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Discover the Best Clinics and Costs for Septoplasty in Greece 2024

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While Septoplasty treatment offers are not be available in Greece, we've selected the TOP offers based on feedback from Bookimed patients.

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Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center
Turkey, Istanbul
• 307 reviews
doctor Ergin Er
30 years of experience • 10000+ treatments performed
Ergin Er
  • Over 28 years of experience in plastic surgery and prestigious national awards underline Dr. Ergin Er's expertise in facial and body aesthetic procedures, including Septoplasty.
  • Dr. Er's extensive training includes the American College of Surgeons for body contouring and facial aesthetic surgery workshops in New York, showcasing his commitment to adopting the most updated methods.
  • The Septoplasty "All included" offer provides a comprehensive package with services such as preoperative tests, general anesthesia, all consumable materials, and postoperative follow-up, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Patients benefit from a 7-day stay, with 1 day in the hospital and 6 days in a hotel, facilitating a comfortable recovery period after their Septoplasty.
  • Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center is renowned for serving over 4,000 patients globally, with modern treatments like Vaser liposuction and a high satisfaction rate for hair and beard transplants.
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Septoplasty "All included" with Award-winning Plastic Surgeon
307 reviews
per package
The Nose Aesthetic Clinic
Turkey, Istanbul
• 51 reviews
doctor Cem Altindag
25 years of experience • 5000+ treatments performed
Cem Altindag
  • 25+ years of specialized experience in rhinoplasty and nasal surgery by Dr. Cem Altindag, a member of the European Rhinoplasty Society.
  • Comprehensive Basic Septoplasty Transfer Included package offering consultations, post-op medications, follow-up, preoperative tests, and general anesthesia.
  • International training and consultancy in countries like the USA, UK, Germany, and France, enhancing Dr. Altindag's expertise in Septoplasty.
  • The Nose Aesthetic Clinic is frequented by patients from Europe, CIS, Arab League States, the USA, Canada, and Australia, reflecting its global recognition.
  • Inclusive of transfers between airport, hotel, and clinic, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for international patients.
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Basic Septoplasty Transfer Included
Best price
51 reviews
per package
Dr. MED Clinic
Turkey, Istanbul
• 98 reviews
doctor Ibrahim Altoparlak
14 years of experience
Ibrahim Altoparlak
Surgeon's portfolio
Before and after Septoplasty photos by Dr. Enis Ekincioglu
See portfolio
Before and after Septoplasty photos by Dr. Enis Ekincioglu
  • Extensive Experience: Dr. Ibrahim Altoparlak has been providing expert care since 2010, building a decade of specialized experience in Septoplasty.
  • Comprehensive Care Package: The Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty All Included Package offers a full suite of services, from preoperative tests to post-op medications and follow-up examinations.
  • Accommodating Stay: Patients enjoy a 1-day hospital stay and a 5-day stay in a comfortable 4-star hotel, ensuring a restful recovery period.
  • State-of-the-Art Clinic: Dr. MED Clinic boasts high success rates in various surgeries and utilizes modern techniques and technologies in plastic and reconstructive surgery.
  • International Recognition: Dr. MED Clinic annually attracts over 4,500 patients globally, indicating a trusted reputation in the international community.
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Rhinoplasty& Septoplasty All Included Package with Top Surgeon
98 reviews
per package
Mexico, Mexico City
doctor Efrain Arreola Mendoza
38 years of experience
Efrain Arreola Mendoza
  • Extensive Expertise: Dr. Efrain Arreola Mendoza has been perfecting Septoplasty since 1986, ensuring patients benefit from over 35 years of experience.
  • Reputed Clinic: Allermedica is renowned for its focus on allergic and respiratory diseases, with a specialized team and over 30 years in nose surgery.
  • Targeted Septoplasty Care: The Basic Septoplasty offer is designed to address functional nasal issues with a one-day hospital stay.
  • Convenient Recovery: Patients have the comfort of a three-day hotel stay post-procedure, allowing for rest and initial recovery in a comfortable setting.
  • Quality Assurance: Allermedica's commitment to responsibility, quality, and warmth ensures a patient-centric approach to Septoplasty treatment.
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Basic Septoplasty
Limited-time deal
-10% OFF Today
per package
Kucukcekmece Hospital
Turkey, Istanbul
• 58 reviews
doctor Onur Üstün
14 years of experience
Onur Üstün
Surgeon's portfolio
Before and after Septoplasty photos by Dr. Onur Üstün Before and after Septoplasty photos by Dr. Onur Üstün
See portfolio
Before and after Septoplasty photos by Dr. Onur Üstün
  • Decade of Expertise: Dr. Onur Üstün has been practicing since 2010, ensuring a wealth of experience in Septoplasty.
  • Comprehensive Care: The "All included" package covers consultations, follow-up, medications, preoperative tests, anesthesia, and hospital + hotel stay.
  • International Recognition: Kucukcekmece Hospital is chosen by 45,000 patients annually, including those from the USA, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Arab League States.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Utilizing modern equipment and treatment methods, Kucukcekmece Hospital provides top-tier Septoplasty procedures.
  • Convenient Stay: The package includes a 1-day hospital stay followed by a 5-day hotel stay, with airport and clinic transfers for a seamless experience.
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Septoplasty "All included" Package
58 reviews
per package
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Septoplasty Overview in Greece

