
  • Follow-up appointment with your urologist after a week.
  • Return to work after two weeks if recovery is smooth.

Please note, the timeline and recovery process can vary greatly for each individual depending on their overall health, the complexity of the procedure, and the presence of any complications.

How Much Does Flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS) Cost in India? Find Out Now

updated 7/21/2024
The average price of Flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS) in India is $9000, the minimum price is $7000, and the maximum price is $11000.
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Flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS) -from $11500 -
The total cost is calculated individually. It may range depending on your medical issue, doctor's qualification, procedure complexity and related complications (if they occur). You’ll get the exact price for a plastic surgery procedure after a consultation with a doctor.
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You can send us any of these diagnostic results: Urine analysis, Consultation with a urologist, Abdominal CT Scan, Urodynamics, etc. The doctor will analyze the presence of urinary tract infection, urinary stone composition, the size and location of the stone, and bladder capacity and function.

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Discover the Best Flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS) Clinics in India: 1 Verified Option and Prices
Check the hospital ranking based on requests and 2 reviews to pick the right Flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS) clinic for you.
Fortis Hospital
India, Noida

Fortis Hospital, Noida is a premier state-of-the-art facility with over 236 beds including 12 operation theatres. The hospital is known for its excellence in oncology, orthopedics, neuroscience, liver transplant, kidney transplant, cardiac sciences, and emergency trauma care services. It has a renowned Neurosciences and Orthopaedics department, as well as successful Kidney and Liver Transplant Programmes. With a focus on patient care, the hospital offers comprehensive and superior cardiac care. It is NABH accredited and prides itself on its commitment to patient welfare and quality healthcare.

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Your Medical Travel Guide: Essential Tips and Advice

How many days do I need to stay in India?
1 day
How much extra money do I need (additional to the procedure)?
A night in a 5-star hotel breakfast included — $60. A night in a 4-star hotel breakfast included — $40. A night in a 3-star hotel breakfast included — $35. Lunch & dinner — $10.
Do I need a visa?
For citizens of the UK and the USA: visa is required — you may get it online for $71.
For citizens of other countries — please visit to find more details on entry requirements to India.
What payment options are available?
PayPal, cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).
Flight tickets to India: are not included in the price.
Transfer: some clinics offer an airport-clinic-airport transfer.
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2 Recent Flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS) Reviews in India: Check Real Patient Experience

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