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Best Laser treatment for varicose veins phlebologists: TOP 28 doctors

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César García Madrid
Vascular surgeon
30 years of experience
357 reviews
Spain, Barcelona
Centro Médico Teknon

César García Madrid

Vascular surgeon
30 years of experience
Dr. César García Madrid is a specialist in angiology, vascular and endovascular surgery and has over 25 years of experience. He is a pioneer in non-surgical treatments for varicose veins and has published over 200 papers devoted to endovascular surgery. He is a member of multiple professional societies and has been awarded multiple prizes.Read more
Igor Chmelyuk
Plastic surgeon
15 years of experience
Ukraine, Kyiv
Dobrobut Medical Network

Igor Chmelyuk

Plastic surgeon
15 years of experience
A physician who graduated from Lugansk State Medical University, Ukraine and completed internships in surgery and cardiovascular surgery. Has attended refresher courses and international conferences in plastic and aesthetic surgery, hepatopancreatobiliary surgery, and breast surgery in various countries.Read more
Uldis Maurinsh
12 reviews
Latvia, Riga
Dr. Maurinsh Vein Center

Surgeon, phlebologist. Specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases.

Read more

Find out about the best doctors here

20 top ranked Laser treatment for varicose veins doctors in the world are represented on this page. The list includes only verified specialists known for their experience and high success rates.

The ranking is composed according to the Bookimed patient reviews and considers the rating of hospitals where doctors practice.

Top 5 Laser treatment for varicose veins doctors on

How to choose the best Laser treatment for varicose veins doctors in the world?

The specialist’s CV contains details about the doctor’s expertise and work experience, education, scientific research, and languages spoken. Compare information on several specialists, read carefully about their experience, success rates, and methods they apply. Make sure the chosen doctor has relevant experience in the treatment of a medical issue you are looking for. Read reviews of patients who had a consultation with the chosen specialist.

Famous Laser treatment for varicose veins doctors have vast experience, continue education constantly, participate in professional associations and have positive feedback from patients treated.

What is the cost of a doctor's consultation?

The price for the consultation on Laser treatment for varicose veins varies between experts and depends on certain factors, such as:

  • the country of practicing
  • the clinical experience and reputation
  • the medical degree and educational background
  • the doctor’s workload
  • medical developments, proprietary techniques used, and awards, if any.

How to make an appointment with a chosen doctor?

To schedule your visit, just submit a request on Our coordinator will contact you to discuss the time and details of the appointment, so everything will go smoothly.

We can help to find the right doctors for Laser treatment for varicose veins if you have any difficulties with a choice. Bookimed services are free for patients ♥

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