Loving yourself and enjoying life is the philosophy of 41-year-old Mariam from Denmark. After the giving birth of five children, the woman's body changed. However, this fact did not stop her on the way to the body of her dreams. Even though it required the plastic surgeon's intervention.

Mariam shared how she decided to have surgery, why she chose a plastic surgeon abroad, and how her life has changed after the mammoplasty.

I really wanted to enjoy my body

I am a cosmetologist. I have been living and working in Denmark for about 20 years. My husband and I are bringing up our five wonderful children. I breastfed every child until the age of 2. Obviously, breastfeeding left a mark: my body changed.

I am short, but I had an E-cup size in my youth. Nevertheless, my breasts became even more extensive and just sagged then. The same thing happened with the stomach. After childbirth, I cared for myself, tightened my body, lost 25 kg, and my breasts sagged even more. The spaniel ear joke was one of my favorites back then.

Mariam's Breast Lift Experience

My husband supported me and showed his love, but despite this, I felt embarrassed about my large breasts for a long time. I tried not to show myself naked in front of him. It was disgusting to look at myself, and I did not want him to see it either. My husband reassured me in every possible way and was tolerant about my problem because I gave birth to his five children. But I could not take myself in this shape.

When you have large saggy breasts, it is not just a slight imperfection — it is an absolute horror for me. I really wanted to enjoy my reflection in the mirror. I did not like my breasts and decided to do something about it.

First, I ventured into a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. I had a lot of excess skin, and getting rid of it with sports was impossible. The only way was to cut it off. Then, I began to think about mammoplasty. My friends just went to Turkey and had a breast augmentation managed by Dr. Ergin Er. I was surprised how excellent their results were and how neatly the stitches were applied. After that, I was finally convinced that it was not as scary as I had imagined. So breast reduction stories from patients showed that plastic surgery can be easily tolerated if you choose the right doctor.

Dr. Ergin Er — is one of the best plastic surgeons in Turkey, with over 25 years of experience. He specializes in breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, liposuction, and tummy tuck. Holds awards in research related to plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Ergin Er trained in the USA and Turkey.

My most powerful argument against — I really did not want noticeable scars on my breasts. But when I saw my friends' results, I was pleased. So I began to persuade my husband, telling him I was still young and did not want to live my life with such sagging breasts.

My husband was initially against the breast lift experience because he remembered my recovery from a tummy tuck. He didn't want me to go through pain and put my life at risk again. But, after a year of persuasion, the husband finally agreed.

I was really happy. At the same time, I decided to have an operation on my eyelids — blepharoplasty. Previously, a surgeon I know advised me to remove excess skin on the eyelids because it affected my vision.

I just fell asleep and woke up with beautiful breasts

I started looking for options for breast reduction stories and I prefered services from the surgeon who operated on my friends. That's how I found out about Bookimed. I submitted a request on the website, and, surprisingly, they recommended the same doctor that I wanted to visit from the very beginning — Dr. Ergin Er.

Mariam's Breast Lift Experience

I flew to Turkey together with a friend — she also decided to improve her appearance. The Bookimed coordinator took over a trip arrangement from scratch. We just agreed on a convenient date for the operation. The first request was somewhere in October, and in December, I already arrived at the clinic for plastic surgery.

After consulting with the doctor, we decided to refuse the implants. He said I had good pectoral muscles and chest, but the skin was very saggy. I really liked that the medical staff were attentive; they found their own approach to each patient. Everything was at top-notch level. I didn't even have a fear that something might go wrong.

The surgeon removed about 1.5 kg of excess skin during the operation and performed a breast lift. Also, along with the breast reduction experience during the same anesthesia, the doctor carried out blepharoplasty. I didn't feel anything. I just fell asleep and woke up with new beautiful breasts and eyes.

Recovery after the surgery had gone well and was pretty fast. I stayed in the hospital for about seven days: first in the clinic and later in a nearby hotel. I had to wait until the surgeon removed the stitches. After that, I immediately returned home.

I didn't even have bruises around my eyes, which was pleasantly shocking. I have seen many times the healing period of my friends: terrible swelling, red bruises, thick scars. At first, I didn't even understand if I had blepharoplasty. The post-operative patch fell off about a day later, and that's all.