Related procedures & Costs
How it works
What to expect
patients recommend -
Surgery Time - 1 hour
Stay in the country - 10 days
Rehabilitation - 30 days
Anesthesia - General anesthesia
Requests processed - 4449
Bookimed fees - $0
Types of Septoplasty
  • The procedure is a non-invasive treatment for sinusitis, using a small balloon to dilate inflamed sinus passages.

  • The procedure helps alleviate congestion by reshaping nasal structures, improving airflow with less invasiveness and downtime.

  • This operation corrects deviated septum, improving breathing and sinus issues with minimal incisions and fast recovery.

  • The operation of septoplasty is performed using an endoscope, which allows all manipulations to be carried out through miniature incisions. This procedure can correct a deviated septum and improve nasal breathing.

  • This therapy reshapes nasal passages to help breathing, improving sleep and reducing snoring.

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Step-by-Step Roadmap

Day 1

  • Arrive at the country, VIP transfer to the clinic.
  • Initial consultation with the surgeon.
  • Undergo pre-operative medical tests.
  • Check into a 3-star hotel for rest.

Day 2

  • Meet anesthesiologist for pre-operative briefing.
  • Undergo Septoplasty procedure under general anesthesia.
  • Procedure duration is typically 1-2 hours.
  • Post-op monitoring in the recovery room.

Day 3

  • Stay in the clinic for post-operative care.
  • Receive instructions for post-op care and recovery.

Week 1

  • Rest and recuperate in the hotel.
  • Wear a compression corset as instructed.
  • Post-operative check-up and removal of bandages.

Week 2-4

  • Continue rest and light activities.
  • Return to work if job is not physically demanding.

Week 4-6

  • Gradual return to regular activities.
  • Begin light exercise, avoid strenuous sports.

Week 6-8

  • Full return to work and regular activities.
  • See the final result of Septoplasty.

Note: Each patient"s recovery process may vary and is subject to their individual health condition.

How Much Does Septoplasty Cost in Greece? Find Out Now

updated 4/19/2024
The average price of Septoplasty in Greece is $3853, the minimum price is $2453, and the maximum price is $4682.
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United States of America
Balloon sinuplasty ---
Endoscopic septoplasty -from $2000 -
Hysteroscopic septoplasty ---
Septoplasty from $5000 from $2451 from $1700
Turbinate reduction -from $750 -
Turbinoplasty -from $2500 -
The total cost is calculated individually. It may range depending on your medical issue, doctor's qualification, procedure complexity and related complications (if they occur). You’ll get the exact price for a plastic surgery procedure after a consultation with a doctor.
Below average
Above average
According to 1 clinic presented in the ranking

Discover the Hottest Septoplasty Packages of the Season

clinic image
clinic image clinic image
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Turkey, Istanbul
Istanbul Oncology Hospital
Premium Rhinoplasty (nose job)/ Septorhinoplasty - All Included / Sugery + Follow-up + Accommodation
3.5 Good 3 reviews
16 • Before & after photos
All Inclusive Package

The clinics for septoplasty (deviated septum correction) are listed on this page. You can sort these medical centers by septoplasty prices and Bookimed patients' reviews.

Submit a request on Bookimed website to get detailed information on your questions and a personalized septoplasty cost in your case. Our manager will help to choose a clinic for deviated septum surgery and schedule the procedure for you. This option is free.

Discover the Best Septoplasty Clinics in Greece: 1 Verified Option and Prices
Check the hospital ranking based on requests and 0 reviews to pick the right Septoplasty clinic for you.
Interbalkan European Medical Center
Highest-Rated Clinic for Septoplasty
Greece, Thessaloniki
• 4 reviews

European Interbalkan Medical Center is a multidisciplinary hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The specialties are the following: robotic surgery, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, oncology and complete examination (check-up).