There were no specific problems with the breast either — my surgeon is an insanely talented specialist. The only thing is that after the operation, minor wounds appeared on the seams of one breast. But that's okay; I was warned about it.

Mariam's Breast Lift Experience

I didn't take any special care. Following the recommendations, I wore a specific slimming top for two months to support my breasts. I also tried to take a shower carefully so that everything was dry. And I treated the seams with a special cream after the surgery.

I know that not everyone tolerates this operation quickly, but I was lucky. There was no terrible pain, and everything was adequate. I am not a whiner and was taught to live a tough life. That's why I ignore a little discomfort. It was my conscious choice, and I understood I had to be a little patient.

It has now been six months since the surgery. The scars on the eyes are invisible. At first, they were a bit red, but over time they got lighter. It is a fantastic result, and I am delighted.

The scars on the breasts are a little more noticeable, but they are getting lighter every month. Because they are so thin, you still have to try to find them. Sensitivity has not yet come back, ultimately, but this is normal. At first, any touch was unpleasant, but now everything is fine. The sensitivity should return to normal after a year.

Recovery after breast reduction did not affect my life in any way. There were no insurmountable difficulties. I still worked and lived, and after a month and a half, I already went to fitness. But most importantly, I look at myself in the mirror with admiration. It was worth everything.

I remember the first time I saw my new breasts — I felt excited but, at the same time, the joy of the fact that my breasts were exactly what I dreamed of.

Nataliia Bruiaka, Medical coordinatorNatalia Bruyaka, the Bookimed medical coordinator

Mariam came to us with a reasonably clear request on her friend's recommendation, who is our patient too. Mariam wanted to do breast surgery and blepharoplasty in Turkey. Taking into account all her preferences, I advised Dr. Ergin Er from Istanbul Aesthetic Clinic, one of the best plastic surgeons in Turkey. I showed Mariam his works and patient reviews, so she decided to entrust her appearance into the doctor's hands.

It was comfortable to work with Mariam. I am happy everything went well, and we helped the patient get rid of the complexes. It is the goal of our work — to help people on the way to their dreams.

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Ergin Er is the best surgeon. He is a master of his craft, the doctor speaks English, he worked for 4 years in the USA. Many thanks to him for a perfect job! Elvina is the best coordinator! Thank her very much. She always helped and organized everything. ❤️ I had a primary mammoplasty, Ergin took into account all my suggestions and gave me the maximum size I wanted! Elvina helped with payment and accompanied me everywhere in the clinic. The chamber is good, I really liked it. Thank God, the operation went perfectly and very easily. I also liked the hotel where I stayed for a week. Choose only Istanbul Aesthetic, I advise everyone
— Елизавета Петрусенко
Ukraine, Feb 6, 2023
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Not only the breasts have changed

I love myself very much and always have. I put myself first and try to do my best for my body, health, and beauty. I do not regret any money I wasted because seeing yourself beautiful in the mirror guarantees happiness.

The overall family's mood is always affected by whether a woman is happy and satisfied : if I feel well, my children and husband are also doing OK. It is my secret to a strong family, and it works. My husband and I have been together for 22 years, and our relationship has always been perfect.

I started changes with a new breast, and my husband noticed this too. I have become more self-confident. I am not afraid to look at myself in the mirror in my underwear — now, nothing irritates me, and I am delighted with my body.

Mammoplasty, patient's story

When my husband sees me in underwear, he constantly says that I am gorgeous and how good it is that I did the operation. Sometimes I joke that you can only look at the breast, not touch it with your hands. Even when I am alone and my husband is not around me, I put on sexy lingerie and think: "It's good that nothing is hanging nymore." It makes me happy every time.

I would advise every woman who feels insecure about her breasts to decide on such a procedure. Do not wait for another time, but go ahead and be beautiful. It is better to go through this path once than to live with this complex for years. It will not only change your body but also give you more self-confidence.

I am delighted with myself, and I do not plan to do anything with my body. I will only support what I have now: go on to be beautiful.

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