The hospital cooperates with the world’s leading medical institutions — Massachusetts General Hospital (USA) and Harvard University (USA).

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TEMOS International Healthcare Accreditation certificate for Interbalkan European Medical Center
Global Healthcare Accreditation Program certificate for Interbalkan European Medical Center
Александра • May 9, 2022
The hospital is big. This has both positive and negative points . Due to the number of people, sometimes it resembles a shopping center. And it adds a bit of chaos, both to the logistics of finding the right department or office, and to the general atmosphere. Doctors and staff are most friendly and helpful.
4 reviews
upon request
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How many days do I need to stay in Greece?
10 days
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FAQ about Septoplasty in Greece

What affects a deviated septum surgery (septoplasty) cost?

The price of septoplasty depends on the following factors:

  • A country for a septoplasty. The average cost of septoplasty ranges from country to country significantly. This is due to a general price policy and living wage in a particular state. For instance, the same procedure in Turkey or India will cost you 3-4 times lower than in Germany, Austria or Korea. Among the European countries, you will find affordable septoplasty cost in Hungary, Lithuania, and Ukraine.
  • A clinic's brand recognition. Some clinics have got international certificates and accreditations that confirm high quality of the medical procedure. It may increase the deviated nasal septum surgery cost by 10-15%.
  • Doctor's experience. If a septoplasty surgeon has decades of experience, positive patients' reviews, participates in the international conferences, he/she may ask for a higher fee.
  • Septum surgery complexity. The more complex septoplasty is, the higher price it may cost. So, only after consultation with a doctor, you will know how much septoplasty costs in your case.

What does a deviated nasal surgery cost include?

The septoplasty price usually includes:

  • the procedure itself
  • doctor's fee
  • medicines.

Some clinics provide the package which already includes accommodation, transfer, language assistance.

To know what septoplasty cost includes, request to Bookimed.

What are the types of septoplasty?

Laser septoplasty

The correction of a deviated septum is carried out applying high temperatures. Surgeons indicate a laser correction to patients with:

  • Insignificant cartilage deformation. A laser makes a cartilage tissue softer, and a doctor makes the right shape of it.
  • Cartilage growth. A doctor uses a laser to cut down a tissue, which causes difficulty breathing.

Advantage: a laser septoplasty does not need incisions that is why during and after the procedure there is no bleeding. The recovery goes faster than after the surgical correction.

Disadvantage: a laser may influence only a cartilage tissue, so a procedure is not indicated for people with bone deformations.

Endoscopic septoplasty

The operation is processed in an endonasal way, without incision. During the endoscopic septoplasty, a doctor uses a special tube with a backlight and camera which transmits the image to the monitor. A doctor inserts it in the nasal cavity together with special instruments to correct the septum.Advantages: a procedure allows correcting severe defects. No visible scars remain in a patient after an endoscopic septoplasty.

Disadvantage: this is a surgical operation, and small bleeding can occur after it. As a result, the recovery goes slower than after laser septoplasty.

Surgical deviated septum correction (traditional septoplasty)

The procedure is performed through the external skin incision. A doctor peels the mucous membrane off the cartilage and bone tissues to correct them:

  • in case of deviated cartilage, a doctor removes tissues, which make breathing difficult.
  • for people with perforation (a through hole in the septum), a surgeon places a transplant made of a patient's rib.

Advantages: a procedure allows correcting defects of any complexity.

Disadvantage: a recovery after the surgical septoplasty lasts longer than after the non-surgical one.

How is a deviated septum surgery (septoplasty) processed?


The preparation for the deviated septum surgery includes:

  • a consultation with a surgeon
  • endoscopic examination of the mouth cavity (rhinoscopy)
  • lab blood tests
  • CT or X-ray of sinuses
  • a consultation with an anesthesiologist.


The intervention is performed under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia. It depends on the stage of the defect and correction type. The average duration of the procedure is 1 hour.



After septoplasty, a patient stays in the hospital for 1 night. The number and frequency of postoperative consultations are determined individually for each patient by a doctor. The average stay in the country after the procedure is 5-10 days.

This page may feature information relating to various medical conditions, treatments, and healthcare services available in different countries. Please be advised that the content is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or guidance. Please consult with your doctor or a qualified medical professional before starting or changing medical treatment.

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